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Main Character Profiles: Edit

Hunter Luke Fitzgerald: This 14-year-old boy has dusty rose eyes, an olive complexion, and wavy black hair. He is of average height, quite muscular, and tends to gossip too much. He likes watching historical movies, and is studying to be a veterinarian. [1]

Phelan Fiona Bramble: The 13-year-old girl that has bright blue eyes, caramel hair, and china white skin. She is smaller for her age and selfless at points. She likes reading fairytales to escape her life. [2] (for a more fantasmic approach) ;)

Supporting Character Profiles: Edit

Tara Pansy Quimbly: An elf with white hair, grey eyes and pale skin. First person Phelan befriends. She is not tiny, she is actually is tall at 6 feet, 2 inches. [3]

Lavender "Sparrow" Elven: A small elf compared to her sister Tara, with dark brown hair, light skin and brown eyes. She is quite fun and open once you get to know her, though she is stubborn at times. She often puts people above herself. [4]

Now that you know the characters let's know their story:

Chapter 1 Edit

Another painful day for Phelan. She had already witnessed her homework really get eaten by the dog she didn't want in the first place and her teacher failing her test for "cheating" even though deep down the teacher knew that she was already having a terrible day.

Phelan then came home with bottles everywhere, she simply sighed, placing her things in her tiny box called a room, scattering books in her already cluttered floor. She grabbed her canvas bag with stars she bought for herself packed with old books and a library card. Phelan took the rail down the stairs, conveniently landing by the door. She slowly turned the door, being careful not to wake the dog she never wanted. She swiftly closed it and ran to her bike. The bike was mint green with shiny silver handles that she again, bought herself for Christmas.

By the time she arrived her actual home, it was pouring. She placed her bike in the rusty bike rack and ran in with dripping now almost black hair. Phelan knew where everything was, she could navigate it with her eyes closed. She dropped the thirty-two books that she checked out last time to the Librarian who was glaring at her.

After ten minutes with the scowling lady, Phelan went over to the adult section. The only section she went to, to find fantasy. Way better than normal life, she always said.

"Eight-hundred-and-seventy-two." She whispered to herself again and again. She strolled the aisle to find it was at the very top. She groaned, digging her boots into the third shelf, arms outstretched to catch the book. It was a faded green and she wanted it, even if everyone in the library was looking at her and the stool about three feet away. The book eventually reached her arms and she hugged it and smiled.

Hunter, classmate of outsider Phelan, looked at her and whispered in her ear, "There was a stool behind you." She looked behind her and laughed. "Well that was stupid." He laughed. She stood there with her "History of Fairy-tales" book and overalls while he held a small book on the Civil War and another about animals in his acid washed jeans and flannel shirt.

They both ignored something peculiar there, that something was wrong. Why the gossiper was getting along with the outsider and why they both looked into each other so deeply, with a thought of escape of this terrible world.

Phelan left with that book and her bag. She didn't care if it was storming, she had to go. Hunter was messing with her head and she hated it. She grabbed the bike and raced home. She hated him and he hated her and that's how it was supposed to be.

She went into her room and turned out all the lights. She grabbed the small flashlight hidden in her dresser and grabbed the bag. Phelan took the green book out and read it page by page, hearing words of another world that captivated her. She read the book three times in a row before seeing the small slip of paper sticking out of an envelope that was as big as her thumb. The words read "Meet Me." It was terrible penmanship compared to hers but she knew who it was from.

The letter was stuck in her mind all of the next day. When she got an eighty-two on her test, the letter was in her mind. Even when she ate alone her usual peanut butter and marshmallow fluff, the letter was there.

She knew deep down she had to go. Phelan grasped her library card and hated herself for deciding to go. When she decided, she would never go back.

Phelan walked to the library today, going to the history aisle and seeing Hunter. "Hello pretty boy." She said sarcastically.

He rolled his eyes and looked at her. "So you got the letter?" He asks.

"No way."

She looked at him rather annoyed. "So what did you want me here for?"


He placed a grey book in her hands, the title and author completely gone.


She looked at it, opening the book and seeing the title. "Escape."


"Hmm...let's read it."

Both of them walked to the nearest table and looked at the golden text. He looked at her at one point, while she ignored him.

When they finished, Hunter was about to slam the poor book shut.


She noticed something this time.

"Escape now." She pointed to the text.


"I wish I could escape."

"Well you can't."

He stood there talking to a pole instead of Phelan.

"Oh come on. This is so funny Phelan! You can't just say I wish to escape! It does't work!" He yelled.

About ten people whispered to Hunter to shut up, but again, it was merely a pole.

Chapter 2 Edit

Hunter laid in the foreign room for a solid four seconds before opening his eyes to see all white...except for the small figure in the corner. A small messy braid lay across her chest and her slightly pointed ears sticking out.

"Hello sir." She said without looking behind her. "I expected your arrival."


"It's fine sir. You'll be safe here with me."

He rolled his eyes.

"So this room.."

"Is the clinic, yes."

"I'm not sick."

"I know." She cheerfully smiled.

"Then why am I still in here?" He asked, not expecting an answer and bolting to the door.

"Because you're safe here. The Ruler will kill you on the spot if she sees your face!" She yelled, stomping her foot.

"So I stay here until I die?"


"Well I guess we couldn't escape?"


"Yeah escaping. You can help me escape with some of your elf stuff."

"It's not stuff!"

"Well whatever. I don't care. You're coming with me."

Phelan had worse luck. She was stuck in a forest with an annoying elf. Everything was this isn't safe etc.

"Well duh it's not safe! We'e in a forest what would you think?!"

Phelan then just ran, to find that she was back where she started.

"Barricade." The elf said.

"A barricade! Great now how am I supposed to get out?"

"Elf. Magic."


Small sparks flew out and then rushed and exploded.


"Where to go?"


"But home..." Phelan protested.

"Is far away. Yes I know. But you need to escape now!"

"Or what?"

"You'll become part of this nightmare too."

"Nightmare? We're in a fairy-tale!"

"Not for long."

As soon as she said something, Phelan was taken by the legs by a tree.

"A tree, are you freaking kidding?!"

"Nope." Someone behind her smiled.

She was evil, she was sure of it.

"Let's see what we can do with you...and Tara."

"No!" Tara thrashed. "You can't make me!"

"Oh really? We're ordering you execution for tomorrow.

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