This story will be written by ViniciusDeAssis1999, VDA. It is aired in a far away future, where the people will need to fight for their supplies. 

In this page, I will describe some characters and their appearance.


"Exactly one million years after the big revolution which happened in 2050, the planet Earth is not the same anymore. The ruins of the place where nations and healthy people lived are now the scenario for a global war. For one thing that the human can't live without; fire, water, air and food. The people in the world try to get as much as they can from it, but they will have to fight for them. And it will not be an easy fight."





Naritua starts where actually is the France, going until the actual Niger. The nation has a good base of water supplies. The President is Mr. Farew. The main character of the series, Hermine Marilene, lives in Naritua.


Raytuea lies in the ruins of the North America. It goes since the actual Canada until Guatemal. The president of this nation is Mrs. Littuapeta.


Padrig is located in the territory of the actual China, and goes a bit above until the Russia. The president of the nations is Mrs. Roussef.


Caribbean keeps the same name, it is located at the Central America and the Caribbean. It covers since the south of Mexico until Venezuela.


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