Before I start this, I would like to say, if anyone would like to help me write this (a collab basically) I will join you in on the story. Spots to be taken are: Shining Armor, Luna, Cadence & maybe more if you want to suggest something. (But remember these are humanized and a war story. Some people could get killed or harmed)

Chapter 1 Celestia's POVEdit

"Move!" I yell, running to the next door. My castle shakes, making it almost impossible to move without falling. I trip landing face down on the floor, blood gushing into my mouth, tasting salty and metallic. I struggle to get back up, the floor still rumbling furiously.

When I manage to get up, the place where I fell down is covered in blood. I'm losing time. I grab hold of my gown, it covered in dirt and blood. This will be the last time standing here, before the place falls.

After wandering around, trying to find people to save, I figure out it's going to fall soon. I let these people down, for what? The no-good Princess of Equestria? The one who locked up her sister in the moon, making her Nightmare Moon, and then, can't help her become the sister she used to know. Or, better yet, is defeated by her enemy, in front of Canterlot. I run out, dropping my crown. I don't deserve it anymore.

"Celeste!" Luna calls, hugging me. "I'm so glad you're safe." "Me too," I smile. "Where's your crown Celeste?" Luna asks, concerned. "I must have dropped it." I say. "At least you're OK," She smiles. I try hard to smile back, but it's impossible to, when I left those people to them. My castle is where Discord, Chrysalis and King Sombra will kill my people and my kingdom.

The castle finally admits defeat. It falls to the ground, the screams and the laughs. It's sickening. Luna gasps, backing away. "Look what we found!" Chrysalis picks up a red and black amulet. Luna and I look at eachother in horror. "The Alicorn Amulet," Luna whispers.

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