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"Hello? Anyone in there?" Asked a voice in my ear.

I shook my head, blinked and looked towards my friend.

"Katelyn," I muttered, coughing to clear my throat, "it's good to see you at school today."

"I did nine hours straight of dancing yesterday, with only half-an-hour break, my legs hurt like hell, what's up with you?" She explained to me, putting her bag down like a pillow and lying upon it.

"I caught the cold from my mum, who got it from my sister, who got it from dad, damn dad!" I cursed, clearing my throat yet again.

My eyes felt so heavy, as if I'd only had about an hour sleep which is not true. I put my hands around my face and sighed.

"I wasn't going to come to school today, I was going to stay home, but my mum went out to go do shopping, my dad went out to do a job and I just wanted to come anyway," I told her, sitting back and putting the book I was reading in my bag.

"Oh well, it happens I suppose," She muttered, as the bell rang.

I got up and we walked towards roll call, I listened to her talk about Amnesia: The Dark Descent, while I tried to keep my mind focused on what she was saying.

Everything was confusing for me, the world didn't seem normal, then again, I had the cold and I was the one who was different. Maybe I should have stayed home. No, I have work to do at school.

Well then...why do I get this feeling I just want to lay down and die?


"Xaveria, you sure you don't want to go home? You don't look so good," The Science teacher asked.

Well of course, she'd probably know, since a cold is somehow science, not rocket science, just science.

My cough sounded worse then it did this morning and I felt horrible, like someone had pushed me off the highest building ever built by man.

"I think *cough* that might be a good idea," I muttered, getting up and putting the bag on my back, while the teacher wrote a note for me to take to the office.

I stood there, looking at all of my classmates, who looked at me back. They didn't look at me normally, they looked at me like I was some type of monster, some type of alien who wasn't natural to this planet.

I don't know if I looked any different, but I felt very different, not like a new person, nothing like that, more like someone who had just murdered someone and they loved it, as if they'd want to do it again. I felt like grabbing the most hated person in this class and -

No, I must never think like that, I don't ever normally think like that. That's not me, that's someone else.

"Hey, Xaveria, what are you looking at?" Jane, the most stupid and loud person of the class, said to me, waving a hand right in front of my face.

When I didn't reply, she slapped me right in the face and asked me again, "What are you looking at?!" in a lot more angry tone.

I turned away from her, as to ignore her, as to set her off, like I do with my sister at home. She then came right in front of my face again and was about to slap me, when I just lost total control of myself.

I jumped at her, pulling large amounts of her hair out with my right hand and scratching her face with my nails with my left hand.

She strangled underneath me, trying to get out. She was screaming for help, but of course, knowing what our class was like, all they did was watch on and cheer. Except for my friends.

Katelyn grabbed my arms and pulled me back, trying to calm me down.

I then stood there, ignoring my friends, the teacher and anyone else who was trying to talk to me. All my attention was set on Jane, who was crying, her eyes were shut, and she wasn't crying tears of water, she was crying tears of blood. I had scratched her in the eyes.

Every other classmate was looking at me with shock, never to believe such a thing.

I would never do such a thing, but I just did. That wasn't me though, I was looking at it from a view that was not myself.

I started coughing again and muttered in a hoarse voice, "I think going home is a excellent idea."


It was unknown to me, that my sister would also be waiting in the car.

"Xaveria, what the hell happened to you?!" My mother asked, angrily, not caring of any excuse I would say, so I let her continue, not looking at her, but at my sister.

She looked back at me and gave me a creepy smile, the sort you would see from the antagonist on a horror movie, one that looked of pure insanity.

"Are you listening to me?!" My mum yelled in my face, spit flying out of her mouth and onto my face.

I swiped it off, while replying, "yeah, of course I can hear you, but that doesn't technically mean I have to listen."

She uttered a sigh of anger, her arm extending, her hand as flat as a pancake, as she was about to slap me.

I looked at this as if it were all in slow-motion. Okay, what am I suppose to do now? Run away, accusing my mother of being some type of violent person. Like that would ever work, I'm the person with blood on my hands.

I grabbed her arm, as I saw her hand almost reach my face, in the corner of my eye.

"So mum, you don't even bother asking if I'm okay, you just go ahead and lecture about not harming people. Answer me this, do you even care for my well-being? And why is Alexia in the car?" I asked, angrily, hoping her reply was good and if it weren't, there was something major that I was going to have to do.

"Of course I care for you, Xaveria, you're my daughter, it's just that, violence isn't the way out of most situations and you know that," She replied, I started shaking my head, nope, not such a good answer, I need the truth, "and Alexia's in the car, because she had a violent out-burst too. I wonder what is wrong with children these days."

"Maybe the fact I didn't feel well this morning, the fact this could all be a sickness," I replied, harshly, I wanted her to feel uncomfortable, unsure that I was even her own daughter.

"Why didn't you tell me?" She asked, concerned and worried, the signs any parent would show to their child, once they were told this kind of news.

"Because I knew you and dad were busy and I didn't want to get in the way of it," I replied, still in my harsh manner.

"Let go of my arm, sweetie, your grip hurts," She said, as softly as she could, trying to hide the pain from her voice.

But I tightened my grip. How dare she lecture me, when I'm not even in a straight mind. How dare she not ask if I'm okay, when it is obvious that I am not. How dare she even call herself my mother!

"What are you doing?!" She screamed, as blood seeped out, underneath my nails, my grip was tightening and soon, I could even feel the bone.

"Punishing you," I simply replied.

She tried strangling against my grip, using her left hand as any means to loosen my grip, but alas, it failed. With my grip tightening, her face became pale, as more and more blood, dripped off her arm.

If it came to her last resourt, she would start screaming, but since I didn't want to hear any more of her lies, I covered her mouth with my free hand. The only thing that could save her now was either someone walking past to investigate or for Alexia to get out of the car and help her.

Except for the fact, that I knew she always had safety lock on, that's why I did this before getting into the car.

A part of me was screaming to let her go, forgive her, forget that any of this violence has even happened, even to stop playing such violent games. But the side that was out right now wanted me to continue, to make this her living nightmare, but also so she wouldn't see tomorrow. I had to shut her up in a silent way, but how could I do that if Alexia is watching? Why do I even want this? Has this cold I caught make me want to turn insane?

I turned to look at the car Aleixa was in, but she wasn't looking out the window, as if she knew what my plan was and was going along with it.

And now that there was no one here to know, except Alexia, I can finally finish what I need to do.

I let go of her, but kept my hand over her mouth, as to let her know this this isn't finished yet. With my now other free hand, I grabbed her throat and her eyes widened, as the realization of what was now going to happen. My grip tightened as much as it did on her arm, and that mark was so hard, it was going to last forever. I could feel her struggling to get a breath, as if she was going to drown under water.

"Shh, shh. You'll go to a safe place, a place where no one can hurt you, a place where you'll find the right person to love," I muttered, softly, as if it were a lullaby.

Her eyes slowly closed, but I didn't let that fool me, I continued until I finally knew she was dead. Ceased to exist.

Her corpse now lighter then usual, I picked it up over my shoulders and headed towards the car cautiously, keeping an eye out for anyone who could possibly come by. When I found no one, I took out the keys from my dead mum's handbag and unlocked the boot and threw her body into it, as if she were just some other person.

As I recovered over what happened, I looked at my hands and started sobbing silently, realizing what I had just done. No, I can't have done this, something else must have possessed me! Or maybe there's another part of me, a separate personality that is in fact, insane.


Jane McDonald was sitting in the sick bay in extreme agony. Her vision was blurred from her blood which covered around her eyes and she had an extremly horrible migraine that just would not go away.

She continued crying though, no matter how much it stung her eyes. Some of her lovely aurburn hair was now on the ground in the Sciene classroom and there were little specks of blood dripping off her head.

Oh how she thought she was in hell. Why was she in such pain? Well at least now she knew to stop being such a bitch to people, if that was what Xaveria was trying to teach her. Although, Jane has a slight feeling, that was not something on Xaveria's mind that moment.

She had frightened Jane like she wouldn't believe. If there was anyway Jane could apologize to Xaveria, she would do it, no matter what it was. But now, she was probably going to be blind and have bald patches from where her hair should have been.

This was going to scar her for life and as she tried, once again, to see anything, the only thing she saw was the very memory of how the pain started.

"Darling! What - what happened?!" Her mother asked in shock, as the sight of her daughter like this broke her heart. Who ever did this was going to get the same treatment, she thought, as she hugged Jane close to her chest.

Jane didn't speak. Too scared something that would come from her mouth would be wrong. It was her mum, that much she knew, but from the way Xaveria attacked her... she knew Xaveria was never really a friend, but she never thought of her with such a violent manner. She wondered if her mum would ever do the same thing, but then again, she probably wouldn't, she was her mum, what was she thinking.

"I've gotta take you to the hospital straight away," She heard her mother mutter, as she got up.

Jane held onto her mothers' arm, tightly, not letting her go. The fear of getting attacked by someone else was on her mind and she felt safe with her mother around her, she didn't want to let her go, not just yet. If she wants to take me to the hospital, take me with you, under your wing, Jane thought.

"Okay, Jane, follow along with me," Her mother sighed, never seeing her act like such a child. Sometimes she needed to learn, needed to learn that she was going to be by herself at some stage. Her mother wasn't always going to be there for her.

As they went out of the school and into the car, Jane saw a quick glance of Xaveria in the distance and she couldn't help but shiver. What if she wanted to finish the job? What job though? She didn't possibly want to kill her, did she?

Jane looked away quickly, not wanting to see her face, not wanting to remember what had previously happened. Her mother than stopped and looked in the direction of where Jane had just looked.

"Was it Xaveria?" She asked, curiously and angrily, moving toward Xaveria's location.

"Yes mum, but please, leave her alone," Jane begged, not wanting to get into another situation, that could possibly hurt even more.

"I'll deal with this, Jane, she can not get away with what happened to you," She replied, Jane tried to tug on her mother's arm to stop her, but her mother pushed away, walking towards Xaveria.

Jane stood there, shaking her head. The discomfort that something bad would happen to her mother was right there, why didn't she see it? But it wasn't like Jane was going to get involved again, she slowly backed away.

"Is something the matter?" A little girl asked from behind her. Jane turned around to face Xaveria's sister, Alexia.

"What are you doing here, Alexia?" Jane asked, in a shaking voice. Did whatever happen to Xaveria, happen to her too?

"My mum picked me up from school because I was sick," She replied, in a rather cheerful manner, which made Jane wince, as she had a strange feeling that it wasn't any normal 'sickness'.

"Shouldn't you be at home?" Jane asked, quickly, hoping her mother would hurrying up from whatever she was doing, she didn't want to hang around after possibly thinking that Alexia would act just like Xaveria.

"Mummy had to pick Xaveria up," Was all Alexia replied, and Jane has the weird feeling that she was hiding something, but she did not want to get involved.

"Okay, well, see you later. Hope you and Xaveria get well," She muttered, turning away from Alexia, as Alexia grabbed hold of Jane's arm.

"I have something I wanna show you," Alexia muttered, in a dark tone, forcefully pulling Jane in the direction of where Xaveria and her mother were.

"You can show me later, I really need to go do something, please," Jane stuttered, pushing Alexia little fingers off of her arm, only for her to grip a hell of a lot more tightly. Jane had to stop herself from screaming in agony, as Alexia dragged her along with such incredible strength.

"Please, please stop! It hurts too much!" Jane begged, trying to push away from Alexia, but a new strength grabbed hold of Jane, only by the throat.

Jane looked into the blue eyes of Xaveria and saw the complete madness in her eyes. Madness that told her she had to finish off the job. Finish Jane off.

"Please, I won't tell a living soul! No one has to know what happened! Please!" Jane begged with all her life, as she watched Xaveria look over her, like an animal that had caught it's prey.

"Jane, even you understand, you've seen too much, I am not allowed to have you out in the public," Xaveria replied, her grip on Jane's throat tightening.

"Where...where" She asked, her throat sore from the grip, struggling to breath, she could feel her lungs giving her the response to get oxygen, the very feeling you get when you're under the water for too long.

"No need to worry about her. You'll be having a reunion with her very soon," Xaveria assured, a smile creeping onto her face. Jane couldn't help but start freaking out, as her body seemed to think it was suffocating.

This is all just a nightmare, it's just a really bad dream and I'll wake up soon, please! Jane mentally told herself, closing her eyes, not wanting to see the look in Xaveria's eyes.

And soon after, she found herself not even breathing, her limp, lifeless, body collapsed onto the ground. But Jane stood there, over her body, she couldn't cry, she was only a sprit and when she saw the light in the distance, she decided to follow it, hoping to find her mother on the other side.

But when it turned out to be Hell, she wanted to do anything to get out of it.

"Don't worry, your mother will be with you shortly," she heard a voice mutter from all her surroundings.

She stood in a room that appeared to be made out of flesh and bones. If she could throw up, she probably would have.

"I see you're admiring the handy work of spirts just like you. If they had of done the job like Xaveria and Alexia, then this place wouldn't even needed to have been built."

"What do you mean? Why are they killing people? To show who really is boss?" Jane asked the walls, as she thought that's where the voice was coming from.

"No, they are here to teach everyone a very important lesson."

Jane could see her mother walk into the room, blood all over her, as well as dirt. It look like she had been doing some extreme work.

"Mum!" Jane yelled, running towards her and trying to hug her. When Jane realized she couldn't touch her, she become extremly worried, "mum?"

Her mother looked at the ground ashamed and screamed out randomly in intense pain. It was another punishment, she had lied to her, she had lied to Jane, because Jane was not really her daughter.

"They are teaching everyone to tell the truth."


If Joseph Mitchell wasn't scared before, he was now. He looked into his young sisters' eyes and not only didn't regonzie her, but seemed a hell of a lot more frightened of her. Why he would be scared of a four-year-old seemed to fly past his head, as he rushed back into his bedroom.

"Come on Josh, you're fifteen years old, stop acting like your younger," He told himself from outloud, only for it not to work. He had just seen his sister take that baby bottle out of her mouth and shove it into her mother's, choking her with the liquid that was inside. It may have been milk, but the way he saw his mother's eyes roll to the back of her head told him there was something more to that.

He didn't know if the event of what happened was anywhere close to the event of Xaveria Patterson that very day. He wasn't there, but the news had spread like a viral video on the Internet. Actually, if he were to go on Facebook, he could only guess that there would be statuses up saying many things about Xaveria and how she and her sister have gone missing. Not to mention, they found Jane McDonalds' body near the school, scarying the hell out of a lot of people when they were walking home.

Xaveria was no older than Josh, but what made Josh think was how violent they said she had become. She was nothing like violent. I mean sure, she played some pretty gory games, but that was nothing compared to her personality, she was kind and sweet, what could change her mind now?

Joseph shook his head, not thinking of it anymore and wondering if his sister was going to come through his very door. He had to keep his mind on this situation, he needed to get to a phone and call dad. Then again, he might not believe what I say. He had to take the chance, there was no other way unless he was going to jump over the silling of the window and rush to whatever aid there was.

What if no one believed him? What would he do then? He froze in his standing fraze and looked at the wooden bedroom door. He heard the tiniest patter of hands upon the door. His sister was after him.

Shit, he mentally cursed as he shoved the window open and jumped over the edge.

"Mate, what the hell are you doing?" A bypasser asked him, as he landed, seemly surprised by his on foot landing.

"Escaping, no time to explain!" Josh replied, running past the bypasser and towards the police station. He started thinking of what could possibly have made his sister like this. Grace Mitchell was only four-years-old, but somehow she had just managed to kill his mum with just a bottle. Maybe his mother is only unconscious, well, why did it take her sister so long to go after him?

Josh shook his head and frowned, thinking on those lines would get him no where, he had to think of something and he had to think of it now!

Dante Shepard sat at his office desk, reading through boring reports and papers, all of them the usual crimes and robberies, nothing different, nothing was ever different and that was perhaps the most boring thing of being an officer.

The door slammed open and shut as quickly, making Shepard look up from the paperwork and at the door, where he saw a boy, around his teens, rushing towards the front office, seeming extremly scared. Shepard got up from his desk and headed towards the kid.

"What's the matter son?" He asked, putting a hand on the kids shoulder to make him feel safe, although he didn't know what the situation was.

"No one will believe me," The kid muttered, under his breath, only just audiable above the noise of the copy machine.

"Believe what?" Shepard asked, wanting to know more, hoping it had nothing to do with the usual brawel against teenagers.

"My sister killed my mother and she's after me!" The kid replied in rather a hurried manner, looking as if he would have to keep running.

"How old is your sister?" Shepard asked, investigating him like it were a case and it might very well become one.

"Four, now I know you won't believe me, but please! It's true! I can even tell you something weird that happened today!" He replied, looking at Shepard, worried and fear in his eyes. There was a no possible way he was faking that.

"No, I believe you, what else happened today? Take a seat, I'll get you some water," Shepard replied, nodding his head, but the boy stopped him before he could keep going.

"Don't leave me just yet, please," and Shepard truly knew that he was scared for his wellbeing and now Shepard was going to help him. He had to, he needed to keep this kid safe, because if there were others like this, then quite possibly, there was a serious case going on here.

World WideEdit

James Walker looked at his friends, Mattew and Leo. Yeah, it's was something they always did in the afternoon of school. Hang out, watch other people bash each other up, yeah the usual thing.

James didn't know why he found it so interesting of people getting bashed up, maybe because he lived around it. He was used to seeing his mother abused, but he always knew it was never right. He didn't do anything about it because he didn't want to be in her persition. He was as much of a coward as anyone else who didn't stand up to his father. James never liked to see his mother cry, but he never tried to sooth her when her husband, or more, his father was there, he didn't not want anything bad happening to himself.

James often wondered why his mother married such a man. What kind of love did she find in him? Or was it, after having one troublesome son, he sadly had some sort of anger problem and took it out on his own wife? Perhaps James will never know... not that really wanted to know.

But right now, Jame didn't want to worry about it, he was hanging out with his best friends and there was no way that was going to get ruined.

James heard Leo beside him cough loudly. Yeah, he had told him about catching the flu. Mattew even warned Leo that he should have stayed out in the cold so long last winter. Why affect him now though? That's the thing that didn't make any sense to James, but he let it go. It was probably one of those normal coughs people get reguraly.

"Hey mate, how are you doing?" Mattew asked him, just to be sure that he was okay.

"Fine," Leo replied simpliy, obviously that wanting to go to far into the situation.

"Okay, just don't die on us buddy," James replied with a laugh, as he got up and sighed, "Hate to say it, but it's getting far to late." He looked down at his watch on his right wrist and gasped as he saw the time. "It's already ten past twelve! If I get in trouble, you don't mind if I blame one of yous, right?"

Mattew shrugged, "Take responsability for your own actions James, it may come in handy one day, just saying."

"Whatever", James muttered, turning around on them as he walked beneath a street light, "See you tomorrow, right?"

"No mate, I've got stuff I gotta do tomorrow," Leo shook his head, "real busy this weekend."

"What is it you're doing anyway?" James asked, curiously.

"Well, it work related for my dad. He's actually got work far away from here, but he seems fine leaving his family behind. We're moving to grans for as long as my mum can make money for a keeping. I never knew our lives would go so down hill after the divorce."

"It was a shame man, they were such an excellent couple, don't know what went wrong," Mattew sighed with shame.

"We went wrong," Leo replied, and started to have another coughing fit.

"Well, see you later!" James waved, walking away from them.

"Yeah!" Mattew yelled back out to him.

James arrived back home to find the lights turned off and the front door locked. He found this unusual, since they would always leave the door unlocked for him, no matter what time he would get home. He even found it more weird that both the cars in the driveway were gone, that meant that both his mum and dad had gone. James didn't know whether this was good or bad, but either way, he had to find out what was going on.

He pushing the key into the door knob and turned it clock-wise, turning the knob and opening the door. It was pitch dark inside and he could really have used a flashlight about now. He tried turning on the lights, but they wouldn't go on. He knew there was power around the place, so that didn't mean his house was out of power, even if it was, they had a generator.

"Welcome back home son," He heard his father's voice ahead of him, as if welcoming him more inside.

James was too nervous and creeped out to really go forward, so he replied, "Hello dad. What happened to mum?"

"She - let's just say, she got taught a lesson. You don't need to worry about her," He replied, and now James could see his figure, slowly making it's way towards him.

James didn't know what else to do, so he stood there, waiting to see if it was really his dad he was talking to and not some imposter.

It then only occurred to James that the house smelled of cooper and rotting flesh. He knew that these were often followed with dead bodies. Then a sudden thought caught James off guard that he almost fell to the ground in terror. Did his dad kill his mum? It was only a matter of time, but if it was true, when did he do it? How long had she been dead?

"Dad, is there anything you want to tell me?" James asked, innocently.

"No son, just that, now's not such a good time to be at home," He replied, in a harsh manner and James was scared that he was going to run to him and punch him or slap him like he did with his mother.

Well, that's what James thought... till he saw the outline of a knife in his hand a dark liquid dripping off it. James couldn't tell if it was blood or just something else, all he knew was that his father was there. The look on his face was crazy, actually James was pretty sure his father had gone past sanity.

James backed away from the house, he didn't want to know what his father had done, if he had killed his mother and if so, he didn't want to become the next victim. He walked to an abandoned bicycle that lay there, as if waiting for him. He hoped onto it and paddled as far away from the house as he could and didn't look back.

Jenny Wikins sat there on the bus home. Okay, she had heard on the news that in England something weird was going on. Some sort contagious disease seemed to make people go crazy or into killers, perhaps even both. But she didn't believe this was any natural disease, it was probably man-made, perhaps even a bio-weapon for war, which was now not needed, hopefully.

So far, nothing like that was happening where she was, either it was the fact that she was living in Australia that was overseas or she hadn't met any victims of the virus. She wanted it to stay that way.

"What do you want!" Someone yelled from the other end of the bus and the noise of a huge thud came afterward. Jenny didn't turn to look, most likely it was another normal set of kids fighting each other, as long as it didn't effect her she was fine.

"Whoa! Whoa! Stop!" The bus driver yelled out, looking into the mirror for a reflection of what was happening. The bus jerked to a stop, almost pushing Jenny off her seat. The bus driver got up, grabbed hold of the kid that was, probably, the cause of the fight.

The kid was probably around the age of ten with sandy blond hair and freckles. She guessed that was probably the usual apperence of a kid, but this one has sploches of blood over their face. This made Jenny turn around the face the back of the bus for the other kid that was supposedly bashed up.

It was a girl around the same age of Jenny, sixteen or seventeen. She was covering her left eye, which seemed to be bleeding heavily. She also had a series of scratches across her legs and arms. Either she had annoyed the kid over his limits or he randomly caught her off guard, either way she was hurt.badly.

The kid looked at Jenny with deep eye contact, but he wasn't showing her anger, he was actually quite nutural as if he knew her, as if there was a reason why he wasn't going to attack her.

The bus driver shoved the kid of the bus yelling, "You can walk home! You won't be able to ride on the bus for a week! See how your mother acts then!" He then pushed a switch on a panel, closing the door.

Jenny sat there, not only wondering what had happened but also why the kid didn't seem to pose a threat towards her. Was this so called 'disease' genetic or what?

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