Hussain Ali (A Sonnet)Edit

Sometimes, in acts of freedom true -

The lover hast a dying gasp.

Lost souls may find each other new

Warm hands o'er frozen hearts to clasp.

Through silent wood I've walked alone

(The shrug and cold leave them behind)

To withered Redwood my axe have shown,

And Chance a baby growth didst find.

Ah! new leaves so young and bold,

The color Time will never touch,

Though painful truths he may unfold -

The truth which Time allows as such.

My heart will rain; on leaves I give.

But Time, and you, will make it live.

Capitol ReefEdit

When he came to the dense selection of nothing

He was counting on lucidity

An etching that would rise up from the drama of horizons

Like a call to arms from this urn of ancient oceans

But the silence had made the music

he had heard while driving there

resound like plastic drums within his skull

And the packed and jagged thoughts

He had so carefully prepared

Were just packed and jagged

As he sweated of the cliff with a journey for a journey

Looking at his feet, he knew at once the redbrown of redbrown dust

Could be nothing more than redbrown dust

And looking up, The rocks were dangerous in their density

How much did his eyes project

Before the sunlight filled them up-

Before his desperation, once affronted with the setting (as it arched in every way, arched to slip behind the bent horizon) overflowed?

Tears to reconcile the desert

He cried

As witness

When the landscape overrode (crushed and crackled from inside) the glass of his snow globe; Left him murdering his daughter for the winds