225px-1st MARDsIV 2 insignia

1st MD was a US Marine Division in Vietnam.

Anthony raised his M16 and fired.

"Friendly fire, Anthony! He was a friendly!" yells the PFC.

"Fuck you. He murdered Sgt. Lawrence." says Anthony.

A story about the intensity of Vietnam. The horrors of war.

Use of heavy swears. This is dedicated to the men who fought and died in the Vietnam war. Semper Fi.


Earlier, at a bunker complex.

"Anthony! Take PFC Luke! I got Lawrence! I got left flank, you take right, the rest of you, defend the center!" says Lt. Peterson.

Fuck Peterson... I need total domination in the platoon.

"Yes, sir!" the Marines shout.

"Luke, c'mon!" Anthony says as he loads his M16.

The VC and the Marines battle it out. The Marines take heavy losses. The center is about to be broke.

Then the VC charge from the left and right. Anthony and Luke kill the VC, then help restore the center, then find Sgt. Lawrence and Lt. Peterson at their place, only that Lawrence is dead, and Peterson is looking down at him.


"He didn't kill Lawrence, sir, the gooks did!" yells Luke

"FUCK YOU!" he raises his M16 at Luke, but is shot in the chest 4 times, and dies.

"Mother fucker..." says the Marine who killed Anthony.


Earlier, Peterson's POV.

"Lawrence, they are here!" Peterson yells as he shoots at the VC.

I want power over the platoon. Lawrence and Anthony, the Sargeants, are taking the platoon's leadership from me. I must do something about it.....

"I know!" Lawrence says back, as he loads and fires his M16.

The attack is finished after Lawrence and Peterson kill around 10+ gooks and wound a few other gooks.. Then Lawrence is shot by VC.

"FUCK!" yells Peterson as he kills the rest of the VC. He walks over to Lawrence, when he is shot by Anthony.

The end. Peterson was thought to have killed Lawrence, since, leadership was unclear in the platoon. So Anthony thought Peterson had finally killed him for total control, and he would kill him next, so he shot him, then was shot by the Marines after attempting to kill Luke. A new Vietnam Hell book will be finished soon.

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