HangMan cover by Grotesque Dead productions ltd

Warnings: adult themes + language.

So bros, my friend asked me to write a book to go with her film so heeere it is! It has a turn of events near the end!

This was made for Fallen Society Films, please go check out the website!

chapter 1 Edit

"Haha, Kasey Locke!"

They all cheered.

"Stop it! Now!" the only person who didn't make her feel terrible was Mr Jackban and even then he hardly intervened. But today? They'd hit her in front of him, and they'd pushed her into that corner. "Kyle! Clarke! Both of you get yourselves to the Principle's office - now!" They sneered at the so-called "consequences" and spat at her as she sat there, battered.

"Kasey, are you ok?" Lisa was her only friend in the entire school and even then, she spoke about her behind her back. It was entirely a game of nothing but malice and hatred, even when she thought she could trust Lisa. Kasey nodded as she brought her legs to her chest and tried to stop shaking. All the kids watched as Mr Jackban went over to her and put his stern hand on her shoulder. His touch made her feel sick to her very core. She looked up at him, pushing her brows together and giving him daggers.

"I want you to go see your counsellor. Now." He was never nice to his pupils, the exception was Kasey, but of course, he was a jackass to begin with. A rapist, too. Kasey hated him with all her mind, yet she wasn't ready to tell anyone about him. Not yet, anyway. She'd like to keep that a secret for the time being - if she told anyone, they'd all laugh, call her slut, call her whore. Not like they didn't already, but they wouldn't believe her; nobody did, ever. It was some sort of unwritten rule.

She stood up and hurried out of the room, grabbing her black messenger bag from the floor and storming down the hall, before Ronan hit her into the floor. "Watch where you're going bitch." He laughed and walked off, entering room 93 - the one next to her RS room.

She found herself terrified. At a loss for words, hurting both inside and out. Even the cuts on her shoulder burned, even though they were long since healed. She screamed and pulled at her black hair, yelling 'I hate you', over and over again until Miss Kay came out and yelled. "RO3, go see your head of year, now!" Kasey cursed under her breath and stood up, grabbing her papers and walking out of the block and into the harsh, unforgiving wind of the outside world.

I fucking hate you, too.

IMAG0639 Wrote by the overly-stupid James, aka Killswitch!

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