Intro! Okay hi this is my first time doing a page on Wikia, so I'll probably mess up a little bit. My username is --WolfKat, and I'm a writer. Not professionally, but I've done small stories and such. I decided that it would be nice to post my work on a site like this, but Jungle Island (and I mean the whole thing) is super long so for now (November 30) I will only put the beginning.

Chapter One~ SculiotopsisEdit

It started in the year 2013. It started in Hawaii, when a new disease broke out. It was a disease called Schuliotopsis, a disease that infected teens ages 15 and up, when the body was going through many changes. After the Hawaiian Islands became infected, the disease spread when some sick kids were transported to the mainland so as to be safe. However, contrary to what was supposed to happen, the children carried the disease over.

After it had become widespread over the world, a group of parents decided that before their healthy, strong, 13-year-olds became infected or diagnosed, they would be sent away to a completely deserted island, where they would safe from the disease. The island was completely surrounded by water, and even the plane that would take them there would not land, it would literally drop them onto the island with sufficient supplies for a long enough period of time for them to establish a base. The ten children that would go were Adelei, Devin, Dylan, Leia, Kenzie, Kat, Megan, Sheila, Brianna, and Elanor.

To be concise, the children were not pleased with their parents’ decision. In fact, they were infuriated. To have to leave wonderful San Diego for a completely deserted island without Internet or any kind of technology, to be rogues. Any kid of the 21st century would be unhappy.

Lead by the brave, commanding Adeleidia, the ten children gathered their belongings and brought weapons such as bow and blade alike, and were soon geared. The pets of the Kat and Megan were brought along as well, for the snakes (a ball python and a red-tail boa) might prove useful, and would be abandoned otherwise.

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