Yeah yeah i know, "You stole Sev from RotS, the webseries." So yeah, I got the name and details from The popular series "Rise of the spartans" I did, however, make up the personality. So, let's get to the story!

This is a new genre for me, so cut me some slack.

Ch. 1Edit

I close my car door and sulk towards the door. The sounds of music and laughter are muffled by the school walls. Prom. Why again did I decide to come? That nagging feeling that I would meet someone was there, like always. But there was my senses returned. Everyone knew me. Who would be seen with me, one eye covered with a patch, my right arm nothing but a prosthetic.</p>

I tug my suit to straighten it. The gray fabric with a bit of green trim was not appealing, but it was affordable. Even at it's low price, I had save up a month to pay for it. I had no family to fall back on, no real job to sustain me. I slowly walked in. Most of the couples were to busy dancing to give me the customary stare and "pity-smile", as I called it, but still, I got a lot of looks and good natured heys. I felt awful. I was tired of it. The people truly did try to care, but they just didn't understand. They didn't know, just how many difficulties I faced. Every day. I put the thoughts off to the side. No need to be a wuss at this time. It was prom. Maybe you might meet someone. Pssh, I thought, Yeah right. A girl. Suuuuure. Just another girl who "understood", who didn't really care, who just wanted the scary freak to go away. I stopped myself. Don't start tearing up, Sev, keep it together. I tried to keep from crying in public, one reason, it made me look pathetic and sad. Another reason was the fact that, with only one eye, crying just. looked weird. I was standing at the punch bowl when I heard the door open. The soon-to-be prom king and queen walked in. I sighed and literally turned a blind eye toward them.

I poured punch into a glass and began to sip it. Then, the doors opened again. An absolutely stunning girl walked in, alone. My one eye opened wide, my mouth agape. I inhaled sharply, and found myself unable to breath. Dang it, I thought as i scrambled to use my re-breather. the medicine calmed my charred and almost useless lungs. I took deep breaths. I gasped, praying that no one saw me. I also noticed that in my fit, I had almost smashed the glass in my prosthetic hand. I stared at the hairline cracks.

"I'm a monster," I muttered under my breath. I set down the glass and hurried away, towards the back of the gym.

Ch. 2Edit

Well, only one person noticed me, but of course it had to be the very girl who just walked in. Try as I might, I saw her walk over to me. I gritted my teeth in horror.

"Hello," she says to me.

I don't even say i word, but wave in response. She seems persistent to speak to me.

"I'm new," she said. Well of course, I thought. What girl who wasn't new to school would be caught dead speaking to me. "I'm Skye." She said cheerily. Well, might as well reply.

"I'm Sev," I say. My own voice horrifies me. Metallic and cold. She seems unfazed. Will she not leave me alone?

"That's a very interesting name," she says, refusing to stop smiling. Was this a bet or something? Were the girls bidding on how long someone could stand me?

"Thank you," I say as politely as possible, "If you'll excuse me, I don't feel so well." I stood up and pushed by her into the hallway.

I obviously made a scene. Pushing my way out the double doors, barely containing my tears. I was sure this Skye was not sincerly trying to speak to me. She was just trying to show me I could count on her to "understand." But I couldn't shake a feeling she actually wanted to meet me. The conflict drove me to tears. I hid away on the room of the school, staring out at the soccer field. I tried to get it out of my system, but I just couldn't stop myself from sobbing. Skye obviously found me, I was crying my eye out. I bet they heard me in the next county. She climbed up, somehow not scuffing up her stunning dress.

"Sev?" she called in the darkness. I simply nodded my head. She walked over and sat by me.

"Nice view," she said, taking in the visage.

"It is," I croak out. I turn my head so that she can't see how red my eye is from crying.

"Sev, are you okay?" She says, sounding seriously concerned.

"Yes," I lie. She can tell too, she heard my voice catch saying the word. I give up. "No," I say silently. She nods.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" she asks me.

"No." I croak. Holding back my tears.

"You sure?" she asks, looking directly at my face.

No use in arguing, i think. So, with tears in my eyes, I tell her my story.

CH 3Edit

Skyes Pov. Writen by Katniss&PrimSisterhood, <with permission.

“Two years ago. My parents witnessed a murder by a gang. They reported it and they were due to testify. One day my mum and dad were coming home from dinner and they were both shot dead on the lawn. I was inside and I heard the gun shots, I ran to them but. It was too late. They were killed instantly. I was given to my uncle. He was a good enough man when he wasn’t drinking. After a year of living with him we got into an accident.” He explains, hesitant to continue.

“What kind of an accident?” I gulp.

“Well. He was drunk, and driving. He hit a petrol-taker and it exploded. That’s how I lost my arm and eye, and I lost a lot of use of by lungs. He lost his life.” he says regretfully.

“Oh. Where do you live now?” I ask. My hand resting on his back.

“Outside pretty much. On the street, old used houses stuff like that.” He reply’s.

“That must be hard Sev. And I’m so sorry.” I say regretfully.

Sometimes in life you will meet that one person that hardship seem to attack. Sure my life hasn’t been easy, but what has happened to Sev is just. Evil.

“It’s not you’re fault Skye” he says his voice a bit choked up.

“But I’m still sorry.” I reply. He looks at me in the eye, and then stands.

“Go on, go back to the party.” He says.

“Nah its okay, I don’t know anyone there, I’ll be all alone anyways.” I say standing with him.

“Oh come on, guys will be tripping over you to dance.” He says staring down.

“Well maybe I don’t want that.” I smile. “Ill go back in if you do.” I say.

“What?” he looks at me generally curious.

“Come on, well be each others dates or whatever.” I say looping his good arm around mine.

“Wait. Let me get this straight…you…want to go with…me…in…there and…dance and stuff?” he says as if trying to work out a problem in math’s class.

“Yes” I nod as if he was a three year old and I’m trying to explain to him the meaning of life. “Come on then.” I practically drag him in the entrance.

“I don’t know if we should do this.” He says backing away from the doors.

“Come on Sev, I’m here.” I look at his eye. It is the most beautiful eye I’ve ever seen. The orange swirls that encompass the black dot in the middle. He walks ahead of me and opens the door before re-linking my arm and stepping in with me.

“Wel, quite the gentleman you are.” I say with a smile plastered on my lips.

The whole room stops. The music continues to blare but the room almost seems empty. Everyone is staring at us. One girl even drops her drink. The DJ has stopped to stare at us, and even the teachers have there eyes trained on us. We stand in an awkward silence for a few moments before he whisks me to the dance floor.

“I suppose we should dance huh?” he says.

“I suppose you’re right.” I reply. He looks at me body for a moment and then puts his hand on my shoulders.

“No silly, you put you’re hand here.” I take his hands in mine, and lead them to my waist.

And I loop my arms around his neck.

The DJ puts on a slow song, and the whole year watches as he pulls me closer to his body.

Chap. 4 (Sev's POV)Edit

The whole world seems to fade away. The only thing that exists anymore is me and Skye. I am dimly aware of everyone watching us, but only a bit. The way she had asked me, to dance. I tried to bring myself back into focus, so I could capture every detail, remember the moment forever. But I can't, My mind has gone off to some world of complete stupor. This girl, asked me to dance. Me. Sev. The weird guy. The freak.

I'm not even sure if i'm dancing right. But it doesn't matter. For the first time in my life, a girl actually likes me. I have no idea what to do. About a million thoughts race through my head. Mostly, a deep, happy feling that I hadn't felt in years. I couldn't even describe it. It wasn't caring, liking, or even love, it was something greater than all of that. I can't find a name for it. Something brings me back to reality, oh, the song is over. My eyes register the rest of the gym, and the astounded people around us. Not a single person else, was dancing the entire song. Everyone was watching me and skye. I feel my face flush, and see her's do the same. But she's still smiling at me, with that amazing smile that just made me smile right back. Another song comes on, and before we even break apart, we're dancing again. And we're smiling, and I can't help but almost laugh, how she doesn't even notice my eyepatch, how she doesn't even flinch at my robotic arm on her waist. We're extremely close, doing some sort of dance I once saw on television, so I know the steps. She lays her head on my shoulder, and I dimly notice again, that everyone is watching. But now, I feel that their stares mean nothing. That they cannot redicule me. Because I have found good in this world, In Skye.

CHAP 5. Skyes Pov. Written by Katniss&PrimSisterhood Edit

You know those romances you see at the movies that make you go. Ohh. But you never really think it happens in real life? Well it turns out it does. When the music stopped, I realized that infact, we were the only one’s on the dance floor. Just standing there swaying. When the music began again we continued like it had never stopped. I knelt my head on his firm chest. Hearing the soft thump of his heart. I feel his chin kneel on my head. I don’t think were even dancing to the beat, were just swaying. I let him lead, and gladly follow. He backs away for a moment to twirl me, I willingly comply. That few seconds I couldn’t feel the warmth of his chest of see his deep orange eyes I panic. But a few moments later I’m back in his embrace. The music stops, and people begin to come to there senses. And a new song plays, not a slow one, a high tempered up beat one. I don’t feel like dancing much anymore. Neither does Sev it appears. We part.

“You’re a great dancer.” He compliments locking his eye on my.

“You’re not too bad you’re self.” I reply. His cheeks flutter. “Come on then.” I say dragging him away from the dance floor. Even though people are distracted with dancing, there are still glares as my floor length gown glides on the marble floor. I feel like a princess with my prince. We walk to the punch bowl. He pours me a drink, and then himself one. I sip the drink slowly. We look at each other awkwardly. Its obvious both don’t really want to be here anymore.

“Wanna ditch?” he whispers in my ear, his warm breath bushing my ear, it send a shiver down my spine and butterflies in my tummy.

“You read my mind” I reply. We put the drinks down and he escorts me out the door.

Once were get outside the cold air instantly hits my bare arms and face.

“Oh here” he takes his jacket off and wraps it around me, its still warm when it engulf my skinny body.

“Won’t you be cold?” I ask.

“Nah its okay. I’m used to it.” a wave of pain hit my chest. He’ll be alone in the cold tonight.

“Sev.” I turn to him. “Why don’t you spend the night with me?” I hear it as I say it.

“Oh…I um..” he looks around.

“ not like that. Just at my place. In separate beds.” I correct myself.

“Oh no, its ok. Ill be fine” he brushes me off.

“No come on, you can have dinner with me.” before he’s able to object I loop my arm in his in an inseparable bond and start to walk to my house.

When we get there he opens the gate for me, and follows me in. We reach to door, I open the massive double door and the chill of warmth hugs my body. “Ahh that’s better.” I sigh. I notice Sev’s not with me, I whip my body around and see him standing nervously at the door. I usher him in, he complies.

Chap. 6 Sev's POVEdit

I feel about as awkward as humanely possible. I have never really been at anyon'es house. Not a friends, or anyone. Skye ushered me smiling, so I just had to walk inside. I took in the feeling of being inside a house. I hadn't felt it in a long time, sure there were run down houses I snuck into on cold nights, but that was different. Those were houses, this was a home.

I stood completely rigid inside the threshold, taking it in.

"Sev?" Skye asks me with a worried look on her face. "Are you okay?"

"Yeah," I say, "Just haven't been in a real house in a long time."

A look of pure sadness spreads over her face. Her general look of happiness comes back and she leads me into the kitchen. "I'm kinda out, of everything, so I guess we should make something!" she says with a giggle. We look through her cooking supplies for a few minutes and finally decide to make a pizza.

We set out the ingredients and begin. Skye heats up the oven and I roll the dough into a more or less circle shape. We try making the sauce, splattering ourselves in the process. Only then do we realize we're still in our prom clothes.

"Well, that's not good," I say. "Sorry Skye."

"Psssh," she says with a care in the world, "It's okay."

I sure don't think so, I look at her beautiful dress, covered with tomato sauce. I'm not much better. Guess I'll be paying extra to get it cleaned. By now the pizza is about as covered as it needs to be, so we moved to topping it. I'm not sure just what I need to do, but I follow Skye's example of dusting it with small stings of cheese. I'm doing basically a terrible job we something hits my shoulder. I crane my neck to look at it, it's a piece of cheese.

"How in the-" I am thinking when I get my answer. Skye laughs and throws a few pieces of cheese in my face. My face must have been priceless, because she begins to laugh hard. I can't help but snicker. It is kinda funny. I pick up a bit of cheese and toss it at her face.

"Oh," She says laughing, "It. is. on." She picks up a huge wad of cheese and throws it at me. It explodes dead center in my face. I grab a huge handful and do the same to her. By now we're laughing so hard we probably look like complete idiots, but we don't care. I'm having the best time I've had in a long time. In fact, I haven't even laughed for years. I forgot the way it sounded. It was different, my voice in itself was metallic thanks to my lung problems, but my laugh remained completely normal. Another thing that made me human, I thought. And I hadn't even known about it until I met Skye. We continue our little food fight for about five minutes, destroying her orderly kitchen, running out of cheese for the pizza, and generally having a great time. I believe I won, seeing as how I took the small bin of cheese and dumped it all on her at once.

"Well now we have no cheese," Skye says, trying not to laugh again, "I guess we can have one delivered."

"Sure," I say, still laughing a bit, "That's cool." But then something stops me. All the laughs disappear. This often happened. I've always been self-consious about my physical state, but there was a feeling I got every now and then. It appears when I begin to feel happy. It replaces it all with negative thoughts, "She's laughing at you," It says to me. "She's just pitying you, I can't believe you actually thought she liked you!" I know better then to try and fight the thoughts. They just don't leave, the doctors said it was a type of trauma.

"I...I have to go, Skye," I say sadly. I turn to head out the door. She stops me.

"Sev, what's wrong?" she says, staring at me intently. "Are you okay?"

I force myself to lie. "Yeah, I'm fine, I just need to go back to the school, my 'car' is still there."

"Oh," she says. The look on her face makes me feel awful. "Hey, I can come with you!"

"Sure!" I say, faking excitement.

The voice in my head laughs.

CHAPTER 7. Skyes Pov. -Written by Katniss&PrimSisterhood Edit

Something tells me he doesn’t have a car. I suggested I go with him, he complied.

“Hang on, let me just get my jacket don’t want to be unsung yours all the time.” I run up the stairs and put on a white cardigan. I hurry back down to find him waiting at the door, looking handsome as ever. With that chesse smeared all over his suit.

“I’m real sorry about that by the way.” I say wiping some of the cheese of his shirt.

“That’s fine Skye. Come on then.” He ushers me away. He puts his hand on my lower back, and pushes me gently to the stairs. My body kind of goes into shock re-living the moment we danced. My legs begin to sway and I stumble down the stairs. But lucky Sev catches me quickly enough, and lifts me closer to him.

“I got you.” he says simply.

“Thanks.” I blush. We walk the rest of the way in silence. But it’s not the kind of awkward silence you would suspect. Its peaceful. it’s like there’s nothing more comfortable or natural but to just walk shoulder to shoulder with Sev. Once we get to the school gym, where the prom was held, Sev just stands there.

“You don’t really have a car do you?” I ask.

“No. not really.”

“Didn’t think so. Then why did you come out here.”

“I don’t know. I figured you would have ditched me by now.” he says staring at the floor.

“Come on. Why would I do that?”

“Because I’m a armless, eyeless freak.” he says laughing. But you can’t help note the pain inching in his laugh. I don’t smile at his joke I just stare at the pain masked by a smile.

A cool drop of water land on my forehead interrupting me, and I realize its about to rain.

“Come on, you’re sleeping at my house tonight.” I demand.

“But I-”he starts. The sound of the rain bucketing down silences him.

“No buts come on!” I say much louder. We run back home, with out hands hovering over our head in a futile attempt to shield our body’s from the freezing water.

We get home and trample in the door. I must have make-up smudges all over my face, but even so were both laughing when we reach the kitchen.

CHAP. 8 Still Skyes Pov. -Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

“Ok so, the showers over here.” I point the room down the hall. “And, in that room there, there is some cloths that may fit you. Guys of course. Umm, feel free to pick out or explore anything you like. Umm..anything else? OH right you’re room, the guest bedroom is right next to the shower. So feel free to settle in there for the night.” I explain to Sev.

“Thank you Skye, for you’re kindness.” he says politely.

“Anytime, the pizza should be here soon, make you’re self at home.” I say while seductively flicking my hair around and heading to the kitchen. Once I reach it, I here the shower going. I stand in the center of the kitchen. The sauce is plastered all over the wood floors; cheese spread everywhere, with all sorts of meets sitting on top of them.

Might as well eat the kitchen I think to myself. I begin the cleaning. Its takes about 20 minutes to just put everything away, before I can actually start “CLEANING”.

Once I finish all of it, (takes about an hour), Sev seems to be out of the shower, and getting dressed, and settling down. I hear our door bell and grab my wallet to pay.

A pleasant girl comes to the door, her name tag has Eliza printed on it.

“Hello, you got the two pizzas?” she asks with a polite tone.

“Yep, that’s me. here.” I take out a 50 from my wallet.

“Oh, this is too much, its only 21 bucks” she says rejecting the money.

“Keep the rest as a tip.” I say with a smile.

“Oh. Wow thanks.” she passes me the boxes and walks away.

I shut the door and turn around and jump.

“Oh my, Sev you scared me.” he’s standing with a pair of shorts and a tee-shirt right behind me.

“Sorry, you gave thave that girl a 30 doller tip?” he asks me puzzled.

“She gave extent service!” I say. I brush past him and into the kitchen. I look at the empty table, and decide against it.

‘Come on, lets eat at the TV.” I say. I walk him around the hallway into the lounge room, I sit on the couch and, he uncomfortably sits with me. I toss him the pizza and he looks at me as if for conformation. I nod, and he reluctantly takes a bit, and then another. I smile.

I take my pizza and do that same. “You sure you don’t want some of this?” he asks.

“No, I’m a vegetarian.” I say. He looks at me strangely and then just continues eating. I guess I must be a massive hypocrite. He probably struggles daily to get enough food to eat, and this poor little rich girl, with her fancy house, her fancy dresses, her “diet” is sitting here living in luxury. The thought actually makes me stop eating my pizza and I set it down on the coffee table.

“Where are you’re parents?” he looks around the room realizing that there not here.

“My dad, well he left us when I was 3, and my mum…well who knows who she spends the nights with. She almost never home so I get the bachelor pad.” I smile. Although I don’t think it really covers how uncomfortable I am about it.

“Oh. I’m sorry.” he says

“No its okay, not you’re fault.” I reply.

“I’m still sorry” he repeats. I realize his saying the same thing I said to me when he told me his story. I beam back. I glance up at the time.

“Oh my, its 12:30. I suppose I should have a shower and get to bed, feel free to watch TV or whatever, see you in the morning.” I say dismissing myself. I walk to my bedroom and take my pizza topping stained dress off, and hop in.

Chapter 9: Sev's POV (Dannoh again everyone)Edit

I sit absolutely silent on the couch. After the insane events of tonight, I struggled to have my mind comprehend everything. I wait for the voice in my head to discourage me. But it doesn't, it's gone. The way Skye was so, open with her own history. Well, I guess I was too. I turn off the TV and head to the guest bedroom. It's a pretty nice room, larger than the last apartment I lived in. I turn off the light and lay down. I know I won't sleep at all. Generally I didn't sleep. Mostly it was because I did most of my "sleeping" on hard concrete. Also, my trauma from the accident caused a type of, sleep disorder. Horrible nightmares, sometimes not even sleeping at all.

Sometimes in these dreams, the voice takes on a physical form. He's monstrous. And the worst thing is his voice. It's deeply metallic. His entire body is in a type of metal suit. But I feel different here, for one, the bed is actually an actual bed. For two, there's a different voice in my head. Skye's voice, calm and shoothing. Happiness personified. I reflect through all of tonight's events. The nagging feeling that for some reason, I had to go to Prom. Seeing Skye walk in through the door. Sitting on the roof, talking to her. A smile spreads across my face. The way Skye looked at me, me. Not the prosthetic arm. Not the eyepatch. I had done it. I had found someone who actually cared. Someone who didn't simply "understand", they were concerned for me. I put my head back on the pillow.

I'm just reflecting on her back story, when something happens to my head. I feel my thoughts slow, I relax, and I drift away. Oh my gosh I'm dying, I think. Then my eyelids feel heavy. And I close my eyes, and for the first time, in years, I fall into a deep, dreamless, happy sleep.

CHAPTER 10 Skyes Pov. -Written by Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

The hot steam fills my room and fogs my mirror. I flick the light on in my room, and the room lights up, I turn it down with the dimmer switch. I head to my draws and pull out silk pajamas. I throw them on, and wash off any make-up left on my face. I look at my pitiful hair. Strings leading off my bun into wacky positions around my head. I look at it mournfully, remembering just a few hours ago I was crying because my mother wasn’t here to tell me to look beautiful, or to fix my hair, and cry over how stunning my dress is. Tears whell in my eyes. I put the wall up in my mind and walk over to my bedside table, pull out the draw and take a sip of the whisky I always keep. It calms me right away, and a sigh of relief escapes my lips. I screw the lid on tightly and place it back in the hard box that easily slides back into its assigned position. I pull back my thick covers, lay my head on the pillows and I’m out like a light.

I twitch my nose to smell for the comforting smell of pancakes. After a moment of sniffing, no luck. I thus conclude that mum didn’t come back from last nights little “adventure”.

I walk to my full length mirror and look at my frazzled, run down face’s, apply a light layer of make-up and pull some of the loose strands of my hair back into its rightful position on the top of my head in a bun. I slip my cold toes in the comfortable slippers and walk outside my room. I head down the hallway to find Sev looking though some of our old photo albums. He sees me and his cheeks burn.

“Oh I’m sorry. I was jut…I thought it would be okay-“ he stutters.

“Don’t worry I told you to feel free to look though anything. what’s that you’re looking at?” I ask walking to the table he’s sitting At.

“Oh. I think it’s a picture of you’re parents?” he asks.

“Oh yes that’s them. That was my mums smile back then. See there? She was so happy. That was before us kids were born.” I explain. It’s a picture of my parents on there honey moon.

“Kids? You mean there’s more?” he picks. I don’t really want to share my story, mainly because it will make me seem more pitiful, but I do anyways.

“Oh, well my brother. He died three years ago. He got very sick and one day just..well just stopped breathing.” I say. I trace the carvings in the wood on the furniture. Sev’s hand encloses mine. “I’m sorry, loosing someone you love is hard to get over.” he reassures.

I force my eyes to meet his. I don’t have any quick remarks, or sarcastic comments. The pain in my eyes I’m sure tells him quite enough. I quickly change the subject.

“So, cereal or toast?.” I say walking to the bench in the kitchen. I pull out a few muesli cereals, and a loaf of bread. “You’re pick.” I say yawning.

“Well how about I make it for us instead.” he says rising from the chair and walking to me.

“But I alre-” I start.

“No buts, let me do it.” he says loading the bread into the toaster. Once again using my own words against me. I reluctantly sit back down stare at the photo albums, should I look though them? i say to myself. After a while I figure I probably shouldn’t. I cover the photo of my parents, and carry the album back to the bookcase.

“So Sev it’s a Saturday. What do you want to do? My mum probably won’t be back for the rest of the weekend. So we can do whatever.” I say.

He looks up, in compilation.

“Say. Do you like the beach? Chap. 10 P2 (sev)

She looks at me and smiles, "Yeah, who doesn't?"

"Well," I say, getting out some jam for the toast, "How about, you and I take a quick trip down to this great strip of beach, just a few miles away. Hardly anyone else goes down there, so we'll have it to ourselves."

A huge grin spreads across her face, "That sounds great," she says. I'm about to answer when the bread pops out of the toaster. Me and Skye both jump out of our skin. I inspect the slices of bread. Not burnt, wow, I actually cooked something. I gingerly butter and jelly up the slices and put them on plates. We sit at the table and eat. Skye is half awake and her hair is going in about seven different directions, but she still looks beautiful. She catches me staring at puts on a sarcastic face, "Why don't you take a picture?" she jokes.

"Sorry, I guess I've got the morning stares," I say embarrassed. My face gets hot.

"I'm KIDDING!" she laughs, punching me softly on my arm. Good thing she's on my left side, not my right. By now we've finished our toast, so Skye stands up and brushes off the crumbs on her shirt.

"I'll go get ready, be back in a minute." she says.

Chapter 11: Skyes pov-Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

I jog up the stairs and enter my bedroom. I look at my bed, consider making it but really I just throw the covers over making it look semi neat and walk to my draws. I’m not sure what to go for, sexy? Or simple? Hmm. I take out a bikini put it on, and tie my hair up In a new hair tie. I take my school bag and throw a bunch of cloths and a towel in. I take a short white dress and put on me. Ok anything else? I think. I quickly remembering before running out of my room to put a bit more make-up on. I run down the stairs, and Sev is cleaning the dishes.

“You’d make a good housewife one day.” I laugh.

He turns around and he’s jaw drops. And he smashes the plate.

“Oh…s-sorry. Ill um clean it up.”

“No don’t worry I do it all the time.”

“No. Skye this is you’re house, I should be carful.”. He says his face burring. I can tell he feels really bad about it. I walk to the dishes he’s just washes up, lift a plate and drop in on the floor. Its makes and awful shattering noise and glass spills over the kitchen.

“Oops. Well, now that we have that settle. There’s some borides’ in the room you slept last night. Second draw” I say. He looks at the glass in horror. But a slight amusement on his face. We both laugh a bit too loud.

“Borides?” he asks.

“ have clearly never been to Australia. Board shorts. Or trunks if you like. Go on” I say. He looks at me oddly.

“Oh that explains the accent!” he says.

“Yes I suppose it does.” I smile. He climbs up the stairs and I hear the bedroom door shut. I forget that there’s glass sounding me, and I take a step slicing the under part of my foot. “Ouch!” I try to keep quite so that Sev doesn’t come down feeing bad.

I rush over the kitchen tea towel and hold it on the blood dripping, I find a band aid in the first draw of the kitchen and patch it up. I put on my flip-flops from my bag and walk though the rest of the kitchen without a problem. I’m locking all the doors when Sev comes down, wearing a simple white tee-shirt and a pair of blue board shorts. The tee-shirt is quite see though, and then I figure out why he dropped the plate, my dress is white too. You can probably see right though my dress to my bikini. I consider going back up the stairs but, figure it’s too much of a hastle anyways.

“Ready?” I ask.

“Yep.” He says simply with a cheerful tone. He opens the doors for me.

“Chivalrous as always.” I say curtsying like they did in the old times.

“Well thank you ma’lady.” He says with a British accent. I beam back a huge simile and walk out the door, he locks it before closing the door and we step down the stairs. We reach the gate.

“So. Where is this mystical beach you speak of?” I ask.

“Right this way mam.” He continues.

Chap 12 (sev's POV)Edit

Skye and I continue to speak in ridiculous accents all the way to the car. I open the passenger door and she climbs in. I hop in the driver's side. Skye hands me the keys and I turn on the car. I wasn't used to actually, driving, so leaving the parking lot was, troublesome. Finally Skye begs me to let her drive, and, fearing for our lives, I let her.

She drives perfectly safely, making me feel completely incompetent. My mind will not stop thinking about the incident in the kitchen this morning. Skye seemed completely fine about it, but I couldn't help but feel guilty about it. Mostly because I had found myself completely stunned by Skye's appearance. Skye looks over and sees me sulking. "Are you still fretting about that dumb plate?" she asks me.

"Yes, I am."

"You shouldn't," she reassures me, "It's fine." I must not look convinced, because her smile slowly fades. Worry creeps into her expression.

I've been so busy sulking I didn't realize we were here. I step out with Skye onto the hot sand. She tries her best to bring a tone of happiness back, "Wanna go swimming?"

"I..uh....can't," I say, "The doctors told me I couldn't."
070213 beaches1 hmed 1p.grid-6x2

"Well that's okay! We can just sit and put our feet in the water." she says. Gosh I feel bad, hearing her so dissapointed. We put down two chairs next to each other, just so the tide reaches our feet. As the waves wash over my feet, I relax. I look over at Skye, "I'm really sorry about your plate," I say shamefully.

"Sev, I told you I don't care!" she says to me, "It is o-kay!" She scoots closer and takes my hand in hers, "Do you understand?" she says, gazing right into my eye.

I try to mumble out "yes," but Skye's eyes are so beautiful I stumble over my words. They come out like gibberish. I take a deep breath and manage to say, "Yes, I understand."

Her general smile returns. She leans in and kisses me on the cheek. And if I was tongue tied before, words couldn't describe how stupid I looked now. Skye takes one look at my face and laughs. She is about to make a witty remark when a wave slams into us.

Apparently the tide was coming in. Skye and I are soaked completely. I make sure my eyepatch and prosthetic stayed on. Thankfully they're only wet, just like the rest of me. Skye is just as bad. Her short dress clings to her like shrink rap. I do my best not to stare.

Skye bursts out laughing. I find myself cracking up too. Good golly, I think, Is there anything that can't make her look great? She stills looks beautiful, sopping wet and covered with muddy sand. "Some interruption on our first date, huh?" she says after she calms down. Date. I guess this was a date. "Don;t worry," she says,"I have some extra cloths in the car, I also brought a little lunch, you hungry?"

"Nah," I say, "I'm perfectly happy, right here." And that's when I lean over and kiss her.

CHAPTER 13 Skyes Pov- Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

^^^^^^i was kinda shocked my the last line of this chapter so i hope i did it justice...

I was shell shocked. I mean sure, I was flirting with him, but his complete and utter confidence he was able to muster um astounded me. It took me a few seconds before I could actually kiss him back. When I did, it felt much more natural. This got, well let’s just say pretty heated. He leaned into me and I leaned back fiercely. At one point he leaned so hard into me there was nothing more I could do by lie on the ground my lips still connected to his. He seems like a pretty rough guy when you first see him. Then you get to know him, and learn that really his a gentle guy. But this is like nothing I’ve ever seen from him before. This is like a determined Sev, a strong willed and extremely sexy man, that just need to kiss me like the world depended on it. And I liked it. The lifeguard squeaked her whistle. “HEY! No fooling around on the beach!” she screamed. The inclination that we might be taking this further brought me back to the world, my lips parted from he’s, and I gasped for breath.

“Well, seems as you’re already wet.” I begin; I push him in the wave that was coming straight forward and dive under the wave, only for him to become completely dunked by it. I actually laugh so hard underwater I forget that I’m loosing my breath. I come up out of the water and Sev is waiting behind me. Once I’m up he plummets me back down. I gargle water.

“HEY!” I laugh

“That’s what you get!” he laughs back. I splash the water on his face, he does the same. My dress feels like 1000 kilos on me, so I crawl back to the beach. And take it off as seductively as I can. I’m left in my 2 piece bikini. I glace at Sev, who is just staring looking shocked. The wave crashes behind him, and I laugh again. I must have been laughing a while, because when I’m finally calm enough he’s sitting right behind be. And has a towel covering him. He pulls another towel from my bag and wraps it around my shoulders.

“Why thank you.” I say staring at the waves.

I scoot a bit closer to him and hold his hand. I think we fall asleep, because by the time I come too, its late afternoon, and may be getting dark in a few hours.

“Ah…mam?” a voice says from above me. I see a woman with brown hair and pretty hazel eyes staring back at me. The lifeguard.

“Oh hey” I say groggy.

“I just wanted to let you to know, that I’m taking down the flags. So it’s best you leave now. Although you may stay if you wish.” She says politely.

“Oh ok. Thanks no, well go.” Sev is lying next to me. I kick his legs lightly and he wakes slowly.

“What?” he asks.

“Time to go loser.” I kid.

Chapter 14: Sev's POVEdit

I'm still a bit groggy from being asleep for the last few hours but I manage to stand up. I stretch my arm and legs and yawn. We must've been asleep awhile, because our clothes are dry now. I rub my eyes and walk with Skye to the car.

"Shall we get some dinner?" she asks me.

"Where to?" I say, opening the door for her.

"We'll think of something on the way." she giggles. We climb in and she turns the car on. "Where do you wanna go?"

I realize I don't eat out much at all. I don't eat much at all. Not that I'm your average homeless guy. But some nights I didn't have much to eat. I got the free lunch at school. "I don't know, where do you wanna go?"

"I don't know, where do you wanna go?" she says.

"I don't know, where do you wanna go?" I say, starting to laugh.

"Seriously though Sev," she says, laughing herself,"Where to?"

"I...uh...don't know, I don't eat out much." I say shamefully. Her smile fades from her face. Pity creeps into her eyes.

"No problem, I know just the place." Skye says.

Chapter 15: Skyes pov -Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

I put my foot on the petal and drive home.

“Why are we going home?” Sev asks.

“Truth is I don’t eat out much either.” I smile back at him. I know he’s comfortable in my home…sorta. So might as well eat there. Once we get inside I dump my bags on the floor, and I’m about to walk into the kitchen before Sev grabs my arm.

“Glass. Remember?” he says a tad bit shamefully.

“Oh right thanks.” I laugh. “Not a problem, ill just vacuum it up, and get to cooking huh?” I walk to the closet take out the vacuum, but Sev takes it from me and vacuums instead. I think he still feels bad about it. I’m not sure why, but I think he would feel even more guilty if he didn’t clean it up, so I let him. Once it’s done I thank him, and walk to the fridge to get out the ingredients.

“What are you making?” he asks, settling back down in the kitchen chair.

“Spaghetti. Ever had it before?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think so.” He says tilting his head up recalling the memory.

“Well, we used to eat it like every week back in Australia.” I say. I’ve made this so many times that I could do it while sleeping. Sev watches me in a bit of amazement at my quick and precise skills while making it. I let him. Once it’s done I place it on the table and tell him to dig in. I look at the meat pathetically and whisper “sorry” to it before entering my mouth. I’ve forgotten how much I like beef. I shovel it down, oh so guilty, but oh so tasty. Sev looks at me and realizes. “Oh you don’t eat meat, here.” He starts to take the bowl away from me I grip it for my life. “You touch that food and I will kill you.” I say in a semi serious tone. He lets go of it hastily and sits back down laughing.

“Wise decision.” I mock. I’m surprised how much I actually ate, the whole bowl. God I miss meat.

“That was delicious, thank you.” Sev says.

“Well you’re welcome.” I reply, Sev picks up my bowl before me and washes it up. I go the fridge and pull out a bottle of wine and two glasses. He looks at me kind of suspicious.

“Come on.” I say, we walk to the TV room and turn on the TV. And episode of friends is playing and I pour my self a glass of red wine, and I’m about to pour Sev one when he stops me.

“No its okay. I don’t feel like wine much.” He says.

”You’re loss.” I smile and fill mine up a bit more.

As the night goes on and on, we flick though more channels. We watch different TV shows, and I pour more glasses of wine into my body. I watch as each glass Sevs face fills with more worry. I finally reach the end of the last one. I can barely feel my head, but I feel sadness bubble though when I discover it’s gone.

“Oh. Its gone. Hah. I guess I s-should uh…what’s the word..oh right I should go and get some more.” I slur. I try to stand but my knees give in. I giggle. “Well that was unexpected.” Laugh. The haziness that’s surrounds my head is unmistakably alcohol induced.

“Skye I think we should put you in bed now.” He says with a serious face of concern. I laugh. My whole brain refuses to think about anything but that next bottle.

“ I’ll be finnnnnnnnnneeeeeeee” I drag.

He takes hold of my shoulders. “No its time for bed”

“NO!” I snap. I stand up and back away from him. “You’re not my mum! Even my mum isn’t my mum! Why should you be huh?” I scream. “I DON’T HAVE TO LISTEN TO YOU!” I yell. “You mean NOTHING to me. Neither does my mum or my dad or…..or” I slur, I’m reduced to tears and can barely get my sentence out though the sobs. “neither does my brother.” I cry. I bend at my knees and craw in a ball, the glass smashes on the floor.

Sev rushes over to me and hold me tight. “Why did he leave….why did he leave me.” I mutter though the tears scaring my face.

“I don’t know Skye I don’t know.” He comforts me, not in he’s usually metallic voice, but in a soft soothing one that no one can be uncomfortable with. I have my head resting on his chest and he doesn’t let me go for about ten minutes, he’s just holding me. Drift to sleep.

Chapter 16: Sev POVEdit

I sit on the floor with Skye asleep in my arm. Arms? Does my prosthetic even count? Tears spill out of my eye. I know Skye didn't mean to say those things. But I can't help but feel bad. Suddenly, the Voice is back. Repeating one of the things she said, "You mean NOTHING to me!" Nothing. Pretty much sums up my life. I need to get Skye to bed, I think. I slowly pick myself up, holding Skye by the waist. I walk slowly so as not to wake her, then again, I've had some experiences with a passed out drunk. No. Not drunk. Drunk is someone who drinks often. Skye was drunk at the moment. I drag her into her bedroom and lay her onto her bed.

She's thrown up twice on the way, but I was too worried to realize. My shirt was lucky enough to be spared. Skye's was not. I cringe. When I lived with my uncle, I had to constantly take off the ruined clothes and wash them. But with Skye, it was a bit, different. Seing as how Uncle was family, and he was also, well, a he. Yeah Yeah I know. I'm glad I didn't except the wine. Someone had to look after Skye. I guess I'm staying here again.

I clean up the glass and stain in the living room. Lot's of breaking happened today. I turn off the TV and head to Skye's room. I knew that an intoxicated person needed to be watched. How I hated having to do this. I sit down against the back of her bed. She looks so sad, laying there, fast asleep. She coughs and wakes up around midnight. She looks up at me, "Sev?"

"It's okay Skye, I'm here," I say to reassure her. She's still disorderly. She blinks, confused, and then starts crying. She leans back and lays against me.

We sit there silently for hours, until we both fall fast asleep.

Chapter 17: skyes pov- Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

I start to shiver in his arms. I forget how cold it can get here sometimes. I crawl back under the covers. And Sev just tucks me in tightly. He’s too good for me. I don’t deserve him. I never really have, and I don’t think I ever will. But I don’t think about that, I just look at him, the moon light glistening on his hair. My heart suddenly jumps. I need to clam it down. I slowly reach for my bedside table, ad pull out the whisky. Have to have it. Just one sip that’s all. My brain repeats.

“NO SKYE!!” Sevs voice booms. He grabs the liquid from me and pours it down the toilet. I cry as my last hope of happiness empty’s down the bowl. He try’s to console me, but insisted I brush him away. I hate him. At least I hate him in my drunken state. I tears spill out of my eyes, and I let my heavy head rest on the pillow and drift off into a nightmarish sleep.

Logan my brother, being murdered by my father. My mother being murdered by one of her “friends”. Sev. Being murdered by me. I scream in my dream, I scream for them all. As the blood spills from their bodies. There’s something holding me in my dreams, stopping me from saving them. I don’t know what it is, but it won’t let me move. I just watch the ones I love be murdered. In cold blood.

Chapter 18: Sev's POVEdit

I hold on tight as she screams in her dream. She's calling out to someone named Logan, an old boyfriend maybe? She cries for her mother, she cries for me. A person having a nightmare is more frightening than a person scared awake. I can't help her. It's not safe to wake her up at a time like this. It's aboutseven in the morning, so I decide to get up and start cooking some breakfast for myself. Skye won't be up for a while. I'm cooking pancakes, when to my suprise, Skye walks in.

"Skye!" I say, running to her, "What are you doing awake?"

"I couldn't.....uh.....sleep. Yeah, sleep. Would you mind turning off the light?" She's sobering up. Her eyes are red from crying, and her face is sunken and sad. I oblige her and turn off the lights. I flip her a pancake but she pushes it away.

"Cmon, eat," I say to her. "You need to put something on your stomach." She doesn't listen. I sigh.

"I'm not hungry," she growls, "Go away." I try not to be offended. She's hungover. She'll be pretty insufferable for a while.

"Skye, Do you drink often?" I plead.

"Nahhhh, just when I kinda, wanna," she says.

"Skye, you're going back to bed," I say firmly.

"No. You go back to bed. Go home. Oh, wait, you don't Have a home." she says angrily. I try not to let it get to me.

"Skye, you don't me-"

"YES I DO!" She shouts as loud as possible, "JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!" She picks up the pancake off the plate and throws it at me. It hits me in the face. "GET OUT!"

She chases me out the door and slams it in my face.

CHAPTER 19(You guys need to learn to count. -Nikki) -Skyes pov. -Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

He had no right to make pancakes. Only my mother makes those. Right? Well. What used to be my mother, but now is a pathetic excuse for a woman. I shouldn’t be mad a Sev, he’s the only one here I can hate. Everyone has left me. And he is the only one that stayed. Why? Well it doesn’t matter does it. Because he’s gone now. I pushed him away, just like my father. I need to get him back, I can’t loose him, not Sev. I open the door and my brain sends a chill of pain down my spine to stop the sunlight. But I force myself to take a step. I prepare my legs to run down the street, instead, I find Sev sitting on the bottom step. Waiting. He stayed. For me.

“You know most guys would run away when I throw food at there head.” I say from behind. He doesn’t make a movement.

“Well I guess I’m not most guys.” he replies. I walk over to him and sit beside him.

“You know. I’m not going to hurt you Skye.” he says finally.

“I know…I just.” I can’t describe it. “I’m just so terrified that If I get to close to you, and then you leave. Ill be scared. Again.” I explain. “And I can’t go though that. Not again.” I say with holding the tears. “Skye. You have to trust me enough to believe that I’m not going to do that to you.” he answers.

“No Sev. You don’t understand. Anyone who I have ever trusted. My Father, my mother, my brother. All of them they have all left. And I believed they would never leave me. And it happened. So how do I know you won’t do the same?” I ask.

“I don’t know. I guess you can’t really. But, you cant go on living without trusting anyone Skye. You wont be living, you will merely be existing. You have to put you’re self out on a line. You have to believe in someone.” he explains.

“Is that what you have done?” I contradict. I could see it in he’s eyes when we met at the dance, he did not trust one person there.

“Well. I’m learning.” He leans in, and kisses me tenderly. “Would I do that if planned on leaving you?” he asks. I simply respond with a smile. Because I don’t know what the answer is. “Come on. Let’s go inside.” I finally say. He agrees with me, and we enter the door. We sit back at the table, and willing eat the pancakes, despite the fact that they are awful. I hear a similar noise that I’ve heard a many times. The sound of drunken hands fumbling at the door knob.

“What’s that?” Sev looks around the room.

“My mother.” I mutter.

Chp. 20-Skyes pov. -Katniss&PrimSisterhood (OMG PROPER HEADINGS!! -Nikki)Edit

“Oh…do you want me to go?” Sev says slowly standing.

I don’t even know the answer.

The door flings open and my mother stumbles in. Her blond extensions falling out, and her brow eyes hidden by the layers of dirty make-up plasterd her face. In one hand she’s holding a bundle of cash. And the other her red hot high heals.

“Who the hell is he?” her deep voice sounding tough and aggravated.

“Ok Skye I’m going to go.” he dismisses himself. I stop him.

“No, please stay.” I say calmly. Inside I’m panicking but, I need him here, because what I’m about to say might get me punched. He looks at me uncertainly, but I’m sure he sees the fear in my eyes, and sits back down hesitantly.

“he’s just a friend, mother.” I reply firmly. While standing. She swaying around the floor unsure.

“Well what the hell is he doing at my house?” he looks at him directly. “Get out.” she says. He bows his head about to stand up.

“No, he’s staying mother.” I say staring at her directly.

“And just who do you think you are?” she asks. What I’m about to say, requires all the strength I’ve been holding back for years.

“No mother. Who do you think you are? You come to this house about once a week to maybe eat, get a change of cloths and leave to go out drinking. That’s not being a mother, that’s and an occasional visitor. And the times that you do stay longer then 20 minutes its because you’re passed out, and I have to wash the puke out of you’re hair. who’s the one that cooks?. Cleans?. Keeps up with the fiancés? That’s right. Mum its me. You know why? Because I have to. Because you’re not a mother, you haven’t been since I was three. and you have no right to come in after 14 years and start pretending like you have any say in who I spend my time with.” she looks at me in horror. She about to say something, but I stop her. “No mother. You have missed you’re chance. I’m not you’re little girl anymore. I stopped being you’re little girl the day I had to look after my three month old brother for the entire night when I was 5, because you were at some club living it up. I stopped being you’re little girl the first day of school and I had to walk myself there. I stopped being you’re little girl the first time I had to call the cops because you were missing for three weeks. I stopped being you’re little girl when I had to give my brother CPR because my mother, A trained nurse mind you was busy doing shots off some stripper. And I stopped being you’re little girl when I was up in my room crying because my mother wasn’t here to tell me I looked beautiful on my prom night. And I stopped being you’re little girl when Sev here had to comfort me because I was upset. You’re not my mother. And you never will be again.” my rant has gotten me so close o her face I can smell the vodka on her breath. Seems as I’m hung over, and I have just said what I’ve been holding in for 14 years, I want to puke. But I know if I do that, I will look weak, and now’s not the time. She stares me down for a moment. And then glances at the pancakes. And shoots back to me. She remembers too. Every morning, she would cook pancakes for my father and I. even the morning he left.

I see the sudden flick in her eyes, and she knows it too. She lost me. She simply nods and stumbles back out the front door and closes it softly.

Chapter 21: Sev's POV Edit

I stare forward in disbelief at the scene I just witnessed. Skye just stands there, unmoving. I go to her, "Skye, are you okay?" I want to instantely slap myself. Of course shes not okay. I regret it too, because then she starts crying. I know the feeling, when you're trying not to cry, and someone says "you okay?" and it pushes you over the edge.

I wrap my arms around her to comfort her, but it doesn't seem to be working. Her voice is muffled, but I hear her say, "I'm sorry about what I said,"

"About your mother?" I ask, a part of my head says thinks, well DUH!

"No," she says, suprising me, "I'm sorry about what I called you."

I had been kinda zoned out, so I ask, "What exactly did you call me?"

"I called you a friend," she sobs, "Even though you're much more than that to me." My brain takes that in for a second, does that mean we're, an "Item?" I guess it did. I can't help but smile.

"I'm sorry that had to happen, Skye," I say. Do you ever get that feeling? When you don't know what to say next, so you just randomly apologize?

She pulls herself together. "Come on, let's go forget about it over some real breakfast."

It starles me she can just, put this out of her head. Wait, real breakfast? "What do you mean by real breakfast? What, you don't like my cooking?"

She smiles, "Well, they were kinda rock solid."

I act offended and sarcasticly say, "Well, they did hurt, when they hit me in the face,"

We both laugh and walk out the door.

Chp 22. Skyes Pov-Kaniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

Sev walks with his arm looped around my neck the entire way to the coffee shop. I don’t really feel like driving much, and we know were going to die if Sev drives. As were entering he coffee shop, I notice the sea a bit calmer then usual. I know its crazy, but I can’t help but think it’s reflecting me. Sev pulls open the door for me. As usual.

I take a step in, and I’m greeted by my barista.

“Oh my. What the hell happened to you.” he says. Oh I forgot. I’m still in my PJs. I have no make-up on, and I still have a cracking headache from last night.

“Don’t start with me Daniel. Listen can I get a EXTRA strong coffee, um, and the usual please. And whatever you want Sev.” I say.

“Im okay.” he shakes his head.

“You know what, he’s probably had a worst morning then me. He had some crazy girl though food at his head.” I laugh with Daniel.

“Well. I better get him and extra EXTRA strong coffee then.” he says. I nod in agreement.

I lead Sev to the seat next to the window overlooking the sea.

“I don’t like the way that guy was looking at you.” he Sev mutters while Daniel makes my coffee. I decide to play along. Because it’s kind of cute.

“How’s that?” I ask looking seriously concerned.

“He just looked at you….like someone who wants you. Like a creep.” he says. My face turns to shock. I try not to make it over kill. I lean into his face.

“Wow. All these years and I never knew. Maybe we should kiss just to make sure he knows I’m not available?” I suggest. Sev seems to think it’s a great idea. I walk over to his side of the table and sit on his lap while kissing him tenderly. Daniel walks over to us with the coffees.

“Oh you to are so cute together.” he says genuinely.

“Oh thank you Daniel.” I say politely. Sev just snares at him. Daniel puts the drinks down and turns away.

“Oh Daniel!” I yell

“ya” he turns around and walks back.

“How’s you’re boyfriend?” I ask politely.

“Great thanks for remembering.” he smiles and goes back to the desk. I hesitantly turn my head toward Sev who just shaking his head in that cute way that he does, to show that he disapproves, but secretly loves it. I burst out laughing.

“ahah, now he thinks you’re a jerk too.” I eventually crawl back to my seat.

We keep laughing about it for a while, at least until Daniel brings over the food.

“Thanks D.” I say. He nods and gives Sev and evil look. I snort/laugh at Daniels anger.

Sevs face becomes quiet serious. “Skye. Why did you choose me to talk to at the dance?” he asks. I consider saying something amazing like. I knew that I loved you from first sight. But I decide to be completely honest.

“Honestly? I think it was because you looked just as pathetic and uncomfortable as I did.” I say. he chuckles slightly. “Come on. You’re a social butterfly, anyone would have spoken to you.” he compliments.

“Sev. Why didn’t you run away the first night you stayed?”

Chapter 23: Sev's POVEdit

Her question troubles me. There are lots of answers. I didn't have anywhere to go, It was raining. "Because Skye," I say, "You treated me so well, I couldn't bear to leave."

"dawww," she says, smiling, "Anything else?"

"Well, truth is, I also have no where else to go. Plus it was raining." I admit. Not usually do I admit I have nowhere to go. Pity creeps onto her face.

"oh 2K!" she says, sipping her coffee. "I'm sorry, shouldn't have asked."

"It's okay," I say as I pick up my own cup. I take a sip and recoil.

"What?" she asks me.

"That, is, strong," I say, setting it down. She laughs. I take a bite of the cinnamon roll Skye ordered for me. "This is delicous!"

She interrupts me, "Sev, how would you like to permanantly stay in the guest room?" Another question I have to mull over.

"Skye, I can't do that, that's too generous, even for me."

"Come on Sev, Please? I can't think of you out on the street, alone," she begs. She seems close to absolute tears. At that moment, Daniel comes over and sees Skye.

"Is she alright?" he asks.

"Yeah, yeah, But uh, we should go." I take out a small amount of cash I have and pay quickly. Me and Skye walk out.

She asks me again, "Please think about it."

I look at her. Her face looks purely worried. I can't just say no. "I guess I can stay in the guest room, if that's okay with you."

Her face instantly becomes happy again, "Of course that's okay!"She hugs me tight, and we walk back to her house hand in hand.

Chp 24. 7 years later. -skyes Pov/ _Katniss&PrimSisterhood

“Hurry up Sev!” I yell my lips dangerously close to the wood. “You’re not the only one who has to use the shower!” I scream. I stand my hips leaning into the wood, with my arms folders with a towel hanging over them.

“MUMMY!” Elisa yells.

“Oh sweetheart, Good Moring.” I kneel down and tuck her hair behind her ear.

“Mummy. Are the other school kids going to be nice?” she says simply. Her big brown eyes staring back at me, like Sevs the night we met.

“Well why don’t we worry about that later, right now we have to get daddy out of the shower don’t we?” I say with a grin.

“DADDY! GET OUT OF THE SHOWER.” Elisa yells banging on the door. The water stops and a few second later the door opens with Sev in a towel.

“Well about bloody time.” I say realizing what I just said.

“Oh…mummy…that’s $1 in the swear jar.” Elisa notifies me. I turn to Sev who is just laughing.

“Shut up.” I say.

“$2” Elisa remarks.

“Dam it!” I can’t seem to stop today.

“$3.” Sev says. I smirk at him and I walk with Elisa down the hallway, to the stairs.

“Come on then.” I lift her from under her arms and fly her down the stairs. She laughs the whole way down, then runs to the kitchen bench.

“what’s for breakfast mummy?” Sev says wrapping his arms around my popped belly, nuzzling his chin in my neck. “Hopefully not pancakes.” He giggles. I flip around while in his arms and wrap my hands around his neck.

“Hmm. Don’t think the baby feels like that much.” I say. He looks at my tummy and kneels down.

“And how are you feeling this Moring son?” he asks my belly. He puts his nose on my tummy and a foot kicks it, a trick and his son feel they must do every morning.

“That’s my boy.” He says standing up.

“You’re boy?.....i don’t believe ever discussing that.” I laugh.

“That’s right, its Daniels.” He jokes back. I laugh pretty hard, and then kiss him softly.

“EWWWW.” I hear behind us. Elisa is staring at and making a gross face. Sev and I both look at each other, and almost as if we planned it, we both run to her fill her face with kisses. “How do you like that?” I ask while landing a kiss on her cheek.

She keeps laughing until I leave to make toast. Sev sits down at the kitchen table and pulls out the jam. I make the toast while Elisa tells us all about how amazing her first day is going to be. By the time I’m serving the dry toast she’s getting up the part about how there is going to be fairies in her classroom. Sev sits there listening intently.

“So. Are you going to save the fairies from the evil witch?” He says without even a smile on his face. For a little while I’m concerned he actually believes the story.

“Well of course. So the lead faire can have her farie prince…duh.” She says while I butter the jam on her toast.

“Well of course. How foolish of me to ask such a question.” He says acting offended.

“Its okay not to know much as me dad.” She says seriously, it amazes me that even at five she has my sarcastic sense of humor, and Sevs big brown eyes.

Sev looks at me and shakes his head while smiling because of my obvious influence on her.

We all sit at the table and Elisa tells us the rest of her story. I had found out I was pregnant with Elisa six months after Sev and I were married. Which was the day I turned Eighteen. I could have got married at seventeen, but to do that I needed to have my mother’s approval. And since no one has seen her since I yelled at her, I couldn’t get her signature. So we just settled for living together. We were married at the beach we first kissed. Sev had tracked down and invited my father, who to my surprise, came. Although, he lost so many years with me, were patching things up. Turns out my father left with a mistress he had. But once she left him, he was to embarrassed to come back to my mother. I will never forgive him for leaving Logan and I but I am willing to put it aside for my kids to have a grandfather. My biggest problem was not having Logan there to walk me down the aisle. To tell me I looked pretty, and give Sev the “talk” about the whole “you ever hurt her I will hunt you down and kill you” speech.

Seven moths ago Sev and I found out we were expecting a boy. Were going to name him Logan. After my brother. And Elisa, her name is after Sevs mother. It was shown that Logan would have asthma for the rest of his life, and of course Sev being Sev feels incredibly guilty about it. But, there are worst things to live with. We still live in the house were Sev and I got together. My mother never asked for it back, so we kept it. Sev now works as a motivational speaker. Giving talks and classes at high schools all around the city. Turns out he’s better with words then he thinks he is. And me? Well I’m a mum, true and blue. It took many months to get over my addiction to alcohol. But of course Sev helped me though it. And I’ve been clean and sober for seven years.

We finish our breakfast and Sev I and send her off to get dressed. I’m left doing the dishes, but of course Sev being the guy he is, offers to dry them. Once were done, Elisa is ready. She comes running down the stairs in her new outfit.

I tie up her pigtails in a pink ribbon.

“Do I look okay daddy?” she asks Sev.

“You look beautiful. Just like you’re mother.” He says walking to us.

I kiss him lightly, and he kisses Elisa’s forehead.

“Oh, we have to go walk you to school. Come on daddy.” I say. We leave the big brown doors and Sev takes my hand and Elisa skips in front.

Alex, do the final chapter will you? –Skye

Final Chapter (Sev's POV) Dannoh hereEdit

Me and Skye walk hand in hand. Eliza holds my prosthetic hand. She's so young. I've never told her what happened, and don't plan to for a long time. She doesn't seem to question it. She looks so much like her mother. Beautiful. Absolutely, what's the word, oh yeah, Stunning.

The same word I thought of when I first met Skye. The same word I think of when I see her these days. I never forgot that night. I think about all the other things we went through together: homecoming, graduation, the night I proposed to her.

Nowadays I completely forget about my disabilities. Except when I do my speeches. But I welcome it. I teach these people to not dwell on bad things. That something better will come along. Always.

We've reached the door my now, and Eliza releases my hand and gives me and Skye a hug.

"We'll come get you at 3 o'clock," I see.

"Okay, bye mommy and daddy, love you!" she says.

"Love you too," we both say. And as we turn and walk away, me and Skye share a kiss. I'm brought back to that beach, where we first kissed. It's my favorite memory, next to the first time I saw her.

"I love you, Skye," I say.

"I love you too Sev."

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