Broken Promises
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Ciel tipped his mug lightly, pouring the hot, yet soothing, mix of Earl Grey and chamomile into his mouth, lightly burning his tongue. His butler had done an excellent job on providing this service - but he hadn't managed to keep the "Earl" Trancy away - the brat was still calling, still sending numerous letters, still sending that demon Claude to do his bidding. Alas, it would be quite impossible to ask that incessant Earl to quit whining - he was a "noble" who always got what he wanted. And now, he wanted Ciel - but he wasn't going to get him, simply because, Ciel didn't want him to. And Ciel always got what he wanted, too.

"Sebastian." Ciel's voice lightly echoed around his study.

"Yes, my Lord?"

"Have I any mail?"

"Ah, yes, Bocchan." Sebastian passed the beige envelope to his master on the silver tray. Ciel looked slightly disgusted when he saw the Trancy insignia curving its way across the wax seal.

"From... Trancy?"

"Yes, my Lord." Ciel was close to sending it away but he knew better. He picked it up, grabbing his letter knife and stabbing, slicing through the very center of the crest. He read it with caution, with slight disgust, and yet he was still slightly intrigued after all this time of receiving this... junk from the Trancy house.

For Earl Ciel Phantomhive of the Phantomhive Estate,

The young Earl Alois Trancy wishes to meet with you promptly at the Trancy Estate today (Monday 14th June) at precisely 1P.M for a sociable meet-up and inquest into your Funtum & Co. company. 

There will be tea and cake served - please bring your butler and arrange some form of transport to the Estate and back. 

Kindest regards, Claude Faustus (head of staff, Trancy Household)

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