Clara tugs on his arm, but he won't move an inch. "Your body is just as stubborn as yourself Doctor."

He smiles weakly and manages to whisper, "It doesn't matter just let me stay out here."

Clara nods slowly. She lets go of his arm and the kneels beside him.

"Will you be okay Doctor? Will you be the same?"

"No, no I won't."

Clara looks at him, his eyes full of pain when he starts to glow.

"Clara please stand back!" The Doctor cries. Clara responds by leaping to the side of his police box, peaking out.

He looks at her one last time and mouths "Geronimo."

His body then erupt in flames for a couple of seconds. Someone else appears then and he smiles a wicked sort of grin.

"Hello Clara." He waves from the snow and then he looks down.

"What on earth am I wearing?"

"A bowtie?" Clara responds, still from the TARDIS.

" gross. We can fix that though."

"Oh speaking of fixing, did you grow any taller Clara?"

She rolls her eyes.

"I guess not then," He says, making a frown.

"But this will take some getting used to."

"Yes it will..."

"Well let's just see what awaits. Shall we Clara?" He extends his arm out to her.

"We shall." Clara smiles.

For Clara, she didn't feel like this was right. Somehow she trusted him in such a way that she decided to go.

For The Doctor, he really didn't care what anyone else would think. He really wanted her to stay to be the daughter that he had lost so long ago.

Clara didn't know this and he still wanted treated him the way she felt the way before, but she just couldn't do it. This was not her Doctor. But he was still the Doctor and she wouldn't ever leave him to be alone.

"Where shall we go? Defeat some daleks....uh no how about a peaceful planet where we can relax and enjoy ourselves?"

"I don't care Doctor."

"Well then, that's what we'll do then!"

He hits all the right buttons, but not in the right way. Not the way he used to.

"Doctor can I?" Clara asks.

"Can you do what?"

"Erm...steer it?"

"That's stupid you can't steer a TARDIS, it takes you where it feels like you should go."

"Yeah...but I want to."

"Too bad."

Clara walks up to him and smacks him.


He shakes his head.

Clara raises her fist.

"I don't care." The Doctor shrugs.

Clara punches him in the jaw.

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