Welcome to The Ultimate Fandom Tournament. Brought to you by AGIZZIO Grint.

What is The Ultimate Fandom Tournament?Edit

The Ultimate Fandom Tournament is a competition that is held in our wikia, the Young Writer's Club. The said tournament measures one's knowledge to a certain story, character, game, etc. The second reason why the founder created this game, is to bring back the once lively community of the wikia.

The competition also aims to find the ultimate fandom among the wiki's members, not just to bring joy to everyone.


  • Anyone can join, both the admins and the ones who are not.
  • Those who want to join must choose between these nine teams:
    • Midgard
    • Asgard
    • Vanaheim
    • Jotunheim
    • Niflheim
    • Muspelheim
    • Alfheim
    • Svartalfheim
    • Hel
  • Every team can have any number of members. However, the team will only choose two people to join. If that person already played, he can't play in 'The Ultimate Fandom Tournament 2', giving the others the opportunity to play. Unless of course if all of the members have alraedy played.
  • In the case of uneven distribution of members, there will be a 'Random Selection'. Those who will be selected will be forced to transfer to the team chosen by the Tournament Administrators.
  • The individual contests are kept as secret before the contest has started. By the time the contest will be announced, additional rules will be implemented.
  • At the end of the competition, the team with the largest cumulative score will be declared as the champion.
  • Competition will start any time this week.

Guidlines for JoiningEdit

If you are interested in joining, kindly go to this page: How to join in The Ultimate Fandom Tournament?

The Official ContestantsEdit

This section is currently empty.

The ContestEdit

Click here to be redirected to the list of competitions in the tournament.

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