I am a geek and my life is computer chips and I fight fake enemies that I always hit

And I had a friend I loved quite a bit

She said “Come on let's chat, let’s have some fun, share with me your perigees”

But she has responsibilities she cannot run

She does not wish the death of any living thing, she was no villain but one day a heroine 

She wanted to put an end to slaughter and love everyone between

I play a game with a bunch of fools who tell me not to break the rules

But when has being good ever helped me yet?

And the conflicts aren’t real and anyway it doesn’t matter

Cause no matter what I digitally imagine it could not help me deflect

The gory death of every hopeful thought

That I might be a lover or a fighter that I’m not

In someone’s net or scope I could be caught

But I’m too bitter, better off alone, guess I forgot

So what? Do you want me to say sorry?

should I apologize, when you ignore me?

I didn’t ask to be like this or to be lonely

or to be born into this messed up story

I am a geek and I guess I a couple girls in my heart's snare

But then I guess I bored them all to death

And now I think my calling is to break apart and fall to pieces

Better yet invent a brand new method of ascension

I hope that your impressed, I’ve managed to survive

But rest assured I’m cold inside  yet look I’m alive

Cause when you got a hold of me it was like being fried 

And I’m surprised nobody’s considered why I switch sides

So here I am, disrespectfully and angrily destroying

Any chance of getting back on your good wills

And I don’t want to be hurtful but if green’s the new purple

Well then bleeding’s the new breathing, don’t you think?

I used to wish the death of every living thing

I might be a villain but you’d never be my heroine

So  I put away my laughter, packed up my hopes and dreams

I’m done with trying to get you back it seems

That I am just pathetic, I won’t be overlooked

I’m past the point of trying so you would look

I’ve made a manifesto, I’ve been bested by a crook

But never more!

I’m planning on reclaiming what he took….

So what? do you want me to say sorry?

Should I apologize, when you ignore me?

I didn’t ask to be like this or to be lonely

Or to be born into this messed up story

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