Pretty Eyes

Sunlight Passing Through The Ice

I loved, loved, loved this book and am going to see the movie tomorrow so I wanted to do a fan-fic about it. Thxs 4 reading. This takes place after The Host btw.


Chapter 1Edit

My name is Sunlight Passing Through The Ice, or Sunny for short. I live in.. Well I can't tell you where I live. If you knew and got caught, then my people would get all the information and they would be able to find the last surviving humans left.

I brush my arm against Kyle's and he smiles. Kyle O'Shea is my partner. He takes care of me. I love him and he, well he cares for me too.

I remember when I met him for the first time.  In my dreams. Well in Jodi's dreams actually. She was gone, but her memory was left behind for me. I watched all of her memories with Kyle and his younger brother, Ian.


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