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Journey - Open Arms

Warning: May contain swearing/mature content.

Chapter 1:AmberEdit

Gripping my headphone to my ear, I crank the music louder, drowning out the pain. Cameron stands there to the side, pulling his new girlfriend to the side, pressing his hands against his like he did with mine...her blue eyes gazing into his, as he looks at her as they slow dance to a remix that I made specifically for this dance, for him to dance with me.

The lights cause me to sweat through my sleeveless leather jacket, my ear cuff scraping my shoulder. I press my black fingernails into the table as they lean down, him placing his hand around her neck and kissing her softly. I know the feeling so well, I sigh softly. I kick myself, wanting to forget every unhappy memory with him. I hate this digs through my veins and through my soul.

I feel so alone, standing here, playing music with nobody to dance with, nobody to calm me down. Nobody to prevent me to shut my big mouth. I hate myself sometimes, but not as much as I hate Cameron.

I am probably the only one that came to this dance alone, as my boyfriend just dumped me for Kayla, who also dumped her boyfriend for him. I feel my heart racing. Just looking at him like that, makes my blood pressure elevate because he is supposed to be next to me. Gripping my short hair, straightening the buttons on my leather jacket.

As I peel my eyes away long enough to change the track, I hear footsteps racing up the stage. Nobody should be on my stage. But hearing the footsteps makes me think that it is urgent, so I keep my sarcasm to myself.

"Hey." A guy says, looking at me. Eyes gaze into mine that are a deep green, like a forest his hair blonde and tousled. I feel my heart skip a beat before I collect myself. Kayla dated him. Will, I believe, a suited name for him and I seriously think about not kicking him off my stage.

I want to sound that I was perfectly fine, perfectly happy to on be at this dance alone. That I'm happy that my boyfriend just dumped me on the curb like a piece of garbage, when in fact, Cameron's girlfriend, Kayla, should be instead of me. I sigh, pressing my fingertips through my hair. It is spiked today, slicked up with hair gel, some call it boyish, I call it expressing yourself. Which is allowed by everyone, am I right?

"What do you want?" I ask, a little too annoyed, as I roll my eyes. I didn't mean to, but the words slip out so quick, I can't even stop them. I want to strangle myself for such a stupid comment, but I just stand there, my black converse tapping to the rhythm. This song has such a good beat with the bass guitar and electric singing in harmony.

Will stands, hands clasped behind his back as he raises his eyes slowly back to mine, for a just a peek though because his eyes slip away in the blink of an eye. I want him to look me in my eye, press a love in there that I want so desperately.

"A song request," Will responds softly, his eyes darting all across the room. I turn the music down a bit, causing some people to groan. I don't care, since this probably has to be the funniest thing someone has ever said to me. I scoff.

I almost burst out laughing. "You know I don't take those, right?" I click the keys on my laptop to increase the bass. The rhythm increases, causing more people to dance. I see Cameron take Kayla to the middle of the dance floor as a crowd gathers around the new couple.

"I know..." Will looks straight into my eyes, his green eyes gazing into mine. "But I was wondering...if you could play Open Arms? The old song by Journey. For Kayla."

I stare at his for a moment. Kayla dumped him? I have only just seen this guy, but he seems so kind, so genuine and lovely, I couldn't imagine why someone would dump him. I hate her even more because she took away what was mine for so long in a matter of minutes. I had nothing now, my body just flesh and bone. There was no love in my veins, and I vowed to never love anyone again. For falling in love only comes with scrapes and bruises.

"Fine, but you better get off the stage." I smirk, wanting to go talk to him, but I don't. I click on the song, cranking up the volume. He shyly moves through the crowd as the song comes on as he stops in front of her. He offers his hand gently. His eyes look so intensely at her, I knew it was love he lost. Yet, I loved this song and I would die if someone asked me to dance to this song.

I pull my body forward trying to watch closer at her. Kayla crosses her arms over her pink gown, blonde hair twisted up in a bun. Jewels sparkle though it, her eyes gleaming.

I see her blue eyes look at him back to my ex, and back to him. She grabs hold of his arm as Cameron drags her away.

Meanwhile, Will walks away, the song still blaring, through the rooms double doors and I don't know why, but I run after him.

Chapter 2 WilliamEdit

I was walking out those double doors to my black SUV. I can feel it building up inside of me. The pain, the tears build up inside me. I unlock my car when I hear my name from behind.

"William!" I recognize the voice. Its Amber. I turn around, to see her running at me her hair makes her unattractive but ive already pissed off one girl tonight, I ain't about to piss another one off. I do a quick wave, then look down at my shoes.

"I um..I just wanted to say I'm sorry..I saw what happened and its just awful what Kayla did.." She says. Honestly I wasn't in the mood to talk. But I did anyway.

"Thanks..and uh sorry about Cameron..hes actually my best friend and I- Well hes not much of a friend now..but he was actually planning to introduce me to you next week officially and well..look how that turned out." I say with a quick laugh, hoping to lighten the mood.

"Amber! Get back in here some guy is trying to put on another song and I think he broke it!" Some girl looking out from the double doors, I know her its Anna.

"Hey Will!" She says with a smile on her face, waving at me.

"Oh well..I'm about to kill the guy on the stage so I will see you at school on Monday." Amber says running back to the gym. I hop in the car and back out. That's when it hits me.

The tears overwhelm me its painful, yet a relief at the same time. I look down at my wallet and pull out all of the pictures of me and Kayla from the last 2 years. Pictures of us kissing, hugging, playing in the water at the pool. I rip them all apart and throw them out the window. I realize I have to many picture so i take my drivers license, my credit cards, and my money put them in the cockpit and throw my wallet out the window. I wipe my eyes and keep on driving.

I can hear the pitter patter of the rain as it slowly increases to a down pour. I turn up the radio, and my favorite song comes on, "Happy" by Pharrell Williams. It doesn't help me any much since Kayla also loves that song. I look at myself in the rear-view mirror. Eyes red from all the crying, and dry tear streaks down my cheek. Embarrassing, thank god I got out of there when I did.

My mind keeps trailing back to Amber. Although her hair style really made me want to barf, I could see she kinda cared about what happened..considering Cameron, the asshole that took Kayla, was her ex.

All of these mixed feelings are going through me right now, sadness, betrayal, despair, and yet..happiness at the same time. But that was all before an 18 Wheeler drove through a stop sign, and I don't realize it until its to late.

Chapter 3: AmberEdit

"Get off my stage, now."

I hear the rhythm so off and so incredibly loud, I start yelling.

"Get off my stage. I'm sorry but I can't hear the instruments you turned up the bass so loud."

He scoffs, leaning across the table.

"What you going to do about it, Amber? Yell?

I feel heat rush through my body. My face is probably red, but I try to calm myself down.

"One last time. Get off my stage Nick."

"Really?" He takes my laptop with gentle hands and then with unbelievable sadism he smashes it on to the ground.

One, two, three. I try to breathe but all I can feel is hurt and absolute rage. One, two, three. You can do this, Amber. One, two, three, no I can't.

I punch him in the nose.

He looks at me, startled, as slick blood falls out of his tan nose.

"Hey, you actually look better now." I laugh.

Snickers come from around the room.

Standing up, wobbling, Nick takes his hand and raises it. His fingertips curl around his fist as he punches me, harder in my eye. Stumbling backward, I try to open the eye, but it wouldn't budge.

"Thanks, because I really freaking hate you."

I punch him as hard as I can, knuckles tingling with pain. I hear gasps in the audience as I leave the stage, alone with a broken laptop.

Air rushes past me as I run out the double doors, blinking away the tears and the pain. I was supposed to make it right. But all I did was make it worse.

I head to my car, as the rain pours. With my keys in hand, I see a battered car across the road. Scattered all across are broken photographs and a wallet. Blood forms around his head like a halo. There is no other car to be seen by the SUV.

I run up to it, gripping my keys until my knuckles turn white. Rain soaks my closes as I see him. Will, laying motionless in the ripped up seat except for his rigid breaths escaping his nose. I search through my jacket pockets to pick up my phone. I lay down on the dirty pavement as I cry over him, tears landing on his shirt. I dial 911, as a woman answers.

"State your emergency."

"My friend.." I choke back sobs. "He was in a car crash and now he won't move. He's having a hard time breathing. Someone hit him, but their is no car near here." I sniff as I keep going I need help now. I'm at Thorn Drive next to Florence High."

She hangs up the phone. I start sobbing right then and there, with a black eye and bruised knuckles as Will sits on the ground, and like with Cameron and Kayla, there is nothing I can do to help it.

Chapter 4: WillEdit

I can hear the truck, driving away without helping. Then I can hear Amber, calling the police. "My friend.." It cuts off.

"Thorn Drive...Florence High" She says. I try to say some thing. I open my eyes, its blurry and I can see blotches of blood. I feel nothing, my legs feel like jelly. I try to talk but the words don't leave my mouth. I try to move, but I cant. Amber realizes that my eyes are open and looks at me. Shes trying to speak but I cant hear now.

Within minutes cops, a fire truck, and an Ambulance are here and I can now hear Amber screaming in terror, and happiness.

"Please help him!" She cries out. A police officer picks her up from the ground as someone from the Ambulance works on me.I can hear muffled words.

"IV!" I can hear one of them say. My eyes force themselves shut, and I suddenly can't breathe. Someone puts a hand on my neck, the rubber from the gloves smells and its cold making it worse since its already raining.

I can't hear anything now, I can only feel.

They take scissors and cut up my button down shirt and I can feel compression on my chest. Then i feel my mouth opened up, the feeling of my lips reaching air. The air feels good, but I can hear my heart pounding slowly. I try to keep breathing, but I just can't. Then it stops.

Chapter 5: AmberEdit

Medics rush around his silent body, one looking at his watch, the others grabbing the shocker to get his body to breathe again. Even my breaths seem to be nonexistent as the crews run in silent panic.

A man, taking the machine and presses the button, causing a large volt of electricity to buzz through Will's ody. Pressing his callused hands to Will's chest, he tries to make him breathe. Another volt and his body sits, lifeless.

The whole crew bows their heads in loss. "Time of deat-."

"One more time. You got to try. Please." My words come out shushed and rough.

The man takes the box and rushes one last jolt through his body and pumps his heart, breathing into his mouth.

Coughs ring through the dark, but his chest barely moves, his eyes not opening.

The man nods to the ambulance announcing, "Get him hooked up before he loses it again."

A woman places a tank to Will's side, adding a mask to his swollen face.

"We need to go, now." She says to me.

I look at her and then his body. "Okay,"

"I think you saved your friend's life."

"Don't say that..." I feel heat rush to my face.

"Would you want to ride in the back with him?" Her eyes are filled with determination. I could never have this job.

"I would, actually." I choke a broken laugh.

Once they place Will on the gurney and move him into the ambulance, they change oxygen tanks for precautionary reasons.

I walk up the silver ramp, sitting in the black padded seat next to his oxygen tank. My body shakes and I choke a sob. A nurse sits on the other side of the car. I hear her shuffling her feet.

With nothing else, I grab his hand, squeezing it, causing my bruised knuckles to hurt. "You can't leave me, not tonight," I cry again, my body rushing with heat though I'm shivering. I have nothing.

Chapter 6: WilliamEdit

I can feel her hand, but its distant, and it frustrates me more than you can imagine. I can feel her squeezing my hand, and the teardrops that fall onto my face from time to time.

"Come on William pull through." She says, sniffling, although its an echo like I'm in a canyon. I struggle to open my eyes, but the only thing I can do is lightly squeeze her hand. I can hear a sigh of excitement and relief.

"Oh thank god!" She says almost laughing, but she is still an echo. I struggle to form a word from my mouth, when the only thing I can find the strength to say is.

"Hi." It is the only thing that I can get out as I slip back into a deep dark unconsciousness.

Chapter 7: AmberEdit

"Shut up." I bite my lip so my lips don't quiver, so she thinks I can be strong. My backpack is still adjusted to my arms, I sped here right when I could.

"I can't change that he will not move for now. He has arrived into a comatose state. Doctor's have him on feeds now and injecting him with the state of the art medicine. But for write now he won't move."

"You can't tell me he can't move because he talked to me. He squeezed my hand, is that nothing to you?!"

She adjusts her glasses and speaks firmly. "We're trying the best we can, but we're not even sure he'll wake up."

I kick my Converse at the floor. I feel so empty, like even a smile would hurt me. I shiver, and deflate, defeated.

"Well at least can I go see him?" I look at her, wanting to rush through that door and see him walk and talk again. But it couldn't I feel tears swelling up in my eyes, but I shift them away.

"Go ahead."

I rush through the door, expecting to see him lighter today, at least some of his bruises healed, but it didn't. The purple-blue under eyes grew darker, like midnight blue. His bruises that were blue were now purple and a flap of his forehead that burst open is now sewn closed, leaving dried blood and bruises all the way to his eyebrows. In his arm was two needles, pressing into transparent skin. He looked as if you could see write through him, all the way down to the bloody hospital sheets. His cracked lips barely move when he takes a breath.

I don't run for his scars, examining his blood shot eyes, I don't talk at all. I just squeeze his hand with bruised knuckles, pressing his pulse with mine, making me feel whole again. I press my black eye to his and just lay there, waiting for him to say something again, just one more time. I press my sobs back into my throat, I'm sure he wouldn't want to hear them.

His tubes that connect him to oxygen fill his nose, making me feel sick. I can take breaths so deep, inhales so long, and he can't even breathe on his own. I look at it for a second, the air pumping through his lungs like a heartbeat. You hear a rush from the machine and a struggled breath. I place my hand to his, stronger, I want to be strong for him.

My eyes gaze upward to the clock and panic. It has been too hours, but I never want to leave his side. I look at him as I press my bag to my shoulders, and almost reach the door before I stop. I haven't said goodbye. I walk slowly to him, pressing my lips to his ear. I manage a quiet whisper. "I love you, Will." I squeeze his hand powerfully one last time and angle over his broken body. I place my lips to his cracked ones and implant a kiss on his lips, soft and gentle, like the wind. "Goodbye, Will, I say as I open the door.

I let go the sob that was building inside me as I enter the elevator, pain filling my soul. I ache so much, my body hurts, but I want nothing more to be that bed beside him, his eyes awake and him talking to me.

Chapter 8 WilliamEdit

I can hear voices, two of them. But instead of an echo, i hear muffled voices, like the adults from Charlie Brown. In a matter of seconds, I hear only one voice, like someone trying to tell me their life story or something. I want to wake up, and look at the person talking to me, and smile and move arms and legs and head, but I cant and it frustrates me more than you know. I feel like I am in a cage, a cage full of never ending darkness. And the frustration makes me want to explode!

After what seems like hours of muffled talking, i hear the sound of feet shuffling, then a door opening. It seems a little to long for the door to close but when it does I am alone with my own thoughts. At least, I thought I was alone. I feel a sudden gently squeeze on my right hand, and then something touches my lips. I can't quite make out what it was, but then I hear the door open and quickly close. This time I know I am alone.

My own thoughts and memories haunt me. Minute after minute, hour after hour the scene of the crash goes through my head. I go through my memory, wondering where I could turn and If i stopped a tenths of a second before the crash then I could have avoided that crash. But there is nothing I can do, its done, it happened and now here I am, left alone on a hospital bed to think and stay to myself.

Chapter 9: AmberEdit

I tear up again as I get into the car. My bruised knuckles grip the steering wheel as I pull out of the hospital parking lot. I start to shake, for the thoughts of him being in a car and getting hit, and I can crawl into this one, breathing into my lungs and able to see.

My mouth escapes sounds so awful, sobs from my soul. I hate to leave him, but I have to go. I try to drive, but I can barely concentrate. I pull over and sob. This time it hurts, like al, my water was being drained out my body.

Be strong. My body still is shaking. Stay with him. I snatch my phone and call my mother. Telling her I won't be home tonight and I wouldn't go to school tomorrow. Not in the state I am in.

Once my strength has gathered I pull out, speeding to the hospital and then getting some food so I don't start starve in the room, but I can barely eat. My body feels like it can't eat, but my body is so empty. I manage to sip some water as I look around the room, feeling sorry for myself, all alone.

It's seven by the time I get back to his room. He has another shot in his arm, this one blue, labeled pain killer. What a joke.

I hurt as I tighten my knuckles, some skin splitting open. Blood dribbles down my arm to the floor. It hurts but I ignore the pain. I press my arm and bite my cheek, refraining to say anything more.

Hours tick by as I watch his chest inhale and exhale to the rhythm of the machine. My body feels numb from drowsiness. With impulse, I press his body gently over a few inches and crawl next to him, pulling the newly washed sheets over my chest. It smells like lavender as I inhale it deeply in my nose. Guilt rushes through my chest as he takes a struggled inhale with the machine.

I look at the ceiling for hours before my eyes get heavy. And for one last time, I squeeze his hand, pulling my body to the side. I fall into sleep with the machine buzzing, still squeezing his hand. I keep my body steady as I shut my eyes, praying not to cry for him in the middle of the night.

Chapter 10 WilliamEdit

It feels weird, when I wake up..well kinda not waking up I'm up and thinking, I feel...warm, that's when I realize someone is touching me, then i realize whoever it is, is in my hospital bed! The body starts getting up, then I hear the door open and close. I start panicking.

The memory of the crash is happening again, this time with real pain. I can feel the pain of the tears leaving my eyes, and the struggle to breath as I drive down the road. I see that 18 wheeler, and as my car impacts with the 18 wheeler my eyes open in an instant. I'm scared to death now, I am having trouble breathing and that is when I realize there is a tube down my throat. The nurse that is beside my bed talking to the doctor, who I didn't even know was there, rushes to my side. She starts asking me questions.

"You'll me okay, can you move your thumbs?" She asks, stupid question but I do it and I cant stop thinking, that Im choking here. The doctor steps in, his glasses showing my reflection, and I get scared at myself seeing me.

"Do you want the tube out?" He asks in a worried voice. I nod, and the nurse hastily and swiftly takes the tube out. I start breathing faster and faster, then they give me a mask and I put it to my mouth. I'm breathing slower now, and I can think clearly, except I cannot remember the last 72 hours. I take off the mask, and ask in a concerned voice.

"Where..where am I? What happened to me?" The nurse guides the mask back over my mouth, the doctor looks at the nurse.

"Don't worry sweetie just go back to sleep, we will contact your parents." The nurse says in a sweet voice. And so I do, and i actually sleep soundly knowing that I will wake up again.

Chapter 11: AmberEdit

I drag myself to school the next morning, much to my disgust. Crowds follow me around asking me all sorts of questions that I ignore just like the pain.

Even my teachers badger me with questions, teary smiles escape them as they ask, dropping a C test grade on my desk. I groan. I ignore the teacher's questions, not wanting to arouse the pain.

I can barely keep myself together. I sit alone at lunch, eying my apple, but never forcing myself to eat. Thirty minutes seem like forever as the day drags on without Will by my side.

I have never been so happy for a bell to ring. The seconds, the hours, without him. I race to my car, jabbing my keys into the ignition and speeding to the parking lot hoping for the best.

I arrive at the hospital in record time, my body rushing through the door. Wanting a good thing to happen for once. I arrive into his room to see the tubes pulled out of his nose, him sitting up. Happiness fills my lungs and I run on impulse. I grab his neck, pulling his head down to mine. His green eyes are so alive, so beautiful. "You're awake," I gasp. He smiles a nervous smile and I melt. I press my cracked knuckles to his face and not even thinking, press his lips down to mine, they meet and I feel home. His green eyes slowly close as I close mine. I'm finally whole again with Will by my side.

Chapter 12 WilliamEdit

I stare at Amber intensively. I get scared, and she can see it on my face. The doctor tells her that I don't remember anything from the crash, to when I woke up. She puts her hand to her mouth.

"I don't know what that was for..but it was awesome." I say with a laughter she laughs to. Her hair is straightened and it makes her look a hell of a lot prettier than before.

"So doc, you were saying?" I ask, since Amber just randomly came in and gave me that kiss.

"Well, you should actually be out in one week, but you are very, very, very lucky. Most people don't survive those crashes, and even if they do they get paralyzed. You only suffered a clean break in both you're legs, you will be out of sports for almost a year, and in a wheel chair for 9 months." He says with certainty in his voice. It strikes me odd, that after hearing how bad the crash was, how I survived. But hey who am I to complain?

"So Amber..what was that kiss for? To be honest I can't remember a thing from that night." I ask, wanting a honest answer.

"Well..I don't know really. Listen, how about when you get out of the hospital I will explain everything, for now rest." She says in a sweet voice. And so I do, I close my eyes and for the first time in a long time, I embrace sleep.

Chapter 13: AmberEdit

I sit there, hands gripping the steering wheel, when I sigh softly, relief fills my lungs with him sitting next to me. His legs don't move, but his arms shuffle through everything, his green eyes wide open.

But he pulls out the mirror above his seat, angling with his face and he looks scared, horrified by what he sees. He quickly puts it back up. Nervous panic fills the car. "Hey, it's okay. I got a black eye too." I say, trying to lighten up his mood.

He nervously laughs as his eyes look all around the car, but his eyes don't stare at an object more than mine. I feel my cheeks fluster with heat, redness covering my face.

My body feels heated with adrenaline but all I can get out is a smile, and he smiles back his nervous smile of his. My whole body feels like it's been lit by fire and I'm melting away slowly. What a wreck am I.

I stop at a red light when I turn to him, looking at his alive body, when I say, "You're such a wreck."

Heat flushes his cheeks, even brighter than mine. "So are you."

My body was warm, so warm when he looks at me. His green eyes, tousled hair, oh how I love it. My body felt so light yet so heavy. My body was aching for him and now he sits beside me, eyes widened and alert. I love it, I love him, oh how I want his eyes to gaze at me more.

"What happened?" He asks afterwards.

I gulp. I press my fingers deeper and deeper into the wheel before I start sobbing, for what pain he put me through.

"I called 911 and when they got there, your heart stopped." I stop to contain myself. "I thought I lost you. They even had your death time called." I can't hold it back anymore and I sob into his shirt.

"You" I stutter.

He looks scared, scared to see me broken into a thousand pieces like I am. "It's okay," He calmly says and I lean over and rest my head over his shoulder. He winces a little, but he doesn't move me away. Tears fall on his green shirt as I sit there, him stroking my hair softly. And I sit there, pressing my arm to hear his heartbeat, so strong, so alive. I was so grateful for his breaths and his eyes and his heart pumping blood, oh how I missed him.

My eyes meet his. And we gaze into each other's eyes and I try to keep myself from pressing my lips to his. But he does it first. His lips touch mine so sure, I am startled. My eyes widen in shock but they slowly close, as being taken away slowly and softly. I run my hand across his cheek, him resuming to kiss me. I was sure now I loved him, I was sure with him next to me. And I feel terrible how much I love it.

Chapter 14......................WilliamEdit

As I kiss her, I feel alive. And I feel terrible at the same time. The feeling of finally having love again is breath taking, but the pain that I put her through, it leaves a hole in you're heart. We sit there, kissing for maybe 10 minutes. I pull away from her lips.

"Didn't realize I meant that much to you." I say, our foreheads touching.

"More than ever William" She says, with tears running down her face, and a hint of laughter. I kiss her again softly.

"Lets just get me home.." I say. She nods and turns to the wheel. The car ride home is silent, yet love fills the air and I love it. When I get home she has to wheel me to the door. I try to open the door but its locked, so I ring the door bell repeatedly knowing it would piss my parents off which is always fun to do. My mom opens the door, and gives me a kiss on the cheek and a hug.

"Ahh you must be..." My mom says letting the word "be" hang.

"Amber." Amber says, giving my mom a hand shake.

"Shes pretty William." My mom says. I look at my mom with an embarrassed look.

"Mom.." I say indicating for her to stop.

"Is she you're new girl friend?" My mom asks.

"Mom!" I say irritated. Now is not the time. Amber, luckily steps in.

"Oh I have to go, I will see you tomorrow Will!" Amber says. I turn around and give her a silent 'Thank You.' She nods and waves, and drives off.

My mom cooks me a big dinner, with steak, baked potatoes, broccoli and a bottle of coke. After eating, I realize that I have school tomorrow, and I go to bed extra early. Happy to be in my own bed, not knowing that was going to happen tomorrow.

Chapter 15: AmberEdit

I drive to school the next day and I smile like an utter maniac. The butterflies fill my heart and soul, pressing love on and on and on, lingering in my body, rising to the surface and just...


My car reaches a parking lot as I eye across the space, looking for Will. His mother is there, struggling with the wheelchair, trying to get it out and him into it. I run towards them, which aches with the flats with what I'm wearing but I don't care.

"Hi." I smile, completely dorky and I see Will flush in the back.

"Hey Amber, so glad you could try to help me, Will's not a baby anymore, I can't get him out of my car and into here. I see him roll his eyes and I scoff under my breath. "Sure, I can help you,"

We open the doors to the van and take sides, his mother on the left and I on the right. We slowly lift him up, our breaths both ragged as we place him in the chair. His mother can barely breathe. I am catching my breath also.

"So, since your his new girlfriend, why don't you wheel around his classes I am sure he won't mind that."

Oh the heat on his cheeks rises, his skin turning a dark maroon. I place my hands on the grips on the end of the chair and nod. She smiles and heads back into the car, making sure we get near the building before she can even move.

"I'm sorry...'bout that..." His face is still blood red and I can feel mine getting warmer.

I kick my foot on his wheel. "No big. But seriously girlfriend? Did you dish it out or something?" I snicker.

"No!" He says, punching my arm.

"Hey, no fighting on school grounds."

He smiles, this time more sure of himself.

"No reason to get defensive, you must've told Mommy about your little crush..." I can't help it, I start laughing so hard my side hurts.

"And you did?" He asks, raising his eyebrows.


"That's what I thought."

I think we both must have laughed for ten minutes before I get ready to walk in the doors, but first thing I do is squeeze his hand, knowing he will squeeze back. He has mischief in his eyes today, so curious it feels me with even more adrenaline.

I hold his hand as we walk in, some people gasping at him, one guy laughing. I refrain from punching the guy in the face or cursing him out.

"Well this should be interesting..." I make out.

"No, better because you're here."

I instantly melt, right then and there, blood rushing to my cheeks. Oh how I missed Will.

Chapter 16 WilliamEdit

As we go down the hallway, Amber's locker is all the way on the other side of the school, so she says good bye and leaves. I use the handles, and it's quite harder than you think to move. I put in my combo and open the locker, I realize that I left my phone in the locker the day before the dance. Thank god. I look at it. 20 new messages, I know they all are about the accident. Not wanting to bring any bad memories back, I slip it into my pocket. I grab a couple of pencils, and start down the hall way to Geography class.

As I enter the room, I am greeted with a bombardment of questions. My friend, who wasn't able to come see me during the week due to his car being broken down comes between me and the mass of kids in front of me.

"Yo guys, chill he just got back, give the poor kid some breathing room...literally!" He says, chuckles leave a couple of mouths and they listen to him. He looks at me and I give him a reassuring nod.

"Could you me to my seat Leo?" I ask motioning to the hardness of wheeling myself around. He comes around and wheels me next to his seat. The class, bores me considering that its all review for the end of the year exams which is in a month. After class, I have 3 other classes. All of which, are boring. Lunch seems to be the most interesting, which I can expect.

"Leo, I hate to ask you this..but can you wheel me to the lunch line?" I ask, uncertainty in my voice.

"Anything for you Will." He says with a smile on his face. I pick out my usual. Pizza, an Apple, a drink, and a bag of lays old bay potato chips. As we leave the lunch line, I transit from my wheel chair to the table, and Leo goes back to the lunch line. That's when it gets awkward. Since it took me a while to get to lunch, all the tables were full, and once Leo got back with a ham sandwich, Kayla my ex had no where else to sit since she was late as well. As she sits down Leo is in the middle of biting a sandwich and he just stops and stairs. I look at her.

"Oh Hello."

Chapter 17: Amber Edit

"Why is class so boring?" I gasp, kicking my feet to the chair. "We just did a packet with eighty questions in it!"

"I have no idea," Ana groans, pressing her finger in her hair and twirling it, "I swear they put sleeping inducers on this thing." I look around the room to see almost everyone dozing off. I want to myself.

"Yeah, Algebra sucks, pretty much."

I nod in agreement.

The bell rings and I am already out the door before it stops. I breathe a sigh of relief. Thank you God, for letting me get out of that class.

Ana and I walk down the hall and she smiles when we stop by our ELA door. "I love our teacher."

"Everyone does. She's hilarious." I yawn, stretching my arms out. The only time I'm wide awake is in her class and that's saying something.

The bell rings again and she opens the door and we scramble in taking our seats and an uproar begins. Everyone is talking at once, which causes a chorus of sounds. All the voices join in perfect harmony.

She walks in and silences the class which is said so weirdly we can't help but to laugh. She joins in.

"So, we are going to read a poem today and I want you to read it and analyze it." A group of guys groan as she passes out one to every person.

We read it, discuss, adding a few jokes here and there and class is done. I press my body forward to Art and Health, each period being forty five minutes. I draw in Art, obviously, and Health we learn about the importance of Mental Health. Boring.

Then it's lunch, I grab my lunchbox and Ana and I run arms outstretched through the hallway, skipping, laughing until our own sides hurt. We laugh some more.

We pick up one of the ten empty tables, a miracle we got to pick. "Hallelujah."

We sit down as our peers burst in, taking up all the rest of the empty tables, all the cracks. And then Will and his friend come in. I think I must've stared at him for minutes before Ana waves her hands. "Amber, look away!"

I nod, blood rushing to my cheeks. "Somebody's got a crush," She smiles, shoving a french fry in her mouth.

"No, I don't!"

"Do to!"

We argue for a couple minutes when I look back, seeing him sit down. I smile, until Kayla sits right by him and I feel bile rushing into my throat. I groan. "What a damn retard she is."

Ana nods, placing another fry in her mouth.

I see her laughing that stupid high pitched giggle of hers, I hate it so much. I try to keep my jealousy away, trying to push away seeing the way she talks to him beside him, smooth as glass. But my body fills with a sickening feeling. I try to convince Will won't leave me, but I don't know, guys are so caged in, I can barely see on the inside ever. Sometimes I wish I could be alone, talking in private, so we can feel a feeling of hope, of knowing, of joy, of love. The lunch bell finally rings. I shove my uneaten lunch back into my lunch box and try to cage it. But I can't. I pull Will to the side and tell him how I feel. I hate my honesty. I bite my cheek as he responds. I hate my jealousy. I bite my cheek harder as his friends wheels him away.

Chapter 18? William written by AK not signed inEdit

As Leo wheels me away, I look back at Kayla, she smiles and seductively waves to me.

"Dude stop, there is something I didn't tell you while you were gone." Leo says, pausing to take a breath from wheeling me around.

"Kayla dumped Cameron." Leo continues. Since we finished our lunch early, Leo suggested that I get some fresh air.

"Wait are you serious dude?" I turn my body around to look at him. He nods.

"Yep, word is she only wanted him for a one night stand." Leo says looking down at me.

"Me and Kayla were together for 2 years and we never eve-" I stop myself and think about it.

"Well, I never even thought of sleeping with her." I continue, with a weird look on my face. I turn back around because the position I am in is getting very uncomfortable. I guess the conversation stopped their as we exit the school and head to the court yard. We sit out there for the rest of our lunch time, talking about the new video game Titan fall, as well as catching me up with the current gossip of school.

"The bell should-" As Leo says that the bell rings, and I look at him and we both laugh.

"Right on time eh?" I say to him with a smile on my face. He nods at me with the same expression, and takes me to my locker, he has to leave me there since he has other classes than me after lunch on Mondays. So I wheel myself to English, that is when I remember that Amber and Kayla are in my next two classes...not good. And considering that Amber sits in the front with her friends, and I sat in the middle with Kayla, and since we have assigned seats I know there is going to be hell.

Chapter 19: Amber Edit

I look behind me and see him, trying to look straight ahead as Kayla smacks her gum, loud enough for me to here. I write down an answer and resume looking at him. He must not notice, but I still flush and look away.

I try to ignore her nasal laugh, her gum, her long fingernails snapping on the table. When the answers are reviewed, I pull myself to breathe. Get some air. Just one more class and he's all yours. But jealousy fumes.

The bell rings and I dart away. No assigned seats in music. I sigh, but when I get there Kayla sits by him, squeezing his hand so hard her knuckles turn white. I feel bile.

Music class drones on and on, taking notes, instrumentals and everything. But it's at the end where he pulls him to the side. The bell rings, but she doesn't care. Her eyes fill with fake tears. "Take me back, it's the worst mistake I ever made in my life..." He responds.

Rage fumes like wildfire. My hands burn, but feel numb.

When class is dismissed, I grab my books and grab my bag. I feel tears welling as I burst through the doors, sobbing.

Chapter...something WilliamEdit

As I sit back into my wheel chair, I see Amber run out. I'd go after her.....but well you can see how that won't work. Kayla grabs my wheel chair and pushes me to a small hallway away from everybody else. I try to tell her to stop, but she won't. She puts the "brake" On and I can tell you its hard to reach from my position, so in no way can I get out. She kneels down in front of me. I start feeling weird. I start thinking nasty thoughts, my world gets dizzy. I realize that I had to go to the bathroom while Kayla was sitting at my table..and I know Kayla shes been known to be..naughty. I know what she did immediately. But nothing I can do now, and my thoughts soon only trail to her.

"You see Will.." She says rubbing my legs.

"I am very sorry, and I want to apologize for when i dumped you." She says licking her bright red ruby lips. She slowly rises and gently kisses me. I kiss back. I can't think of anything but her. Not even Amber enters my thoughts.

Chapter 21: Amber Edit

I feel bile in my throat as I drive away. i thought I got it right for once. I blink away tears. I wipe away tears with my sleeve. My body aches.

I press my body near the wheel to keep myself from throwing up. Ignore. Ignore. I can't. Her body is perfect, her eyes are aqua, her lips large. I feel awful, I feel terrible.

My phone rings, the voice mail reads Will. I shove my phone back in my jacket. Thanks for my heart being shattered.

I rush the car forward and pretend for all my memories to be run over. Kameron and Kayla and Will. All the ones who broke my heart.

My eyes well up with tears as I run out the car. I can barely make it through the door without falling apart.

I choke a sob as I throw my crappy purse by the door. I shove my head into the pillow. I'm not good enough. I'm never good enough. Even for Will. My body is numb, full of pain. My face is warm from salty tears. I feel empty.

Good job, I think to myself as I go to bed. Now I know for sure nobody likes me. And nothing more than Will comes to mind as I cry myself to sleep.

Chapter 22 WilliamEdit

Leo called me and told me he would be sick, so that means I would have to wheel myself everywhere. When my mom drops me off at school, I wheel to my locker and I know my mistake. I look at my schedule 




5 minute break







End of School day

"Yes" I whisper to myself cheerfully, my first class is with Amber..maybe if I get their early enough I will have some time alone with her.

So I grab my backpack, and hurry down to the English classroom. And there she is sitting their waiting for the teacher, who isn't even here yet. She looks at me, then looks back down at her desk. I wheel myself to my seat, and check my phone. I have 15 minutes before class starts.

"Amber I-" I start, but she stops me there.

"Don't "Amber" me William. I saw you flirting with her, I saw you kiss her, and god knows what else you did with her!" She snaps, staring at me with cold, heart broken eyes.

"No! Its not like that! be honest I don't what happened." I say, looking down at my desk, ashamed.

"She probably invited you to her house tonight as well!" She yells getting up and pointing her finger at me. To be honest...she did but I can't tell her that...can I? I decide to be truthful.

"Well...she did..kinda..sorta...maybe..." I say looking up at her, I can see she is holding back tears of pain and agony.

"I knew it! Now just leave me alone, and have fun with you're girlfriend tonight." She says, sitting back at her desk.

"No I am not going, and she isn't my girlfriend!" I snap back at her, she gets up and slaps me. I ignore the pain, and grab her by the front of the shirt and pull her into my face.

"You are." I say, as I embrace her lips with mine. Her eyes are wide, but soon close and I know, that I have won this battle. We stay in that position until the bell rings. She hastily gets back to her seat, just in time to see the rest of the class walk in.

After a boring 3 more classes, its lunch time. I am not really hungry..due to a side effect of the medication I am taking for my legs. She doesn't look hungry either, by the way she is playing with her food. I lean close to her ear and whisper.

"Wanna ditch?" She stops mid bite of her food and looks at me with big open eyes, like I am crazy..which she is probably right.

"Are you serious?! No!" She whispers back, probably a little to loud for a whisper.

"Come on, gotta live life to the fullest! My parents are out of town till and won't be back Monday, so what will matter?" I whisper back, chuckling at her last response.

"But what if they catch us?" She asks me.

"They won't! Now come on!" I say, and she wheels me out the door of the lunch room, and to her car. The car ride is silent, I can tell she is scared. When we arrive, she wheels me to my door, and I unlock it with the keys that my mom hides under the foot.....thing. She wheels me in, and I wheel myself to the couch and climb onto it and lie on my back.

"So what now?" She asks, exploring my house.

"Come here." I say tapping my lap.

"But you're legs they-" I stop her there.

"I can't feel them, they will be fine." I say, and she does and she lies on me, our faces inches from each other.

"You know, you are the most beautiful woman in the world." I say giving her a peck on the nose.

"You know you are the hottest guy in the world." She says kissing my cheek.

"Well I try.." I say, and we both laugh. I lean forward, and gently kiss her lips. She pushes my head back onto the couch. We part, and she lies on the smallest space on the couch, putting her hand on my chest and I put my arm around her, we fall asleep in each others arms.

Chapter 23: Amber Edit

When I wake up, his arms cradle my body, pressing my arms with his hands. My hand feels his heartbeat and I breathe sllwly, softly as he continues to sleep. He's beautiful-I think to myself-the way his arms are so strong, his arms so soft and warm. I never pull away. My body is so warm, and I know I love him. I admire him and put my head on his lap, adjusting to my other arm. His legs don't move. I sigh, replaying the same beautiful moment over and over again. My heart beats faster just thinking about it.

When he wakes up, his green eyes immediately fall down to me and I stare back at him. I flush so much I have a headache. "Hey." He moves one arm and strokes my hair softly and I feel butterflies. "Hi Will." I can't stop from saying his name. It's beautiful, like him.

"What time is it?" He asks me, smiling. My eyes search the nearest stive. "It's ten." I return the smile back.

He is making me buzz with electricity and I look at him. "So now..."

"We eat. I'm really hungry." I never want to let go of his gentle arms, but I grab a bag of Lays from the counter.

"Why are you so beautiful? " I ask, almost wanting to kill myself afterward. Blood rushes to my cheeks.

He looks surprised, but his shoulders ease as he says, "I'm not that..."

"You so are. Look at yourself." He smiles, an awkward, yet fulfilled smile. He puts his arm around me tightly. I feel all pain rush out of me. All I need is right here and right now. He pulls me closer and kisses my softly on my forehead and my eyes close immediately. I was so used to the feeling it, I sigh. My body shivers in anticipation, a rush of him bursting through me.

He pushes my head into his arms and I smile. He's so amazing. I feel a jolt of excitement, a jolt of love.

He presses his lips near mine and I relax, just I did this morning. And I'm positive I love him.

Chapter...24 WilliamEdit

We lie there, just looking at each other.

"So, since its some kinda Jewish holiday today...what do you want to do?" I ask, stroking her hair softly.

"I dunno what do you wanna do?" She asks her chin on my chest.

"Well..I have a hot tub out least lets see if its warm enough." I say. She nods and gets up. I sit up and crack my back. I grab my wheel chair and sit in it.

"Lets go." I say, and we head to the backyard. Its closed, so once Amber opens it she looks at it.

"Well touch it see if its warm enough." I say motioning my arm to the hot tub.

"Why don't you do it?" She asks obviously not realizing my legs.

"Well..I would..but I have to get up and that's kinda impossible for me." I say, with a little laugh.

"Oh that's right." She says. She stands on her toes and is about to touch the water with her finger when i grab her legs and lift her in.

"Will!" She yells. Her clothes is sticking to her like glue. And I can't help but laughing. She splashes me with really cold water. She soon joins in with my laughing.

"I cannot believe you did that! Now I don't have anything to wear!" She says to be. I go up to a pole with a tower hanging over it and hand it to her.

"I am sure I have some shirts and pants that you could wear." I say. Since my house is a one story house (thank god) Its a lot easier for me to get around. So I show her down the hall way to my room.

"Now get" She says, pushed me out the door to get dressed. I go to the living room and lie down on the couch, then i start watching my favorite TV show, NCIS. I don't know how long, but it took her a whole episode before I heard my room door opening. When she came into the room my jaw dropped. She was wearing one of my favorite T-shirts, a green shirt that says "Marines" on it, its from my dad, and wearing no pants but her panties.

"Wow." I say, closing my mouth.

"Where did you get this shirt?" She asks me, as she comes over to me.

"Its from my Dad, he was in the Marines." I say, hoping she wouldn't push on.

"Oh, where is he? I don't think I've met him." She asks.

"That's a story for another day I say, and I embrace her in a kiss.

Chapter 25: Amber Edit

It always ends up like this, him pressing his lips to mine and pausing in between breaths. He loves me and I love him, but my body was starting to warm, for wearing just this, but there was no shorts that even kind of fit me. His green eyes are starting to close and so do mine. My body shakes a little, but his steady arms put me at ease. My body relaxes and he smiles. He must know that he won this battle. He resumes as my eyes close again and I feel so embarrassed yet so wonderful at the same time.

When he pulls away, I gaze into his green eyes, his smirk and I smile back. I press my head on his shoulder now and press my hand on his beating heart. He's breathing, inhale, exhale and I'm so grateful. He looks down and takes a section of my hair and runs his rough fingers through it. Butterflies in my stomach awake and my heart runs a mile a minute. I place my feet on the couch and curl by his side.

He must've liked this, because now when I grasp his hand, it's warm, and I squeeze it softly, pressing his beautiful living body. He puts his arm around me and I shiver. "Are you okay Amber," He asks, squeezing my left shoulder.

"No, I'm fine Will." I move my head from his shoulder to his lap. His legs don't move in the slightest, as I turn my head up to see his face. I smile. His smile back warms my soul.

I pull Will's military shirt down, and I just sit there analyzing his features. He presses my forehead with a kiss and I sigh softly, eyes closed. "You know I love you right?" He asks.

My heart races. "Of course I do Will." I shine a bright smile at him and he smiles back, twice as bright, twice as beautiful. He's who I love.

"You know...." Will starts, "my legs really hurt right now. Why don't we go in my room?"

"Are you just saying that or do your legs really hurt?" I ask.

"They hurt!" He smiles.

"Sure...." I roll my eyes, not believing him. He's already down the hallway when I look back and I run after him.

His room is olive green and in the middle is a black bed and all I can say is, "Oh."

He rolls onto his bed and lays down, almost immediately going to sleep. When I know for sure he's asleep, I crawl in next to him, looking at the ceiling. I feel sweaty. I'm a nervous wreck. I make pictures with the ceiling until my eyes slowly close into sleep.

I wake up in panic. Pants echo through the empty house. His green eyes dart around to find mine. I look at his pale, sweaty face as I ask. "What's wrong Will?" I ask, wrapping my arms around his neck.

He tries to respond calmly, but it comes out rushed and panicked, "Just a dream Amber. Go back to sleep." His face gets slightly paler as his breaths quicken.

"It wasn't just a dream Will." I tell him, angling his face towards mine, "You can tell me anything, now what was it?" I look up into his darting green eyes. I squeeze his hand and it's freezing.

His body shakes as he stutters, "It was.....the...crash..." His breaths slow as I look into his eyes. "Tell me, Will, I'm hear for you." His body presses against my back as he tries to catch his breath.

Chapter 26 WilliamEdit

For the first time since I woke up, I remember the crash. I tell her about it, and I just lie there, and I start to cry. And for the first time, she is holding me. I then cry myself back to sleep.

When i wake up, its only 7:00 but school starts in 1 hour. I look down to see Amber not there, then I hear her walking in.

"Mornin babe." She says with a smile on her face.

"Ugh I don't want to go to school.." She says giving me a kiss.

"Well, because of my leg I can just call in sick, you...ehh you could try." I say, chuckling.

"I guess I can try.." She says, but then she looks at me, puzzled.

"What would we do?" She says smiling.

"Well..what lovers do...duh." I say laughing at my own comment.

"But, seriously, I want to meet you're parents, and I am sure they want to meet me." I say.

"Oh umm..Will are you sure?" She says, I dont know what the big deal is.

"Yes I am sure!" I say, and off she goes to call her parents.

Chapter 27: Amber Edit

I wait until the afternoon to call my parents, after all if you call in the middle of the morning it's a bad sign-I never text in class.

When I call, my mom answers.

"Hey it okay if Will comes to our house tonight?"

She pauses, then responds "Sure Amber. How about seven?"


She doesn't ramble on like my dad does, but hangs up the phone.

"And...." Will waits for me to respond.

"You're meeting them at seven," I say as I sit back on the couch next to him, him pressing his hand on my shoulder blades.

"Why do you want to meet my parents?" I ask, whispering.

"I don't know." He clicks his tounge and places his fingers through his hair.

I sit there, next to him, sweating. I am nervous to say the least. My palms are hot but my hands are shaking, my body burning but shivering. Will pulls me tighter and presses his lips to my forehead. My body falls in relaxation like it always, but this time, I kiss back. His eyes widen as I press my hand to his cheek.

It felt good, his hands pressing my shoulder blades so strong, so secure.

I felt completely safe in his arms. His eyes look into mine, a dark green with bits of gold in it-they were beautiful-just like him.

When we pull back, all we can do is smile. He smiles and I smile back. We sit beside one another and press our palms together.

We must sit there or kiss (we alternated) for hours, until it was 6:30. We had to go. I get Will's wheelchair and he gets in, wheeling to the door. I help him open the huge thing, covered in reflective glass. One things for sure, I know this is going to be a long night.

Chapter 28 WilliamEdit

When we get there, her father isn't what I expected him to be. He was nicer to me than I expected, probably because of my legs and he really didn't need to put anymore pressure on me...but the truth is I don't know. When he invites me in, I have trouble getting over a small step. I hesitate at first, but then I ask with full confidence.

"Amber, could you help me?" She nods and helps me up, looking at her father, I expect a look from him, but I only get a smile, and a heart friendly hand shake.

"Something smells good." I say, taking in the wonderful smell as we enter the kitchen. Smells like lasagna.

"I hope you like lasagna!" Amber's mom says, she smiles as I transfer from my wheel chair to the seat, and sets down the food.

"Would you like anything to drink William? Water? Soda?" Amber's mom asks. I grab a napkin from the center of the table.

"A soda, and please call me Will." I say. She nods at me, and pours Dr. Pepper into a glass cup and sets it down. She sits down, Amber says grace and then we dig in.

After dinner, Amber and her mother excuse themselves from the table and Amber's dad and I chat.

"Wait wait wait, so you're saying the kid didn't know that a foul ball is a strike?" Amber's dad says, laughing. I respond trying to keep a straight face, but i end up laughing.

"Yep, and then he took a water bottle, and dumped it on the kid that told him!" I say, laughing. It takes a while but after some time we stop laughing and Amber and her mom start doing the dishes while we continue to talk.

"So Will, I'd love to meet you're parents." Amber's dad asks.

"Well my mom is on a business trip and wont be back till actually next Monday." I say, sipping at my Dr. Pepper.

"And what about you're dad?" He asks. Like a flashback, but in a small movie reel I see my dad's coffin, the American flag over it.

"Will? Are you okay?" Amber asks, still holding my plate.

"I..I need to use the bathroom." I say, and I transfer to my wheel chair, and go into the bathroom, I shut the door and I just sit there.

Chapter 29: Amber Edit

Pressing Will's plate in the dish washer, I excuse myself. I press my knuckles to the old wooden door and knock softly.

"Will?" Faint sobs is all I can hear through the door. I twist the knob and push the door open, Will lying there, his hair disheveled, his face red and tear soaked.

I grab his hand and squeeze softly, his body shaking. I look up at his eyes, pools of water with rain falling down the sides of his cheeks. "Will..." I can't manage to say anything else. A lump forms in my throat. It constricts, tighter and tighter until I can barely breathe.

I manage a small whisper in his ear after a while, "What happened Will?" My eyes were glossy, seeing him like this. I never wanted to see him unhappy. His sobs dug like a knife through my heart.

His sobs grow louder for a minute, then gradually softer, until it's a small whimper, his body shaking. He makes out "My battle...Amber..." before he sobs again.

I feel tears streaming down myself, but I dry his eyes and lift his head. "I didn't know Will....I'm so sorry."

He swats me away and continues crying, pressing his shaking hands to his flaming face and I just sit there, grasping his hand and looking at him with glass like eyes, trying to comfort him. I never had that much grief placed on me. I press my cheek to his until his sobs die down. All my hands can manage now is a lift of his hand, I can barely squeeze. He seems so fragile this way, so broken.

I feel chills through my spine as I hold his hand. "You want to go out?" He presses a hand to his eye, wiping away his stray tears and barely nods. I grip his handles and wheel him back out, despite his puffy eyes and red cheeks.

"What happened...." My mother begins.

I shake my head and whisper "Don't mention it." I didn't want to bring him any more pain than I put him through. I never want to be responsible for that much pain ever again.

His hands still shake a little, but I manage to get a squeeze from his hand in return. I never seen Will in so much pain. What I would kill for that smile to be plastered on his face again, shining throughout the whole room. Pressing into my soul like wildfire. His smile was the most beautiful thing in the world. And now all I see is a straight face, trying to ignore the pain. He was in battle, pressing the tears behind him, because the damage had already been done.

Chapter 30 WilliamEdit

I normally don't like to talk about my father, since I have been told I fade out while telling the story, and I aint about to tell the story right now. I give her a kiss on the cheek when we leave the bathroom. I ask her to go home, so she pushes me to the car and I hop in. The car ride is long and silent, I slowly calm down. She asks me if I'm ok, and nod everytime she asks. She drops me off, but I deny her help getting out and I swiftly get into my wheel chair. Without saying a word I call her off with my hand, I just want to be alone for the night.

Chapter 31: Amber☆★☆ Edit

It's hard, be definition, for being alone. My head is tilted to look at the huge wall, covered in speckles, even they have clusters of friends. I felt empty inside, as I sit there and think.

Why should I spend my time on this? I ask myself. Because I hated being alone. I press my head into the pillow and worry myself to death about him, about me, about him, about everything.

I busy myself with homework and pack my bag for tomorrow. It was one thing to need I told myself I should not worry about it, but seeing the way Kayla kissed him in the hallway what seems like ages ago falls into my mind. It was not love in his eyes, it was lust, and I'm not going to ever include what she did to part of this picture. It was hard thinking about these events alone because all the opinions are yours, and you can't accept or even hear anyone elses. I press my body harder across the pillow and cry softly until I fall asleep.

Turning the ignition , I look across the road, to find thr quickest route without seeing Will. I worry so much.....too much...but I can't take it. I press the button to the radio, pressing the notes to distract me, I breathe softly.

When I get to school, I grab my bag and hurry to first period, I wait, books in hand until my teacher opens the door. I walk in silently as the door closes behind me.

"You're early Amber."

"I know." I sigh.

I press my nose into a book I haven't picked up in weeks as two people soundly come into the room. I peek up, to see who came in.

I gape as Kayla walks in with a thigh high skirt, colored with inky black, charcoal eyliner swept across her eyes, mascara swept all over her lids. Magenta lips with matching manicure, a top that is slit to show tons of skin but no cleavage. She looked like she just hooked up with ten guys and proud of it. Her blonde hair whips behind her as Wil follows her to the desk, placing himself in closer than her to me, I gasp as she applies more lipstick and leans across to Will.

Chapter 32 William (Whats up with the stars??)Edit

Kayla leans closer...and closer...and closer to me until I can smell her breathe.

"Ummm...Hi?" I say with doubt, I don't like her, and I don't want to be near her.

"Hey." She says VERY seducivally, but I dated her for three years, I know all her tricks.

"So what, I become a cripple and I get a new girl friend and suddenly you decide to flirt with me?" I ask, taking out my computer. All my papers that were in my backpack were ripped up in the car crash, thank god I typed everything, and since we are studying for finals I am alowed to use my computer.

"Just wanted to ask you if you wanted to come to my place for a study session later tonight." She asks. Kayla is a very smart girl, she doesn't need to study, and although I do, I can do it alone or with someone else. Probably with Leo.

"Sorry, me and Leo, and his girl friend are going to go to the movies, then head home for some studying on our own." I say. She looks at me with disgust. Every other guy would have said fuck yeah but they don't know her like I do. She even moves to the back of the class with her posse. After class I walk up to Amber. I feel better and I almost forget about what happened last night.

"Hey Amber, me, my buddy Leo and Leo's girl friend are heading to the movies, then heading back to Leo's place to study for finals, wanna come?" I ask. She looks stunning today.

"Umm, sure." She says, I smile.

"Great, movie starts an hour after school so meet us in the court yard right after." I say, wheeling off.

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