What's up guys it's Danny and....Lee? here with a brand. New. COLAB! Lee and I are writing this story, based off of the popular game Minecraft (All rights to Notch and Jeb, Mojang, 4J, etc.) And you'll be seeing Lots of disclaimers in this. oh please don't sue us notch. but this focuses around a group of famed MC players. Some you might know, fighting a BRAND new enemy. Okay, maybe not. BEGIN! 

Chapter 1: Collapse (Antvenom's PoV) (Please don't Sue us Ant)Edit

The obsidian in front of finally breaks under my pickaxe. I check my inventory to make sure I have at least 10.

"Right so that's ten, and we are ready for the Nether!" I say gleefully into the mic in front of me. "Alright so I'm going to go ahead and end of this episode here guys, hope you enjoyed, my name is Antvenom. Thanks so much for watching." I close down my minecraft window and open up my editing software. Now comes the less fun part. Loading in my file, I start adding in the essentials: Intro, ending, background music. 

The whole process takes a couple hours before I finally am ready to publish.  A nagging voice tells me to check through the file, just to make sure. I drag through the new episode of One Life Achiever, chuckling at the better moments, when something catches my eye. Somehow, there's one frame of a Steve skin stuck in my file. I try to remove it, but it doesn't go away. I play over it, thinking it's a glitch. 

"Ant," A raspy, horribly mangled voice whispers through the speakers. "You...are....chosen." The file begins to change before my eyes. Steve Skin's replace all of the frames. All of them with blank, purely white eyes. The story of Herobrine flashes through my mind, before I feel the computer flying towards me, or vice versa. 

  • T'ree fitty minutes later* (Disclaimer: I OWN NONE OF THIS)

I open my eyes, seeing the Sun high in the sky above me. My eyes attempt to adjust, but everything feels wrong. Everything is different. I look at my hand, and stumble back onto the grass. I rush over to a pool of water and glance at my reflection. I cry out in horror, for my face isn't looking up at me. Instead, I see the face of my Minecraft skin. I'm in the game. 

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