haha get it?

hello all, im annocing the winner to the writing contest i made


and here it is.

1. ILoveRedPoodles with Life

2. Readwritelivenikki with /Happily Ever After

3.District 3 forever with Secret life


1. I chose winner one because i think you would all agree this is beyond good. this is beyond amazing. this is beyond anything with-in the English dictionary. this is otherworldy. and i could not put anyone rightfully first above this one.

2 the reason i chose winner number two. well this one was so hard because everyone deserved this position! everyone. i assure you that i read everyone's stories. and thoroughly enjoyed EVERY SINGLE ONE! but i really think this is a great read so i put it here.

3. the reason for picking winner number three was really like picking number two. everyone deserved 2d and third place. everyone. but i loved this because it was so creative. it took a life long story that every kid with a childhood has heard and turned them into something no one even thought of.

you all deserved to place. everyone so give a big round of applause to our winners and most of all yourselves. =)