This is a story of the titanic in different point of views.


Im working on the Titanic and checking everything I just put in a screw and got everything set then I take a new look and notice this is trash the metal is old they were cheated! I run towards the Captain and tell him but he sends me away. I start screaming "the Titanic isn't ready for sailing" but they just take me away. I know something bad is gonna happen.

Chapter 1: Beverly's POVEdit

Im so excited I scream to my friend "Im going aboard the Titanic in 1st class" I heard everything about it how good it is and high fashion. Everything there is of modern tech ware and the greatest food with the greatest chef. Nothing can go wrong. First we are sailing off from England (where I live) then to Ireland from there to Sweden then to Germany and then we stop at USA. Im so excited I get to meet kids from different countries. All I know is that everyone from Ireland is probably gonna be second class which I herd has no real beds just bunkers. Then Sweden which is probably gonna be 1st class. Then Germany which is gonna be half and half. I start to pack my bag when today is the day I leave. We head out take a taxi to the dock where I see some thugs beat up some kid! How said but then I see the kids escapes but rolling into cargo. We aboard the boat then I go to my room. OMG this is awesome. My room is so big with cashmere bedding & chandeliers. I change into something comfortable and head out I look out and see my father on the dock waving then I notice we are leaving! I walk around and eventually get up to the lunch tables. My mother is waiting there for me and we sit down. I order a salad and ginger ale and my mother orders steak and coke. We eat then leave I get tan for sometime then notice its 6 and take a shower its time for dinner so I put on my fancy dress and my hair in a bun and get downstair to the lovely eating place with some professional music players playing classy music this is amazing! After my stomach hurts I decided to take a shower and go to sleep.

Chapter 2: Juliana's POVEdit

Well I'm boarding the Titanic 1st class! Im so excited! This is gonna be amazing "Comeon mother!"