Jimmy Palmer Tim Left Side:McGee Ziva David (Daved)Leon Vance Right side:Leroy Gethro Gibbs Dr Ducky Malard Abby Shuto Tony Dinozo

This is a book about a show called NCIS, i am taking all the characters and personalities and common actions and sayings, but i am making up my own story. Throughout this story I will be changing POVs. If i change the POV i will start the chapter like this "You are now______"


You are now Lt. Commander Rands.

I walk down the road when i suddenly hear screams. "AHHHHH help me please!" I run to were the sound is and i turn the corner into an ally "hello? i-im here to help," I say. Suddenly i hear a click, i turn around and there is a gun pointed at my head "wait wh-" He pulls the trigger.

Chapter 1Edit

You are now Special agent Leroy Jethro Gibbs AKA "Boss"

I walk down the ally, Dinnozo and Ziva follow right behind me.

"McGee, name?" I say putting on my latex gloves before examining the body for accesories.

"Name: Lt. Commander James Rand US Marines" McGee says looking down at his finger print scanner thing that im to old to know the name of. Ziva takes pictures of the body, while Dinozo flirts with a cute girl waiting behind the crime scene tape.

I start checking his pockets. I find a wallet a phone, and theres seems to be nothing else.

I hand the wallet to Ziva and the phone to McGee.

"Gibbs theres seems to be nothing missing, 60 dollors in here along with credit cards." She says closing the wallet, and putting it an evidence bag that we will soon be handing to Abby.

"So it wasnt a robbery?" McGee says looking up from his phone.

"Doesnt look like it." I say.

"Sorry were late Mr. Palmer forgot something back at the lab." Duck says walking and kneeling down at the body. He puts a thermonmiter inside the body.

"Time of death Duck," I say writing stuff down on my note-pad.

"Well judging by the tempiture of the body i would say 7-8 hours ago."

"Boss! I found something!" Dinozo yells, i walk to hm and examin what he found.

"Looks like a boot print" I say.

"Yes but look closer n the dirt printer out by the foot print." He says, i look closer and my heart stops.

"Uniter States Marine core, thats the insignia the eagle."