Warning: (Lies) contains swearing - read at your own discretion

"So, Sally, how was last night?" I ask, curious.

"Last night at that party?"

"Yeah?" I ask with a smile.

"Well...I had some stuff to do there."

"Like what?"

"Just stuff...On the bed"

"Oh my fucking god!! NO!!"


Yeah, this is my life. I have a slutty friend named Sally. Right now I'm in highschool my Junior year.

  • Bell rings*

"Well, its time to go bye."


Yup! I don't know how I got here and how I got this popular, but I know I got here with lies. Lets start from the beginning.

5 Days EarlierEdit

Hi I'm Renee and this is my life.

"Good morning honey." says my mom.

"Hi." I say, very tired.

"Welcome, sit down."

I come and sit at the table.

"What are we eating?"

"I made you bacon and eggs."

"Oh thank you," I say that with my mouth watering

"Can you pass the orange juice?"

"Sure sweetie." I drink some then leave

"I'm gonna take a shower."

I walk into the shower and get cleaned


"Sweetie, it's in the drawer."