Hello, it me Haalyle and I'm here to actually write a poem. This is perhaps the first poem I have made and it was during English class. Although it techniqually not finish, I'm going to put it up anyway and see how this goes!

Fight Against the StormEdit

The fast running wind embraced the tree, whispering words that made no sense.

The old man stood firmly, it's toes gripping onto the soil.

The tree was dry and thirsty, trying to drink from the rough soil, which was as dry as the skin on the tree.

The wind pushed harder, the trees' hair danced furiously, it's arms waving frantically as if calling desperataly for help.

The wind became evern more furious, the soil flying up into the air.

Without the soil to grasp, the old man's roots began to lift from the very earth.

As the wind took it final breath, the tree slowly feel over, sadly in defeat.

Sorry it's not very long, but I did it during class, I'm not very well known for poetry.

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