(This is about the game Free Realms by SOE)


For Rebel Recruits out there

Amit, my main profile who has a light saber, was near the Tanglewood Warpstone and he knew that the chugs were just about to turn evil. Thus, he left the city. (Just for your information, Darkthorne and Valerian didn't turn evil, but unfortunately their army's do.)

Tommy Wackywings, my second most played profile who has a fairy wand that can turn into a saber and shoot lightning bolts, was on a vine by Darkthorne's palace by the warpstone. He left right after Amit and Sebastian Amberknight, my least played profile who also has a saber, finds two people and asked them to join the rebels. To their liking, they said yes.

They were the first people EVER to join the rebels (Besides, obviously, the founders).

He had missed Amit, sadly, but he at least got people to join so it’s ok know. He met up with Tom when he came by with five people...


Sebastian came down from where he was by Thistlerow Warpstone with the two people he found. Then, they started off to their hideout in Sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Amit was by Stillwater Crossing when he heard a strange noise. It sounded like something flying right towards him. Was he imagining things? Apparently it wasn’t. There was a brawler hammer heading right towards him!

They were about to cross the river, instead of taking the bridge by thunder falls, when Tommy realized something. Amit! Where was he?

He started teleporting when Sebastian said, "wait teleporting is do-" but he had already left.

“That's weird. Teleporting was down just minutes ago.” He said.

Sebastian continued on, but a little while later he found Amit behind a tree...

Tommy knew the areas to search for Amit in Tanglewood. He headed towards the maze, but he unfortunately went a little too close to a chugawug camp.

There were two guards named Snorg and Smoggo. They took out their blades, standing one behind the other in front of him. Tommy took his wand out his pocket and put it behind his back in between his wings.

“I'm sorry, Amit, that this happened to you.” Sebastian was mad at himself. He didn't notice Amit when he walked by his position. He felt that he was responsible for Amit. (They were brothers because their last name is Amberknight.)

He was in a tent with the two guards standing in front of it. He shocked them with his wand and they fell unconscious. He attacked the rest of them when the miners were starting to come out. Well, this seemed like a life or death situation. Like any reasonable person, he ran towards Stillwater Crossing.

In the distance there was a little person, who had wings, and a squad swimming in the lake towards Sebastian. It was Tom!

As he came out of the water he said "teleporting is aga-, Amit! WHAT HAPPENED TO AMIT!!?" Sebastian told him that a hooligan threw a brawler hammer at him.

“He's gone and there's a bomb attached to him! You know the kind that when it's touched it goes to that surface? So, yeah. We can't take it off.” He told him.

“This is terrible!” Tommy exclaimed.

“He and I are twins! How do you think I feel?” Sebastian asked.

"At least we two best friends are still together. Right?” Tommy tried to think positive.

“Yeah you're right. I'm going to knockout the Graveyard Spirit here, so go to our hideout. Hopefully you'll remember where it's at, because I forgot. Why don’t you take my squad as well?” Sebastian said.

“Alright lets go to Crossroads, then north to Sanctuary. Don’t forget to sneak around Queensfields to avoid the Bixies. After that, we’ll sneak to the Royal Vault where it's safe, and I'll try to remember where the hideout is.” said Tommy.

Once at the vault, Tom got a call on his cell from Seb. Seb knew little of how he was teleported to Snowhill, where yetis brought him to Yaren's house.

Hi-ya! Huh. How'd I just get to SH (Snowhill). Yetis. Uh oh. This isn't good. Hey that's my saber. It's the dwarfs now and he headed toward the direction of Singing Crystal Mines! Seb thought.

He headed with four more yetis the other way. On the way there he had found another captured Rebel, but she wasn't on our team. He told her that she'll be saved once he got out. The guard in front of him turned and moved his fist like he was ready to punch. Seb didn't even flinch. The yeti on his left put his fist down, and told him to let it go. Then we continued towards the crystals.

He took an unexpected right turn to Yaren Sunstare's house. When he got there, they just threw him in. They didn't even check for a cell phone or anything of the sort. Seb called to tell them where he was.

He tried to take a nap, so he didn't look around to see what the house looked like. Seb was curious about Yaren when he tried to nap, because Yaren was one of Tom's friends.

He fell asleep for about two minutes when there was a noise outside. It was kind of like someone turning a knob. Was Tom already here? No. There wasn't noise from attacking. Creeeek. The door opened.

Seb thought it was strange the door creaked. Considering it was put in a week ago... he remembered the call Tom got from Yaren.

There were four yetis, just like before. They moved in front, behind, and to his sides. We went to Singing Crystal Mines. Seb was hidden behind a machine. There were two Guards, a chugawug, and a dwarf. The chugawug was asleep, so basically one guard.

He called Tom when the guard moved to the other side of the room. Tom had just passed the soccer field when I called. He was close. The dwarf took his phone and put it where Seb couldn't reach it, because he trapped.

Tommy had walked for about two minutes when Seb called from his cell. He was moved from Yaren's house. Tommy started wondering why they used his friend’s house. He was at Singing Crystal Mines behind a machine. Tommy knew the machine, but not what it's called. Tommy caught his and Seb’s just past the skate and fishing shop.

When they arrived at Singing Crystal Mines, They saw a brawler. He was the one who discovered the mine years ago. He said he'd help save Seb.

We moved in and Tommy ordered the attack. He rushed around people fighting to get to the machine. After Tommy had shocked the dwarf with his wand, it turned into a saber.

He took Seb out from behind the machine, and got him out of the mine as soon as he could.

Once they got out Seb told Tommy of a girl he saw being held captive on the side of the path to Yaren's house instead of inside a building. Seb pulled his saber from his belt and walked with to to the girl.

So Tommy went and took the same way back. Although he woke up, and was surprisingly good at saber fighting.

He almost sliced Tommy’s stomach twice, and almost cut off his leg. He would have if Tommy didn't move fast enough and block his attack. The guard under sliced, but Tommy blocked it. Tommy moved as fast as he could and sliced the guard’s stomach. He knocked out again.

Tommy took the saber and came out to give it to Seb. Then, they rushed to the girl and all the guards ran, knowing that they couldn't win. You see, it was easy to get her. She said she would have her rebel team join ours, as it's much bigger hers. She has only five people/pixies including her.

She called her team; they were protecting the mayor until her guards got there. Then with her team we went in together. Seb was awesome at saber dueling. Tommy was good too, but not as much.

There was a dwarf I came to, but he started running away. He jumped in the air and his pick axe was going to hit whatever he landed on and hard. Seb looked to see where. Well, apparently, “whatever” was right on Tom’s back

Seb ran even faster to try to make him fall instead of hitting Tom, but he just couldn't catch up. The dwarf hit Tom and he fell to the ground. Tom moaned in pain.

“TOM! ARE YOU ALRIGHT?!” Seb screamed. The roof started to shake. He forgot that he was indeed, in a mine.

But it stopped shaking all of a sudden. Everyone stopped fighting when I yelled, because they were seeing if the roof would fall on them and their opponent.

“Quiet down!” Tom said.

Chapter TWO: THE QUEEN Edit

"Tom... Please... I can't lose you, too. First my brother, now you. Come on, don't give up. I'm calling a medic right now, OK? Can you hear me? CAN YOU HEAR ME?" he screeched. He was gone, too.

"WHYYYYYYYY!?!?!?!?!?" he cried. The mine was shaking again.

"Abandon mission! Abandon mission!" As people with sabers and wands in hand left the mine, Seb noticed something familiar with the other rebel leader who had now joined them.

"Do I know you?" Seb echoed through the mine.

>"Ye..s" The ground in the exit tunnel started to move again but the rest of the mine stopped.

"WWWWWoah!" both of them said. They ran out the tunnel. Being the last two, they didn't worry about others. (Well, there was Tom, but you know about him)

"How do I know you?"

"You seriously don't recognize me?"

"I'm sorry, not right now."



"I'm your COUSIN, does that help you remember?"

"Oh, sorry! Oh, ooohhh, you're Samantha Ghostwings!"

"Umm, yeah, I am."

"Well for my mistake would you like to be the queen of our rebel team?"

"YESS!!!! YES!!!!!! YESSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!" she said. "Of course." she said, as calm as I've ever heard someone talk. Since everyone was ahead of us, they didn't hear, so they all looked back when she screamed 'yes'. They were then told why, and Sam got tons of compliments and stuff. Everyone thought she was a good choice for a leader. Then, she suggested we make are base of operation at my apartment. Of course, I agreed to the queen of the rebels, and I just like helping the rebels, too. After I finished making our base, which, by the way I thought was pretty awesome, I asked were we should plan our next attack. She said Snowhill again. She wants the attack by the building I was brought to when I somehow first teleported there. She wants the mine taken care of next, then take the rest of them to Snowhill out at the big tree in the middle of the city.

"Wait, what?"

"Monsters are going to come and help the dwarfs. They're probably more prepared now that they were attacked."

"Good point, maybe we could block the entrance?"

"But teleporting is down. How do we get out with all the monsters breaking in?"

"Well, we'll find our own way of teleporting."

"Good, but we need a scientist. I'll go look for one."

"OK, good, I'll host a meeting to let the others know what's going on."

"Alright, we have our assignments. Let's move out!"


The meeting was long and boring. Sam, Seb, and the two people Seb found when they had just opened up the rebels started heading to Blackspore.

“Hello Dorian,” Seb said, Dorian is one of mine and Sebs friends. He was one of the two people Seb had originally brought to the rebels although he was a friend a few years ahead of time.

“Hello Henry Pratys!” Seb said happy. Henry was another friend although he was there dads friend (so basically family friend) and the other person Seb had asked to join the rebels.

“Hello!” Dorian said.

“Hey there,” Henry replied.

“How’s Jr. and Jr. jr. goin’?” Seb asked.

“Good! They're just fine, they might come here but they were trapped in Snowhill.” Henry sadly said. (Jr. means his son and Jr. jr means his grandson. Odd how henry still had color in his hair! Not much gray!)

The conversation stopped and was quit until they came into Blackspore from the tunnel entrance right by Crossroads.

“We need to sneak into the main city,” Sam said.

“That shouldn’t be hard!” Henry said, “I was here recently and this place has flooded a lot more from the time it was considered nice.”

"You mean ten years ago?” Dorian asked (ten years ago in the story would be 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013!)

“Yes he does” Seb said solemnly.

“Those days were ugly and terrible!” Sam shouted almost too loud, “Sorry, but I heard that some people actually who are thieves and live here think that those days were TOO PRETTY!”

“Odd, Never heard that.” Henry said. They emerged the city to see no one there. The group emerged the to the tent.

“Interesting” Dorian said.

Eggerts tent was knocked over.. and coughing was coming out from under it!

“EGGERT!” Everyone shouted simultaneously.</span></p>

The team rushed to the tent and lifted it up. They found Eggert there, he was the source of coughing noise as well. Sam bent over and picked Eggert up.

“Hello. We are trying to free Free Realms! We came here for your help, we will protect you. Are you ok?”

“Yes kind pixie, I’m alright” Eggert said, “I’ll come along because here is no longer in use for my studies, I’m working on teleportation magic now.”

“That’s exactly why we needed your help!” Seb said.

“Oberyn’s my partner so lets get him too.”

“Good Idea.” Henry replied.

They went to Oberyn’s tree house and he wasn’t there. They looked around and took some useful items and asked Eggert where Oberyn was when a wizard came and almost froze them!

“Jump!” Sam yelled. Everyone ran out of the way and dodged the ice cold blast of magic.

“Stop it!” Eggert commanded, “First off you're out numbered and second they’re here to free us!” The wizard put the wand in his pocket and looked at Seb as if he remembered him from somewhere.

“Do I know you?” Milford, Eggerts student who’s a wizard asked.

“No, I’ve heard of you from my older brother a few years ago though.” Seb said, “I’m Sebastian, or Seb and my brother who was murdered in war was Amit.”

“That’s it! Amit was a very amazing man! A man of many talents they called him, he studied magic and I went to one of his lessons when I was younger, he’s also an explorer, businessman and does many more things too!”

“Yeah, boy what I would sacrifice for him to be alive.” Sam whispered.

“Me too.” Seb complained.

“Why don’t we look for Oberyn at his new place I just helped him move to and bring him to your place.” Milford said. The gang walked off to the old ferry dock.

“He’s inside old Mucklewump’s  ferry house,” Milford said.

Oberyn then added, “Mucklewump died a couple years ago so his house was put up to sale. No bought it but when war started Oberyn felt it would be best for our studies to be hidden and bought it as soon as the realm was taken over. It isn’t much different here, just that no one’s allowed to leave other then that, the same.”

“Wow!” Seb said, awestruck at how terrible the place already was. He came up to the door with Sam, Henry, and Dorian. All of a sudden a trash can mumbled on the side of the house.

“What was that?” Dorian asked the scientists

“I think it was a cray!” Milford said.

“We must hurry! Cray are randomly killing people who are out and about in public now!” Eggert worried

“Didn’t they used to do that?” Seb asked. When Oberyn opened the door to see his scientist friends.

“Yes, I’m just trying to build up suspense,” Eggert finished

“Glad to see you!” Oberyn said, “I’ll pay the bail for you to release them. I need my frie... I mean he’s my slave!” Oberyn then did a very obvious wink.

“First off Oberyn these people are freeing us in return for our service of scientific teleportation, and secondly, they would have arrested you if that’s what they were here for if you ever make a wink that big again!” Eggert said telling Oberyn everyone's mind. Oberyn just nodded and walked towards his fellow scientists. when Oberyn was half way there, three cray jumped up from the house, one on the left side, the other right and the biggest one on the roof.

“Ssssscccrrrraaaaach!” The right one screeched.

Sam fell over dazed from such a powerful screech! They ran behind a tree that fell over that faced Oberyn’s new home and pulled Sam with them.

”They actually use their screech as an attack,” Henry explained, “As Milford said, Amit was a man of many moods and actually put this down in his guide of fighting. They used this attack back when you were ten!” (again, this story takes place ten years in the future from 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013)

“Ssssssssssssssscccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccccrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaccccchhh!” The big one hideously screamed. This screechy scream almost knocked Seb over too.

“No offence Henry, after all I love my brother but why don’t we save the fighting lesson for later and knock these guys off Sacred Grove!!” Seb commanded.

“Man I miss Sacred Glade,” Henry said

“Really Henry! I’m not trying to be mean or rude or anything but now’s not the time for this!” Dorian complained. Seb rushed up to the building and miraculously jumped up making it halfway onto the roof, his waist dangling from the side. He started pulling himself up very fast when the cray kicked him off. He fell and his team shouted. The scientists ran back to Oberyn's old tree.

“SEBASTIAN!!!” Henry yelled, who was more than ready and pulled out his lightsaber, nodding at Dorian. Dorian ran toward the cray on the right, and Henry towards the left. The big cray made a whistle that had part of his screech noise and part of a pixie whistle (same as human whistle just higher pitched) five more cray’s came one per person including Seb and Sam. The fifth one came over to Henry seeing he was older and more skilled, because he was managing fighting off two cray at once. Dorian was defeated so one more came to Henry because Dorian had knocked one out already but not the second cray. Then a random gust of cold air came by.

“Ice wand!” Henry acknowledged. There only about five hundred feet away was Milford, he was wearing all his wizard attire instead of just his basic robe hat and pants, he also had gloves, a special face paint showing his power and shoes, which earlier he wasn’t wearing. Henry kept on fighting wondering where the others were. Then he felt very hot and noticed one of the cray disintegrated. the one next to him was frozen, that was Milfords act because he has an ice wand Henry thought. What about the disintegration? That was from fire, he turned to see Eggert holding at least five concoctions, each a different color. The there were three. The fifth cray who had come from the whistle made a huge leap onto the roof of the building whispering to the other cray in their sacred tongue when they jumped down and rushed towards the two scientists. Then came out Oberyn who lifted up a finger when goo suddenly came from his pocket and devoured them then spit them out into the trees where there four feet got tangled in the branches. Henry then took a good slice and all three cray that were left fighting him were broken into two pieces.

“St-t-t-rong c-c-c-u-u-u-t-t!” Dorian stuttered scared and in awe.

Sam had just came to her senses and didn’t know what happened and so everything was explained while the scientists checked Seb out.

“He’ll be ok,” Milford told, “I can use my magic on him and he will be relieved in a few minutes.”

“Allow me,” Henry said, “I was once a wizard, in fact I introduced Amit, to wizardry but never trained him, I vowed never to use magic in case of emergency, this is war now so I will basically use magic whenever it’s needed.” Henry did a swift motion with his hands and Seb instantly woke up.

“Ahh!” Seb yelled, recalling the fall, “Huh? What happened?””

“We’ll tell you on the way back” Dorian said. The rebels then walked back to Crossroads where they would tell the scientists a little bit about the rebels and then go after the Warpwatchers.


THE Warpwatchers

As they agreed to be rebels, they headed towards Seb's rebel base house and Samantha Ghostwings meeting room apartment. They went through introductions, procedures, and basic information.

Tommy had wanted to find Amit sooner, so he skipped showing his friends the rebel buildings. He got bored quickly with the info. You always learn at the beginning, because he went to basically all of those because he was a founder.

As Tom walked along, he remembered leaving Amit's house before looking for important stuff or Amit's pets.

“How dumb,” he thought aloud.

People looked at him thinking, HE IS DUMB. He walked away hurriedly, considering he was embarrassed, it makes sense.

He found no pets and reported in to Sam, who was with the others just finishing their tours and introductions.

“We'll finish Snowhill, then investigate that,” Sam said

“We'll finish the yeti and some other creatures. Then, finish Snowhill for good!”

“Then Amit is second priority. I love him a lot, as he helped raise me to be this queen of the rebels, a fighter explorer, and I use my resources, all because of hi-m-m-m.”

Sam started to cry, then she whimpered for a while, then she cried, then whimpered, and finally cried. She ran off towards her house and everyone went after her.

She screamed them off, and Tom decided to rally the troops to Snowhill to get Amit and the town free sooner. They got all of them, minus Sam, to Snowhill. Even all the scientists tagged along.

“‘We are off on an adventure!’ is something I could see Amit saying,"said Dani.

“I miss him dearly,” “The science squad” as they called themselves, walked by Tom.

The Kate's, Chris, Dani, and Seb, all stayed in the back. Katlyn Oakdream decided to take pictures of things that could be crucial evidence for rebels. As of hideouts, traps, or even to avoid them. Kate Jewelspotter came to help fight, and Chris was there to fight, and maybe send video feed to places that are taken over, so that they know there's hope.

Dani handed Tom and Seb the porters like the one Sam had a while ago and used on a hooligan.

"Here," Dani said, "They got some for us now too!"

“She seems happy,” Seb took Tom aside and told him.

Yes...Probably trying to make the best of her emotions."

“Yeah,” Seb said, and they caught up to them.

Once in Snowhill, they got all the robgoblins, all the yetis, and tons of wolves.

“Gather the town’s people... We're going to have a wolf-tastic battle,"Seb said

"Wow that's Cheesy Seb." Dani chuckled at him while she said that.

"Shut up," he said, "I’m just trying to make this a funny good time! After all, Snowhill will be free after this battle!"

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