Pulling the knee length cardigan over me, I trudge through the snow, gritting my teeth.

"" I mutter. I mean, I loved that my best friend was there, but as my mom smiles way too happily beside me, I groan. She's the color of the snow, with rosy cheeks and pulled up clash of white and yellow ringlets. Her squished nose was bright red, like the color of Rudolph and a scarf pulled all the way up her spider-like neck. She was from Sweden, but lived here ever since she turned the mere age of eighteen. I was a leftover adopted child, with eyes the color of ashes and hair made out of frizz. Don't get wrong, I loved mom, except during book club meetings. She's always the one sticking her nose into the conversation and is characterized with a wonderful mix of dialogue and spunk, while I sit there, annoyed, turning my cracked lips into a frown and waiting.

Today she was baking some fudge, with some flashes of orange and pink. I wanted to go and steal one, but sadly I wasn't small enough to get away. She basically came to me like this:

Mom: What are you doing?!

Me: Homework snack break?

Mom: Since when do you homework last minute?

Me: Today!

Mom: Shut up, Mori.

It basically went like that everyday, since my mom was a chef. She always stuffs food in my face and the one time I wanted a stupid piece of fudge, that was impossible. I yawned. I was all comfy watching Cinderella on Blu-Ray when she pulls my hand-sewn quilt off of my body to reveal a tub of ice cream, a brownie and my Minnie Mouse footie pajamas.

"Why are you like this at 4 PM?!"

"I wanted to be comfy."

"Sure. Now get ready."

Now, I was in a huge cardigan and lime green shirt and some shorts with tights and knee highs, not that I complain that my clothes suck, because they don't, but I much rather be in footie pajamas with a tub of ice cream. Just makes sense.

"Earth to Mori," Mom smiles.

"Yeah?" I turn my head to look at her.

"Hurry up. Hayden's house is two houses down."


I resume to a nice wonderland of lazy days and ice cream, because that is what I want the most at the moment. I pulled my cardigan tighter as we reached the door.

"Hello Elinor," Mom smiles.

They start babbling on about how much I've grown since a week ago and how I was so mature and other stuff I wasn't really caring about.

"Can I go inside?" I ask, looking at the warmth.

"Sure Mori, come right in." She shoves me inside and she and Mom continue on. I sigh. This better pay off.

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