Can't figure out what word you want? Well, if you have a totally spontaneous and crazy word, put it here. It doesn't have to necessarily have an equivalent meaning-that's why we have the Thesaurus Helper- but something you don't hear everyday.

File:Mixed up random words.jpg

Add your own- the only rule is that it must be appropriate (e.g. Inappropriate meaning), and that it must be something unusual. I'll get you started!

eructation ih-ruk-TAY-shun noun

an act or instance of belching

Examples: Excessive eructation is a common side-effect of that particular medication.

antemeridian ant-EE-mer-ID-I-un adjective

of, relating to, or taking place in the morning. Before noon, or pertaining to forenoon.

Examples: The great celebration was antemeridian, thanks to the scorching sun at noon.

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