Free Realms, World At War

Free Realms, World At War!

By, Tommy0327

Free Realms, a very peaceful place. You’d never expect a person to think of themselves like this: “I have become death, the destroyer of the worlds.” That just might happen now though, as a team, of three elite warriors, go on missions, that are catastrophically dangerous, and make all the realms of Sacred Grove turn against one another! The assassination, and attacks, on public officials are all taken personal, and even vacationers, from one realm into another, are murdered, or mugged for just being from a different realm! General Glowlight sent Amit Amberknight, Sebastian Amberknight, and Tommy Wackywings on deadly, warly missions, but he didn’t intend it to go this wrong. What was the master plan? Who is the one who lurks in the shadows, and told General Glowlight, to make such an evil attempt to destroy Sacred Grove and it’s citizens?

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