A lot of people enjoy role-playing on chat. Although there is nothing wrong with such, conflicts have arrived with such. Also, many enjoy role-playing, without actually contributing to the wiki. We would all appreciate it if you would abide by the following rules:

1. Please don't swear or curse. It is very offensive to some users, and unnecessary.

2. We would appreciate it if a Gamemaker would be participating in the games, so they could settle disputes and deaths. A Gamemaker would be an impartial user.

3. Do NOT get angry if you die. It is just a game!

4. When an attack is launched, to not get hit, you must type *miss* or *dodges* before the offender types *hit.* This is so that there is less argument about hitting or dodging.

If you would like a rule added, or an existing one removed, put it in the comments or in the talk if we have to discuss one.