For those of you who don't speak French, the title means "The Red Flower"

Note: Set in France, but the people speak English, due to the majority of people on here that speak English.


A homeless man in his twenties has made enough money to buy a cup of coffee at the best cafe in Paris, France, "La Fleur Rouge." He meets the barrister, who lends him his cup due to an accident with one of the waitresses. (Many of the cups shattered.) They fall in love, and you read on to see what unfolds. :)


Genevieve "Ginny" Aubouchon- The barrister.

Félix Delacour- The homeless man.

Chapter OneEdit

A small Café sits in Paris, France among the boutiques and restaurants that line the streets. Inside, waitresses run around, chefs cook the food, and the barristers chat with the customers.

A homeless man sits outside "La Fleur Rouge", which is the name of the bustling Café. He is counting some money in an old hat. He smiles, and rises from the pavement, and walks into La Fleur Rouge. He sits at the stools at the coffee bar.

CRASH! Shattering noises come from the kitchen.

"ELODIE! You shattered all of the mugs! Clean them up and I will order more!" The manager yells angrily at the girl who dropped them. The homeless man looks a little disappointed. One of the barristers walks over to the man.

"Hello. Haven't seen you in here before." She greets.

"I live outside here. I do not have a home." He says.

"Oh. That's too bad. Want a cup of coffee?" She asks.

"But all your mugs just shattered." He says, disappointed. The barrister laughs, and pushes her long, dark auburn hair behind her broad shoulders.

"You can use my mug. I always have one handy." She pushes a white mug painted with the name Genevieve Juliette Aubouchon on it. She pours some coffee into it.

"Thank you." The man says. "I'm Genevieve. What's your name?" She asks smiling. "Félix."

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