The 3 words

You fought hard

You pushed back

You won good,

and here you are

We found out

It hit bad

And you stayed strong.

You’ve come so far.


You never threw in the towel.

Never gave out.

You kept stepping forward.

And so proud

You never kicked in the stone

It never left you alone

You fought so hard.

And I'm so proud.

There were time giving up,

Was easiest

But Jehovah made us strong….


You never threw in towel.

You never gave out.

You kept seeping forward.

And I’m so proud.

You never kicked in the stone.

It never left you alone.

You fought so hard.

And I’m so proud,


You never the in the towel

You never gave out.

And I’m so proud…of you.

So i guess i should explain this huh? well. since January, my beautiful big brother has been fighting cancer. He is at the end of his treatment. and we THINK (more like hope) that he has gotten rid of it. so i wrote this song to..i don't know guess...sort though my feelings about him, and whats happened in the last year. and this...was created. hopefully at the end of it all i will be able to properly give what we have all been though. Alot of tears went into this..

so this is to my beautiful brother. i wrote this in honor of his battle. i will be singing this at his party. i love you big bro =)