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This story follows a group of kids as they try to escape a disco that has been Quarantined.... This story is set in Dublin city, Ireland



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I hold the camera to Adaliz's head

"Live YouTube update.." laughs Sinead

"Adaliz havin' a snog. Can't wait to tell Evan!" Giggles Jena as she clutches her stomach

"Ya fuckin' tell Evan and I'll kill you" Snaps Adaliz

"YOU 12 YEAR OLD'S YOU'S NEVER STOP CURSING!" Shouts the supervisor.

Over the blaring of the music we can hardly hear her. Roy , the boy who was kissing Adaliz backs away.

"You have a boyfriend?"

He asks concerned. My best friend Ed butts in

"Course she does, duh! Look at her face!"

Then the lights go off, then the music stops and an eerie red light fills the room.

Chapter twoEdit

"What the fuck ?" Says Jena with her rough Jamaican accent

"Jena , you may be 12 but you swear like a sailor!" Smiles Ed.

Just then the speaker comes on

"Warning this building has been Quarantined. Avoid contact with all infected, symptoms include feral behavior, pale face, pink eye, coughing and they are a bit bitter..."

Panic rises in the room




Everyone is shouting names.

A thing jumps onto the Polish kid from Mr. Whu's class. It rips out his intestines and shoves them down its throat.

"Oh fuck!" screams Ed. People scream, run, slip and slide.

"Jesus, everyone get over here!" I shout.

They run to me, Jena and Sinead cling to each other.

I look around, we are in a small room that has a large Mahogany table and eight chairs. Roy sits down.

"So that's what happens when you get out of bed at 8:00 am?" He asks

"ADALIZ! Your dad -the French architect. He designed this building, you know it off by heart!" I say nearly dying from a panic attack.

"So? Jena's dad is a cocaine dealer you think he knows everyone he trades with?" She annoyingly responds.

I stare into her eyes, "OK, OK"

She grabs a map from the left side of the wall.

"The building is 7 stories tall, includes 4 discs a canteen two offices and a large lobby. The army will have surrounded the building and most likely are aiming at the floors above the 3rd floor. The bottom floor will be under lockdown meaning there is no hope of getting out that way, so we gonna have to escape via the roof,"

We grab baseball bats from the corner of the room then sneak-out of the room via backdoor

"What the...." Asks Roy aghast.

Almost half the room has been burnt by flames.

"What the fuck happened in the few minutes we were gone?" Squeals Adaliz.

I grope, Shocked by the damage and.... The human remains