.Look everyone, Alex Here, (And SEV) Shut up Sev, this is all Me. Anyways, we're doing another Sev story! This story, in case you don't know from the title, depicts the marriage of our heroes, the beautiful Skye and the, eh, meh Sev. Featuring their sidekick Nikki!

Sev: Meh?

The series started with Sev goes to Prom and continued with Sev saves her life.

WARNING: Some suggestive Content, awaits you in this story. So. Yeah.

Chapter 1: (Sev's POV)Edit

I wake up in my bed, scratch that, the floor. The bed is kinda. Screwy. The mattress is torn up and thrown off, the blankets are all over the place. There's a pillow all the way in the closet. Good Lord! I think to myself. Then I assess myself. My back is kinda stiff, and I think I may have busted the joint in my prosthetic arm. It's remarkable really, how articulate it is, almost as good as the real thing.

I hope I didn't bust it. I did get knocked around pretty hard last night. And I know what you're thinking, was he in a fight, was he robbed? No, It was just me and my fiancee', Skye. I guess you get the picture now. Heh, yeah. Hard to believe I proposed to her last night. It was a great moment.

Then I smell bacon in the kitchen. My thoughts are all dropped at the smell of the frying deliciousness. Skye must already be up. I get up and walk down to the kitchen. There she is, in all her beauty, cooking pancakes.

"Morning, lovely," I say. Good lord, now I remember why I don't try out pet names, that was awful.

Skye laughs at my attempted sweetness, "Morning, Sev, How'd you sleep?"

"Not much," I say, "But fine. Fine, you?"

"Good," She crosses the room and gives me a kiss, before going back to the cooking. We eat our breakfast on the couch, sitting as close as possible.

"I need to shop for a dress," she says excitedly, putting her head on my shoulder. I rest my head against hers.

"You know, You've never met my dad. That's weird." she says.

"Well, I'll call him today, alright? I'll look him up." I say, She smiles and falls asleep on my shoulder.

Chap 2. Skyes POVEdit

I lay my head sweetly on his shoulder, then I realize what he said.

“Wait what?” I ask him sitting up.

“Yeah, ill go the court house, maybe find some records on him. Find him for you.” The thought of meeting my father makes my heart flutter. But the sense of impeding doom soon follows. He left me once; he’s lost me, so there’s no point in getting in contact. Sev see’s the panic I’m sure register on my face.

“No. Sev. Don’t. You cant do that.” I stutter. I’m reduce to tears, the salty water falling from my eyes pleas with him to not do that.

“Ok. Ok its okay, hey listen I wont if you don’t want me to. Okay?” he says rubbing my face with his soft hand. Clearing the tears.

“Okay.” I calm down a bit. I go back to eating breakfast. Since I’ve had a guy in the house, I’ve sort of been eating meet. I know Sev adores it, so I go along with it.

I continue to chat about wedding plans, I can tell like most guys Sev couldn’t care less. I eventually hear him snoring. So I get out of his arms, and switch off the light for him. I go to the kitchen and put the plates down, admiring the ring. It’s a small ring, but, I like it that way. All my life I had the opportunity to buy anything I ever wanted. But this was bought, for me. And was giving to me. It was different. None the less it was mine, and it signified that I was forever linked to Sev.

I hear a knock at the door, and see Nikki waiting though the window. I look at the place. It was in shambles. Pillows, cushions, plates, cups, glasses, furniture all on odd places on the floor….i was embarrassed, but what the heck I’m engaged I can do whatever the hell I want. I open the door. She runs into my arms.

“Skye.” she yells.

“Shh. You will wake Sev up.” I say. She stops and surveys the room. Looking at the mess, she tries to keep her laughter in. “Well. We don’t want that.” She says.

“Or do we?” he giggles.

“Shut up and get inside.” I laugh. She picks up a satchel she dropped on the floor and walks inside.

“My. You certainly had a big night.” She comments. I can help but hold in my smile.

“What are you talking about;We just watched some TV. Why you would even think!” I joke. She sits at the kitchen bench and opens her bag. Inside I see a bunch of bridal magazines.

“Now as official maid of honor. I think I have a duty, to run your life.” She laughs.

I sit down, and open the first magazine.

Chapter 3: Nikki's POV Edit

Another dress. The piles of dresses got larger and larger, until I could barely see the floor.

"Is this really necessary?" Skye asked, as she tried on a long sparkling gown. She looked at the price tag, and her eyes widened. "And affordable?"

I laughed, "You thought YOU were paying for this wedding? No way. With your budget, I might as well buy a blanket and wrap it around you."

"hey! Sev and I work hard, but..." her voice trails off, and I know why. Even with the both of them working full time, they still scrape by.

"And that's why I'm paying. Anyway, my grandpa died last month, and left me a boatload of inheritance. The wedding will use up about .1% of it. If we're fancy enough." I explain. Skye looks at me with pity, but I shrug. "I didn't know him that well. And when I saw him, he would always tell me I need to eat more raisin bran."

Skye laughed, and agreed for a LITTLE help. But I told her I'm paying all of it. I whispered the amount of inheritance I received, and her mouth formed a perfect O.

He owned literally every company. King Cola, Calliden Cosmetics, Calgreens, and Calla Lily. Basically ever huge company. Being an only child had its perks.

The next dress she tried on was strapless, with lace, satin, and pearls.

"a bit fancy for my taste..." Skye commented.

"Even for your own wedding?!" I asked.

"okay maybe it's okay." Skye admitted, then added, "Okay it's drop dead gorgeous."

I smiled, then we moved on to the next thing: my dress. I got a pale pink dress, pearl necklace, and lacy trim. I ordered Skye's bouquet, and then sat down to relax.

"I feel like I'm doing nothing!" Skye complained.

"don't worry, everything is going to be fine. Just don't interfere!" I smiled, then picked up my ringing phone.

"NIKKI!" Sev's panicked voice rang through my ears. "it's an emergency!"

"Okay, we'll be right there!" I hung up, and quickly gathered our stuff.

"what's wrong?" Skye asked,noting my obvious panic.

"Sev says its an emergency." I explain, packing my purse.

We drive home quickly, not even noting the speed limit. Sev is sitting at the kitchen table, and his eyes widen as we approach.

"Guys, I was looking through Skye's records to find her birth certificate, and...." His voice fades, but his eyes are full of fright.

"Skye, you're adopted."

chap 4 skyes povEdit

They both turn to me to see my reaction. I have no reaction. Because it’s not true.

“Oh guys come on. Is this like…some kind of joke or something?” I say laughing a bit. “Cause if it is, its kind of funny.” I see a tear well in Nikkis eye.

“Skye, honey. I’m not kidding. Here.” Sev hands me the piece of paper with documents. It has some kind legal jargon on it, but I do notice this text in bold new time’s roman font.

Under the act of 1987. Section eight of the twenty fourth guild line of “bill of legal adoption”. I Rachel Elizabeth James, and I John Jesse Brooks agree to adopt child of the name. Skye Kayla Brooks to be our child, and legal citizen of America.

Under this passage is both my parents signatures.

“Guys, this is obviously not true. I was born on the 28th of December. My mother gave birth in Westmeads children hospital Sydney Australia at 6:48pm. I was born blue, and they had to keep me under observation to make sure I was okay. A week later my parents took me home. The home I grew up in. See, how could I know all that if I was adopted?” Nikki pulls me a bit closer to her and takes my shoulders. “You said it yourself Skye. She’s a good liar.” She says in a hushed tone.

“Yeah. My mothers good about lying where’s she’s been, not about weather I’m hers or not.” Sev takes my hands.

“Skye. Look at the form. Does it look forged?” he says holding up the yellowy colored paper.

“Well no. But, that doesn’t mean its not.” I defend.

“Skye, why would this be here if it’s not true?” Sev asks me.

“I don’t know okay! But you have to believe me! My father is my father! And my mother my mother! IM NOT STUPID I KNOW WHO I AM!” I scream. Its cant be true. That’s what I’m sure of, I’m NOT adopted.

“whoa skye clam down.” Nikki says. I rip her arms off mine, and the same for Sev's.

“NO! Your lying to me! Your lying!” I scream. I cant control my emotions. I'm angry at them for lying to me.

I rush out the front door, and Sev chases after me.

“GO AWAY!” I push him off me and jump in the car still holding the file. I lock the door and Sev pleads with me to open the door. Nikki stand at the door way crying. I start the engine, and drive straight for the court house.

Skyes Pov-Chap 5Edit

I knew I was going far beyond the speed limit. And yet it didn’t feel fast enough.

My foot pulsed though to the peddle which was digging into the carpet in the car. I finally reached the court house. I parked, I’m sure illegally, and practically ran in. I walked in looking extremely angry by the look on the receptionists face.

“How can I help you mam.” She said fear filling her face. I slammed the tethered paper on the bench in front of her and pointed to my father name.

“Find everything you can on this man now.” I said.

“John Jesse Brooks?” she asks looking at the paper.

“Yes that’s him” I reply.

“Are you Skye?” she asks again. I’m shocked for a moment.

“How do you know me?” I ask curiously, set back from my anger.

“You’re…fiancé? Was in here today I think, asking the same thing. His information.” She says.

“HE WHAT?” I yell. She jolts back. “Sorry. Um did he get it?” I ask trying to calm myself.

“Um yes. He paid for his address and phone number.” She says. I’m sure my face turned red.

“Thank you.” I say though gritted teeth. I walk slowly and tense out of the court house, and in the car. I think (if it’s possible) I drive faster home. When I get there, Nikki's car remains in the drive way, but Andy’s one is parked to. I storm up the stairs. I flip open the door ready to strangle Sev. I told him NOT to contact my father. Sev is sitting on the couch, Nikki and Andrew next to him.

“Sev! You talked to my dad!” all three heads flip at once, and all stand at once.

“Skye calm down.” Says Nikki.

“NO! I told him not to-“ I start but a very familiar voice stops me. One I remember. A deep sorrowful voice.

“Skye” he says. I turn and see him.

“Dad.” I whisper.

CHAPTER 6(Sev's POV)Edit

I admit I might have should not have tried to contact Mr. Brooks. He lives all the way in Australia, where he was born. But a few weeks before I proposed, I searched and searched and I located him. I called him and told him about how I planned to marry Skye.

He was nice enough, but he wanted to come out and meet me at-least before the wedding. It took him a while t o get a flight and that's why it took me months to propose. I wanted to get married earlier, but that was his condition to allow me to marry her.

And standing here, with Skye staring at her adoptive dad, I'm worried I've made a Big mistake.

"Skye, honey, Sev tells me you know you're adopted," he says in a gentle voice.

She's about to answer, when the tears start pouring from her eyes.

chapter 7: Nikki's POVEdit

Her sudden change in mood scares me, and I rush to her side with a box of tissues. I couldn't tell if the tears were joy, sadness, or hate. I found out pretty soon it was far from joy.

"HOW COULD YOU HAVE LIED TO ME?!" Skye screamed, distressed. I put my hand on her shoulder, trying to calm her down. She flung my gesture away, and let out another wail.

"Skye, what you-" he started.

"I DON'T CARE," Skye cried, "I thought you were the one who loved me. And you left us. And now I find out you've lied to me for my whole life?!"

I'm speechless. What should I do? What COULD I do?

Skye's father opens his mouth to try to condone his lies, and to make things right. But she flys away, turning her back to him.

"I DON'T EVER WANT TO TALK TO YOU AGAIN!" She screams, hurt in her eyes. With her red, puffy eyes and ragged hair, she is the image of anger, frustration, and damage.

What she does next shocks me. She holds up her hand. On it, so delicately placed, was a plastic ring. Cheap, probably came out of one of those toy dispensers you see at the store or in restaurants. It was adorned with a little dolphin. Probably worth 5 cents. But I knew better.

Skye treasured that ring above all things. Her father gave it to her when she was 6, before he left. She had never taken it off. Ever.

But she yanked it off, and threw it at him. It hit him in the neck.

She then ran away, apparent tears streaming down her face. Her father looked awestruck, and shook his head with disappointment.

"Sev, when she comes around, tell her, her biological parents are still alive. And give her this." He said, getting up to leave. He handed Sev a folded slip of paper, and calmly walked out.

When Sev unfolded the paper, it clearly was an address.

Chap 8 Skyes POVEdit

My head was buried in the white pillows. My finger felt so light without the ring there. I was actually reaching for my engagement ring, but my mind wouldn’t let me take it off. As mad as I was at Sev, I could never imagine not being with him. But for 15 years I’ve lived without my dad, so I know I could live without him. I hear a slight knock at the door, and Nikki comes in. She’s about the only one I WANT to see. She cowers behind the Door, but when she see’s my face, she’s completely fearless. She simply runs to me and holds me. I honestly don’t know how I lived without her. She rocks me back and forth.

I can barely breathe.

“Oh honey, he was just trying to help.” She says referring to Sev.

“Oh? Really? Well lets recap. First he goes out without you. Gosh knows how far he got with you. Then, after I forgive him. He then goes and contacts my father, when I asked him NOT to. And then, on top of that he confirms that in fact, the father he brought me is the wrong one! I mean who knows who the real one is? Oh yeah and I lost my ring. But that’s not really his fault.” I find confess.

“Well….here's your ring.” She hands me my ring. But I put it on my bedside table. “Ahh. I’ve had enough of boys!” I say simply. Nikki laughs a tad, and lies next to on the bed and hold my hand.

“What do you think my dad is like in real life?” I ask Nikki. She takes a few moments.

“I think only you can find that out for yourself.” She reaches into her pocket and takes out a piece of paper, then hands it to me.

I open it.

I’m sorry I wasn’t there.

28 Marylyn street'. Knock on the door, and he will be there.

Is written on it.

“Your dad just gave it to me.” She says.

“He’s my father. Actually he’s not even that anymore.” I say sorrowfully.

“Do you want me to drive you there?” she asks. I look at myself in the mirror. What I see, is not someone remotely human. I have black stains everywhere on my face. And my hair is all frazzled.

“No. not likes this.” I sniffle.

“I have an idea.” Nikki says sitting up.

“And what’s that?” I say, wiping some of the tears.

“Lets go to the gym.” She says getting pretty excited.

“Nah, don’t feel like it.” I say.

“Hey, I’m your best friend. And made of honor, means I get to run your life. Wash your face and get dressed.” I look at her uncertainly.

“Go! Go!.” She forces.

Chapter.....Dang it not again. I keep forgetting. Sev's POVEdit

Skye and Nikki are out the door in about five seconds. They didn't even tell me where they were going. I sit on the couch. "Well that was a horrible idea," I say to no one in particular.

Admittedly, it was. I shouldn't have contacted Skye's father, like she told me not to. I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to do. So I absently sit there and worry. And think. And yell at myself for being such a screw-up.

Where the heck did they go? I ask myself this a lot. The mall? Shopping? Pssh, I have no idea. Maybe there was an address in the envelope Nikki had.

That's one of possibly a thousand thoughts that go through my head over the course of the next hour. I don't move from the couch, don't turn on the TV, don't do anything but think. and think. and think. I need to stop doing that. Thinking is not a good thing for me to do. But I can't stop it, so I do. And I get just the idea. A horrible idea, a stupid idea. One that work, but it's all I have.

Chapter 10: Nikki's POVEdit

The car ride was completely silent. Skye's face was to the window, but I'm sure tears were falling down her face all the while. The address was vague, and I didn't know what part of town. I put it on Google Maps, but nothing came up.

I called Skye's dad again, but he didn't pick up.

"Hey, Skye?" I asked softly, not wanting to anger her. A quiet sniff assured me she was still awake.

"Yeah?" She sniffed, and faced me. Her makeup was running down her face still, but her puffy red eyes made it look like she had an allergic reaction to something. I pulled over to clean her up.

She sits still as I use a box of Kleenex to mop up her running mascara. I reapplied her eyeshadow and eyeliner, but knew her mascara would run again. After cleaning her up, I continued to drive.

"Nikki?" Skye whispered.


"What was the address? I mean, where are we going?"

I paused; I wasn't exactly sure myself. So I just handed her the paper.

"28 Marylyn Street," she read quietly. "Knock and he will be there."

I don't know if it was my imagination, but for a minute, I heard a tone of bitterness. And recognition. But I didn't ask her. I drove around, not really knowing where I was going. Finally, Skye realized.

"You have no clue where Marylyn St. is, do you?" She asked, and actually smiled a bit. I started cracking up, shaking my head. Soon, we were both laughing.

"Do you know where it is?" I giggled. Suddenly, her face grew solemn.

"Yeah. I do." Right then, I was completely sure she knew where it was. And I wasn't sure I wanted to know why. The car ride was silent after that, except for the occasional, "Turn left," or the loud gum smacking noise I always made.

"Nikki, we're almost there. But I need to tell you, don't be shocked. And please don't think badly of me." She asked, with a pleading quality to her voice. I nodded, confused. Her words gave me the idea that the place were going to wasn't a good place. But I started to understand when we got closer.

We started moving towards the richer part of town, and I starting realizing, Skye's parents were rich.

We stopped in front of a huge mansion, complete with a sprawling estate that was neatly groomed. It reminded me of my grandfather's old estate, over on Prince Avenue. Gardeners were trimming lush topiaries, and a maid was dusting a marble statue.

A large brass knocker was on the red door, and I hesitated. There was also an ornately carved doorbell, but before I could decide, Skye knocked the brass knocker. In a pattern.

I jumped as I heard a crash, and a sharp, "IT'S HER!"

A tall, thin woman opened the door, and she looked right at Skye. I almost gasped, because she was a spitting image of Skye. Her skin was a finest porcelain, with high, regal cheekbones. Her beautiful blue eyes were the exact same shade of Skye's, though a slightly different shape. Her scarily youthful face was framed by a waterfall of golden hair, shaped into perfect curls.

Both women were silent for a second, but a tear rolled down the face of the elder.

"I'm going to get..." She rushed off, yelling something in French to a maid.

A petite maid ushered us in, and sat us down at a finely carved table, and set tea and scones in front of us. She said, in an unmistakably Italian accent, "Miss Marylyn must get Mister. 'E es taking 'iz medizine."

An old man was rolled down the stairs on a wheelchair. His eyes were dreamy and unfocused. Though wrinkles and dryness plagued his skin, I could tell he was once quite handsome, and strong. But he was hunched over, and despite the wheel chair, he had shaky mobility. He looked at Skye, and he smiled. But it was eerie, and somewhat insane. The young, beautiful woman who had greeted us was holding his hand, leading him. Then I realized that they were wearing matching rings. This model-appearing woman was married this old looney bag?

But something clicked. This man wasn't old. But he looked, acted, and seemed old. Something had happened. The man's wobbly steps, dreamy expression, and random gestures made me question his sanity.

And I wondered if that was just it. Skye's father was mentally insane.

Chap 11 Skyes pov. Edit

Bold text

I thought I would simply be to mad at them for giving me away to feel any kind of sadness towards them. But when I saw my father, I could do nothing more but let the tears fall. As soon has Nikki saw me crying she wrapped her arms around me. I don't know why I felt so heart broken. My mother and father decided to give me away. So why would I care for them? Although I didn't understand my emotions I certainly felt them. The person, I guess would be my birth mother, whispered something in the maids ear, and a few moments the maid came out with a glass of water. I eventually sat down and accepted the water. My "father" was all the while looking at me in utter confusion. It was clear he had no idea who I was or what I was doing here, or why I was a babbling mess. Nikki eventually calmed me enough to at least stop the tears. "do you have a place we can freshen up?" she asks my "mother". She had a twinge of formality in her voice. But it did sound natural enough that she didn't seem uncomfortable. You can tell she had done this before.

"Mariah, please show them to the restroom." the woman said in her accent. The maid nodded and summoned us down the hall. Nikki ushers me by the small of my back. We reach the heavenly white door.

"it is right in there" she says in a thick Spanish accent. Living in Australia, we were surrounded by people of all nationalities and languages. So I was used to deciphering accents, however Nikki obviously understood nothing that lady had said. I spoke a few words in Spanish, which loosely translated to. "thank you you are kind". She was obviously pleased to see that i spoke some Spanish. She then asked me if I needed anything in Spanish.

"no, but I will call for you if I do". I say with a sweet smile. I then kiss her on the cheek, (the Spanish way). She leaves, and Nikki walks into the bathroom with me.

" I didn't know you spoke Spanish?" Nikki said questionably obviously asking for more information. I simply reply with a nod. She understood my desire to remain silent, and nodded. She re re applied my make-up knowing that I simply didn't want to face my parents for the first time looking like the way I did. I looked in the mirror and admired her job.

"your really good at this stuff you know" I mutter.

"yeah, yeah. Alright, are you ready? " she asks me. I look at the window longingly. Before I even speak a work Nikki pulls me back.

"no we're not escaping though the window." she says.

"what? Can't I have a private thought?" I say in a high pitched defensive voice. She laughs a bit then opens the door.

"oh wait...did you actually need to use the toilet?" she says a bit awkwardly. I laugh a bit to. " no Nikki I'm fine. Let's get this over with." I walk though the door and take a breath. I slowly walk into the sitting room, where my mother is rocking nervously. As soon as she Catch's a glimpse of me, she stands right away.

"please sit." she smiles, I comply. I take a seat on the soft velvet couch, and wait for the awkwardness to being. Fortunately I have the best friend in the world. Nikki starts immediately with the small talk. Asking intuitive questions, sand listening intently. It's not awkward at all, infact my mother and Nikki click quite quickly. There talking about the newest outfits on the red carpet before my father finally decides to speak.

"so your Skye?" he says while examine me up and down. His old unruffled voice reflects wisdom. Both Nikki and my mothers eyes dart to the situation.

"Yes. I'm Skye. " I say in an confidant tone that surprises not only me but Nikki also.

"The one I gave away?" the words pierce my mind. The words I dread so much.

"yes. I suppose so." I say again with a confidant tone.

"If I didn't want you. Why are you her?" it's a question that stumps me. I have no idea what to say. Mainly because its a fair question. After a few moments of silence I finally reply.

"I guess I just needed to know." I whisper. He looks at me oddly.

"so Skye, tell me about yourself." my mother quickly changes the subject. She seems like such a humble woman. I can only respond with kindness.

"there's nothing to tell really to tell. I'm just a girl." I say, with a wispy washy tone.

"Skyes an amazing person. She's one of the nicest people on the planet." Nikki says with a innocent tone. I look at her wide eyed.

"we'll, if that is true. It's the people in my life that make me so. Nikki here, and Sev" I say smiling when I mention sees name.

"who's Sev?" she's asks. This is the one subject I'm actually looking forward to speak about.

"he's my fiancé actually. We've been engaged only for a few days now." I smile. My mother looks shocked.

"we'll we must meet him!"she says excited. My heart skips a moment. The comment angers me so much, I speak.

"I don't think you have much say in who I marry." I snap. She looks hurt for a moment, and my father laughs somewhat.

"no..I didn't mean to offend you I simp-" she beings

"I think I better be going. " I say obviously annoyed.

"oh..if you wish." she says disappointed "will I see you again?" she asks standing. I'm not sure I know the answer. I stand quiet.

"we'll see." Nikki says.

"it was lovely meeting you Skye, I do hope we can see each other again." my mother says.

"thank you. Rachel." I say awkwardly. I shake her hand, and then nod to my father. Nikki does the same, and we leave out the door. Nikki looks at me worried, and a little annoyed.

"don't start." I mutter, we walk down the stairs and drive home.

Chapter WHO CARES? Sev;s POVEdit

I hear the car pull into the driveway. "No, No," I mutter, "I'm not done!"

I dry my hands on the dishtowel and bolt out the door. I stop them just as they come up the steps.

"What the actual heck, Sev?" Skye says. Obviously she wasn't in a good mood.

"I'm...ahem.....I'm cooking!" I confess. Yeah. That was my idea. Cook dinner. How pathetic am I? Very. Extremely.

"I'm not hungry," Skye says shortly. I glance at Nikki. She shakes her head as if to say, "Don't ask,"

I sigh. "Sorry Skye, go head and go on in," I say sadly. Well that went. Horribly. Her face somewhat softens.

"Look Sev, I'm just kinda, high strung at the moment. I'm sorry that you went to the trouble of cooking, but I just don't have much of an appetite," she says to me to make me feel better.

"Oh it's okay," I say, even though It still kinda hurt. "I'll bring you some soup or something."

She gives me a quick hug and walks inside.

"Explanation, please," I ask Nikki once she's inside. Nikki relays all that happened while they were gone. Them going to Skye's parent's house, her mother, her father, her money, her ability to speak Spanish (not an important detail, but Nikki told me anyway). So Skye's family is a snooty rich family. Not at all like her. I wish I could comfort her.

What an awkward conversation that would be, "Hey skye, sorry your family is rich and snooty and insane."

With the mood she's in, I bet she'd punch me in the face.

"I'd give her some time," Nikki says.

"Alright," I say, "I think I'm gonna go into town real quick."

Chapter 13: Nikki's POVEdit

"You sure it will work?" I say, raising an eyebrow.

"Positive. Well, sorta." Sev admitted. "Just keep her occupied, and ask her the questions."

The plan was risky. Either it could go completely wrong and blow up in our faces, or Skye will go back into La-La Land, and I'm going to have to clean up their mess from watching TV again. Good times. But the main issue was Skye. The preparation would be a while, and I didn't want to run into Sev while he was running errands.

"I got it!" I realized, snapping my fingers. "I'll take her to Dinah's!"

"Um, Dinah's, as in...?" Sev questioned. Which was completely funny, considering that every teenage girl has heard of Dinah's.

"Um, Dinah's, as in only the worlds girliest, sparkliest, and most glamorous mall in the whole world?" I smirked, as if it were obvious. Because it was.

"Skye really doesn't like shopping..." Sev reminded.

"Yes, but EVER girl likes Dinah's! The hottest Boutiques, French nail salons, hairdressers from JAPAN, low sugar/fat food, and of course, Dinah Love: The pinnacle of shoe stores." I gushed, accounting for the gorgeous mall. "Plus, I have a charge account there, so anything we want," I snapped my fingers,"We get!"

Sev looked pleased, though completely confused, and agreed.

When I told Skye we we going shopping, she had the same tired and frustrated look on that she's had on since..."the incident." Grouchily, she got in the car, and she didn't talk the whole car ride. But when Dinah's came in sight, her eyes widened in obvious pleasure. And I didn't blame her.

Dinah's stood out from every other mall. Expensive steel, paint job, and the latest technology in shopping. We walked into the mall, and Skye was completely awestruck. Immediately, Jeanette greeted us.

"Nikki! So wonderful to see you again!" She beamed, hugging me. Jeanette has been like a nanny to me for my whole life. I remember when she was 20, and she started the job. I was 8 at the time, and had already had 5 credit cards- half of them reserved for Dinah's. Of course, now I just have a Dinah's exclusive membership card- and only 5 were in existence.

"Jeanette, this is Skye, my best friend." I introduced. Skye seemed overwhelmed by the fanciness the mall. There was a main sitting area, with plush silk chairs and a WebDucks Coffee shop and bakery. Polished glass elevators sped up the 4 story mall, at breathtaking speed. Top of the Line stores everywhere. Little girls carrying Prada purses. It was surprising she didn't pass out.

"Nice to meet you." Skye said, still somewhat in a shopping trance. Jeanette showed no surprise in her expression. This was probably protocol. Jeanette handed me my special phone, that I could use to call the staff. If I needed help carrying my bags, couldn't find a store, or just needed to be fanned- they would come.

Skye and I successfully walked past about one store until our willpower crumbled. Skye rushed to the glass.

"Is that a Gucci miniskirt?! That's so cute!" She squealed. And Skye does not squeal. We walked in, and ten minutes later we walked out with the miniskirt, a scarf, and a bottle of their newest perfume that hadn't even been advertised yet. This was a lasting cycle for the next two stores. The next shop was a nail salon, and Sev finally texted me the questions.

We sat down in the satin massage chairs, holding frappes and authentic French croissants. Talking aimlessly, I read over the questions Sev sent me. I had to ask them, so he would know EXACTLY how to plan things.

1. Favorite Comfort food?

2. Fave color?

And the list went on. And on. And on. And I prepared myself for a loooong talk, thanking the lady for persuading me into doing the deluxe treatment.

I'm sorry if my "girl-talk" wasn't up to par. Half the time, i didn't know what I was saying. SKYE MUST CONTINUE. And don't leave the mall yet. Just answer the questions.

Chap 14 Skyes Pov (BABY IM BACK.)Edit

Frankly, I would have rather just sat and felt sorry for myself. At least that’s what I thought. That was before Dinah's.

Now, don’t get me wrong. I hate shopping. But this is not shopping. This is heaven. Every type of style is in this store. And thanks to Nikkis Card. Its all mine. At one point when I was trying on a pair of red hot heels, I had a sudden panic in my chest that I was becoming a girl. Then I realized I was a girl.

After about 3 hours of walking and shopping. My feet are staring to hurt, so Nikki decides its time for pampering. We have a choice of twelve different spar and nail treatment salons. Nikki takes me to her favorite one, and flips open her V.I.P cell phone. She presses a few buttons of the phone, and a moment later, two women appear ready to hold our bags. At first I feel a little guilty. But a few moments on, I’m plunged into a hot bath with some pleasant smelling oils. Needless to say, those women were the last thing on my mind. I sigh while the woman with *Susan* on her name tag, massages my temples. Susan is my new best-friend. Its not until my other best friend interrupts me with a flow of questions. I’m so relaxed I’m quiet happy to answer them.

“What you favorite color.” Nikkis relaxed voice asks me.

“Blue. Not like a Sky blue. But a deep, mournful blue.”

“Favorite food?”


“Favorite desert?”

“Mud cake. Simple and perfect.”

“Favorite actor?”

“Johnny Depp. Liam Hensworth. And of course, the beautiful Leonardo DiCaprio.”

Oh no. I’m Turing into a girl.

“Favorite animal?”


“Favorite song?”

“Smile.” (For obvious reasons).

“What’s it like when you do it with Sev.”

“Amazing.” I smile. “Wait what?” I realize what she just asked. I was answering these questions so quickly, and I was so relaxed. I didn’t even think about what she was asking, I just answered it. She looks at me innocently.

“What? I just wanted to know.” She smiles.

“Why would you ask that?” I say with a faint smile playing on my lips.

“Well. Ok listen. He has a bionic arm. I just don’t see how he could be…like..good.” She says awkwardly. Yes I admit, it was an awkward question. But I’m glad she asked it. Shows how far she got with him.

“Not that its any of your business. But I will have you know. He’s more then adequate.” I say formally. I settle back in my chair, and the lady continues to rub my feet, obviously hiding a laugh. Nikkis questions continue. I don’t know why she’s asking them. But I answer none the less.

hey guys! im back. Now, my typing fingers have been itching to get back to my believed keyboard. But, its been so long. I forgot what sev was about! So i had to re-read it. So, I've been quiet I'll, so its not the best quality. I have no idea what niki was talking about. So, lets just pretend my chapter fits in the story.

(Sorry for Akwardness. But i figured we had to face the issue head on =) lol)



Chapter 15: Nikki's POV- Oh yes, it is me. WITH AWESOMENESSEdit

I smile as I text Sev the info. I know he'll find it useful. When Skye puts on her earphones, and an attendant applies a facial and cucumbers, I make a call. I remember Skye's favorite song, and give a friend of mine a call. His manager isn't on, so I leave a voice

"Hey it's Nikki Calliden. I was just wondering if you could come to my friend's place, in Windy Grove. Slate Road, number 7. If you can, that'd be great. Thanks!" I hang up, praying that he would be available.

In addition, I text an old buddy who I know is in the area, and he replies positively. This is going to be Skye's best day ever.

I relax, and let the jets soothe my recent tension. I've been as stiff as a board lately, with all these wedding troubles. Skye STILL doesn't have any designer clothing, so this mall trip should satisfy that. Ah, the beauty of a credit card. But for now, all I will think about is the lovely massage...

(Like an hour later [girls really like to pamper themselves])

We walked out of the salon, our skin and hair glowing and soft. Skye has a smile on, and finally has worked out those big tension knots in her shoulders. Shoes, clothes, make up, accessories. Eventually, I lose count of how many stores we go to. At Dinah's, there are regular stores like Louis Vuitton and Prada (okay maybe not THAT regular). But then there are the stores specific to Dinah's. Whole rooms are dedicated to scarves, hats, or gloves. All categorized by color.

Never once do we ask the price, or even check. But the big fat $500 I see pops up on the cash register at the Juicy Couture boutique, I can guess that we aren't going cheap. The great thing is, an $8,000 shopping spree isn't exactly unknown to me, and my dad won't be surprised at the least. Hey, a girl needs her splurges.

Burberry Dress

Nikki's Dress

Burberry Dress Skye

Skye's Dress

At the Burberry shop, we go a little crazy, buying two dresses, and changing into them then and there. I get some cute heels to match, and we both crack up seeing some of the other dresses from some stores. I mean, seriously. Some of the dresses look like a pile of whipped cream stuck on somebody (no joke intended). But our dresses were actually attractive.

"Nikki, these are really, REALLY cute, but it's really, REALLY expensive. You don't have to spend this much on me." She pouted, after another $600 purchase.

"It's fine. Now lets get our hair done." I insist, and pull her to the hair Salon. Flowing curls for Skye, and an intentionally messy bun for me. I force Skye to get her makeup done, and soon, we look like models for a Burberry magazine. Shoving a matching purse into her hands, we continue to shop.

We eventually sit down, my new, 5 inch Burberry heels killing my feet. Even an experienced shopper like me has to take a break. We sit down at a coffee shop, the highest end. Skye hasn't sighed once since the spa, and I'm starting to think there's hope to think of her as a girl.

The plush leather seats surprise Skye, along with the flawless tables. Everything here is top notch. Our $6 coffees arrive in ivory china cups, along with a selection of biscuits and sweets. Skye's eyes continue to widen when a group of people walk in to the shop. One person is in the center of everything though. Leonardo DiCaprio. Almost dropping her cup, Skye's mouth drops.

"Do you see him?" She hisses. Although Dinah's attracts lots of famous people, you could see the whispers rippling throughout the small shop. Several girls clad in questionable clothing start to spray noxious perfumes on themselves, fogging up the air. But I knew this was going to happen when I asked him to come.

"You should say hi to him." I whisper to Skye, nudging her in his direction.

"Are you crazy? He's Leonardo DiCaprio! You can't just walk up to him and say 'hi how's it going.'" She shakes her head vigorously.

"Fine," I relent. But I'm glad I got her pampered to look picture perfect. Because the next part of my plan fell into place.

Leonardo started walking towards us.

Skyes pov. _(Admit it. You missed me)Edit

I’m my head, I’m totally having a panic attack. I mean. Its really him. Here.

But, fortunately, I took a whole bunch of acting classes in Australia. So, I know what I’m doing. I continue to sip my coffee, as if he doesn’t exist. Nikki was smiling somewhat, but she raised the white glass to her mouth to hid it.

He walked over to me. Me.

There was a pool of girls swarming near him. And he has security guard either side of him. Gorgeous, beautiful him.

“Excuse me?” he asks in a distinct American accent.

“Oh hello.” I say looking up. I’m trying to act surprised to see him, but not too awestruck.

“Hi, I’m Leonardo.” He says with a warm smile. He holds out his hand. I grip it gently.

“Hello, I’m Skye, it’s a pleasure to meet you.” I say trying to keep my jaw in its rightful place. “And this is Nikki.” I say letting go of his warm and directing my body to her.

“Its nice to meet you.” She smiles, and shakes his hand. The girls, and camera crews are taking non stop photos of the encounter.

“May I sit?” He asks. I have no idea why he wants to sit with me. But I mean, if Lerando Decaprio, asks you if he can sit. He sits.

“Sure.” I scoot across the leather booth, and he takes a seat, I get a whiff of a sweet smelling cologne.

“So. How are you ladies today?” He smiles at me. I know he’s like, 40 now, but my god he’s amazingly attractive.

“I’m great. Just a little confused as to why you’re here.” I joke.

“Well, Nikki tells me you’re a fan.” He says all the while with a smile plastered n his face.

“I should have known Nikki would have been involved in this.” I smile. I look across to Nikki, while she wears an innocent smile.

“Yes, she is a good friend. When I heard what you were going though, and the fact I was in the city. I just had to stop by and say hi.” He looks into my eyes.

“Well, that’s very kind of you. But, I’m sure ill get over my little break down soon enough.” I say laughing some what, he only looks concerned.

“Well, Skye. I hope things do get better for you.” He says. He stands and I stad with him.

“Your fiancé is a very lucky guy. And if it makes you feel any better.” He brings him lips close to my ear and whispers. “If he ever hurts you. Ill break his jaw.” A massive smile registers on him face. And he holds me for a hug.

Once he breaks away, he holds my hand and gives it a kiss.

The bright lights flashing around us, by the media, make my vision blur.

“Goodbye Skye.” At that he turns, and pushes though the crowed.

Skyes POV Agian. If your sick of hearing about her, thank Alex And Nikki. They both got lazy. LAZYY! LAZZY I SAY!....ok...ok im posting.Edit

“Oh my gosh. Oh my gosh. And then, he like full on kisses my hand and stuff. And he’s like, ill beat Sev up and I’m like oh my gosh!” I fumble out, trying not to bounce up and down to much.

“That’s great Skye.” Andrews much calmer voice replies.

“Oh my gosh. I can’t even believe it!” Did I just squel? Who cares?

“I’m glad you had fun.” Andrew says grabbing on to my hands to stop me from falling down the stairs. He has a huge smile plastered on his face.

“And what about you Bub?” he says letting go of me somewhat and giving Nikki a quick kiss. The expression on her face is priceless. She looks down, her cheeks growing red, and a cute smile.

“It was great” She smiles. He grabs her bags for her, and she glances at me looking very embarrassed. I just smile back at her. I can honestly say that my trip to Dianna’s has almost made me completely forget about what happened.

With winter flowing though, the trees leaves are becoming a bright red and orange. And small bits of ice layer the floor.

Andrew the perfect gentleman opens the door for Nikki and I.

As soon as I see inside, I almost fall to the ground. I let out a huge gasp.

In the massive lounge room, a small stage is set up, and playing on it. Is uncle Kracker. Playing the song “smile”

Sev stands with a bunch of flowers in his hands, and Nikki and Andrew are both looking at me excited.

“Dance?” Sev asks me. I drop my bags and excitedly run to him. I wrap my arms around his neck, and kiss him tenderly.

Ok he’s officially forgiven. Nothing could top him. Nothing. The house has tinsel and colorful lights everywhere. The music blares. And people are crowded everywhere. All friends. I know all of them. Truth is, Sev and I don’t have a lot of friends. We have a small group of them at school, but we mostly just stick to each other.

Sev pulls me closer and leads me to the space he has cleared where the cream couch used to be. He takes my waist like the night we met.

“You know what I thought the first night I met you?” he tells me while we sway to a slowed version of smile.

“What’s that?” I say unable to wipe the smile from my face,

“I thought you were absolutely stunning.” He tells me.

“I bet you thought the same thing when you dropped that plate huh?” I tease. He just silences my laughter with a kiss.

-This was written by Skye, but posted on lizzis accout. But yes. It is Skyes

Nikki's POV (YA KNOW WHAT. I wrote a chapter, but then my idiotic iPad deleted it. SO DONT JUDGE)Edit

Dancing, spinning, eating, chatting. The next few hours were a blur. At least 7 mud pies were eaten, one of them entirely eaten by Skye. Laughter every second, reminiscing. The dreaded day at Skye's parents' house was forgotten. Everything was perfect.

"Thank you," Skye said to Sev, Andrew, and I, breathless. "This was...amazing. Completely. Totally. Absolutely. Amazing" she concluded, kissing Sev with each word. He grins bashfully, wearing the same stupid looking (we all agree about that) suit he wore at Prom only a month ago. Weird to think that in a couple of weeks, we graduate high school.

Uncle Kraker started playing a slow, romantic song.

"May I have this dance?" Sev asked Skye, bowing ridiculously deep.

"I guess..." Skye giggled, accepting his hand. The two danced off, completely in love I could tell by their fond gazes.

"And you?" Andrew asked, holding out a hand.

"If I have to," I say, with an exaggerated sigh, then a sweet smile.

We slow dance, my head on his shoulder, and feel completely at peace. The night has gone so perfect, I think. Dinah's, Uncle Kraker, and this.

I should have know something bad was going to happen. SOMETHING always goes wrong. I always insist its Sev, but I don't know anymore.

A man runs down into the basement, breathless. He is wearing a casual suit, tie, and nice shoes. Late, and he knows it. Holding my breath, I turn to Skye. Her eyes are wide, body in shock.

I can't blame her.

Because her adoptive father just arrived.

Look everyone, Dannoh's BACK WITH A SEV'S POVEdit

I see the look in her eyes. I see the look in Mr. Brook's eyes. Everything about this night, the dancing, the kisses. It's all gone now. Gone to heck. I try to pull Skye closer to me, to meet her eyes again before all heck breaks loose.

She gives me an apologetic look, then her face hardens, "Did you know about this?" she says. I shake my head quickly. She rolls her eyes. "I'll be back soon okay?" she says, giving me a quick kiss.

"You owe me a dance," I call out at her, attempting to lighten her mood. She only slightly smiles back at me.

Her dad starts talking, and she starts talking. Then they both get agitated. Dang dang dang, I think. This is NOT happening.

Skye leads her father out, either getting rid of him, or having a little chit chat with him. My guess is the former. I sit down and pop open a can of Coke. I glance around, this was a nice party, I think to myself. I see Andrew and Nikki, hand in hand, enjoying the song. The sight makes me feel happy for them, but depressed that Skye is out there arguing with her dad, when we should be dancing.

I finally can't take it, I have to go see what's happening. I stand and head outside. Somehow, Mr. Kraker catches my eye and gives me a quizzical look. I give him a I got this look. How odd, so nonchalant, with a famous musician.

I walk outside. Wow it is freezing. Skye and her father are arguing out on the lawn.

"Look Skye, I know I should've told you but we didn't want you to know about your father," he says desparately. Her father, what's wrong with her father?

"Oh you mean the fact he's What's the word? oh right. SANE?!" Skye shouts back. I cover my mouth. Suddenly my problems seemed like small ordeals compared to Skye's position.

"That's why they had to put you up for adoption Skye, They didn't want you to grow up without a father who was-" he stops himself.

"I know that but...but why didn't you tell me the truth?!" she yells. She's crying, obviously, and freezing.

I run forward. "Skye?" I say tentively.

"Sev," she regards me, shaking from the sobs and cold, "Please go back inside."

I nod my head. I stop myself and put my jacket around her shoulders. She tugs it close and gives me a halfhearted smile. I kiss her on the cheek and head back inside.

Chapter....ya. Anyways. SKYES CHAP. (P.s, this is lizzi posting Skyes pov. thats right, skyes BACK. AND WRTING she wanted me to post this for her (written by her) and also, nikki sorry if it messes up your chap)Edit

“You know what. It’s not even about my dad. Or whatever the hell he is. This is about you. You cant be here, this is my party. You decided to leave years ago, and its not your place to come here after all that time and ruin my life.” I say.

“Hey, your boyfriend-“ He begins.

“Fiancée.” I correct.

“Right fiancé whatever, he asked me here.” He says.

“Well I’m so sorry to inconvenience you. You know it was an inconvenience when I had to find my own way to get to my brother funeral because my mother was who knows where.” I scream. He stops his gestures and lowers his hands.

“Your brothers what?” he asks me with hurt in his eyes.

“Funeral.” I say feisty. At that moment he looks at the ground and hangs his head.

“Wait. You didn’t know?” I say my voice much softer. He Shakes his head obviously trying not to cry.

I just stand there awkward. He sits down on the brick bench in from of the house hanging his head. I know Logan was my fathers real son. I was there for logans birth. I cant imagine what losing you child would be like, so I set aside my anger for him, for just a moment. I walk up to him, and sit right next to him. He has his hands in his face, and is arching over. I rub his back. Its all I can do.

“When.” He mumbles.

“Three years.” I reply.


“The doctors don’t really know. All we know is that he stopped breathing. And, I tried to help but I didn’t know how.” I fumble.

He simply nods.

I feel a brush of cold blow in my hair. Even Sevs big jacket doesn’t help much.

“Well. It’s pretty late so. You can stay in the guest bedroom if you like.” I gesture. Even my own kindness surprises me. Let alone my father. He looks up his eyes puffy, with an obvious confusion.

“Don’t look so surprised. I’ll be mad in the Moring don’t you worry.” I smile. At that I come back inside. Sev greets me with both his hands on my shoulders trying to read my face.

“Skye?” he asks without actually asking the obvious question. I take him by the waist with both Andrews and Nikkis eyes watching me closely.

“Make me a promise Sev?” I say.

“Anything for you.” He smiles.

“If for some reason I cant have a kid. And we adopt…” I trail.

“Yes” he says waiting for more.

“We shall make sure the secret is firmly secure.” I joke.

“Agreed.” He smiles, he kisses me softly.

Chapter....oh THANKS A LOT SHERLOCK. Anyways it's Nikki so live with itEdit

Dried tears. That's the first thing I notice about Skye. Her eyes a red and puffy from crying, her face dotted with tear stains. Sev is holding her close, his jacket wrapped around her. Andrew is next to me in a blink, with a concerned look on his face.

"She'll be okay," I murmured.

"I hope," he replied.

I helped Sev get Skye upstairs, and thanked everyone for coming, especially Uncle Kraker. He smiles, and gives me an autograph before leaving.

"Is she okay?" I pant, after sprinting up two flights of stairs.

"I think she'll get through the night." Whispered Sev. Skye was lying on the soft mattress, her eyes closed in a peaceful rest. He stroked her hair, whispering things I couldn't hear.

The sweet relief of calm swept over me. I knew with Sev, she'd be safe, and better. He would take care of her.

"I'll be going." I mouth, beckoning towards the door. Sev nods, but never leaves Skye's side. I go downstairs, the sweet picture of the couple still in my mind.

When I get to the kitchen, I had an idea. I prepared hot chocolate, cookies, a hot water bottle for Skye, and set to two canisters of whipped cream. Just in case. With a smile, I leave.

My car is parked in their small garage, and I fumble to find the keys. I open the door to find my graduation gown in the right hand front seat. I forgot. On the way to the house, I had picked up my graduation gown.

As I sat down, I pondered what would happen next. Tomorrow was Monday, and school would start again. In another couple of weeks, we'd graduate. And then what?

Before I realize it, I'm home. Ever since I moved out from my parents' house, it's been unnerving coming come to an empty house. Every step I take echoes throughout the entire house. My sweet German Shepherd puppy, Mocha, greets me.

"Hi Mocha!" I say, rubbing her behind the ears. "Just me and you."

I quickly shower and prepare for bed, hoping for as little torture as possible in school the next day.

Chapter Sev's POV. Forgive me for a lack of a funny chap headingEdit

I lay with Skye, brushing the tears off her face tenderly. We don't say anything, but the silence is comforting.

"We should get to sleep," I say, "School starts back tomorrow."

"O..Okay Sev," she croaks. I lean down and kiss her forehead.

I pull the covers over us and hug her tight. She puts her head on my chest. School starting back. Teachers, class, all that crap. Along with planning the wedding. I wonder, am I too young to be married? Graduation is in a month too.

Why do I always start thinking at 11 o clock? I won't sleep for hours. Skye notices my confused face.

"Is something wrong?" she asks.

"No," I lie, "Just thinking."

"What about?" she says concerned.

"Just, graduation. The wedding. Everything."

"The wedding?" she says, "What do you mean? Aren't you happy?"

"Well of course!" I say hurridely, "I just. We're so young Skye."

She sits up and stares at me, "You're the one who proposed to me."

"I know, I'm just, I'm not saying I don't want to marry you, I just want to make sure you do."

She sits back, looking exasperated, "Of course I do Sev. I love you. Now, lets stop talking."

I wrap my arms around her again and kiss her goodnight. She's asleep in minutes. Me, not so much. I spend the night, thinking. And worrying.

Skye pov. (UGH i had to re read it AGIAN! but its hear so shut up and read.......Ok im not that mean. Skye: Ya you are....Shut up Skye)Edit

I admit, he’s comment was somewhat worrying. But he assured me everything was okay, and if I didn’t trust Sev, who could I?

When I woke in the Moring, Sev was in the shower. When I went to join him, he brushed me off, and told me to use the one down the hall.

Lets just say, this is not the usual Sev. It should have been my first clue, but, instead I just brushed it off, and went downstairs to cook breakfast. Turns out my dad took my offer and stayed the night, when I found him, he was looking though the photo albums. He had a sorrowful look on his face.

“Remising?” I say in my white robe.

“I guess so.” He says looking up. “My gosh you look like your mother.” He smiles.

I take this as a compliment. Before my mother entered her….whatever it was you want to call it. She was always commented on for her impeccable beauty. She was absolutely stunning…huh…stunning.

“Thanks.” I say. I pour a cup of coffee from the pot my father must have made, and take a seat in front of him.

“What are you looking at?” I ask pleasantly while sipping the coffee.

“Picture of you and your brother.” Oh I should have known. Last night he found out his son is dead.

“Yes. We were quiet the pair weren’t we?” I smile.

“Yes, when you were little, you were completely inseparable. One time, you sneaked in his room at midnight so you could read him your bible. We found you two the next Moring in each others arms.” He smiles.

“Really? I could read the bible at 3? Wow, I was amazing.” I joke. However my father doesn’t take it so.

“You still are.” He compliments.

“Thanks…Dad.” I say awkwardly. He shuts the album, and moves on to the next. He flips it open. And is confronted with a picture of Sev and I sharing a kiss in front of the coffee house.

“Oh.” He says shocked.

“Yes, Sev said he wants to make his own memories.” I smile.

“I rather he’d not make them with my daughter.” He jokes, but in his tone, you can tell there is a ring of truth.

“Sevs a great guy. I’m lucky to have him.” I say.

“You mean half a guy?” He laughs somewhat. I don’t allow myself to be the slightest bit amused.

“What’s that supposed to mean?” I say folding my arms.

“Come on. The guy has a missing arm, and missing eye. And your…You. It just doesn’t add up.” He says closing the book.

The comment angers me. A lot.

“Well, when I throw a pancake at his head because I’m hurt, he stayed.

Your not even half the man he will ever be. And you can leave right now if you ever think any different.” I smash the table with my fist, and grab the book violently. I shoved the album back in its rightful place in the bookcase, and pumps up the radio. I begin cooking breakfast, Sevs favorite, Bacon and eggs.

I was dimply aware of my father leaving the room and heading upstairs.

Chapter whatever by NikkiEdit

The sweet bouquets line the room. I had woken up really early so I could get a good look at the choices. Skye would have been here, but I knew her father was staying for the night, and I didn't want to intrude upon whatever bond they were having. It was 5:00 A.M., a couple hours before school started.

Thankfully, the greenhouse I chose was always open. Sterling roses and calla lilies? Amaryllis and mountain daisies? Lilac and rosemary? Right when I entered, my nose was overwhelmed by scents. The problem was, too many bouquets had roses in them. Before the "father fiasco," Skye had strictly said, an original bouquet. Sev and Skye were a special couple. They deserved a special bouquet.

Skye's Bouquet

Skye's Bouquet

I was partial to a cherry blossom centerpiece, but it would make for a ridiculous bouquet. Blue was the theme. Not an over spectacular sky blue, ironically, but a bittersweet, mournful blue. A blue that came from trials. Eventually, I chose one. Blue roses (yes, there HAD to be some roses), black calla lilies, magenta dahlias, purple orchids, and purple hydrangeas. My phone rang, and it was Skye.

"Hey Skye! I JUST picked out your bouquet.


Chapter Next chapter of the FREAKING STORY. Sev's POVEdit

I hear shouting downstairs as I exit the shower. Why the heck did I snap at Skye? She didn't do anything. Well, that is kind of the point isn't it. I get dressed quickly and go out the bathroom door, and run straight into Skye's father.

"Ow," I say, "Are you alright?"

"Yes, you? Need a hand getting up?" He says, offering me his hand.

"Well, I could use a hand, heck I could use an arm too," I say with a chuckle. He frowns disapprovingly.

"Sev, I don't think you're right for my Skye," he blurts out suddenly. My eye widens. What is his problem?

"Excuse me? How am I not right for Skye exactly? And, she's not your Skye," I say irritated.

"You're not half the man she deserves," he breaths at me, "She deserves someone who's whole."

"WHOLE?!" I shout, "WHOLE! It's the arm isn't it? And my eye? Well just because I've had some physical problems doesn't mean I'm less of a person than ANYONE! Much less you!"

We both seem appalled by my outburst. "Now look here Sev, You can barely take care of yourself, much less Skye."

"Get. Out." I mutter.

"What?!" He says, agitation creeping into his voice.

"Get out. Of this house." I say, balling both my fists.

He turns and walks out, astonished.

I walk down the stairs. Skye looks at me as I hear the door slam.

"What was that about?" She says, not very concerned.

"We argued. He said I wasn't even half a man." I confess, I don't feel like lying.

"He said the same thing to me." she says, curious.

"And what did you say?" I ask, fearfully.

"I said he was going nuts." she says, smiling.

Chap 26. Skyes pov. (Sorry i know its short. But its all i had. Nikki, get yo figers typing please)Edit

Sev was mad all Moring. With good reason to.

I don’t know in what universe my father thought it was okay for him to comment on my choice in men. He’s a pretty lousy man, not to mention father. I was able to brush it off quickly, but Sev, not so much. I know he’s pretty touchy about his disabilities. I’ve never seen it as an issue, but I guess it different for him.

Could he possibly think my father was right?

None the less, I knew my fiancé was upset so I did my best to make him happy. I had already cooked him breakfast, And I didn’t even ask him to make the bed. Now that, shows true selflessness. Nikki and Andrew came over as usual just before it was time to leave for school. When Nikki came, she was her usual bubbly self. Laughing over her latest achievement in what she likes to call the “Wedding project.” I usually try my best to be as excited as her when it comes to wedding plans. But Sevs furrowed brow worried me.

He didn’t smile the entire day. Even after out little “Moring delight”.

As Nikki and Andrew walked in front of us, whispering and giggling something in each others ear, I pulled Sev aside for a moment.

“Sev, are you okay?” I said to him, having to squint somewhat. Sev was tall, and it was hard for me to look at him so high up without the sun getting I my glare.

“I’m fine.” He clenches his jaw.

“No, your not. Sev, talk to me. Come on were going to be married soon.” I say. It was meant to push him to open up to me. But instead I see his Adams apple bob and his jaw flinch.

“I know.” He grunts. He brushes past me, and catches up to Nikki and Andrew joining in there conversation, so he didn’t have to talk to me. I fell back behind them somewhat. And Sev didn’t turn my way once the entire walk to school.

Chapter 27: Nikki's POV (yay, I love proper chapter headings)Edit

As Sev, Andrew and I talked, I could hear the strain in Sev's voice. Like he was about to punch someone. Glancing back at a lonely and distant Skye, I spoke quietly.

"What's wrong?" I whispered. Sev's fists became clenched obviously.

"Skye's dad." He said shortly, his anger showing through. I winced. He had stayed with them the night before, and I hadn't seen Skye's father leave their house when I came. Something must have happened.

"He called me half a man, and told me I'm not right for Skye" he explained through gritted teeth.

"What?!" Andrew and I protested in unison. Sev had such a big heart, but his arm and eye just... I couldn't meet his glaring eyes. For a while, I had thought Sev was a freak. A mutant. A cyborg. But now I knew who he was. A lover. The kind of guy who would bring home a lost baby starling. Not half a man. My fists clenched before I realized it, and Andrews' followed the suit. He deserved Skye. And she deserved him.

"That's...awful. Despicable." I spat, letting the hate in my voice show.

"Dude, you're not half a man. If anyone is, HE is. You're awesome, and you two are perfect together." Andrew comforted, putting a hand on Sev's shoulder. Andrew had never been Sev's most supportive friend, and this was a lot for him. And I could tell Sev thought so too.

"But you don't have to shun Skye," I whispered, again glimpsing the forlorn figure. Sev nodded, and before I could see it, he had swept her up in his arms, kissing her. I smiled at the tan sidewalk, noting every pebble we saw. After a few moments of silence between me and Andrew, I looked up. His big green eyes stared at me with obvious affection.

"That...meant a lot to him," I muttered, blushing all the while. Andrew did the same and gave a small laugh.

"He's a great guy. I used to demean him because...I was insecure. It made me feel better. But now...." He started looking around, pausing at a spindly tree sapling, with flimsy branches. It flopped in the wind, distracting me momentarily. My arms moved themselves around his neck, and I forced his eyes to look into mine.

"You still feel like that?" I whispered. He closed his eyes, and leaned on the tree a little.

"Not when I'm with you." He breathed back, and kissed me.

The person living in the house next to us hopefully hadn't looked outside his window. Or else he'd have seen four high schoolers kissing passionately. Forgetting our troubles, our cruddy school, and any obstacle. Because in that moment, there was just me and Andrew. Just Skye and Sev. Just us.

Chapter I don't know and I honestly do not care Sev's POVEdit

The day goes absolutely, horrible. Nothing seems to go right. I'm uncomfortable just being near Skye. The things her dad said, heck the things I said! I'm not sure about anything anymore. I barely speak. Skye tries to console me but I am incorrigibly moody.

Strangely, the funny things i enjoyed now scare me. Like the feeling of Skye's hand in mine. Or the way we worked together on class work. It's all falling apart, and I have no idea.

I'm becoming the old me, the loner, the freaky weird kid with one arm. That kid had no longer existed once I met Skye. But now she's drifting away. I'm losing her. That is not going to happen. No. Never.

"Hey, Skye?" I whisper during study hall. She turns her head, aggravated at me.

"What?" she hisses.

"I was just kinda thinking," I say, "Do you wanna go to like, somewhere special for dinner tonight?"

She smiles a bit. "Sounds nice, now cmon, help me with this math problem." She pulls her chair closer to mine and we get to work. Algebra, yikes. Confusing. Who thought to put letters into Math? Idiots.

Chapter.....figure it out. (Also, its just dialog im afriad.)Edit

“Sev will have the stake with mushroom sauce, well done.” I say with a confidant smile.

“How do you know what I like?” He asks me with an odd smile.

“I live with you.” I say obviously.

“Well. She will have the vegetarian lasagna with a side of Greek salad.” He says passing the menus to the waiter.

“And I live with you.” He smiles at me. Not the same smile that he usually has. Its not as sincere. All day, he’s been. Weird.

“Sev. Do you remember when you first met me?” I say to him

“Yeah. How could I forget?” he says.

“And when you kissed me on the beach?” I say again.


“And when you held me all night while I cried?”


“Our first kiss when we were engaged?”

He nods.

“You know. All of those things. There going to be the same when were married. Its going to be just as special. Were never going to run out of moments.” I say. I have no idea if that’s what he’s worried about, but I figured I might as well try.

“I know Skye. But. I just. Were so young Skye.” I try to hold my anger. He needs me to me rational.

“Do you remember why you wanted to marry me? Why you proposed to me?” I ask.

“Yeah. Because it felt right.” He replies.

“What changed?” I ask.

“Nothing. Skye, nothing changed. I still want to marry you, and everything.” He says.

“So, let me guess. It was just my father who put doubts in your mind right?” I say.

“Yeah. Maybe. Skye…Maybe he was right. Maybe you do deserve someone better.” He says flipping his fork on the white placemat.

“Sev, maybe your right. Maybe I do. But the fact is, I chose you. And you chose me. Who gives what my father thinks. He doesn’t know me. He hasn’t for 15 years.” I reason.

“But Skye. I let you down once. How do you know you wont do it again? Its to risky Skye. For you, its to risky.”

“Sev. if I went by that reasoning, I would never leave my house, because there’s to much “Risk” in going outside. Sev. I love you. Isn’t that enough?”

“It should be.” He says.

“Do you want me to call off the wedding?” I Ask

“No. I’m 100% sure I want to marry you. I just. Want to be good enough for you.”

“You are.”

Chapter 30: Nikki's POV (Remember kids! Stay in school, and you'll be better at chapter headings then Skye and Sev!)Edit

When the two went out for dinner, they were frosty and distant. Well, Sev was. Skye kept trying to get a conversation started, but Sev just nodded and didn't a contribute. Andrew lives at my house, and is going to until he can pay for his own apartment. There are about 3 guest rooms in my house, so it wasn't a problem. Until now.

"I can't stay here for a couple of weeks." I confess, as I stir the mashed potatoes for dinner. Andrew, who had been setting out placemats, paused.

"Why not? What's wrong?"

"I'm getting some renovation done on the house, courtesy of my dad. He thinks that I need to update my appliances, add an atrium, and remodel my kitchen. Of course, he pays for it. But i don't really have a choice." I admit. We had just gotten off the phone together, and the way he ended the conversation, I don't think he's open for input.

"So....?" Andrew raised an eyebrow, not understanding. I rolled my eyes. Boys. They don't get ANYTHING.

"My dad said he'd pay for my hotel or apartment. The problem is, he isn't going to pay for another person." With those words, Andrew's eyes widened. NOW he gets it!

"Well...I can...or..." His brow is furrowed in thought. I wasn't sure what to do either. I didn't want to leave Andrew to his own devices, but I didn't have many options. Bt then the perfect idea hit me.

"I got it!" I realized.


"Why don't we ask Sev and Skye if we can share their house with them? It's big enough, and were all friends." I suggest. Partially, I had the idea so I could still be near Andrew.

"Yeah!" He agreed, "We just have to ask them."

"And if they say no, then, well, I guess I can..."

"We'll see how it goes." Andrew promises, hugging me.

With a considerably happier mood, I continue making dinner, and sit down.

"Oh wait, let me get napkins." I walk off to the pantry, and grab the napkin basket. When I come back, Andrew is lighting the candles.

"Nikki, I need to talk to you." His eyes grow serious, and he holds my hands.

"What is it?" I didn't notice any issues lately. What was going on?

"We've been dating for only a month or two..." He explains, "and I need to know. Do you love me?"

"What? Of course I do!" I say passionately. What was he thinking?

"Then will you marry me?"

A million thoughts run through my head as he pulls out a gold ring. His eyes bore into mine, and I'm speechless for a minute. My thoughts ran garbled and useless. I didn't know what to say. How to feel. I loved him. When my reply comes out, it is slow.


Chapter herpy derpy derp. Sev's POV (IIIIIII'm Baaaack!)Edit

I put all the doubts, all the questions out of my head and try to enjoy dinner. The food is delicous. Skye seems happy at least. We joke around, laugh, do a little serious talking. It's like a normal date until Skye's phone goes off. She takes a look and sighs, "Nikki apparently has some crazy problem, I should go talk to her, Sorry."

"Oh it's okay, I can-" My words are cut off by my own phone beeping. "Andrew also has a problem." I say exaperated, "He's coming to meet me here. Oh. Boy."

Skye smiles a bit at my discomfort, then says, "You think they had an argument?"

"Nah I doubt it, I honestly don't know," I shrug, dodging the question. Honestly, I never really thought Andrew and Nikki were a compatible couple. Sue me.

(FIVE YEARS LATER. no, jk, five minutes or so later.)

Andrew trudges in dejectedly and sits down in Skye's spot. "Sorry to interrupt your date," he says, absolutely emotionless. Then he just starts crying.

I stare at him for a couple of minutes, then say, "Andrew. An-ANDREW! Stop blubbering and tell me what happened!"

"I...I proposed to Nikki." he says, catching his voice about fifteen times.

My eye widens. I stutter out, "You what? Dude that's awesome, but you guys have only been dating like, a month."

"Yeah but, I loved her, and I THOUGHT she loved me too." he sobs.

"Andrew of course she loves you, your going into this ALL wrong. You shouldn't rush into things like this until you're absolutely certain," I say. Then realize how much of a hypocrite I am. Seeing as how I'm engaged and all. But, I did feel certain. I still do. Andrew seemed almost, jealous of us. He rushed this and possibly ruined his relationship by rushing it. Is that what I'm doing? I don't think so. And I'm lucky enough I HAVE a relationship.

"So you guys broke up?" I ask. Sensitive Sev aren't I?

He makes a dejected "pssh, I don't know. I ran out the door after she flat out said No."

I stand. "Andrew," I say, "Just give her some time, you can bunk at my place until tomorrow, then go talk to her, it'll be fine."

SKYE'S POV. (Hope this is okay.)

This is the first time I've seen Nikki hysterical. That's what she is. 100% hysterical. She's speaking at a really high pitched tone, her entire face is squinting with tears, and she can barely breathe,. " I was so. Scared. And shocked. It was the first thing to come out. I love him. I said no. I didn't mean to." She's wailing some sort of gibberish. But I catch the drift. He proposed, and she said no. As soon as I heard her hysteria on the phone, I kissed sev goodbye and rushed home. She was waiting in the lougeroom curled up on the couch.

After bout half an hour of crying, and I consoling her shes finally okay enough to except my herbal tea.

"Can't I just have normal people tea? Not this hippi crap?" She whines.

" no." I say tipping the cup slightly to her lips. She takes a sip and puts it down.

" what If thats it for us?" She says. " just be Because I don't want to marry him yet doesn't mean I don't want to be with him." She explains.

"Yet?" I echo.

"Well, I can't say it will ever happen. I jut don't want it to yet. I mean, I'm still trying to get over the issue of commiting to one person. Skye, I've changed allot. But not enough. Not yet," she reasons,

" I'm sorry Hun." I console. Nikki's about to say something when the door opens with sev and Andrew. Why is Andrew here?

"Hey Skye." Sev greets. I walk up to him and kiss him on the cheek. My hand comfortably holds sevs bionic arm. " um..what's he doing here?" Whisper though gritted teeth while plastering a smile.

"He doesn't have a place to say." Sev mummers back I turn to Andrew but he's stating at Nikki who is now in the kitchen pouring out the tea, and sniffling.

"We'll come on Andrew you can stay in the guest bedroom. " I gently gesture up the stairs. He nods and Nikki turns for one moment to watch him climb the stairs.


"Do we have to sleep here?" Sev complains while pulling out the couch.

"Yes, I gave Nikki my bed. Come on she's our guest." I reason. Sev puts down the Metal frame and walks to me.

"How did I deserve such a kind girl huh?" He smiles. He looks me right in the eyes. I don't really know how to respond, so instead I just kiss him softly. I pull away for a moment and throw the pillows and blankets roughly on the Couch that has not magically transformed into a bed. I crawl in one side of the bed, and sev does the other. He pulls me close to him wrapping his arms around me and smiles.

"Hey. I don't think I've ever asked you this." He says in contemplation.

"I wouldn't mind a few kids. I would like a mini sev running around." I laugh.

"What about a mini Skye? I would have my work cut out for me." He says cheekily.

"What's that?" I say not fully grasping what he's saying.

"We'll, ill have to beat the guys away with sticks to keep you two as mine." He laughs.

"What about me! I'll have to deal with all the prissy girls chasing after my boy." I joke.

" no way sev junior has way to much smarts to go out with those annoying girls." He laughs. I pull myself closer to him and turn around, leaving his firm jaw to nuzzle in my neck, and his strong body to hold mine. " goodnight Skye." He sighs.

"Night sev." I smile. Upstairs I hear stirring. I guess Andrew wanted to talk to Nikki.

Stirring. Great way to end it. Chapter....Y U GOTTA MESS ME UP DUDE. Anyway, Nikki, fun stuff, whatever.Edit

I lay down on the fluffy down bed, trying to make sense out of this mess. I hear footsteps outside of the room, and the door opens.

"OOF!" A pillow, full of frustration, is aimed right at his stomach. "What was that for?" Andrew walks over and gingerly touches my shoulder. I buried myself in a mountain of pillows and blankets.

"I don't want to talk to you..." I groan into the pillow. "Just go away!"

Andrew sits at the base of the bed, and I don't know if i can bring myself to look at him.

"Nikki..." His voice is so full of pain and confusion....I will myself to bring my head out of my fluffy retreat.

"Look Andrew. I love you. But I'm not ready to get married. Not yet. I've known you for ONE month. I'm not like Skye and Sev. They've been together for almost 3 months now. We're about to graduate high school, and I want to go to college. I want to be able to eventually take on my family business. But I can't do this all at once. Please..." My voice trails off, and I'm at loss for words.

"I just thought..." His eyes shift away, and he looks out the window.

"Andrew. I really like you. But baby steps." I give him one last look.

"I should get back to my room." mutters Andrew, and he starts toward the door. A million things come to mind, and in the moment, I hesitate.

"Wait!" Andrew whips back to look at me, a glimmer of hope in his eyes.

"Don't forget your water bottle." He had left it on the end of the bed, and I tossed it back to him.

"Thanks." But i hear no sincerity in his voice.

Chapter. nopony. even. cares. Sev's POVEdit

After a few minutes, me and Skye both fall asleep somehow on the fold out couch. That night, I have a dream. Okay, a nightmare.

A nightmare about my past, which, in itself, is a nightmare. But this is worse. Everything is different, it all feels real, but it seems so, more horrible. Most of the terrible events in my life now involve Skye. Such as the night when I was 7, and Skye shows up, trying to help my parents that are dead already, and is put down by the gang. I watch my younger self run to them all, but they're gone. "Mom? Dad? Wake up!" Then my dream changes.

Now I'm in the backseat of the truck, the night I became what the student's called "Robo". Me and Skye are sitting, she holding my hand tight, fear etched in her features. "Do something!" she calls to me. I try to speak but can't.

Then I hear the grinding of metal, a scream of glass breaking. I feel phantom pains in my arm and eye as the same happens to my younger self again. And then I'm walking through the wreckage, looking for Skye. Calling her name but not seeing her. When I finally find her, I wish I hadn't. She looks like some sort of zombie from The Walking Dead. (Please don't sue us ABC) Then she moves.

"Why....didn' stop us?" she says accusingly, and the dream shifts to nothingness. Then I'm walking through a park, and see the back of my own head. When I turn to look back at me, the face is gone, showing only a blank skull. I wake up, barely stifling a scream. I'm find I'm shivering and sweating at the same time. I lay down against Skye and sob. All those things, they felt so. So real. I would never let those things happen to Skye. Ever.

Somehow Skye feels my stirring and slowly wakes. "Sev," she whispers, "What's wrong? What time is it, Why are you awake?"

"Shh honey," I say comfortingly, "It was just a. just a bad dream i was having. Go back to sleep."

And she does. But I don't. I don't know if I ever will. It's been months since I had such a bad nightmare, why were they starting again? How long would they stay? I contemplate these questions until sunrise and it's time for school.

Skyes POV (i LOVED writing this chap..Nikki should have some fun with the next)Edit

This Sev seemed different to the other days. He was clingy. He needed to know where I was ever second, he felt the need to be touching me at all times. To remain in his sight at all times. This was a different Sev then the other days, but still not the Sev I fell for. I would have concentrated on Sev, but I was too busy with Nikki.

Turns out her sorrow had overnight, turned to anger. She was mad at Andrew, at Sev, at me. At anything that dare cross her fiery path. Including 3 of the 6 cups we have left. Which now lie in anxious wait on the self ready to be smash like the rest of our utensils.

I think the person she is most mad at though, is herself. Maybe because she said no. Maybe because she regrets getting into a relationship. Maybe she’s just generally mad at her entire situation. All I know is that she’s about a stones throw away from punching someone.

And to avoid being that someone. I’ve taken her to a shooting range. Somehow able to pry Sev away from me to go alone. Oh where did I get the brilliant idea? Well its simple.

Problem. : Girl mad.

Solution: Girl mad..With gun.

Really you just need to do that math.

“Cant we just go home and watch TV or something?” Nikki whines.

“No.” I say simply. “Can we get some service?” I raise my voice while leaning on the desk.

“Yes. How can I help you?” A lady says coming from a small room behind the desk. She looks about Fifty, but still very fit. She has tattoos all up and down her arm, and black hair.

“Hi, listen, me and my friend are angry at men.” I say plainly.

“Ahh, I have the perfect thing for you two. Right this way.” She directs us though the small door she just came though, and into another room. With black painted walls. There are small hooks each containing a single vest, with a whole bunch of pockets, and gadgets. Both Nikki and I choose the red ones, and suit up. A whole bunch of girls enter the room, and do the same.

“That basted.”

“Oh, yes. GUNS!” “Imma hit them were it hurts.”

I hear them mumbling.

“What exactly are we doing?” Nikki asks me while the hot instructor checks my gun is working properly.

“I don’t know, but these girls are out for blood.” I joke. She laughs some what, the first laugh in two days.

“Alight ladies, gather round. Now, I know most of you are used to this. But, just incase there are any new comers, here it is. The rules are, no kicking, fighting, scratching, or anything like that. We only use our paint guns. Of course, you will be playing against an all man team. Now, there in the other room, expecting to take out a whole bunch of girls. What they didn’t account for was how pissed you are at men. Now, your deadly. Now, I’m not meant to give you ladies any advice, but, I’m going to anyways. Play the whole “I’m a girl and you think I’m hopeless with a paintball gun” Angle. They will buy that. Then when that gong sounds, don’t be afraid to beat the crap out of them. Good luck ladies.” The hot instructor explains.

Nikkis starting to get a mischievous smile. He explains how to work the gun, and how to protect yourself. Then he opens the roller door, and nods happily. Nikki cocks her paintball gun, and the hot guy smiles.

“These guys are screwed.” He mutters.

The field were meant to battle on is suitable. It has a whole bunch of walls and bunkers to hide by, and use as a weapon in itself. There’s girls play the girl angle to there best. They laugh, and giggle, and even twirl there hair while taking position. Some of them blow bubble gum while laughing. Nikki and I take out position next to a wall with army mesh. The boys then come out of the blue door all the way from the other side.

They look Cocky and in control. They’re laughing, joking around, puffing out there chest In pride. You can just tell they think they have this on in the bag.

But they didn’t know we had a very Annoyed Nikki on our side. And a annoyed Nikki, is a lethal force

“Good luck.” Says a mechanical voice. Everyone spreads in there position. And lifts there gun next to there face.

“5. 4. 3. 2.” The voice counts. Nikki and I nod our head.


Chapter nobody really knows now listen up: Nikki is ready to killEdit

I cock my gun, but giggle like a stupid airhead. I bat my eyes at a guy, and wave flirting as they start to count down. But when the voice says "1," I shoot my first paintball at him. He falls to the ground, and I quickly take out another after another. Girls left and right pelt the boys with powerful shots, half of them hitting where it matters. But Skye and I duck, tuck, roll, and twist, avoiding the opposing paintballs.

"What the heck is wrong with these chicks?" One guy yells to a friend.

"Wanna know?" A girl says sweet, and shoots the paintball at his face, exploding in a mass of green.

"Skye! Left!" I bark, and Skye rolls away as a paintball narrowly misses her. I reload my gun with paintballs, and we both shoot a boy at the same time- mine in the neck, Skye's in the thigh. "Nice!" We high five, but break apart as a paintball flies towards us. With every shot, I release everything I've been feeling for the past few days.

My anger channels through the gun in fast, powerful shots that knock the guys over. I. Hate. Men. With every thought, I eject another paintball, causing a world of pain for another guy. Everything washes away, and it's just me, a pressurized paintball gun, and a room of guys that are going down.

Next to me, Skye has a look of determination under her mask, and he separate, hitting a guy front and back simultaneously. A screaming girl starts shooting a guy in the neck, face, and anywhere else she can cause pain. Let me just say she was VERY creative. But I see something out of the corner of my eye. Two boys (I could tell from their suits) walk in hesitantly, and the door slams behind them.

"It's a great stress reliever." One yells to the other in a familiar voice. Sev and Andrew. When I see Andrew, my face contorts in rage. Of course, my thick mask hides any emotion from someone far away. But Skye catches my eye, and I jerk my head towards the two boys, who were sulking towards the corners.

"Oh. My. Fu...dge." She said the last word with the suggestion she wasn't going to end it with "dge." We exchanged a glance, and I started walking towards them.

"I could never see any girl doing this kind of thing." Andrew says, shaking his head. "Especially anyone like Skye or Nikki." His voice caught at the last word, and for a second I felt bad.

Emphasis on second.

"Hey," I put on a seductive and low voice, but at the same time act weak and vulnerable. "It's scary, all these crazy girls..." Andrew looks at me sympathetically- but there's another look in his eye.

"Well,I'll protect you." He says, putting an arm around me. I burn with rage on the inside- Andrew, cheating on me (with technically me...but... Whatever).

"I'm Tori." I say shyly, but adding flirting. He is going to get it.

Chapter that nopony cares and neither do I. So. Just. Read it. Sev's frakin POVEdit

"And what about you?" The other girl says to me, "I'm Vicky."

"Sorry but Andrew and I both," I say, dragging him away from the other girl, "are in relationships at the moment." I give Andrew a Are-you-BRAINLESS? look and turn back to the two girls, loading my gun.

"But I didn't even get your name!" Tori says to Andrew, dropping her gun.

"It's Andrew, and Sev, may I remind you, Nikki broke up with me basically."

I turn and shoot Andrew in the arm. He recoils and aims at me. I jump away from his shot and put another paintball blast at his stomach. His chest turns orange. He shoots me and I fall over. Gosh that hurts. He goes back to talking with Tori.

Skye's pov Edit

While "tori" and Andrew flirt, I feel myself somewhat proud of sev. While he's taking off his vest, I walk to him and take my helmet off. He looks at me, and doesn't seem at all surprised. "Hey Skye." He says casually.

" you knew it was me?" I ask while starting to unzip the jacket.

"I could spot those blue eyes from a mile away." He says standing up and squeezing my shoulders. I know I should be mad at him for wanting to post pone the wedding. Or....whatever it is he wants to do. But, there's something about his way, a quality with-in him, that I can't help but fall in love with. "I love you you know that right?" He says while pulling me somewhat closer to him, and holding my small hips onto his.

"Yeah I know." I say with my cheek resting on his firm chest. He's so muscly and tall, I look like a stick figure in him arms. Ready to snap at any moment. Or so I'm told, but it's different when he's holding you. You don't feel like he will snap you, he just wants you to be close to him. And I like that. He kisses the spot between my eye brows, and looks over at Nikki and Andrew. Nikki is fearlessly pelting paintballs in his,...area. Boy that girl has quiet a temper on her. Andrew is cowering to the ground, trying to protect his crotch. "Think we should help?" Sev says casually putting his hands on my elbows.

"..maybe just a few more rounds." I figure Nikki would stop after a few more, but she doesnt so sev and I eventually have to step in. in one swift move, sev grabs the gun from Nikki, and kicks it on the ground. Nikki is obviously still Angry , so she starts thrashing and kicking. So sev approaches her from behind, and fold her arms to her chest, he holds her there for several minutes, while the nurse they have on scene attends to Andrew. I walk up to Nikki. "Let's go home now huh?" I say, I single sev to let go of Nikki by nodding he does and she storms off to the car without looking at either or us. Sev and I take a sep forward toward eachother and sigh. "We have our problems. But thank god were not like these too" he smiles. I have to agree with him there.

"Yeah. Listen, and you take Andrew so where for the day? Maybe get few drinks. Nikki and I need a day to ourselves. " I ask him. He hold my fore arms.

"Sure. You guys gunna be alright?" He says. I wrap my arms around his waist

"Yeah. We will be alright. " I say smiling.

"Okay. By the way." He leans in to my body and brings his lips to my ear." You looked hot out there." He brushes his lips on my forehead and smiles.

Still skyes pov. (ITS A NOVEL!)Edit

“I can’t believe that…He just kept…must be strong…strong enough to kick the crap out of you…what a traitor…two timing pig.” Nikki mumbles. I only momentarily catch the words she’s muttering. Her face in leaned in hard on the glass. She sits uncomfortably in the passenger seat, across from me.

“Nikki. Do you want to talk about it?” I say while keeping my eye firmly on the road.

“No.” she moans. I nod and turn back to the road. A few moments later she turns her whole body towards mine. “I can’t believe he tried to kiss me!” she says.

“Come on, you have done more then that before.” I say.

“Yes, but with Andrew and NIKKI! I was Tori. He wanted to kiss Tori.” She got me stuck. I was about to open my mouth with some mart Alex comment, but Nikki stops me.

“Skye, you’re not going to defend him. You going to agree too come up with a plan to murder him, and tell me everything is going to be okay.” She demands.

I look at her facial expression a few moments. She doesn’t need my logic, or my comments, she needs a friend to be completely unreasonable along with her.

“Yeah babe. Okay.” I was sweetly. She smiles, and goes back to mumbling obscene things about Andrew.

I go along with my plan. She needs this.


“Skye, I don’t feel like swimming. It’s cold.” Nikki Grumbles. Her palms resting on her cheek, making her eye crinkle.

“No, were not swimming.” I say, Unlocking my seat belt.

“Then what? Were building sandcastles?” she says sarcastically.

“No. Just come with me. Take your shoes off.” I say. She sighs and UN does her double knot shoelaces. Then takes off her socks. She gets out of the car and slams the door. I loop her arm, and walk her to the very beach of the proposal.

Well like to call it “The gangs spot”. The same place I wish Sev and I would get married at.

I take in the fresh sea air. It’s cold in the middle of winter, but the beach storms on though all weather. Its salty allure can penetrate even the toughest of temperatures.

Nikki roughly lets the sand engulf her tiny feet. And, I know it immediately annoys her. She love the beach, but cant stand sand. I quite enjoy the sand. Its soft, and it makes me forget my problems. Its relaxing, I makes me think that I’m like one of these little grains of sand Among billions. Nikki and I stand when the freezing water just nips at our toes. The wind whips at our cloths, and fly’s our hair in all different directions.

“Alight. Why are we here?” she turns to me after a few minutes.

“I want you to scream.” I say plainly.

“Scream?” She echo’s in disbelief.

“Yes, I want you to scream. Don’t think about it, just…Scream.” I say shrugging.

“This is stupid, ill meet you in the car.” She says turning around, I grab her arm, and then her shoulders, forcing her to look me in the eyes.

“Nikki, C’mon. Your mad, this is the perfect way to let it out.” I say.

“By screaming?” She says letting her hips swing to her left.

“Yes.” I say. She rolls her eyes and stands tall again. She takes a deep breath. And lets out a small scream, barely worth noticing.

“There, can we go now?” She says looking towards the car.

“No. That’s was pathetic. I’ve seen rats yawn louder then that!” I say plainly.

“You’ve seen rats yawn?” She says curiously. I shake my head, and gently touch her shoulder so she’s facing the shore. I put my hand to her flat stomach and push on it slightly. “Use your Diaphragm. Put all of your grit into it.” I say as if coaching her.

She opens her mouth ready to scream, but closes it last second. “I cant.” She says annoyed.

“Alight alright. Close your eyes.” I say standing up straighter.

“Why?” She asks.

“Just do it!” I say growing frustrated. She hesitantly closes her eyes. I walk close to her face, until I can feel her breath and my nose.

“Andrew asked you to marry him before you were ready. That must have made you mad. Didn’t it?” I taunt.

“Yes.” She says controlled. I circle her body.

“Then, he didn’t offer any real explanation. Just left you there to sob. Alone. While your father kicked you out of your place. That makes you mad doesn’t it?” I say in her face once more. Her breaths are becoming quicker.

“Yes!” She shouts her eyes still firmly shut.

“And then, He tried to kiss Tori! He tried to cheat on you! That’s not fair is it!” I yell.

“NO ITS NOT FAIR.” She yells.

“I don’t believe you!” I scream back at her.


“MAKE ME BELIVE IT!” I scream even louder. She opens her eyes and takes the deepest breath, and lets out a bloodcurdling, death defining, earsplitting scream. I swear china could hear it! I have to block my ears.

“I HATE HIM” she screams. Her scream eventually turns into sobs, and they turn into uncontrollable cries for help. She sinks to her knees and holds her head in her hands. Her mouth simulates actual pain. I rush to her side, and cradle her convulsing body.

(Authors note. I imagine the song “Turning tables” by Adele playing at this moment)

“Why did he hurt me? Why did they all hurt me?” She says between sobs.

“I don’t know. Nikki, I don’t know.”

We stay there for 2 hours. I’ve never done more consoling in my life. Nikkis breakdown was awful, but it was what she needed. When she was finally calm enough, we walk to the car. And although her make-up is smudged all over her face. She had a new found peace in her walk. I suspect that scream, and breakdown wasn’t just about Andrew, it was about all of her life. About what she had done as her former self. About when her mother died. About everything, and everyone. And it gave her a new way about her. She wasn’t happy, but, she was. Content. And in a way, calm. Not so on edge. Or unsure of herself. She had let the load off her shoulders, and it showed.


When we got home, the boys were still not home, so Nikki went to take a nap. And I decided a shower was fitting. I Jumped into the shower speedily, determined to shake every last bit of cold from my body. I blasted the hot water, and put my hand in, adjusting the clod water to the right temperature. My whole body tingled. And almost hurt as the hot water, combated the cold from my body. The steam coming from me, showed the hot water was winning.

I noticed myself testing out my resistance by slowly tipping the tap of the hot water so it got slightly hotter each time. I Wanted to see how hot my body could actually take. I would have been able to stand more, if it wasn’t for Nikki flushing the toilet, which turned the entire watch blasting hot. At that point, I decided it was time to get out. When I did, my orderly bathroom had white towels waiting for me. I wrapped my body in one of them, and my long blond hair in the other.

I was traveling down the hall to get to my room. When I noticed the door to my left. My mothers room. The one that hasn’t been, mention, touched, or seen since I yelled at her. I hesitantly opened the door. And what I saw was as expected. I’ve been in my mothers room many times before. But never did it seem so empty. And, deserted. You would figure her room would be a mess? Full of cloths layering the floor, junk everywhere.

But, my mothers room, is different. Its neat, clean, and organized. I suspect because her life was so chaotic, she needed some sort of order. And this was her release.

I miss my mother. I really do. When she was sober, and a mother. She was. Happy, you couldn’t help but love her. You felt strangely drawn to her. It was kinetic, you couldn’t help but smile at her own impeccable smile. I miss her, I miss that.

I get a jolt, and notice two strong hands gently holding m hips.

“Skye? What are you doing?” Sevs strong, voices murmurs in my ear. I turn around.

“Nothing.” I smile.

Sev and I have never been "that couple". We love eachother, and we like being around eachother. But we've never been that clingy anoing couple that you see all over eachother every eight second. We can stand space on our own. But we prefer to be close. However, tonight was different. Andrew made dinner, I guess because he think he had to. I took carful note that he made nikkis fav riot dish. Lasagna. Sev and I were different from usual. We were either always sitting on the couch, I sitting on his lap, with my fingers intended with his, and his fingers tangles in my hair. We couldn't get enough of just being close. We would walk hand in hand, or practically like conjoined twins holding on eachothers waiste. He took every opportunity to hug me, and I would wrap my arms just under his so my finger tips would rest in his shoulders. I'm sure it was absolutely disgusting to anyone watching, be we rather enjoyed it. When we were eating dinner, sevs hand resting on my knee. We had a conversation. Without words.

Me: see isn't this nice. It will be like this when were married.

Sev: yeah. I guess it will be.

Me:so the wedding is still on?

Sev: wouldn't have it any other way.

Our facial expressions spoke to each other. Nikki looked at me with awe. While she and Andrew couldn't be sitting further apart. Sev and I had one of the most serious conversations of our life, it took two seconds, and we didnt even use our words. Sev squeezes my knee and smiles. We're back.

Sev and I both decided it was about time Andrew and Nikki hashed it out I took Nikki in a separate room, and sev took Andrew in another. "It's time you tell him what you need to." I say to her.

"No. I don't want to speak to him."

"You can't keep ignoreing eachother. You live under the same roof for god sakes. Now go out there. And end it. Or patch it up. It's your choice. Sev and I are going out to get some ice cream at Daniels. You will have to place to yourself. Try not to smash anymore of our pottery?" I say while picking up my thick black jacket. I open the door with sev waiting in a simple white tee shirt black jeans and a leather jacket. He looks like he just stepped out of the matrix. And I like it. "Wow. You look. Wow." He says awe struck. I'm in a simple white dress with my hair up in curls. I think I'm blushing when I loop his arm.

"This way m'lady." He says formally. He gives Andrew a death stare, signalling to go in and talk to her. We leave, knowing that when we return. They will have there verdict.

Chapter....uhhhh....I don't know and I don't care. ICE CREAM. Sev's POVEdit

I take Skye's hand and we walk down the street.

"So what do you think they'll do?" I say to her.

"Well," she sighs, exasperated, "They've been together a few months, they seem compatible enough. However, I don't think I've ever seen Nikki so angry."

"Andrew is being, increasingly stubborn. And I really wanted to punch him in the face earlier. He's going on about how Nikki doesn't 'really love him' and all kinds of other crap." I mutter. "Think they'll break any of our stuff?"

"Probably." she says, exhaling, "Even if they make up or break up, they probably break some stuff." She laughs at her own joke. I join her in a light chuckle.

It only takes a few minutes to walk to the cafe, to which Daniel greets us happily.

"Sev! Skye!" he says, seating us in our usual table. "It's been too long! Is that an engagement ring I see?"

We laugh. "Yep!" we say in unison.

"So what can I get you two?" he says with a smile.

"We want some Ice cream if that's okay." Skye says. I raise my eyebrows.

"Ice cream? We're at a cafe." I ask Skye, "Do they have Ice cream in Cafes?"

Skye looks at me quizzically. "Well, yeah, right Daniel?"

"Well yes, most cafes in America don't have ice cream but we do." he says.

"Wait wait WAIT! American Cafes don't have ice cream? What kind of a country is this?!" Skye says, shocked.

Daniel smiles and brings us two dishes of Vanilla ice cream. He tops off the dishes with a couple squirts of whipped cream and walks off.

(Author's Note: I thought yall might like that joke.)

The ice cream is pretty good, but the atmosphere of a coffee house is somewhat strange to eat ice cream in. At one point, I get a splitting brain freeze. Skye takes notice of the pained look on my face.

"Is it really that bad?" she says, laughing at my discomfort. I press my hands to my temples and close my eyes.

"Ugh, It's always been a trait of mine. I get brain freeze so AGH easily." I say through gritted teeth.

After a few minutes and some, excruciating moments, we pay and walk out. We promise to send Daniel an invitation to the wedding once they're ready. We join hands and walk out into the darkness. Huh, Daylight saving's time was a few days ago wasn't it? It get's darker so much earlier now.

Me and Skye walk up the steps to the porch.

"Ready?" I say.

"Ready. Wonder how much they broke." Skye says, giving me a kiss on the cheek.

I pull open the door and walk in.

WHY MUST YOU MESS IT UP?! Btw, nice WC reference. NikkiEdit

When Skye and Sev walked out the door, the atmosphere dropped 20 degrees. Andrew and I looked at each other, and I froze. What was I supposed to do. Anger and resentment churned in me, and I REALLY wanted to throw something at that....boy. I loved him. But then during paintball, he was flirting with "Tori." That was what did it.

I was about to like him back. Here I was, THIS close to forgiving him, and then what does he do? Andrew decides to throw himself at another girl. And then- well, back to the real world.

Andrew awkwardly offers me a bottle of water.

"No thanks." I convey as much iciness as I can into those two words, the effect hardening his face. Of course, I don't care. That betrayer was cheating on me, and doesn't even apologize.

"Well I'm going to watch TV." He states, and stiffly walks to the living room.

I watch him depart and toss my plate into the sink. It cracks satisfyingly, and Andrew runs in.

"What's wrong?" He asks, panting. I roll my eyes at him.

"I threw a plate in the sink." I tell him. "Now just go back to your stupid TV show." I fold my arms and start towards the sink, ready to clean up the mess. But as I approach it, Andrew stops me.

"Look, I know you're mad-" He starts.

"Mad?" I say.

"You aren't?" For a second I hear relief, and then he realizes my sarcasm. "Look-"

"No, YOU look. I thought you loved me. I was about to apologize, and come back. But then I find out that you'll readily take up another girlfriend. HOW could I POSSIBLY be mad about that?" The hysteria in my voice cracks, and I feel the heat rush to my cheeks.

Andrew looks at me with conflicted emotions, his eyes reflecting the uncertainty within.

"Any guy would have done the same." He rebutted weakly, sparking more anger.

"Did you see Sev? Did he try to flirt with 'Vicky'? No, he DIDNT. Because he loved Skye, even though they'd been fighting." I scream at him. "I thought you loved me! I thought that maybe we still had a chance. But no, you were FINE MOVING ON." In the middle of my rant, I burst into tears.

Andrew, lost for words, just stares at me. I choke, sob, cry, and scream, until I fall into a chair. And what happens next I will always remember.

Through my teary eyes, I caught Andrew moving. I thought he was heading towards the door. This is it. I thought. But instead of leaving, he scooped me up, pulling my small body into his arms. Tears fall and soak both of us, but he makes no attempt to clean them off.

With me still in his arms, he climbs the stairs, his footsteps slow and steady. He lays me down onto my bed, and puts me under the covers, stroking my hair. Softly, he kisses my forehead, and then leaves.

As he enters the doorway, I hear him whisper one last thing before I fall into a deep sleep.

"I still love you."

Skyes pov. SO. MUCH. UPDATING.Edit

I was completely blissful that I had Sev back. Beautiful, amazing, wonderful, incredible Sev. The one I knew I would be happy with the rest of my life.

When we entered the door way hand in hand, I noticed a…Dare I say it…Air of peace. Andrew was hunched over the sink with a few tears in his eyes, cleaning up what I was sure to be a smashed plate.

Only one? Well that’s better then I expected.

“Where is she?” I ask while putting my hands on his shoulders.

“In your room.” His voice catching.

“What happened?” I ask. He simply turns away from me and sits on the couch with his head in his hands. Andrew clearly doesn’t want to talk about whatever had happened.

Sev looks at me wide eyed. I shrug, and go up the stairs.

I walk to my room, and take a deep breath, and tap on the door lightly. Nikki moans, and I suppose that means come in. I do. And she’s laying with the pillows burring her body.

“He loves me.” Is all she says. I stand frozen. A little while back, Nikki was saying that neither Andrew or her, have ever said they love each other. I understand in normal relationships, this is a huge mile stone. But I mean, lets face it, Sev and I aren’t a “Normal” Relationship.

“Whoa. He. What?” I say stunned.

“Tell me about it. Skye, I don’t know what to do.” She says desperately. I rush to the bed and cuddle her. She has obviously been crying.

“What’s he like? Down there?” She says pointing to the door, obviously talking about downstairs.

“He’s a mess.” I say plainly. She looks at me confused.

“What why?” She says.

“I wouldn’t know. Listen, tomorrow is the last week of school. You cant go to school with this kind of drama. You guys need to figure this out. We are going to be adults in less then five days. Time to act like it.”

Sure, I know. That was extremely harsh. But, sometimes you need a glass of cold water to wake you up. In the face.

She looks hurt for a moment. But eventually nods. In a week were going to be grow-ups.

A week. In 3 weeks, I’m going to be married.


SKYE'S POV. (Don't delete it this time please.)

When I woke in the morning. I was wrapped in sevs arms. The very ones, I knew I would be in for the rest of life. A wave of pure sorrow over takes me when I get out of them to cook breakfast. I never want to leave his arms. Never.

I'm in the middle of the French toast when I hear Nikkis croaky voice.

"Morning." She mutters.

"Morning. Want a coffee?" I say. She nods hastily.

"Here. Take a seat." I pull out the chair for her, and she sits down slowly.

"I had a dream last night." She says. I pour the coffee, and she explains.

"I was getting married to Andrew. And, as I was walking down the aisle. My dress was getting covered in blood. Alot of it. By the time I got to the platform to marry him. I couldn't walk. He just stood there. Smiling like a fool. He did nothing. I eventually collapsed. And died right there." She finishes. I'm, not exactly sure what I'm meant to be doing here.

"We'll thats. Not. Very....good?" I say.

"No. The weird thing was. I could see myself, walking down the Asial. Before the blood. And I looked. Happy." She says in confusion. "We'll. that's great but. I wouldn't marry Andrew just because you were happy in a dream." I say.

"No of course not but. I've just, always sorta viewed marriage as. A prison. I mean, my mum was in a prison of marriage before she died. And when she did, my dad. Well he was free. And, no one in. My family as a clean record of divorce. I mean, even your parents didn't make it. I guess, I just never considered that I would be..happy. In a marriage." She says while sipping the coffee.

"We'll, I'm pretty sure it's possible. I mean, if not. Sev and I are screwed." She laughs somewhat at that. And I serve the food.

"I think there has to be a way. I mean, when I'm with sev. I want to be with him more and more. So. I mean, that's a good sign. There's something about, being so close to someone. To have a legal document, saying your eachothers forever. Kind of...romantic." I say looking at the roof.

"...who are you and what have you done with Skye?" She says smiling.

"Lovebug." I laugh. Andrew comes out of the hall way, with his top off. Andrew has some serious muscles, so, even I was impressed. Nikki glances in his direction, and her face burns. So does his, he hastily gets a top on, and sits at the table. Sev comes out, and I kiss him good morning, we all sit an eat. Ready for our last week of school.

Sev's pov. Sev: Admit it. you missed me. Me: Shut up sev. Sev: Fine..But they still have to admit it. Me: :/ Ok...Chap now.Edit

Skye and I are back. And it feels, amazing. Walking into school like the first time we did. Is amazing. Of course, no one really cares about our relationship…But we do. And, it feels good to know that in a week, we will officially be done with school. And in three weeks, We will be married.

I’m not sure what happened but, all doubts about the wedding. Are gone. I only wish I could say the same for Andrew and Nikki! Those two are insufferable!

Its like they were first dating! Andrew opens the door for Nikki, and she will blush and smile sweetly. Or, he will pull her chair out for her. And she flutters her eye lashes. But, neither of them will admit that anything is going on. Its actually rather frustrating. Skye keeps telling me to relax, that what happens between them is between them. I suppose she’s right. But, by the time we get to school, there flirting its making me feel sick.

“I’m thinking. You, me, and the beach. What do you think?” I whisper to Skye. She gets a sneaky smile on her face.

“I’m thinking…You’re drunk again?” she says. I smile back, and stumble into class. Skye is behind me with a concerned face with her hand on my back.

I slur some words together. And the teacher turns her attention to us.

“I think he had a little to much to drink this morning.” Skye whispers to her. She brushes us off, with a note excusing us from class. Skye half carries me pretending I’m putting a lot of weight on her, when really, I’m barely leaning on her. We walk out, and as soon as were out of sight. We both look at each other with grins, and run to the beach. Leaving Nikki and Andrew to flirt some more

Nikki's ChapterEdit

The whole morning was full of side glances and half smiles.

I sat in geometry across the aisle from Andrew, and every now and then I glance at him. His brown hair is tousled and messy, but he looks cute. But every now and then, he gives me a glance two. When our eyes meet, I always blush and look down at my paper.

Skye and Sev aren't in their normal seats, and I know they're probably skipping. Of course, with graduation in a week, I wouldn't be skipping. Especially with their grades. I usually maintain an A in my classes, but I wasn't going to take any risks with the looming threat of not graduating.

Again, I stole a covert look at Andrew, and I noticed he was staring. My face turned bright red, and I kept writing on my test. This routine lasted all of geometry.

When the bell rang, I turned in my paper, and headed for the door. Andrew grabbed my arm as I went through the doorway.

"Can we talk?" He gave me a half smile that I blushed at.

"Later." I said shortly, and walked away.

I ran through the halls to my locker, and quickly unlocked it. When I looked into the mirror in my locker, I saw my face was bright red. Next to the mirror hung a small scrap of paper.

I love you. -Andrew

It was a note that he put in my locker a couple weeks ago, and I smiled at the memory. He had sent love notes every now and then.

But I wasn't sure how I felt about Andrew. Yes, I had been flirting a little lately, and maybe I had batted my eyes a couple times. But it was confusing. You can't pelt someone with paintballs than go back to your normal life, now can you?

Throughout the day, I noticed Skye and Sev weren't coming back, so I just stopped looking for the pair. Thankfully, Andrew and I didn't have anymore classes together.

Skyes POV. (YES,  I KNOW! its been a while, were wrapping up the story soon! So, wont have to wait for my patetic chaps much more.)Edit

“So, what’s Nikki got in mind for the wedding venue?” Sev says casually while letting some sand slip though his fingers on my arm. The tiny grins of sand, falling effortlessly on my arm, make me more relaxed then I have been since I got engaged.

“Umm. Some church on main street.” I sit up and look around at the rushing waves. They roll perfectly into a spiral, before crashing to a white abyss.

“Oh.” He says un-energetically.

“But.” I say uncertainly.

“But what?” He says intrigued.

“Well. This place…It’s so stunning. And, I mean this is where we got engaged, had our first kiss. Its…our place…I Mean, wouldn’t it make sense to-“

“Have the wedding here.” He finishes my sentence with a smile on his face.

“Yeah. But, wait, no. I cant do that to Nikki. She has already booked it and everything.” I say dismissing the thought and laying back down. Sev, has that little amused face he has on often, and rolls on top of me. Only, his arms are digging in the sand, so, its only his leg weight on mine.

“But, its our wedding. The only one were ever going to have. Its should be where WE want to have it. And, I want to have it here, and so do you. Nikki will re-arrange. Come on, she’s been going on about making it “Perfect” since this stared. Why not make it perfect?” He reasoning is pretty sound. I give him a quick kiss on the lips.

“See, THIS is why I’m marrying you!” I say with a smile.

“Well. Obviously.” He smiles. “That. and my impeccable good looks.” He says with a pompous tone.

“Well, obviously.” I mimic.

He laughs and rolls off me.

“You know, we should be going to school. I mean, its not like you have the best grades.” I say with a smile.

“Ehh, I have enough to pass without the last week of school. I’d rather spend it with you, here.” He says, shielding his eye from the sun.

“Yeah, I suppose so. What a good example we set for our kids.” I say with a smile.

“Ahh, but see dear Skye. They shall never know!” He says as if it’s a scene from batman.

“Ahh, fair enough.” I smile.

“Where we going for the honeymoon?” I laugh. A few weeks ago, I put Sev in charge of the honey moon.

“Ahh it’s a surprise!” He says smiling.

“Hmm, you know I will figure it out.” I say.

“Not on my watch.” He laughs while nuzzling his face into my neck playfully. I can only laugh.

When we get home, I finally find out, what’s going on with those two rollercoaster’s. I have to say, I was shocked. Everyone was.

DANNOH"S UPDATIN' WOOP! Okay, so how the HECK am I gonna do this?Edit

I stop outside the door and look around uneasily. Skye takes notice of my nervousness and takes my hands...or, hand, for that matter. "You're nervous?" she says, reading me like a book. 

"No, I just feel rather, uneasy." I admit quietly. Skye looks at me, obviously puzzled. "I mean, they're staying at our house, and if they're not happy then they'll argue and-"

"We'll kick Andrew out." Skye finishes for me with a smile. "But not Nikki, Nikki's fine." 

"Well," I chuckle, "When he was "cheating" on her, she pumped about 50 paintballs into a place that really shouldn't be hit with paintballs. Imagine if they really, officially split it off." 

"I'd pay to see that," Skye says, laughing, but my face hardens. 

"You have fun with the 'happy' couple, there's actually some errands I have to run." I lie. Well, not technically a lie.  I do have something to do, but I kept a lot of the details quiet. Skye shrugs and lets me go without another word. 

Now, I probably should've called a cab, but I decided I should be able to drive with my robotic arm. Good lord was I wrong. Well, Trash cans were replaceable. And the mailbox. And the bushes. I decide to call a cab instead. A few minutes later the cab arrives and I climb in the uncomfortable back seat. 

"Where to?" says the surly driver. 

I give him the address I had burned into my memory. The man grunts and looks at me, "That's a pretty upstate part of town, whatcha lookin fer up there?" 

"My fiancee's parents, I'm going to go meet them." I explain shortly. 

"Heh, that'll be quite a suprise to them." he says, and without another word, he drives off towards Skye's parent's house. 

Nikki's POV (sorry for the wait! Stupid iPad)Edit

(This might be a little long....since we're on like ch. 46 or something, I'm trying to tie up all those little loose ends)

I sat at the kitchen counter cleaning up from making a cake. Sugar. The surest cure for a wry heart.

Skye bursts through the hallway- I didn't even know she was home- and eyes my cake batter spoon. She gives me her patented sook face, and I give in. I hand over my precious spoon, covered in divine goodness.

"Hey, how was the beach?" I ask, picking up the bowl instead. I begin to scrap out the last of the batter, and shovel it into my mouth.

"Pretty good..." Skye's voice was uncertain, as if she wanted to tell me something. I raised an eyebrow.

"What's on your mind?"

"Oh...just...graduation is coming up. I'm just nervous." She lied. Obviously. Skye didn't care one bit about graduation, nor was she nervous. The last part of her lie was obviously rushed.

"What's really on your mind? C'mon Skye, I know you. It's about the wedding." I poke her in the ribs, and she sighs.

"I was just thinking...maybe this whole fancy church thing isn't the best idea." She looked at the ground, embarrassed.

"Why don't you want to get married at Petalbrook? It's so beautiful, especially their little altar. And do you know how long it takes to get a spot their. Where else would you want to be married?" I was exasperated. Petalbrook was both expensive and exclusive- it's every girl's dream to get married there!

"Well Sev and I were thinking...maybe we should get married at the beach. Or something." She added hastily. The beach.

"Why didn't I think of that before! Oh my gosh Skye, that's perfect!" I ran over to her and hugged her. "I know how much that place means to you."

"Seriously? You're okay with it?"

"Of course I am!"

"Oh. That's good." Skye looked at me relieved and we both laughed.

The oven timer dinged, and I brought the cake out of the oven. The smell of vanilla and strawberry filled the house. Skye clucked at it disapprovingly- she liked mud pie and chocolate, chocolate, chocolate. But me, I was a soft, light, and airy cake sort of person.

"Wait, I think I just heard the doorbell." Skye rushed to the door, while I set the cake on a cooling rack.

"Who is it?" I yell.

"Post office." Skye rushes back into the kitchen, her arms full of three packages of the same size. "Graduation outfits!"

I yelped, and rushed over. Sev and Skye miraculously passed- and yes, I did too. Andrew's was absent, but Skye informed me that his was sent to his new address.

"New address?" I inquired.

"Um....yeah. Andrew is moving in with his older brother."

"What?" I gasped. We had...fought, to say, an hour ago, but I didn't think he would move out!

"We kicked him out." Skye said shortly. "We just...want to keep a happy household." She shrugged, and I sat down. Really, I had nothing to say. I started frosting the cake silently, after dubbing it cool enough to do so.

Skye tried on her robe, and put her hat on backwards. I laughed softly, but I was thinking about how Andrew wouldn't be home for dinner or anything. Vanilla cake with strawberry frosting was his favorite too.

I struggle to find something to break the tension, and eventually straggle something out of my throat.

"So where's Sev?" I ask casually.

"Oh-" she pauses and frowns- there was something on the tip of her tongue, but she didn't say anything. "I...I don't know."

I flip open my cell phone case, and find Sev's number.

"Sev? Sev, you there?" The operator calmly replies, telling me to leave a message and all that junk. "No response." I inform Skye.

"And that's why I installed this." Skye ceremoniously opened her phone case up, and clicked on an app.

"You're tracking his phone?!"

"Don't you track Andrew's?" Skye asks innocently. Her eyes flash wickedly.

"No...maybe I should." I breathe, and give Skye a half smile.

"He's at...oh my gosh." Skye freezes, and starts throwing things into her hippie purse.

"What?" I start to grab my things too. I grab the car keys, and follow Skye out the side door. "What's wrong?"

"Sev...he's at my parent's house." Skye grimaces, and gets in the passenger seat. I rev the engine, and we drive off to 28 Marylyn Street.

Skyes chap. (You cant just blame everything on the Ipad Nikki. But i understand. Laziness is a Virtue.)Edit

I don’t have the same driven focus on getting there, as I did when going to the court house.

You think I would. But, I’m simply to nervous, or to excited, to move my limbs properly.

Nikki reads my mind, and immediately takes drivers seat.

I feel my legs bouncing up and down the entire way. What could they POSSIBLY be talking about?

I mean, its not like I forbid him from going over there. But, I just think… It was like an unspoken agreement that we don’t. That if I wanted to go. I would.

“Ugh, I mean. And so close to graduation?” I say to             Nikki.

“What does graduation have to do with it?” she says logically.

“I don’t know…” I say cluelessly. Nikki spits out a bit of laughter, and keeps driving. When we enter “I’m so rich, and I want the entire world to know it” town. I feel my heart rate rise. I hate coming here, I feel out of place. Like I’m sticking out. I mean, I am. But, its kind of strange to think that, if my dad wasn’t mentally insane. I would have grown up here.

“What kind of person do you think I would have been if they kept me?” I say in wonder.

“Well.. You would wear lots of gold jewelry. And, you would go to the country club every Sunday after church. To play golf with your fiancée who owns France. There after you would go to the “James bond” looking bar. And ask for a martini to be shaken not stirred. You would sip it with your last finger out, and sit with your legs grossed like a lady. And I’m sure you would have about a billion friends. But not one of them care about you.” She says.

“That’s quiet a world you have put yourself in there.” I say with a smile.

“Well, I would be one of those girls who didn’t really care about you, but had the false pretense of being your friend. Because, if you were rich, snooty Skye. I would never have met, free loving, hippie, weird gypsy, and soulful Skye. Who has changed me from the inside out.” She says with her eyes scanning the massive houses.

“For the better?” I say questionably.

“For the best.” She replies. As she finishes the last syllable she turns the engine off. I smile at her with my head tilted down.

“How do I deserve a friend like you?” I say. She smiles back at me.

“Don’t give me that face.” She smiles. She rattles the keys as they enter her pocket, and we walk towards the brown door.

I take a deep breath, and release it with a controlled burst of air. Nikki loops her arm around mine.

“Listen..I know I don’t say it a lot. Or ever. But, I want you to know.” She says looking at the floor.

“What is it?” I say growing worried.

“I know you love me.” I swear I can see the glint of white in her teeth as she smiles.

“Ugh Nikki! You had me worried!” I joke. We both laugh. I guess to loud, because this time. Rachel, my mother comes to the door this time.

“Oh, Skye!” She says as she opens the door.

“Hey...Rachel. Is Sev here?” I say curiously, standing on my toes, trying to look over her shoulder. A huge grin registers on her face.

“Yes. He’s quiet a catch.” She winks at me. Wow, I guess I miss judged her.

“Come on in.” She says.

Chapter something or other. Just a note: Raniero, Do not touch this. Sev's POVEdit

I sit politely on the couch as Mrs. Brooks goes to open the door. Skye's real father stares at some fixed point of in the distance blankly. I was astonished by his medical condition, but I just respected it, as I could tell Mrs. Brooks was pained by it. 

Nikki had mentioned that Skye came from a rich family, which was extremely apparent from the house they lived in. Workers dusted enormous mantel pieces. The chandeliers were decorated with real diamonds, as Mrs. Brooks had pointed out. 

Her mother was a good enough person, a bit spoiled by her lavish life style. She dressed in somewhat overly glamorous clothes and pearls that looked so huge that they weighed her down. She was a bit angry at my intention to marry her, but apologetic that she had given her child away. I tried to comfort her, as I noticed how she never even mentioned or took notice of my own condition. I guess she got used to abnormalities.

Mrs. Brooks asked all the questions that were expected from a mother, What did I do for a living, Where I was from, The same ol' Same ol' really. Then again, I couldn't say that, seeing as I had never Had a relationship of any sort. 

About as I was recapping, Mrs. Brooks walked back into the living room, followed by none other than Skye and Nikki. 

"Skye? Nikki? What are you guys doing here?" I say nonchalantly, but they could see the alarm in my face. 

"We were wondering where you were," Skye says, throwing an angry glance at me and her mother. Something must've happened between them.

"How did you find me?" I ask incredously, and somewhat uneasily. Skye rolls her eyes and brings out her phone. 

"Skye can track your phone with GPS." Nikki says shortly. My eye opens wide and I stare at her. 

"And When did you plan on telling me that?" I question. Skye looks away uneasily. 

Mrs. Brooks senses the tension and tries to break it, "So!" she says, "How about we discuss this over some tea, shall we?"

Chapter 49: Nikki's POV (We should be ending this soon...)Edit

The air is frosty with silence as I sip my chamomile, watching the silent battle of eyes between Sev and Skye. She gives him a sharp glare, but he gives her a pleading glance back. Her eyes soften a little, but Skye soon returns fire.

"So, your house is quite lovely." I tell Mrs. Brooks politely.

"Oh yes, our house is quite old, but we have renovated it." She says happily, unaware of the mental war between Sev and Skye.

"Well, Mrs. Br-" starts Sev.

"Oh, please, dear," Mrs. Brooks, an astonishingly youthful looking woman, titters softly. "Call me mom." She gives Sev a kind wink.

"Oh...well, mom., Sev continues, with unnecessary emphasis on the word. "I was- well, Skye and I- we were, oh, and Nikki-"

"Get on with it." Skye snapped impatiently.

"Sorry, um. We were all wondering if you two would like to come to our wedding. We're holding it at the beach the weekend after graduation." He finishes, looking rather red.

"Oh! We would love that. The beach! What a lovely place. You know, your father and I were married there." Mrs. Brooks cast a fond look towards her husband, who was tottering around the kitchen, attended by a young maid.

"You were?" Skye suddenly broke her cold resolve, and turned to her mother astonished.

" was before Danielle's death, of course. I remember-"

"Wait, who's Danielle?" I inquire gently. Mrs. Brooks gives me a sad look, and glances subconsciously at Mr. Brooks.

"My husband's sister. They were dear friends, like two peas in a pod. Her death broke his heart, and mind, my poor dove." Mrs. Brooks clucked sadly. "She was the sweetest thing. Only 24 when she died. A tragedy- a car accident, if you can believe it. Some drunk man." A tear threatened to appear in the corner of her eye, and she blotted it with a cambric handkerchief

"Car accident?" Sev gulped, thinking of a similar experience. Skye put her hand on his, the first kind gesture since our arrival.

"Yes..." Mrs. Brooks sniffed again, and a maid rushed with a box of tissues. "Thank you Marissa...Danielle was killed immediately, a painless death. However, in the other car, the other passengers were not so lucky. The drunk driver died, after three days of agony. His nephew lost an eye and his arm."

"Wha..." Sev's mouth was wide open, as well as Skye's and my own.

"Mrs. Brooks, do you know who the boy was?" I asked slowly.

"No, I don't believe so...why do you ask?" She sniffed softly again, and gave us an inquiring look.

"Mrs. Brooks, mom..." Sev struggled to formulate the words. "That boy was me."

The four of us (six, including Marissa and Mr. Brooks) sat in silence, each thinking.

Before Skye even knew her real parents, they had a connection. Her father's sister died in the accident in which Sev was crippled in. The beach where Sev and Skye first kissed at, and where they were engaged at, and where they would be married at, was the place of her parent's wedding. Crazy.

"Wow." I broke the silence with my ground breaking thought.

"Indeed." Mrs. Brooks straightened herself up, and gave us all a long brooding look. "I think...I think you need to hear the story. The full story of why we gave you up Skye."

Skyes Chap. (I know..Took me forever..Shut up and read)Edit

"Where you came from Skye."

The words I've been looking forward to the last six months. Nothing can describe the yearning to hear those words I've experienced. And now, all I feel is dread. I know, in my heart. That the words the follow on from the long awaited sentnace, can only be horrifying. And yet, I need to hear them. It's like watching a bomb to explode. You know the results are going to be horrid, morbid, disgusting , and devastating. And yet, you can't look away. Only moments ago, I grasped Sevs hand to support him. And now, I needed him to help me breathe. Luckily, my fiancée knows me well. He clutches my hand, and scoots his body over, so his arm is hanging on my back. His body faces mine for support. I want to hear his warm, loving, soulful voice playing in my ear. For him to tell me everything's going to be okay, and I will love this story. But it's my mother’s time to speak.

I brace myself.

"We had always wanted kids John and I. Even before we were married, we had such a long yearning for them. I fell pregnant with your loving soul two years after we married. We had some trouble falling pregnant with you. Though our troubles, Ella, as we call her, was there. Not only for your fathe- sorry, John. Not only for him, but for me to."

I gulp as the entire room hangs on Rachel's every word.

"When we found out about you, Ella was so happy. She even moved in with us. We sort of felt like..well, like she was a third parent. She wanted to be there for ever milestone in the pregnancy. I still remember her the day she..."

Rachel's words choke on the sentence. I'm not sure why, but, I leap to my feet. Letting go of Sev's firm embrace. I rush to her side, and rest my hand on her shoulder. The entire room sits in shock. I've been distant, and…unwelcoming to these people. And yet, the biggest instinct I have kicks in. A daughters love for her mother. I curse in my head.

"Thank you sweetheart." I know it should annoy me but. The syllables of the last word come out smoothly. And, it makes me feel warm inside.

"As I was saying. When we got the call that she had...passed. I had the job of telling John. Hardest thing I've ever had to do." I glance at the kitchen, were my father stands looking out the window, at something in the yard. His eyes are distant, and beyond distraction. However, he has a noteworthy gloom in them. We're as, he usually displays little emotion. There full of despair. He knows that we're talking about his life. I can't tell you how I know...daughters instinct I guess.

"A few days on, from when I told him. John started to become distant, which isn't like him. He would forget more and more things. More often then not, I would wake up to a empty bed, only to find him standing at Ella's doorway looking at her things in a daze."

I feel my face burning a deep red.

"Eventually, he started getting confused as to why my stomach was growing. He was forgetting I had a life in me. His own daughter. As the days passed by, he grew more and more...insane. I guess is the word. Eventually, he didn’t remember my name. Would wake up in confusion, try to run out of the house because we thought we had kidnapped him."

Her cheeks flush with white. She looks at me dead in the eye. "I couldn't have you grow up in a house hold like that Skye. I just couldn't. You were to precious to me. You still are. I decided to give you away, three days before I gave birth to you."

She looks at me like she expects something. But, I remain silent. She continues. "Not a day does by. Did I think what you turned out like. What you look like. Not a day goes by, do I have mixed feelings on my choice. We gave you to a promising couple. The mother, I remember. Was much like myself. Happy, chirpy. I wanted some of me in you Skye. I wanted her to rub off on you. So that, maybe one day..if I did meet you. I would see myself in you. Somehow."

I remain silent.

"I kept in contact with the family for a while. But, eventually, they stopped writing. I let them be with there new family. No matter the heartache it caused me."

No one says much for a few seconds. Maybe about ten. And. That's actually a long time if you sit there and count it. They all wait for my reaction.

"Why did You call me Skye?" I blurt out. Wow, had no idea why I had that burried in my head.

I see a slight smile on Rachel's face. "Sev, do you mind if I steal your finance for a second? I would like to show her something." Rachel says standing up, taking my hand. Sev looks arms with panic buried under his eyes. I nod, and walk along the hall with my mother. She directs me down the massive Mahgoney walls. To find a doorway at the very end of the hall. She twists the gold knob, and flicks on the light.

Once the yellow light, lights up the room. Taking my breath away. Layered on the walls, are hundreds of canvases.

Different events, from a child’s birth. To a graduation. All with Sky blue in the background.

The paintings are incredibly detailed, and show extreme precision. My jaw hangs.

“Your father painted these.” I continue to let my jaw fall.

“Why” I manage to choke out.

“Well, he started painting this room just after Ella died. It was a suggestion by his therapist. To get a project going to distract his mind. He told me never to come in and, and sent me away while he was working on it. It was only until after you were born, did he show me. By this time, he was completely insane. He showed me this.” She walks towards a wall, and unclips a canvas of all different types of blue. Behind it, lie the words.

“Skye Blue. The girl I never had.”

The words are painted in sky blue, and have a curl to them.

“That’s when I decided to call you Skye. Over the years, he painted these.” She walks to a closet, as I’m still staring at the words in awe. She pulls out a rack, holding many paintings. She lifts up the first one, and holds it out.

A picture of a baby. The baby has crystal clear blue eyes. A soft nose, and pink lips. Wait, that’s me, when I was a baby. As if reading my mind, she answers my question before asking it.

“He saw you once before we gave you away. Since then, he has changed the face each year. On your birthday.” She lifts board after board, resting each on the wall.

Each year, the baby gets just a little bit older. Each painting, getting closer and closer to what I look like. The latest painting a picture, almost identical to me.

With little changes. Such as, my nose is a little more pointed. My forehead is slightly smaller then hers. And my hair is cut differently.

But, its pretty darn close.

“Oh my god…” I say breathlessly.

“He did all of these. You seem to be the only thing he remembers clearly.” I can’t help by smile as a tear roles of my face.

Although he’s not mentally here, this is a tribute to me.

His daughter.