Hi i'm Moviepopcorn123, but you can call me Movie. I'm very new here, but I love to write. I joined to put all my ideas down on... the web? :)

About ViewingEdit

This short story follows Logan Paxton, who begins the see strange visions on his 14th birthday. He develops the power to View, seeing the past, present, and future. With the help of his friend, his power grows. But people are getting suspicious, and soon Logan is running for his life.


Logan William Paxton- Protagonist- From his POV. He is a classic baseball-obsessed 14 year old. His family is known for being sports stars.

Danny Anderson- Logan's Best Friend- Also baseball obsessed. He is very goofy and funny.

Haylee Waters- Logan's Crush- She is very kind and smart. She is the most popular girl in school, and all the boys love her.

Garrett Paxton- Logan's Brother- The high school star lineman. Everyone expects Logan to be as good as him.

Sheriff Gregory Bennett- Antagonist- First to suspect Logan after Logan saves him. Thinks Logan is behind the plot.

Chris Blankhart- Antagonist - 16 year old bully.


People are meant to do amazing things with their lives. Some will be scientists, some will be presidents, but some will go nowhere. And the scary thing is that I can tell you who will be who.

We don’t know everything for a reason. We don’t know the next president, or who will win the World Series for a reason. Some people can’t handle the future, others may abuse it. And Viewing is not common, but I have it and I want to write my story. So that it will be documented that the amazing can happen.

My name is Logan William Paxton. I’m a 14 year old boy just trying to fit in, but how can a boy fit in when he knows when everyone will die?