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Mayday High School, New Jersey

35064 hours before Credere

"This is terrible." Nick muttered to himself. Of all the things that will happen to him today, his meeting with the Mayhem is not a good start for the day ahead.

"Told you, Julius. He will take this hallway. Guess I can tell the future." Devon told Julius.

"Shut up, idiot." The leader replied. It seemed to Nick that Julius doesn't care about Devon and Mike. The only thing that guy wanted was to seek revenge to him.

"Just kidding, bro." Devon apologized.

"Oh my goodness. I left my lunch." exclaimed Mike.

Nick let out a small grin. He didn't expect Mike to be that absent minded.

"You two are annoying me." shouted Julius. He then looked at Nick and said, "What're you laughing at?"

"..." Nick was left speechless.

Nick might look 'cool', but deep down, he knows that he is a big coward. He just doesn't want the other people to see it.

Julius started clenching his fists.

"Do you intend to scare him?" A girl said from behind Nick.

"Don't interupt our little party here, Jen." said Julius.

"Jen is here?" Nick asked himself. If Jen was watching him all along, he doesn't have any chance to make her fall in love with him anymore. "If I wasn't afraid of mayhem, I could've made her proud of me."

"Stop mumbling, Nick. It's a shame to see you acting in that way."

"It's ju---" Nick tried to talk.

"Be quite. Stay behind me. I'll handle this." Jen cut his sentence.

"This is interesting." Julius verbalized, with a maniac smile on his face.

UP NEXT: She Looks Nice In Tight Black Clothes

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