So, after requesting to add this page, I finally have permission to do it.


So, to start it off, we'll have a registration period, now through this Wednesday, the 18th. This means you must write a comment saying you will be participating. If you do not post a comment before Thursday, the 19th (when I will be checking) you will not participate. Please take charge, I don't want anyone to be missing out! Now, after this period, I will send you a message on your wall (personalized of course) with a thank you note and request to come on chat so I can PM who you are giving a present to! :D This will be going on through the day before Christmas Eve, chat meetings, this does not mean you can't give your gift if I already gave it to you! :) On Christmas Day or the day after Christmas, we will be revealing who was your secret Santa, so don't miss out! :)

One more thing: I will be requesting one person to find me a person to give to, so just write down in the comments if you wouldn't mind doing this! :)

Ideas of GiftsEdit

Our Secret SantasEdit

Hope you guys won't miss out!

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