Very graphic violence and very graphic scenes indicated.

Be aware.

The ChopperEdit

We are in a barn. Our radio, an old Air Force PRC, actually picks something up.

"Is... any... there?" it says.

I jump onto it and start screaming.

It's been months since that devastating plague, almost everyone on earth has died. It was terrible.

"Loca...tion?" he asks.

I tell him where we are.

They say they're coming in a chopper. They get clearer on the radio each minute. We celebrate, us in the barn.

The chopper is here. We come out. It begins to land, but then the machine gunners on the chopper open fire on us.

"Holy fuck! Son of a bitch!" I hear yelling and shooting outside as I get the last of our supplies.

"Get fucked, losers!" I hear over the radio.

"You fucking bastards! Fuck you!" I start yelling into the radio.

"Jack fucking help me... Argh! FUCK!!!" I hear my friend, Carlos, yell as he dies by the machine guns.

"There is one more cunt in the barn, get him!" I hear the pilot yell after the firing stops.

I run out the back. I run down a very long road. They begin to shoot at me. My leg is shot.

"You fucking cunts! I'll fucking kill you!" I yell as I fall to the ground, holding my knee.

The chopper comes over, and with one last, furious spray of the machine-gun, it ends my life.

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