Chapter 1 Edit

The angle of my head leans further as I see those letters. "R.M.S Titanic" It reads in beautiful golden letters. I gasp holding the hand of my wealthy aunt. She decided to take me to The New World for my future as a pianist. She ordered it to be placed in my cabin. My shaggy suitcase with my newly bought dress and first class ticket looks peculiar together. The dress pulls at my waist, making it hard so to breathe. My hair, oh my hair, is braided like those women in those magazines. I pull myself forward as my aunt turns in her ticket. "Next!" A crew member yells. I grasp my ticket and hand it to him. He pulls me up on the ship. The golden lights, the marble tile, the beautiful silk draperies. I barely make it to my cabin before that horn sounds, for I was touching everything. I gasp as I see the sight. My cabin so wealthy! So rich! I see the rugs weaved in India with the Ireland green walls, the floor a British red. My piano sits in the middle just waiting to be played. Just at the sight at it, I squeal. I rush towards it and place my hands on the delicate keys. Soon, they rush over them like a prancing horse, dancing across the keys, making the glorious noise! My aunt smiles and before walking out, says the dreaded words, "Dinner with the captain at eight."

The thing is I don't like being perfect. That silk dress laid out before my eyes and my maid doing my hair doesn't seem right. She helps me look my best. I don't want to though. "Thank you, Matilda," I pronounce. She curtsies and I head out of the room and rush over to my aunt. We rush over to the dining room. I gape this time, not because of the place though. My eyes see a piano next to a glorious set of musicians. "Can I play?" I ask. The captain just sat down, and looks at me with a twinkling eye. "What do you know how to play?" They ask. "Anything," I announce. They start playing and I join with them. When we are done, the musicians laugh, for the whole crowd is on their feet. "Bravo, miss, care to dance?" asked the youngest musician.