Like I was warned, I fell in love;
Accrue from Earth, and stars above.
A dream flare, it’s sweet like honey.
Hypnotic glare, her stare is stunning.

Sun kissed on skin, of heal connote;
Her cheeks akin, from peel of coat,
Her eyes conceit, but cured by brown.
A gift adorned, in cunning frown.

Her hair’s slicked back, held by pin;
Tapered to tail, the sides trimmed thin.
With ear buds in, to drown the sound,
Of giggles and gossips, circled around.

Curled up shorts, keeping with trends;
But distant, in the corner she blends.
Arms around legs, perched on her seat,
Small enough to fit, gentle and petite.

How I’ve wondered, taste of her lips;
Feel of her skin, upon fingertips.
I wanna kiss, make her feel alright,
Caress her curves, receive her bite.

To see her early, adorning my shirt;
With nothing else, even her skirt.
Take her softly, encompass my dreams,
Scents, love, whimpers, and screams.

Her beauty covers, like dew of rose;
'Spite of thorns, I grab her clothes.
Pull her close, but she disappears,
I want to cry, I’m out of tears.

Scared to speak, her lips are shy;
Though harmless, I wonder why?
‘Cause she’s hurt, I’ve felt that pain,
Of skies in Sun, filled with rain.

One day with hope, I’ll ask this girl;
Ask her out, just for the swirl.
But that’s uncertain, well for me,
I'm a little too shy, too blind to see.

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