"Where's your costume?" I ask. "In my car, why?" Ellis asks, raising her eyebrows. "Nothing," I respond. "Fine I'll go get it," She sighs. Ellis leaves the room, slamming the door behind her. I pull out my fallen angel costume. The top is covered with black lace, with a dark deep purple as an undershirt. My skirt is black and purple feathers that fall to my knees. I wear black wings and a purple lace mask. Ellis gapes when she walks in. "That's a really good costume, too bad you can't show it off," She sighs. I open my mouth in protest, but I know for a fact, she is right.

I slide into the passenger seat, Ellis hands gripped on the wheel. "Let's hope we're not late," She laughs. She hits the pedal and we're off. "So, you can't wait can't you?" She smiles. "Yeah," I laugh. She stops. "Stupid red lights," She says. As soon as it turns green, she speeds going zero to fifty in six seconds. "We're almost there," Ellis squeaks. She pulls her dress down. "Alice in wonderland," I grin. "Yep," Ellis sighs. We pull up into the parking lot of the ballroom and laugh. We are officially late.

"Thanks for coming!!!" Fawn yells. She hugs me tightly and shoves us in. A ton of people are here. I see she invited her boyfriend Quinn. She runs up to him and they start talking right away. Together, they are indivisible. Not a thing can stop those two. Ellis runs to her really talkative friend, Rose. I sigh and fall into a leather seat. This masquerade Fawn is hosting, I am alone. No one has even talked to me. These people are all my friends! "Hi," I speak. About ten people run up to me. "How's it going?" "How you been?" I say fine, and run off. Really, I don't even deserve to be here.