To someone who's strong.

The echoing star

At twilight and dusk

She seems so far

Away in the heavens

But don't you know,

Shes staying strong

And she'll always know

The odds are against her

But we'll be at her back

Because she's the wind,

The stars and the moon

The perfect harmony

My butterfly's cocoon

Glue to the blocks

As mortar to stone

Not feeling so hot

But always welcome back home

That perfect girl,

With beautiful eyes

Sadness and wonder

Don't listen to the lies

You're stronger than him

He'll try to put you down

Look to your heart

He's nothing but a clown

Nothing is stronger

Can't back down now

I'm feeling a hunger

For you to be here

In my prayers

Had enough

Try to come

Beat their bluff

Because you're so strong.

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