Write the text of your article here! No Wikia, I was planning to DRAW the text of my article here. THANKS FOR THE TIP. Oh, hey guys! Dannoh here again with *gasp* A NEW SQUAD 403 STORY!

Now that your done cheeing, I guess that's all I have to say. OOH, Kappa, Alex's AI, yeah I never finished New Teammate, So Alex basically has a condesending new AI. Enjoy.

Chapter ONE! Alex's POV, I seriously wonder If there's going to be a POV of anypony else.Edit

"Slipspace rupture deteced on an inbound vector," Kappa says into my helmet's loudspeakers. As if I needed that, I can see the Covie cruiser just fine from the bridge of the UNSC Philadelphia.

"Should I give the order to fire?" I ask the captain of the ship. The 49 year old man looks hilariously small compared to me in my 7 foot tall MJONLNIR armor.

"Prepare the weapons, wait til they're in range, Get your team up there and repel any boarding parties." The man says to me. I snap off a salute and walk out uniformly.

I key the helmet COM and send a message to all my team members. "403, we're about to have company, and I want YOU to roll out the welcome mat. Nikki, Caden, get up top on the Onager guns. Repel phantoms and banshees that get too close. Ryan, Hunter, Ak, get down to the airlocks, don't let any covies into this ship. I'm overseeing the battle from the bridge. Get to work, Squad."

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