Okay, a short story, telling people what it's usually like to be me. Hope you enjoy :)

The Day in the Life MeEdit

I hear the burst of the kettle and I jump straight out of bed, the covers flying off the bed. I grab my school uniform and put it on myself, while walking to the kitchen.

I grab a bowel from the pantry, grab a mug from there too. Put a tea bag in the mug, Weatbix in the bowel and continue making my breakfest. After I done it, I ate it, walking to the bathroom, brush my teeth and check everything on Facebook.

Nope, nothing new, except the seven notifications from Darsh, liking every single post I've make. Look at the clock. 7:18 AM. Probably should get going to the bus.

"My leg hurts!" My sister complains, as I walk to the shoes near the door.

"Deal with it," I mutter, angrily, as I tye my shoelaces into double knots.

This sets her for another tantrum, but I shrug, as I walk out the door, all smug. First thing on my list to do, set my sister off, check!

I arrive at school and notice Katelyn is all ready there, reading her timetable for the upcoming day.

"Hey, I got that trophy from Alice: Madness that you tried to get," I laughed, looking at her expression, "you did try to get it on New Game +, right?"

She stares at me with a blank expression till my questions sinks in, "no, I didn't."

"Well, that's what you've got to do," I smile, watching Jessica come to view, "Jess, we need to invite each other over and play video game, tape our reactions and put them on YouTube," I muttered to her.

To Be Continued...When I get More Time!

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