Chapter 1: The Names Edit

I pull my head low, twisting the small evergreen colored hoodie around my very thin body, while they prick my finger. I set the finger (if anyone knows me, guess which one) on the desk while they press the needle into my arm. "You know I hate you too right?" I whisper in the peacekeepers ear as I walk by.

Ever since a couple years ago, The Capitol I have hated. My best friend, my only friend I ever had, was pulled into the dreaded games. He walked up calm, like he always did and I broke the ropes separating me from him. I pulled my way through the crowd and tried to run up the stage. A few peacekeepers held me down, while I lay there struggling my way through. They put morphling in my arm and I was carried away from the crowd unconscious. I didn't even get to say goodbye, he died a couple of days later by drowning.

I pulled my way into the crowd with the other sixteen year olds. I stand and I wait for someone insanely stupid escort to come out and talk about the "terrible war". You would think the 68th year would be enough to hold that grudge.

After a couple of minutes of shining lights and huge TV screens, a middle aged, plump woman walks up. She wore an extremely big hat with the colors of trees and leaves. I guess she's new.

"As usual, ladies first."

She disgusted me more by the minute.

"Johanna Mason." She smiles a big toothy grin. Almost clownish.

I knew I had training and I don't want any peacekeepers to remember I was the one that fought them, getting pulled down was the softest option possible. I still hated them, but I knew my life was more important.

I pull my hoodie down, slowly shuffling my feet onto the stage. I hear a few laughs from the guys section, while a few girls from school just stared at me, terrified.

"Now that we have her, let's have the boys. You certainly don't want to miss out, don't you?"

Could she possibly get any more stupid?

"And let's see, Jason Green."

He arrogantly climbs the stage. The athlete. The one that was always better than everyone else.

"Let's give a round of applause!" She giggles.

A few boys cheer for Jason, but I stood there, looking at the girls section, while they all look at me, staring in complete terror.

I mean, I could win this right?

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