A lot of complaint has come up over editing stories. So here I am to clarify the specific rules. If you would like to question a rule, or request one, please do so in the comments.

- Nikki The last enemy to be destroyed is death (talk) 00:14, December 31, 2012 (UTC)

When It's OkayEdit

  • YWC Editing Policies
    Adding justified categories
  • Reworking grammar, spelling, and spacing
  • Using correct punctuation
  • Other proper writing form
  • Coding errors
  • Word font problems (if it is too difficult, ask an admin)

You may not change the content of the story, and if you are not sure about the correct context, then let it be. If needed, ask the author if you are going to make larger changes, which include changing a gallery to a slideshow, or changing a template. If there is a factual error in a story, alert the author- don't just change it. If there is a debated fact in a story, let it be, such as an exact date.

When NOT to EditEdit

  • If an author specifically asks you not to, personally or generally
  • If there is no reason to edit it
    • Correct spelling, punctuation, and grammar
    • Unless spacing dialogue, no changes with spacing are needed.
  • If one of the following templates is attached to the page:
This page is wrote by one of our users, and they'd prefer it if you didn't edit this without their consent - thank you!

Doing so after a user has asked you, or the general public, will result in a warning. Repeated offense will result in a ban, which can vary depending on the severity of the event. Continual offense will definitely result in a block, again, determined by an admin.

Fluff EditsEdit

One of the things I have seen in many wikis, are fluff edits. This is when a user may change one little detail, and then take the credit as an edit. At our wiki, we disapprove of such, just to obtain more main space edits.

When looking for new admins or mods, we can check main space edits, not just comments or messages. Fluff edits are noted, and can majorly change the decision to make someone an admin or mod.

Thank YouEdit

Thank you for reading this. Feel free to comment about this, in a respectful manner. We will think over your comments and suggestions, and possibly change this page.


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