aHey guys, Danny and Sev here bringing you a new Writing Contest/Competition/Friendly sport/free-for-all one up-manship. Maybe not the last one but regardless, This competition will be ran, and judged by yours truly. (Me.)


1. You may have 1 entry only.

2. Judging begins in three weeks (Subject to change).

3. Your story must be original, and adhere to the special theme, specified here.

4. You must specify that your story is for the competition, and as a pre-caution, feel free to send me a message on my talk saying "Hey I made an entry for the contest" (Just in case).

5. Have no fun. At all. Seriously. None. Zilch. Whatsoever. (Optional)


Well, as most of you know (except those who never go outside) Spring is approaching us! Which means sunshine, activity, sports, allergens, and in some regions, Snow. (Yeah, it happened). 

So, for this writing contest, your story must contain a more nature-y side. Perhaps it is set in a forest, or some jungle story, Be Creative! 

Alright, that about wraps it up so, Get to writing! 


1. Runner By CloveJohanna

2. Spring by Readwritelivenikki

3. The Cold Autumn by Haalyle

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