I may not be the best script writer in the world...but enjoy.

-Insert Creative Title Here- Peyton: *speaking on phone* I need those 1500 papers faxed now. The meeting is in two hours! I don't care if the information is suspicious, I need it here now! *hangs up phone angrily*

-TARDIS materializes, papers flying everywhere-

Doctor: *stretches arms out* Hello, the great moon of....

Clara:*confused* America?

Doctor: *whispers* Where in America?

Peyton: *speaks firmly* New York.

Doctor: *excited* Oh! New York! Pale in comparison to New New New New York, but New York! This is very exciting Clara. This is exciting!

Clara: But we're in an office building....

Doctor: *smiles excitedy* In New York!

-Theme Plays-

Peyton: Why is that here?

Doctor: Oh? Sexy? Just taking a look at where we are..

Peyton: *looks disgusted*

Doctor: *yells in defense* No! Not like that!

Peyton: I would like you to remove it. I have a dire computer meeting in 2 hours.

Doctor: Computers! I love computers.

Clara: He does. *grabs laptop off unused desk* *hands to Doctor*

Doctor: Thank you Clara. Now to see what is wrong with this place.

Peyton: We do not have any problems!

Doctor: *whispers to Clara* There always is. *both laugh*

-Zoom in on computer screen- *Doctor pulls out sonic screwdriver*

Clara: What are you doing?!

Doctor: Hacking in.

Clara: Or you could ask for the password!

Doctor: Right....what's the password?

Peyton: I don't even know you!

Doctor: See! *points at Peyton*

  • sonic screwdriver buzzes*


Doctor: No. No, no, no, no, no!

Clara: What? What's wrong Doctor?

Doctor: That. -ZOOM IN ON SCREEN- *lowers voice* Cybus Industries Inc.


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