Ever heard of hollow earth? Ever wondered if it exisited? Well it does 
Lost Lands

Lost Lands

While humans go on with their busy and pitiful lives full of lies and danger people live peacefully in the lost land Hollow Earth. They live peacefully. Those people are the ones who escaped the war on Earth to find a more peaceful place to live in. This goes on all around the world. All the lost lands that live secretly avoiding each other to prevent war. All these cities live good lives. Yes, there are secret comminunities that the ignorant mortals ignore. They cannot see them.

So what if war suddenly sprang out?

Character GalleryEdit


There is one thing we all fear. War. But how could war happen in such a peaceful place. Exactly, it can't happen. I don't think anybody would be stupid enough to try to make a rebellion in such a heavenly place. 

A ShadowEdit

The birds chirp their cheerful melodies that fill me with joy, happiness and a strange twing of sadness. The air smells of my mom's famous bread that she fills with nuts and raisins and makes my mouth water, I note as i rise from bed. Yes it is a lovely morning. Yet, i can't shake the feeling it won't last.

I get up from the tangled mess of my bed sheets and walk over to the bathroom. Inside i take a quick shower and let the warm water heat my cold body. I get out and try to walk through the small fog that has collected. 

I dress in my black combat boots and denim shorts. I put on a cute shirt with ruffle front and a black mini vest that i have to button up. i throw my sunglasses, water bottle, book and my cell phone. 

"I mighot not be home early," I yell as i walk out the door. "Take care," my mom responds carelessly.


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