Hey guys! So today I'm going to be compiling a blog that contains a list of valuable assets to any writer (published or not) that you will probably find to be amazingly useful to have bookmarked; also, I will be putting up events and stuff.

Note: I will be editing this as more info comes to hand, so if this blog-post could be stickied or linked to somewhere, it'd be a great help for authors on here! (P.s: Also been proof-read by the awesome Sophia)

Resource links, sites, and pages


  • The Advanced Fiction writing blog - not entirely for the faint of heart, this is a great blog ran by an awesome website that can help all fiction writers!
  • TheWritePractice - need help getting started? This blog is superb for people, both new and seasoned, that wish to get ahead.
  • Courage to Create - Ollin Morales makes the list again with his passionate, creative blog about his own journey as a novelist.
  • WitchyKristi - I found this blog on here, actually. WitchyKristi is a good writer from Ukraine (?) and is a best-selling author of a few books: I've even read a few!
  • WordPlay - a brilliant site and blog, this has been a mass of help for me - I hope you can gain from it, too!


  • Loren Ipsum generator - doing NaNo, but wrote on paper? You'll need this handy device so as you can get all those words onto the computer to validate.
  • Write or Die - need to write but keep procrastinating? This awesome tool lets you write, but penalizes you for dawdling!
  • SpellCheck - name says it all really: an online spell-checker.
  • [ Written? Kitten! ] - like Write or Die, but much cuter!

Other Links


  • NaNoWriMo - November's chaotic event... I hope you don't need that social life...
  • Young Writer's Program - NaNo's young brother, just for people aged under 13 and up. You can set your own goal!

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