Hello friends! Its Skye here! Hows it going?

So, some of us were on chat earlier and we thought it would be cool to write a story WITH ALL OF US. Now, we realize this has been tried before. So, we have made some changes. We have developed the plot with a few minor details, that we can work together to fill in. In the first chapter, all of Your characters will be introduced. Write a short paragraph from the point of view, that some how includes your name. Now! Here the good part. THE PLOT!

PLOT. Edit

There is a bunch of members of a writing website. Run by Skye. They spend time, writing stories, and becoming friends. Until suddenly, all of the people in the world (except for these few exceptional teens) have gone. (details on how will be worked out) Now they must work to bring them back and save the world. (Just to make it easier, there all in the same state...lets make it...SYDNEY AUSTRALIA!)

The details on how this unfolds is up to us. Please write a short paragraph on The into into you're person! (Feel free to write you as you're person in this story). You have till the 25th of September to make you're characters , if you have not enters by then. You will be excluded. SORRY!

To begin i will write mine.


One user per person.

No supernatural, or impossible human abilities.

Be fair with each other.

There is swearing allowed, but not too much please.

chapter 1 Part 1Edit


“Ok mum! Ill do it in a sec!” I say rushing into my bedroom. I throw my bag on the bed and open the lid on my laptop. I log into my profile.


I click recent events I notice that there’s a new chapter on Alone. I click on it, but also chat. There are 6 online.

Hey guys! Just got home! How’s it going?

My computer floods with responses.

Hey Skye! Where did you go!

Oh. No where, I had to go to the shop to run in and grab some pasta for dinner. How are you Nikki?

So so. Did you read the new chapter on Night Blossoms?

Hang on I’m reading now!

Chap 1 part 2: Nikki's POV (By ME!Edit

I smile as I hear her rave about my story, and tell her to update my favorite.

Skyetheawesomeone: Omg awesomeness!

BookiNikki:Aw thx! You gotta update Sev saves her life.. I might die if you dont!

Skyetheawesomeone: Haha yeah. Ill do it soon. Y don't u call me and we can collaborate on the next ch.?

BookiNikki: Ttly!

I pick my cell phone and call her.

"Hey BookiNikki!" she says.

"Seriously Skye, just call me Nikki," I laugh.

"Okay. But you better call me Skye The Awesome One!" she giggles.

"Nah... How about Thee Most Majestical of All? Has a nice ring to it." I remark sarcastically.

Suddenly, I hear a large CRASH.

I run downstairs to see if my mom was okay. She wasn't there. Nobody was there.

Chap 1 Part 3 BY AK!Edit

I get home and run into the living room and turn the TV on flip the laptop lid. I go on chat and only Skye and Nikki are on!

"HI!!" I say excited.

"HELLO?" I say.


"I'm here i'm here!" says skye.

"ME TO!" Says Nikki.

"My mom just like disappeared in my house... PARTAY!:D" Says nikki.

"lol" Me and skye say. I hear a crash and bang and i think my brother lost another game "did you lose again!" I yell.

No answer i run upstairs. My dad isnt in the room, my brother isnt playing xbox and my mom isnt in her office!

I run back to the Computer.

"Hey guys m-my family just like dissapered

Chap 1 Part 4 Will-District3ForeverEdit

I adjust my glasses, my story is almost finished. Publish! I laugh. Chatroom, I press it and smile everyone is on. Hey Will! Everyone responds. But I see AK freaking about God knows what. My family is gone! He yells. Yeah right AK. I respond. My Hunger Games tee is wrinkled and I smooth it out. I pull out my laptop as my twin sistrrs come running in trying to get on the computer. Suddenly I hear them yell and disappear in thin air. I scream. AK, Skye, my family is gone too. I scream. I can not tell anyone I can figure out why. I pull my hair and talk to AK. He does not know how weird this is. I kick my feet up in the air and try to figure a way to stop it. I pull myself to my blanket and sob so hard. This does not need to happen...ever.

Chap 1 Part 5: Alex's POV- Look everyone! It's DANNOH403!Edit

I run into my house. Stupid reading project, I think, It can wait till later.

I grab my families laptop and go to my usual chatroom. When I join in, I see that Skye, Nikki, and AK are there.

I type my trademark, "Oh hello!" and send it.

"Hey dannoh!" they all say.

"Wassup guys and gals?" I say, trying to see if something interesting is going on. I'm met with nothing but a bunch of "nm"s. Suddenly I hear a crash outside. I go to check, and there's noone there. My brother, my sister, not even my mom or dad.

"Guys?" I type tentatively, "All my family members just, vanished."

"Mine too!" says Ak.

"OMGALE mine too!" says nikki.

"Wha- What's Happening?" I type nervously.

"Let's meet up in town guys, I wanna talk this out in person," says Skye.

"Aight," we all say. I grab my laptop and head out the door.

Chap 1 Part 6: Movie's POVEdit

I sigh as I toss my bookbag to the side. I had to walk home from school because I missed the bus... my brother didn't even bother to wait for me.

I grab a bag of chips and call out to my mom. No response... Guess she worked late. I call out to my brother and dad... nothing. I begin to panic... where are they... I quickly dismiss my thoughts and head up to my room. I quickly log on and go into the chat room when I see everyone still on.

I hope no one yells at me for not updating... I think as I wait for at least one Hey

Nothing. I scroll up... everyone is saying that there family disappeared. I can only go back like five posts but the last one was like ten minutes ago by Skye telling them to meet up in town.

I panic... maybe my parents did disappear. No. It's not possible. I call out one more time before completely freaking out and grabbing my laptop to run to town.

Chap 1 Part 7 "Jeral's POV"Edit

I was about to enter our house and the first thing I noticed is the open front door.

"They never leave the front door open." I said to myself

I enter , looked around and saw no one.

I walked upstairs nervously.I don't know what to do.I just know something bad is happening.

"Mom? Dad? Anyone in here?" I shouted and entered my room.I opened my pc and log on to the wikia.

I entered the chat even if there's no one there.

The next thing I know, I am staring at their previous chat messages.About disappearing parents and stuff.

I feel so bored that I wanna cut myself.

I went to the bed and grabbed my phone.

When I looked at it, I saw a message from my Mom.

"Hey Jeral.Your Dad and I will go to the mall for an hour.We'll be back soon honey.Bye"

I throw my phone at my bed.

"Argghhh!" I shouted again.


I looked at my phone, my Mom is calling.I answered it.


"Jeral !! Whatever may happen just remember we always love y--"

The phone went dead. I gathered up my thoughts.

Parents Disappearing and My mom's phone went dead.

I went out of my house,full of panic, knowing where to go.

Chap 1 Part 8: Syd's p.o.v!!!!Edit

"Lily!!! I'm busy right now!!! Please Lily just go hang out with mom!" I say as I tickle my younger sister until' she runs out of my room laughing and screaming.

I take out my brand new awesome lap top. I reach into my drawer and pull out my nerf gun. I load it and shoot at my ex's picture. That I have on my wall. BULLSEYE! I go on to the wiki. I see 18 messages on my wall telling me to go on chat. I click on a new window. Everyone's talking about how their parents disappear an dhow I should check to make sure mine are still here.

"Lily!!MUM!! Sarah!DA!!!!" I call.

Lily runs into my room. I reach out to hug her. Then she disappears into thin air.

AHHHH!!! I type into the chat room

Mine r gone 2!!! I'll meet u downtown in a sec!!! I'm like super upper freaked out. I quickly type that in and shut my computer down. I go into my closet and take out a few things. 1. Being my emergency money. 2. My gun. 9which I obtained because my father is a military man. 3. bullets. 4. A backpack. 5. A few changes of clothing. I grabbed all of it and shoved it ino my backpack. I grabbed my phone and it's charger. I walked out of the house. I grabbed my bike from the garage. I rode off, somehow knowing that it would be better soon! I was going to have to meet these people that I have never met before. SCARY. They would be o.k. I know it!

Chap 1 Part 9: Kez' POVEdit

As I reached the front porch of my house, "Alone" by Heart started to play on my ipod.

"Haven't listened to this song in a long time" I thought.

I entered the house and yelled from the hallway.

"I'm home!"

Nobody answered.

"Oh well" I said as I went to the kitchen, grabbed a soda from the fridge and went upstairs.

Still listening to the song, I opened my laptop and logged on to the wikia.

Nobody's on, but Skye's previous message caught my eye.

Let's meet up in town guys, I wanna talk this out in person.

"What's happening?" I asked myself.

Then I realized that they were talking about their parents disappearing and all those creepy stuff. Just in time, call it coincidence if you may, the song that I'm listening to gave me an idea of what's happening to me right now.

I'm alone.

Chap 1 Part 10 Ciel's P.O.V (by Kristi) Edit

The sound echoed through the room and Ciel lowered his violin, and bowed his head. The echoing 'A' note reverberated and finally stopped when Mr Kawaski began clapping and a smile spread across his face.

"Beautiful, beautiful! That was the greatest rendition I have ever heard you play!" He laughed and walked over, taking the violin off of Ciel and inspecting the bridge carefully. "Have you considered getting a smaller bridge? I think it might suit your play style."

Ciel looked up at him, then back at his violin. "Maybe."

They stood there discussing the violin for about ten minutes before Mr Kawaski dismissed him and Ciel packed his things away, including numerous sheets of music and some dark rosin. He looked out of the window - it was raining. He watched as the beating rain soothed him for around two moments before he slung his case over his shoulder and walked to the entrance, then opened the door. It's so cold...

Flinging his black and white checkered hood over his head, he made his way out into the harsh, inclement weather before reaching the right road to his house. The road was almost silent which was... strange, to say the very least; usually there were a lot of people walking their dogs around here, or taking a stroll. He walked through the lane and past the trees, questioning why it was so damned silent. No matter though, sometimes it was quiet.


The house was dark, the only light came from the kitchen which was empty, but on entering the kitchen, he saw that the oven was on - he raced over and turned it off. Where was his mother? Where was his father? Where were his siblings? Why was it so quiet? His mind raced over the possibilities and concluded: he had no idea.

He went upstairs and threw his violin to the floor and unzipped his jacket, throwing it on the bed, then going to his computer and turning it on. YoungWritersClubWiki was already up, and he glanced quickly at his notifications - he had several, all replies to comments. He was too lazy to read them so he looked at chat. There were 3 people on. He skimmed over it, and apparently some strange stuff was happening - he assumed it was simply a role play so clicked off and shut his laptop down before sighing and leaning back. "Where are they...?" He didn't like feeling so secluded, so isolated, so terribly alone - the truth? He was frightened. Scared. Petrified. He didn't want to be alone, he needed someone.

Where are they? Where are they?

Chap 1 Part 11- Riley's POVEdit

I slam the huge book shut with a loud thud and get up. Stupid math, I think to myself. I had spent the last half an hour on math homework, while I'd had a new chapter of my story running through my head the whole time. I know that if I don't write it down soon I'll go crazy. I flip open my laptop and quickly type in my password. I go straight to YoungWritersClub wiki and open chat up right before I go onto my story and click the edit button. Everyone else seems to be on chat, and I'm just about to skim the messages to see what's been going on when I hear my mom call my name.

"Riley! Will you help Tallie with her homework already?!? I'm counting on you here." Right. Forgot about that... I think to myself as I pull my gaze from the computer and leave my room to help Tallie, my 9-year-old sister with her homework. I enter the kitchen, where I find Tallie sitting at the table, pencil in hand, staring at a sheet of what appears to be math homework. If only that was the only homework I had... I find myself thinking just as I sit down.

"Ri-" my mom begins to call from the other room.

"I'm already here! Sheesh, will you just leave me alone?" I snap back, annoyed at her lack of belief that I'm true to my word. Tallie looks up at my with her big blue eyes and looks almost scared, and I let my face soften for her sake. I am about to ask what she needed help with and anticipate my mother's response, when all of a sudden Tally vanishes. She just disappears into thin air... my initial reaction is one of dread and shock all jumbled together. I begin to grasp handfuls of air from where she was just a second ago, as if that will pull her back to me.

"Mom?!?" I manage to let out, my voice a screechy mess.

"Dad?!?" No respose. "Karina! Devon! Anyone!?!?!?! I run into the bedroom area of our house, searching every room for a sign of somebody, anybody. Even my annoying older brother that drives me to insanity. But I am met with absolutely nothing. I stand there for a moment, hand against the wall, thinking through everything and remember. The wiki... then I run into my room and practically throw open the laptop. Soon enough I'm on chat again and I look through the conversations.

"My mom just like disappeared in my house..." -Nikki. I begin to hear my heart beat pound in my ears.

"Hey guys m-my family just like dissapered" -AK.

"my family is gone too"-Skye. My eyes move over the words faster in anxiousness.

"All my family members just, vanished" -Alex

"AK, Skye, my family is gone too" -Will. No. No no no

"Mine r gone 2!!!" -Sydney. Every. Single. Person. Has the same problem as me. then I see something else:

"Let's meet up in town guys, I wanna talk this out in person." And I'm out the door in the next 5 seconds.

Chap 1 Part 11 Lee's povEdit

I come home from school go into my room and turn on my laptop then my mom shouts from downstairs and asks me how i am and to clean my room i then hear nothing so i walk downstairs and no one is there i walk back into my room and log into chat and comment Guys my family is gone I see many people have also posted the same and i see syd saying we should meet in town i pack my things and head into town.

Chap 1 Part 12 ~ Varin's POVEdit

"So how was your day?" The first day of school was finally over! FINALLY! Wow...didn't know it would take that much out of me.

I'm talking on the phone with my mom. She wants to know everything that happened, but I am so sidetracked with the computer and chatting.

"Varin?" I freeze, knowing that voice. Can she hear me type?

"Y-yes?" I say cautiously.

"Are you on the computer?"


"The wiki?'

How does she know. I don't reply.

"Varin Ego! Get off of the computer right now!" I sigh, and exit out. My mom asks me again.

"Well..." And I start to drone on and on about school. That's when I notice the static. And a bang from outside. I drop my phone on the floor, static booming and ringing in my ears. The backyard, once swimming with my aunt and brothers, is now gone. The TV out there is gone as well. I scream, and see my brother Trafton against the house.

"Trafton! What happened?!"

"They are gonna get me. They are gonna get me." He is rocking back and forth and crying. "They got...Thomas...he's gone...blew up..."

"Who did this to you?" I put my hand on his shoulder. He is pulsing.

"It was..." I don't hear a word more from my brother. He disentigrates into thin air, leaving nothing behind. I scream out loud. My biggest fear has been confirmed. My family is gone.

Suddenly, I hear a beep. My dog comes running out of the house. At least she's okay. My cats run out too. But one disentigrates as well. Weird. I run into the house and clutch my stuffed animal I appropriately named "Stress Reliever." I walk inside and listen in the phone. I hear screaming. People are screaming. Then whooshes of sound. Then more static and silence. I throw my phone into the pool. I walk around and catch my friend Lee on the side of the road. My dog is right behind me and the cat is sleeping in my arms. I clutch my stuffed animal like a life preserver and follow Lee.

Chap 1 Part 13~ Felicia POVEdit

Pick Adam, Pick Adam, Pick Adam! Im watching the voice and an awesome singer is choosing a coach.

"Yes!" I say out loud. The laptop in my lap almost falls to the ground as I shout. I switch the TV off and open the laptop. I double-click safari and log onto the Writing Wiki where I post my writing on.

Blondie101 I type.

smileydogsareawesome3920 Thats my password. Yay! There is a new chapter on Selected! I read it all over again before making my comment. I take a look in the chat bar and I see that like 6 people are on! I instantly click it and start chatting.

Hey! I start


Hi Fel! Its Skye

Hey! Hows it goin? I ask then I have to stop. I here a loud banging sound and I jmp in my sesat.

"Mum? Dad?" I say. The lights start to flicker. Yikes! This is creepy!

Does anybody know whats going on I ask. They start typing at alarming rates, All about how there familys gone, i go offline to see when my family is. Gone. I hop back on chat getting seriously worried. No one online?

Hang on the Community message is updated. I read it and rush out.


Chapter 2. Part 1 Skyes P.o.v.Edit

just before I leave, I put out a community message it reads.



I hit enter just before I fully flip out. Its sends it as a bullet to every members computer. I flip the lid of the computer, and it smashes into one compact rectangle. I shove it in my shoulder bag, I take my wallet and keys. I do a quick run down of the house to make sure I’m right. Yes, no one is here. Even though my mother was yelling at me to finish dinner almost 3 Minutes ago. I get in my mothers jeep (which I know she will kill me for driving) and drive off. I realize as im driving, that this will be the first time I meet all of our members. I mean yeah, Nikki and I go to school together, but other wise, I don’t know anyone else. All of the sudden, I know is strange, I feel ugly. When I pull up to the parking lot I quickly grab my make-up kit in my bag and apply my make up. Once I’m done, I feel much more adequate. I’m wearing a long floral skirt, with my usual light gray tank top. And a beaded necklace. I told often by a lot of people that I look menacing. I hardly ever smile, although I’m quite a happy person. Online that is.

As I’m walking to the coffee shop, I notice that all the cars are still in the parking lot, the lights of he shops are on, the music of the buskers play. But there is no one there. The square is dead. When I get to the coffee shop I assigned. Café o equal. I notice everyone is there. Everyone, Although I don’t know anyone besides Nikki. There all sitting down waiting for me. I suppose they have already greeted and meetd by the time I got there. Of course they were alone. Nikki stands as soon as she see me.

“Skye!” she says. I’m about as socially awkward as I always am. I’m not used to people, although I love them. I just don’t like to be with them.

Nikki drags me too the table. As the founder, I figure I should be polite to everyone.

“Everyone this is Skye. You’re founder.” Nikki says proudly.

Everyone stands in a circle at the table, and I make my way down to each one of them.. I’m sotra awkward, because I know them all so well on the internet, but I eel like I’m just meeting them.

“Alex.” he says. My face must brighten up because as soon as he says his name, he smiles and hug me. “So good to finally meet you Skye.” He says.

“You to alex!” I say. I move to the next person.

He has light blond hair, and blue eyes. He still kind of looks like a kid, but you can tell his the one the girls will drool over when he grows up a bit more.

“Hey, its me Ak.” he says cheerily. Again I feel my face lightening. I give him a hug and move on to the next person.

This girl is extremely pretty, she has long brown hair, and mesmerizing eyes.

“Hey. Is will!” she says enthusiastically. I smile, Will, she’s sort of well known to the group, shes like the kid. I give her a big hug and move on.

I move on the next girl. I can honestly say, she is the most beautiful of us all. She has curly blond hair and beautiful blue eyes.

“Hey! Its Sammy!” she says. My jaw drops. I never imagined Our Sammy to be so beautiful. I give her a hug and move on.

Next, if I do say so myself, is a very good looking guy.

“Hey, its movie!” he says in a happy tone. Its movie, we don’t speak often, but when we do I always enjoy our conversations. I give him a quick hug and move on.

For some reason, I know this boy. There was no doubt in my mind that this was Jeral.

However, I didn’t expect him to look this handsome. He is a very tall guy, he has raven black hair with eyes to match. His eye bows are bushy and perfectly matched his face. His jaw line sticks perfectly symmetrical to his face, And his body… His muscles pumping though his black tee shirt were unmistakable. How did I know this was him? He was cold, not in a bad way, but was kind of, mysterious. As he had been online. He wouldn’t tell you much about himself, or the people in his life. He would only talk about writing. Which is fine because it’s a writing website, but he simply wasn’t as pleasant as the rest.

I shake his hand, and he says to me. “Jeral. Nice too meet you Skye.” he says it as if it’s a business meeting. Despite his impeccable good looks I instantly don’t like him.

I move on.

Next is a geekey looking girl. But not a kind of ugly geeky. She was a beautiful girl. She had a hint of Greek in her gorgeous features.

“Skye! I’m Kez.” she says. I smile. Kez only joined us a few weeks ago, but everyone instantly liked her. I hug her and move on.

“Hi, it’s me Ciel!” he says. I instantly recognize the hint of a French accent. He was well known in the chartroom, mainly for his pompous remarks. But we all loved him.

I give him a huge hug.

Next is a boy, a very…Very good looking boy. I didn’t know who he was, but I defiantly wanted to. “Hey it’s me. Lee!” I don’t know why, maybe it’s the name but I imagined lee to be Asian. He wasn’t. He had tanned skin but only from the sun. Light brown hair, with eyes to match. Oh those eyes. I swallow and catch my breath for a moment.

“Hey!” I say. I give him a huge hug, feeling his firm chest on mine.

Next I meet a boy, not a clue who he is. “Hey is Varian.” He says. Oh I think. I don’t know Varian that well, but his nice, and polite, and even more so in real life. He has a very soft manor. “Hey! Thanks for coming” I say. I give him a quick hug.

Next is a beautiful girl, She seems shy but nice enough. “Its me fel” she says in a soft voice. I smile straight away. I give her a hug and move on.

Last but not least I meet Riley, I already know its her, because she’s the only on left. Riley was one of the first members on the website, I give her a huge hug, and she hugs right back.

That’s it everyone, I catch Jeral’s eyes watching me. I feel very creeped out, But I shake off the feeling.

“Wow. You guys all look so different!” I say that mainly because I imagined our bunch to look like a bunch of geeky nerds, instead a got a seriously attractive group.

“What about you! You’re beautiful!” Kez says pointing her head in my general direction. They erupt with comments about my beauty, I don’t take compliments well. The only silent one is of course Jeral. I don’t know what to make of him. So I simply nod at the comments, and Nikki pulls out a chair. I pull out one of my own. Expecting my usual waiter to serve me instead nothing. The shop is empty. I shake off the uncomfortable feeling, in fear of worrying the others. I kneel my elbows on the table.

“So. What do we have?” I ask.

We all share our stories. With the exception of a few minor details, there all pretty much the same as each other. Our families are gone. After about two hour of talking about the matter, lee decides it’s about time for a coffee. He raises his hand expecting to be severed. The table stares at him, before he realizes there’s no one to make it. “Oh right.” He says a bit disappointed. I look over to the station, and notice that all the machines are still working. “Anyone know how to use those.” I point to the large coffee machines. Kez raises her hand.

“I worked as a barista for a year?” she says in a shy manor.

“Great, would you be able to take a few orders for us?” I ask. She nods happily. I look questionably at the others, and the orders start flooding in. I make everyone sit themselves at the baristas bench, while Kez gets quick at work with the coffee, while still be included in the conversation.

After a while, it’s actually getting dark and were all pretty much rock bottom miserable. Kez is leaning over the bench on the baristas side, and everyone else is clutching there coffee tightly, except Willa who is clutching her hot chocolate. I stand up and address the table.

“Alright, I think we have talked this to death.” I say.

“I agree.” Varian says.

“Alight, well guess ill talk to you guys on chat.” Ak say, he stands and so does everyone else.

“Whoa. Whoa. Wait, guys. I don’t think it’s safe for us to go home. Alone.” They all pause. “ I mean. We would all be spending the night alone, in our houses. Alone.” I point out. Ak sits back down, and the rest follow.

“Yeah, I’ve watched when a stranger calls far to many times to feel safe.” He laughs, Sammy’s eyes grow big, and you can tell inside she’s panicking.

“How about you all spend the night at my house. I can get out a few mattresses and blankets.” I say with a shrug. They all nod happily until Nikki interrupts.

“Wait hang on. I want to grab some of my stuff.” She says.

“Right yes. Ok um, let’s do that. Everyone go home and grab there stuff, but don’t go alone. So lee, you take Willa and Varian. Grab your stuff.” All three of them nod. “Ok and, movie you go with Sammy.” They both nod. “Ok Ciel you go with Alex and kez.” I say, they nod like the others. “Fel, and Ri you will be right together?” the nod.

“Ill go with AK.” Nikki says. Oh great. I think that leaves me with morbid. ‘

“Ok, so I guess I’m with you then Jeral.” I say. He nods. I take the napkins and a pen out of my bag, I write on a few of the sheets of white fabric my name address, and phone number.

“If anyone has any trouble call this number, otherwise meet me at my house in an hour and a half.” They nod and all take a napkin.

“Ok stay safe, and stay together.” I say. I grab my laptop, put it back in my bag, and my pen too. “Ok Jeral you ready?” I ask him he grunts. Ok then. We leave the coffee shop and hop in my truck.

Hey guys! So I got the initial greetings done with. Fell free to start you’re POV with leaving the house. But just say something like “Nikki introduced us to Skye. She looked-ECT” you know don’t have to go though the entire greeting. But yeah, you can write the events, And what not.

Chapter 2 part 2 Lees P.O.V

Me,Varin,Will are walking to Varins place I know he lives right in front of my house. we arrive "Varin go in get what you need and we'll stay outside" i say. he says okay and he runs inside and in a few minutes gets back outside. "you got everything you need" i say."yes" Varin says. we then start walking to wills house where i notice how empty the streets are will directs us to her house. "be safe and pack everything you need" i say. "okay" she says she then runs into her house and in 20 minutes comes back out. "got everything" i say. "yep everything" she says. we then go to skyes house on the way we chat on the way talking about how our family disapeared finally we get to skyes house and enter.

Chapter 2 part 3 AKs povEdit

We wak out onto the street and i jumo into my dads truck and getsure nikki to get into the passeger seat. She hops in and we drives off. I start to think about skye for some very odd reason, i know we just met but man is she hot!

"Lets stop at my house first if thats ok with you?" I ask.

"Sure no problem." Nikki says.

We walk into my house and i run up into my room. I grab all i need and come down stairs.

"What the heck are those things?" Nikki sakes.

"Lets see here, ummm a Mk-11 sniper rifle with 800 rouds, a M1911 with 600 rounds and this is some c4." I say

She looks at me and looks impressed.

"Where'd you get them?" she asks surprised.

"You dont wanna know." I say.

We walk out and drive to nikkis house. Half an hour later she comes out with a baseball bat, a suitcase, her laptop, a bag of meds, and a huge German Shepherd that looked bigger than her. She was dragging it along, and the dog was quite defiant.

We get back to the cafe and everyone sighs in relief.

"AK! you ass where were you!" Skye yells in my face.

Now this is really like the prank i pulled about me leaving the wikia, a couple days ago.

"We had a little delay i say." While nikki (with great effort) picks up her dog and smiles.

Nikki's POV chapter 2 Part 4Edit

I laugh as everyone expresses their worry.

"Cocoa doesn't like strangers," I explained, "And I needed all of my medication." I've got serious asthma and allergies, and if I didn't have medicine for a while, we could have issues.

I stir my latte absentmindedly and walk with a cowering Cocoa to Skye's. She is silent, but everyone else is abuzz. She whispers to me that everyone is way more attractive than she thought. I roll my eyes.

As a partial tomboy, I don't call people pretty. Or beautiful. Escpecially not boys. I swing my baseball bat, around, narrowly missing several. After awhile they all clear away from me. Which suits me just fine.

I've always been independent. But my gymnastics coach says I work better that way. I hate depending on people, and having people depend on me.

Skye's house is huge, but eerily silent. No one says a word when the walk in, and every footstep echoes.

I share Skye's room with her, because we're used to having sleepovers. Skye's guest room accommodates the boys, and another for the girls.

I tuck my dark hair behind my ears, and listen to music on my iPhone. Skye is typing on her computer. And Cocoa is taking up the whole bed by herself.

The day is mockingly clear and crisp, so I walk outside.

Experimentally, I call my American friends. Claire, Molly, and Abbie are inseparable from their phones, so when I call them, Im shocked to find them absent. I know it's a crisis now.

I grab my bow from my suitcase, and use it to calm me down. Only when I breathe do I realize how fast my hearts been beating. I take a couple shots, but my head is so full of thought, I only hit the edges of the trees I'm aiming at.

Footsteps. I turn around, to see someone coming. I Swing my bow around, aiming at their throat. I loosten my guard when I see them.

It was AK. Andrew, I mean. Blushing, I put down my bow.

"Um, sorry. Nervous I guess." I laugh. He's carrying one of his fancy guns.

"You like to...shoot stuff?" he asks, raising an eyebrow.

"And whack stuff." I add, pointing to the baseball a few feet away. We both laugh, sharing stories about hunting. I do a little sharpshooting, but a lot of guns can knock me over, I'm so tiny.

He's tall and well built, so when he fires with ease, I don't wonder.

"Wanna try?" he suggests. I grin, and explain my weight dilemma. "It's okay," he assures, "I'll catch you."

I line the target up, and shoot. The blow throws me back, landing softly in Andrew's arms. He wasn't so lucky.

"Well, that was interesting." I laughed. The next hour was spent with me eating buttercream frosting (to "gain weight") and him showing me how to shoot a gun properly. It was fun until the others came out.

Apparently they had been watching the whole time.

"SKYE MARIE WALT!" I scream, and slap her. I can tell it stings, but she still is cracking up.

"I'm sorry! But once I heard the gunshots, I looked outside. And how could I not watch? You're my best friend!" she laughed, tears spilling out I her eyes.

Grouchily, I go back inside, snatching back the frosting she stole. -

Chapter 2 - Part 5 - Riley's POVEdit

The silence hangs over me and Felicia like a thick blanket, one that we could talk through, but we think better of because we know that it would be hard to do so. Finally, despite the courage it takes, I say something.

"So... where do you live?" It's unlike me to be the first to speak, but I remind myself that this is Fel. We are pretty good friends online, but it's just so different in person. We decided to take her car, and she drives carefully, eyes focused on the road. We have just entered a neighborhood area full of houses when she parks the car in a driveway and turns to me.

"Right here." I allow a small and appropriate laugh (for conversational purposes mostly), and look through the darkness at the house. It's tall and white. Nice. It's no mansion or anything, but it's not run-down and tiny in the least. Modest... kind of like Felicia. Pretty, but not one to scream: Here I am!I smile at the thought. "So... I'm just gonna run in and grab my stuff. Be right back." then she hops out of the car and goes into the house. She appears a moment later with a bag in hand.

"I'll drive, if you want. That way I don't have to give directions the whole way," I offer, and Fel accepts. I take the road back onto the main streets and it isn't until then that I realize with a burning thought that Felicia's going to see where I live. It's not that embarrassing or anything, but it feels private. For a family of six, the house is fairly small, and somehow I'm nervous about what Felicia will think of it. But I shake off the thought. This isn't the time to be worrying about what Fel thinks of my family's economic status. When we get there I park the car and without another thought, get out and march into the house. I quickly go to my room and take out my backpack. working as quickly as possible, I unzip it and dump out all of the contents. Then, I quickly stuff in a few changes of clothes -just to be safe-, my laptop, and my favorite notebook... One that my mother gave to me... I also put in a few pens. I know it may seem silly, but sometimes it takes words to calm me down. The way they flow on the page from my hand... it's soothing.

Then I leave my room and am just about to leave the house when I hear a whining noise. Sam!I go into the other room to find my little poodle, Sam, waiting for someone to show up. I can't just leave him here... Then, in a flash of decision, I gather the 9-pound dog in my arms as well as his leash and collar, then hurry out of the house. I get in the car and ignore Fel's bewildered look at the sight of Sam. Then we rush back to Skye's address and stop the in the street in front of the house. Felicia and I walk up to the door and knock. I can tell from the outside that everyone else is already there, based on the voices, but Skye grrets us with a friendly smile and says, "Welcome." I choose... Fel!:)

Chapter 2 Part 6 Felicia's POVEdit

It felt so akwad sitting in the car with Riley. I mean we were good friend online but that was ONLINE. She seems like a very shy person too. I don't say anyhting on the way there. When we get to the door, I feel afrsid. ZWhat if someone laughs at me? Anyway, Nikki introduces us to Sky and she greas us with a hug. I can tell taht she is a very nice person. I look around. Everyone is taliking to eachother, but one guy catches my eye. He is every cute. Well I just stand there until Riley drags me around to meet everyone. Ak looks nothing like I imaginesd, actually none look like I thought they did. Finally we get to that cute guy.

"Hey!" Riley says. "I'm Riley!"

"Hi. Im lee," He says. Lee. I get lost for awhile but then I notice that both Riley and lee are staring at me.

"oh, sorry." I feel my cheeks heating up. 'Im Felicia, but you can call me fel," Oh, I am such a loser. Sounds like im some boring person. I look at the floor.

"Shes jsut a little shy, thats all," Riley seems alot more confident now. I look at her and I see a smile creeping up on her lips.

"Its fine. I get shy too!" he laughs. Gish, I must look like an idiot jsut standing there lok ing down. I look into his eyes and feel warmth rushing through me. Ive never gotten this feeling before. am I sick? As we move on tho the next person, I cant help but look back.

I choose...Dannoh!

Alex's POV Chapter 2 part 7Edit

I pull up outside of my house and open the door.

"Be right back," I say to Ciel.

I rush into my house. What do I actually need? A weapon? Food? Water? No, Yes, Yes. What can I say, I'm a pascifist. I grab some food from the pantry and a gallon of water. For some reason, I can't shake my uneasy feeling. So I walk into a small room and open a drawer. Inside is a small handheld pistol, self defense only. I take 5 clips, all we have. I've learned how to fire it, only a little practice though. I slide the clip into the gun and make sure the safety is on.

I walk out back to the car. "You drive now Ciel," I say, "You know how to get to your house, right?"

"Yeah, It's kind of a long drive though," she says back.

Chap 2 part 8 Jerals pov (By Skye) (Ita is sick)Edit

I Get in her huge truck, she looks a bit odd behind the big wheel. She’s not exactly A big girl. She healthy and obviously fit. But once she had the engine revving, she looked right at home. We drove, me giving the momentary direction. It was Forty minutes to my place. An forty minutes back.

“You know. You look different from how I imagined you.” My voice not sounding as inquisitive as I would have hoped. Obviously glad the Awkward silence is broken Skye responds.

“You know. You don’t look how I imagined you either” she says. She flips her hair and scrolls her eyes down my body.

“Oh?” I say. Obvously wanting more information.

“Yes. Your…well I sort of imagined you as a nerd is all.” She says blushing a bit.

“And I have surpassed those expiations?” I ask. She surveys me again, obviously Skipping my crotch and moving her eyes down my leg in-stead.

“Yeah. I think so.” She smiles. She turns back ahead. I consider saying well your more attractive then I would have dreamed. But, something that would turn an already awkward conversation into complete silence. So instead I turn my head back to the window. There’s not a soul on the road. Sure there’s cars but there empty, so Skye avoids them by swerving. She flicks on the radio but only receives static.

“Huh.” She says curiously. She flicks it off again and stares at it inquisitively. Once we reach my home, I usher for her to wait in the car, but she’s to cautious. So instead she comes in with me. I feel slightly embarrassed letting her in my messy house, but I tell her to wait in the kitchen, And she seems perfectly fine with the arrangement. I grab a few of my things, throw them in a back pack. A few changes of cloths, my novel I’m reading, my laptop, my deodorant, and my dog tags. Everything else I figure I can just leave until this whole things over.

“Ready?” she says while snaking from an apple she must have helped to her self.

“yep.” We head back to the car, and sit in silence. I stare out the window; I can tell Skye’s not exactly a very talkative person. But, she’s not quite comfortable sitting in silence. Once we reach her house, A big one at that, I hear her sigh in relief. We go inside and I offer to help her with movie some of the furniture around in the bedrooms. She takes my offer and we work side by side to get the house ready. Our members arrive two by two. Skye draws up a roster for us all. As she doing it I notice the precise way in which she traces the cardboard. The concentration on her face. This is her creative processes. Once the roster is done, she finally tells us what its for.

“It’s a sleep rotation. Now, until we can figure out more on the situation I think its best we have someone on watch at all times. Including the night.” The group sighs. Ak stands. “Guys come on she’s right. We need it.” He says. They all hesitantly go along and listen to the plan. In the interest of sportsman’s ship, Skye puts herself first on the list. She puts on a CD. Some sort of mix she’s made. It pumps in the background, And people are lounging on the mattresses and couches.

The entire group notices Nikki leave to go outside into Skye’s massive back yard, And then Ak. We all go to inspect. What we see makes Skye almost burst out in laughter. Nikki and AK are laughing and joking around with all kinds of weapons. Falling into each others arms. I’m not paying much attention, but I believe Skye says something remotely funny, And Nikki slaps her in the face. Then storms away. A red patch begins to swell on Skye’s face, and what looks like a friction burn appears on her face. But Skye doesn’t think much of it. A few of the other girls suggest chasing after her. But Skye and Nikki have been friends for long enough to know what both need. Skye knows what’s best. Kez a somewhat expert in first aid, offers to patch Skye cheek up, but she refuses.

Chapter 2 Part 9 AK POVEdit

I see, Skyes cheek and ask her if shes ok.

"Ya im fine, thanks AK." She says. I offer to take the next shift at night, and i tell her to wake me up in 4 hours.

"Ok, night." I say, and i sleep on the cold hard floor because there is no more room next to on the couches or mattresses. Somehow i quickly fall asleep. 4 hours later Skye wakes me up.

"Hey AK, come on wake up its ur turn for the nightshift." She says

"Huh? Oh ok." I say still half asleep. My eyes quickly ajust to the darkness. I get up and start streching. Once my body isnt as stiff as it was. I sit on the Kitchen table, and flip my laptop open and start typing. I forget the time and by the time i get up to hit the head, i reilize i have been awake since midnight and its 8 AM! I start to try and cook, some food considering my house doesnt really have a stove, i touch the wrong stove and i severly burn my hand.

Chapter 2- Part 10 Movie's POVEdit

I lay there wrapped in the blanket I brought back from home. I sigh as I hold it to my face, my only reminder of home. I miss my family, everyone on the wiki is so different then I thought they would be. I was too aftraid to even tell them my real name. I don't know all of them too well, but Skye seems really nice... and pretty. I was surprised when Nikki slapped her...

I don't know what I am. I feel so useless. I'm younger then all of them, and I'm not that good with medicene like Kez... I just home that they don't ditch me. As I lay here just waiting for some thing to happen I think about my family. I finally fall asleep i wake up to AK screeching in pain.

In a flash I'm up. I run to find him clutching his hand. I quickly run to him and see that his flesh is a bright red. I want to turn around and walk away, but I force myself to go over and comfort him. "It's fine, don't worry. Kez will be here in a second," I seem to be calming him as his screams are muffled to moans, Kez runs aroudn the corner with a first aid. I continue to sooth Ak "Don't worry, its not that bad."

Kez wraps up AK's hand, and walks away with him. I turn off the stove that he burnt his hand on. I quickly return to my room and grab my dad's hand gun. I hope no one saw it, because I want to be alert incase any one turns out to be a creeper. I return to the kitchen and find everyone gathered.

Apparently something big is happening...

Nikki's POV: Part 11, Chapter 2Edit

I re-read the code, and again. I have to be wrong. But I know I'm not. I love computers, and I was on our wikia. It's been silent, ever since the disappearance. But I still updated my stories quietly.

The kitchen was silent, excluding my abnormally loud gum smacking.

Something told me to look at the activity. And I did. The Community Messages was changed. And I knew it wasn't and admin.

The world is ending. And you'll be the last to feel my wrath. -A Wikia Contributor

I knew this was serious. You'd have to be a serious hacker to be able to Do that. I could if I wanted to, but im an admin. The codes for the messages are scrambled and unreadable, so I look at who edited the messages last.

No name was shown. I've tried to do that, when I wanted to leave Skye an anonymous note. It didn't work. And I've been working with computers since before I could walk.

Suddenly, something new popped up. Somebody created a page. I clicked on it, and screamed.

The page was about me.

Good job Nikki Layla. You noticed. Unfortunatly, i think your detective work is in vain. You can't outsmart me. My messages are coded. My username is blank. And I will have my revenge. The world is ending. And the next to die is you. And before you dismiss this: I know your secret. ~A Friend

Skye rushed in, wearing a pink My Little Pony robe and wet hair. Movie runs in, holding a gun. Alex has a knife. And I? I'm a solid white. Trembling, I show them them the page.

"Oh my gosh..." Skye's face drains, and the rest of us do the same.

"How..." Movie stutters nonsense, and I can't blame him. This is huge. This is betrayal.

"The worst part? Its one of us." I admit.

"How do you know?" Alex inquires, knitting his eyebrows together in suspicion.

"Look at the code." With trembling hands, I find the compute code. Even the most inept could see that the code was made on this Wikia. By one of our users.

"What's the secret they speak of?" Skye asks.

"I don't know." I lie. Because I know what it is. And if our "friend" knows, my life is practically in his hands.

Chat 2 Part 12 Sammys Pov-written by Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

Its not like I exactly knew what was going on. But I looked around in shock and horror like the rest of them. Then it started.

“Jeral its Jeral!” says movie. They all look at Jeral, he remains as meritorious as always.

“No its not.” I say. I don’t know Jeral too well, but I know he’s far too good looking to be the bag guy.

“Sammy!” says Ciel. They all look at me.

“Wait. No its not me? I don’t even know what’s going on!” I say confused.

Everyone burst out in anger at each other. Its madness.

“ENOUGH!” Skye screams. “Enough!” they finally stop. “Stop accusing each other okay! We need to be together now. More then ever. The guilty party will show themselves eventually. Okay? Now if I hear another word of accusations again, you will be asked to leave the group. Do you understand?” she says. Everyone looks at each other worried. “Well?” she forces. They all eventually nod. And so do I. “Good. Now, I think we need a new roster, so no one person is alone at watch time.” She takes the roster off the wall, and brings it down. She then proceeds to rip it.

“Now, we need supplies, I need new cardboard, and some more food. Who’s up for a trip to the shops?” she says. Everyone instantly smiles. They all know what it means. A kids biggest dream to come true. A supermarket. Alone, with no adults.

Everyone’s hand simultaneously shoots up. We all start to run to the cars not before Movies pulls Skye aside and whispers in her ear.

“Wait!” Skye says. We all groan. And turn to movie.

“I don’t think we can use the cars. There are to many other dead cars on the road it’s to dangerous. Especially getting close into town.” Movie says.

“So what? Were just gunner walk all the way there?” Felicia objects.

“No. Come with me I have an idea.” Skye says, Jeral’s the first one to follow her, And then Ak, and then movie. We all groan after her. Its not until she takes us to the neighbors back yard to we realize what she means.

She takes us to a large shed outside there massive property. She calls for Lees assistance to rip the big door open, and that’s when we see the big beasts glisten in the sun. the first display of emotion I’ve ever seen Jeral show us, as a hint of a smirk, registers on his face.. There are about 20 Black motorbikes shimmering in the light.

Chap 2 Part 13 Skye's pov. -Written by Me Skye!Edit

Jeral’s teaching movie how to use the throttle when I notice Nikki outside the back of the shed, sitting with her back against the tin metal. I walk up to her and lean on the hot medal with my arms folded. She turns her head up stares at me.

“You gunner slap me if I sit next to you?” I ask with little concern.

“Nah. Got over that.” She says. I walk over next to her and sit down with my back next to the metal, and my arms hugging my legs. We sit in silence for a few minutes when Nikki puts her book down.

“ I don’t like him you know.” She says. I flick my head her way.

“Okay.” I say. “But, you know if you do. You can tell me.” I say. She looks at me a bit mad.

“But I don’t.” she says.

“I know. Listen since that one time wh-“ I start.

“Don’t! Ok. Just don’t go there.” She says.

“Okay, okay. But since then, I know you think you have to stay to your tomboy attitude or whatever. But, its OKAY to like someone.” I say. She nods a bit and leaves it at there. I don’t think I will push it much further.

“What about you and that Jeral kid?” she says. I flip my hair right around.

“No! I don’t like him ok. I don’t.” I say firmly.

“Oh come on. YouR saying he doesn’t appeal to you just a little bit?” she says.

“No! he’s…..Creepy” I shiver. She giggles.

“What?” I say a bit frustrated.

“Nothing just. Usually if I ask you if you like a guy you just laugh and shrug it off. You just seem so opposed by the idea.” She giggles a bit more.

“Shut up.” I say in a joking tone.

“What exactly did you to do while we were all out?” she jokes. I know she’s just kidding, but the accusation makes me uncomfortable.

“Look I don’t like Jeral at all.” Her face goes serious and she grows wide eyed.

“I don’t like him okay?” she shakes her head nervously. Her eyes dart to a figure just above my head.

I turn my head slowly. “Hey Skye.” Jeral says towering over me blocking the sun from my eyes. I don’t know how much of the conversation he heard but I’m sure he would have at least heard the last part.

“Oh hey Jeral. Uhh, what’s up?” I try to say as casually as possible.

“Everyone’s ready, I was just going to teach you a few of the ready?” he says awkwardly. A littlie relived he didn’t want to talk to me about what I just said, I stand.

“Oh ok great.” I dart my head towards Nikki. “ok, imma go take care of him. THAT! I mean..imma go take care of that..Uh..see you in a second, umm..Nikki.” I say, putting my foot in my mouth. Nikki laughs and I’m pretty sure I notice a smirk on Jeral’s face as he leads me to the bikes. As he promised, he teaches me a few of the basic controls, leaning his chest on my shoulder and enclosing his strong arms in mine while trying to demonstrate how to steer. I become completely lost in the way I must navigate the system, before Jeral notices everyone watching us the way they did Ak and Nikki. I look up and see them all giggling. I know why, I guess it could look kind of….suspicious. I wish they could understand how uncomfortable Jeral makes me feel. But I simply shake off the embarrassment. Everyone hops on a bike (including Jeral) And we ride off to the city.

Chapter 2, Part 14: Kez' POVEdit

A supermarket without a single adult around. Ahh, what a nice life.

After I grabbed some stuff that I might need, I saw a door with a sign that says "Staff Only"

"Hey AK!" I said,

"What?" he asked.

"Come with me" I said as I motioned him towards the door.

The door revealed a dark vestibule without a single furniture in sight. The only thing that sort of kept it alive were three doors with different signs on them.

"Why don't we check out what's inside that one" AK said as he pointed at the door with a sign that read "CCTV ROOM"

"Great idea!" I said.

The room contained about more than ten tv screens and it feels like you're the most powerful person in the supermarket because it's like you can see everything going on in there.

"I have an idea" I said as I sat on the comfy crimson colored chair. I took out my laptop and some cables. "This wire goes here and this wire goes there" I mumbled.

"What are you doing?" AK asked as his eyebrows met.

"Checking out if this room has taken a video of how some of the people disappeared" I answered as I typed. "And bingo" I added.

I took out a disc from my bag and inserted it to my laptop's disk drive and copied a file on it. As soon as it was finished, I put all my stuff back in my bag and got up.

"That's about it" I said. "Let's get out of here. This room gives me the creeps."

Nikki's POV: Chapter 2, Part 15 Edit

My mouth full of sour patch, I load a cart full of goods. Though i do overload a bit in the sugar department, I do get some useful items.

Jeral, silent and sullen as usual, is next to me, with a cart full of bland and boring foods. Bread, 2 cases of water, instant food, and dry milk.

"don't you like ANYTHING?" I gape, as I see his practical cart.

He shrugs, and adds a first aid kit to the cart. I throw a pack of gummy worms into his cart. I turn around to grab some canned ravioli, when the bag of worms hits the back of my head.

"At least you have a little sense f humor." I grumble, and walk away. He continues his trek through the store. I look at Alex, who is tossing bag after bag of Lemonheads into his carts. Emphasis on CARTS. Riley is raiding the bakery. AK and Kez covertly come out of the back room. Very suspicious.

They both look disheveled, and Kez's hair is messed up big time.

"Hey guys!" I chirp, coming up behind them. They both jump, and relax when they see me. "Whatcha doing?" I ask innocently.

"We were just-" Ak started.

"Looking for the bulk packages. It'd be more effective." Kez interrupted, and gave AK a conspicuous look. He nodded intently.

"Okay!" I laugh, and walk away. I'm in drama, and I know how to play people. I see the pair sticking together the rest of the night, whispering mysteriously.

Jerald's cart is still boring as ever, so when he's not looking, I fill his water bottle with Monster. The black bottle looks exactly the same, so when he takes a drink, his eyes widen.

"Oh sorry! I spilled a little Mio in it!" I lied, holding up a small drop bottle. He nods forgivingly, and is about to dump it out.

"Don't do that! Nobody is supplying water, so who knows when we could run out!" I add, smiling to myself. I love acting.

He drinks it for the rest of the shopping trip, with no effect. Oh well.

But I do want to keep an eye on AK and Kez

When we leave, our motorcycles are filled to the brim, so I ride back first to grab a car. Expertly, I navigate through the streets. Everyone loads their groceries, and we drive back.

I watch Kez and AK scurry up into a spare room, and the click of the lock is apparent. Grabbing the key, I put my ear to the wall. I had a feeling something fishy was going on. Or inappropriate.

"You sure this will work?" AK's voice asked, struggling with something.

"Positive." Kez typed furiously, and all of a sudden, a video played.

Chap 2 part 15 Skyes Pov- Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

Nikki said something about Ak and Kez acting odd. But I brushed it away with no concern. Maybe she was just letting her feelings get to her. Meanwhile rumors of Kez and Ak getting a little frisky spread though the group. I doubt it though. They both just…Don’t fit. I try to ignore it, and before i know it night rolls in. Turns out movie is somewhat of a master chef. He’s made dinner for us all. Nachos, of course being a vegetarian I just had salad. Felicia and Lee were on first watch so I bided them goodnight, and went to my room to type.

Like I always do, I got lost in my world. I’m dimly aware of Nikki checking to se if I was okay. She says I look extremely determined when I’m writing, playing my guitar, painting or singing. I don’t know though my concentration is far to overworked to think about it. My computer suddenly beats with the alarm I had set to go on watch. I flip the lid of my computer down, and see Nikki asleep next to me. It’s only a single bed, but we both lay in it comfortably. We have Sammy and Willia in my room too, they get scared at night now, so Nikki and I take to role of the protectors.

I carry my computer, which has had all night to charge, into the lounge room. I see Felicia asleep, and lee deep in thought.

“Some good watchmen you to are.” I joke. Lee looks up at me and smiles.

He oh so softly wakes Felicia up whispering something in her ear. She groggy walks back to the room I assigned for her, and lee nods me goodnight. I look at the new schedule I had made that hangs on the wall. Next to my name is movie. I decide I will give him a few moments to wake himself. I take the book from my bag, and begin to read. A few moments later, I notice a figure standing above me. I look up and my body jolts in shock.

Jeral is standing with his shirt off, and his hair all tasseled. How is it even possible that he looks as hot as he does? No one looks that way when they wake up. NO ONE! As a result of his buffed look, I’m at a lost for words.

“ what are, I mean. Why are you…what’s up?” I stutter.

“I’m taking over movies shift.” He says roughly.

“Oh, is he sick?” I say feeling concern rise with-in me.

“No, he’s just a kid is all. I think he’ll be more useful asleep.” Jeral says. He walks over to me and sits next to me on the black couch. I can smell his cologne, and conclude he must have put it on before he came out.

I open my book to the dog taged page, and begin to read.

“What are you reading?” He asks oh so rough.

“Um. Here.” I pass him the small book. He looks at it questionably, and then a hint of a amused smile pops on his handsome face.

“Little lord Fauntleroy? Isn’t this book like? A million years old?” he asks I take it back from him and stare at the boring cover.

“No. two million.” I joke. “No, it was my mother favorite book as a child, and she was always pestering me to read it.” I explain.

“So why are you?” he asks. I consider answering but there are no words. I’m good at explaining things on paper, but in real life. With my own words, I become tong tied.

“I don’t know.” I reply.

“Because you want to tell her you read it when she comes back.” He reads my mind.

“Something like that.” I reply. He looks at me with concern. And then away again. His eye catches my painting on the wall of a meadow with a field of blue swirls.

“Did you do that?” he asks.

“Yes. I did all the paintings in the house.” I say.

“Wow. Your very talented.” He compliments. What has gotten into him. He’s usually a weird, creepy guy. But this Jeral is almost….Likeable?

“Well thank you.” I say.

“You mentioned once that you played guitar, and sing?” he says.

“Wow. I cant believe you remembered that. It was so long ago.” I say surprised.

“I have a good memory.” He says. The conversation goes quiet.

“Are you in the middle of any stories at the moment?” he asks me.

“Well. Just the same old ones.” I say.

“ahh. I like your stuff.” He says.

“Really? Which ones have you read?” I ask intrigued.

“All of them” he replies honestly. I don’t really know what to say.

“So. You’re a great writer, you play guitar, you sing, your and artist. You are a good leader. And your beautiful. What else don’t I know about you?” he says. I cant believe it. Where the hell has Jeral gone.

“Ok. I’ll tell you something I’ve never told anyone before. But you have to keep it a secret okay?” he nods and leans in closer to me.

“I secretly like the two million year old book.” I whisper. I head him laugh a bit, and I laugh with him. Soon were laughing pretty hard before a voice interrupts us.

“Ha hem. Sorry, did I interrupt soothing?” Nikki say leaning on the door frame with a sneaky smile. I realize Jeral’s mouth is pretty close to mine, even though all we were doing was laughing, I can see how it would look suspicious.

“Ah. No not at all we were just…..reading. Um. What’s wrong?” I say to Nikki leaning away from Jeral.

“Oh I was just getting a drink. Want to help me find the cups?” she says. She probably been to my house 101 times, so she knows where the cups are.

“Sure.” I say. I reframe from looking at Jeral. My face burns red from embarrassment. We reach the kitchen away from hearing distance.

Nikki looks at me with a smug smirk. She is about to open her mouth.

“Don’t. Just don’t.” I say. She holds her arms up as if being caught.

“I wasn’t gunna” she says. She takes a cup from one of the lower cupboard and fills it with water she walks away suspiciously. I hear her bid goodnight to Jeral, and my bedroom door shut. And I walk back to the couch.

“Sorry about that.” I say.

“Not a problem.” The rest of the night is spent discussing my novels. I don’t now why, but he’s extremely intrigued by my imagination. I answer his questions honestly before Alex interrupts us.

“Hey guys go to bed.” He says from the door frame. Its about 4:30 am, and I see riley groggy come up behind him.

“Oh ok. Good luck you to. Wake me if you need anything.” I say. I take my book and laptop, neither of which got much attention over the four hours Jeral and I were awake.

Jeral pats Alex’s shoulder and I pat Riley’s.

Jeral and I part in the hallway.

“Night Skye.” He says and at that he turns around and retreats to his room. I do the same.

I curl into my covers and fall asleep almost instantly.

Chapter idk all i know is My POV AK!!! :DEdit

I wake up and see alex and ri walking into the room.

"Hey guys," I whisper. Alex looks at me like im crazy.

"What the hell are you doing up?" Alex asks as I get up. i walk to the couch and sit down.

"I wake up every morning early." I say with a smile. He playfully punches my arm. and we sit there in silence, I think Ri fell asleep again which i dont really care about. We sit there in silence, then i brake it saying,

"And were you one of the people that thought me and Kez were getting frisky?"

"No, i didnt belive it cause i know u like skye," He says,

"Shhhhhh, dont say that outloud." I say.

"Oh ya its a secret, but skye still doesnt know right?" He asks.

"Yep she doesnt know." I anwser. We sit there in silence for a while and during that silence i think about skye. I think the silence made Alex fall asleep, when he does, i start typing.

Chapter 2, Part 17: Kez' POVEdit

I should've told Nikki about what Ak and I were up to, but I don't know I guess I sorta chickened out. With all the people disappearing and all the accusations that happened before we went to the supermarket, I should be careful. But then again, I should've told them about it. It's not that big of a deal.

I played the same video for over an hour as if like I was obssessing with it. I looked closely again at the person in the video who was about to grab a can of tuna and just like that, he disappeared. No magical sparkles or other things that you see on movies. The question is, how can this be possible?

"Urgh!" I said as I closed my laptop and stared at the ceiling. I sighed then went downstairs still carrying my laptop.

I went to the kitchen just in time to see Nikki washing a cup by the sink.


"Yeah?" she said as she put the cup back on the cupboard after washing it.

"I wanna show you something" I said as I put my laptop on the table and clicked a video file.

Chapter 2 Part 18 Will's POV Edit

"So why am I here?" I pull my coffee to my lips. "To help?" Skye taps her fingers. I roll my eyes. I shuffle my feet and adjust my glasses. I pull my laptop out and start typing. "Here, I pull up my saved calculations. "This happened because of a source." I say. "What kind?" Everyone chimes. I shrug.

Chapter 2 Part 19 Movie's POVEdit

The rumors have begun... people are saying Ak and Kez are behind this, people say that Skye and Jeral are hooking, or that Nikki and Jeral... or someone and Jeral are together. I just want to know the truth. I've become the master chef (thank you absent parents) am I'm cooking some pancakes, ashamed for falling asleep on night shift, when Kez calls me over. I turn off the griddle and walk to her.

"Look, Movie, can I trust you?" she wishpers quickly.

I nod franticly glad to finally be of use. She quickly leads me down the hall, Nikki is already there looking shell shocked. She snaps too and begins to yell at Kez "You can't show him! He's way too young!" that does it.

"Stop treating me like I'm a freaking two year old! I'm just a year younger then everyone else! Now show me what ever this is or so help me, I'll leave right now!" The girls seem in schock at my out burst... reflecting my own astonishment. Then Kez grabs her laptop and shows me a video of the market.

A man is picking up a tuna can when he vanishes in the blink of an eye. I let out a gasp... I was one of the few not to see my family vanish. I never saw this, but now that I have I feel almost at ease... I know what happened to them. I feel at peace.

Just then Skye walks in. Kez slams the laptop down, Skye eyes her suspiciously before saying "Will has an announcement. Can you guys all come downstairs?"

I nod and head off. Trying to wrap my mind around the idea of everyone just poofing.

Will stands in front of everyone, she holds a computer in front of her and seems rather shy. Then she begins "I think I found out what happened."

Nikkis POV: Chapter 2, Part 20Edit

I sigh. Another attempt. Will starts explaining her theory, but I know it's wrong.

"So what if its just a mental thing? There's a study that shows writers have a different-" Will explains, but I interrupt her.

"No, this is real. I know it is. Because that message? That video? That blog? It's real. And we all have the same fantasy at once? Impossible. The fact is that no one else is on earth, even my friends in England, the United States, and in Mexico. It's just us. And there's a reason why." I interrupt. Everybody is hanging on my last words.

Willa's Theory of a strange psychological incident has its merits, but to many things contradict it. I know.

"This isn't just a dream," I growl, "Or a disorder. This is someone who is deathly smart. With the ability to destroy DNA." I pull out a few test tubes and things I brought from my house. I set up my microscope(don't laugh, I do have one), and chose a piece of clothing of my sister's.

"Look at this. If this was a crazy scheme, prank, or whatever, her DNA would still be on this shirt." I explained, putting her shirt under the light. "But look at this."

Each person looked under the microscope, looking puzzled.

"So?" Skye asked.

"SO, this means that even the DNA on her shirt is gone. 'Every contact leaves a trace.' Dr. Locard, the FATHER of forensic science. There should be skin cells, hair, or something. Not even sweat." Everyone's eyes widen in realization.

This person is deadly. They can destroy DNA.

"The scary part? The laws of matter say that matter cannot be destroyed or created. So what happened to everyone?"

Nobody says anything, and even Will looks confused.

"I traced back the page. It was made about a minute before you read it." Will said quietly. I knew she meant the threatening page that foretold my death.

"And that means that they know what we're doing every day. Every hour." The room was so silent, you could hear the wind through a pinhole.

"And it's one of us-" I start, when I hear a loud beep. Several people screamed.

"I set the computer to alert me when an edit, comment, etc was made on the wikia." I explained, looking at it. A new page was made.

Good job. You've figured out my game. But this isn't where it stops. More deaths will happen, until I figure out who's on my side. But don't worry. I'm one of you. Nikki Layla, you're dying first. Be honored. -Your Friend

The thought was awful. That one of us was the killer.

And will continue to kill more, starting with one.


Skyes pov. by skye.Edit

“That’s it. I want either lee, Jeral or Ak with Nikki at all times. They will be supplied with a weapon. And Nikki, you need a handgun with you at all times. Ak I need you to teach her how to use it.” I say desperately.; Ak nods, and so does lee and Jeral. Ak escorts Nikki outside.

“As for the rest of you. I need everyone on the computer now. Sammy, I know you can hack thinks right?” I look to Sammy who is cowering away In the corner. She not strong, and not assertive at all. But man can she hack.

“Yes.” she mumbles.

“Good, I need you to teach everyone basic controls.” I say to her. She nods and takes a few of the members. It leaves only me, Jeral, lee and riley.

“Alright. Lee, your dad was a pilot in the army right?” I asks hastily.

“Yes.” He replies.

“Okay, did he teach you anything about planes?” I ask.

“Yes, I used to ride with him all the time when he was on leave.” He says with a hint of pain in his voice.

“Think you can handle a helicopter on your own?” I ask. A smile plays on his lips.

“Oh yeah.” He says.

“Good take riley. Get on the motorbikes and go to the airport. There sure to have tones lying around there. I need you to go up and see if there are ANY signs of life.” I say. He walks with riley out the door. I’m left with Jeral.

“So. What do you want us to do.” He says. I’m not sure if he’s being cheeky or not, but I was far to concerned about Nikki to care.

“We observe the others.” I say. He groans.

“I know it’s not your thing, waiting around. But its extremely important. Okay?” I say.

“Cant I just go In the helicopter?” he says.

“No. I need you.” His face brightens for a moment and then goes back to his usual expressionless face.

“Come on then.” He says. I walk out my room, hiding my nervousness. That’s when I hear the gun shot. My heart almost stops. But I realize there is no time. Everyone goes silent and Jeral grabs the hand gun stuffed in the back of his jeans and pulls it to his face. I take a handgun from the bench and we rush out house.

“Stay here!” I yell to the computer wizards typing furiously on the computer.

I approach the corner and draw the hand gun.

“Whoa! Don’t shoot.” Ak is there with Nikki. I forgot I gave him the job to teach her to shoot.

“Oh. Sorry, I thought something had happened.” I’m breathing out hard and I think im about to have a panic attack, but I brush it off and walk back inside. And throw myself on the couch.

Jeral sits calmly next to me and waits. I sit up a bit more, and watch the computer geeks intently. Kez summons them all to the computer and they crowd over and start laughing. I wonder what’s so funny, so I approach them, but they flip the computer.

“Hey?” I say.

“You cant see it.” Kez says giggling. Jeral laughs behind me.

“Can i?” he asks. They nod and he gladly walks to the computer. His smile slowly fades as his eyes obviously dart across the page reading something. He stands back up and walks back over to the couch without a word.

“That’s it give me the computer.” I say. She pulls it away, and I snatch it off her. Everyone’s to afraid to take it off me and I begin reading.

It opens to a page and I see a few verses of a poem I begin to read. And my face goes hot. I roughly put laptop down, and walk out side. I walk to Ak who is in the middle of explaining how to hold the gun to Nikki. When I tap his shoulder. He turns around, and I punch him in the nose., and he falls to the ground.

Chapt idk, we r totally failing Chapter titles - Riley's POVEdit

I try to ignore the queasy feeling growing in my stomach as Lee and I get closer to the airport on our motorbikes. It's just a stupid helicopter, Riley. You've done scarier, offers one voice in my head, while the other argues, Are you kidding me?!? You don't even like roller coasters for God's sake! Don't take me as a wimp; I'm not scared of heights or anything, but moving midair just... doesn't really mix with me most of the time. But I've been on multiple plane rides of course, so it's not like I'm foreign to all similar experiences. I try to merely focus on the road on the way there and not running into any road-blocking cars. I automatically cringe each time I see a car that had no driver to put on the brakes, so it crashed into the car in front of it, but then remember that no one could've gotten hurt because, well, there wasn't anyone left to be harmed. With the exception of us, I thought, remembering the page warning us of Nikki's to-be death.

Who among us would even consider doing anything like that? And (no offense to anyone in our group), but who would be able to do that? I am well aware that our wiki is comprised of a very intelligent bunch, but as far as I'm concerned, there isn't a single human being I know of that would have the ability to do such a thing. Obviously I underestimated the human race, though. After a while of letting the loud rumblings of the bikes be background to my thoughts, we come to the huge airport where we stop. Just outside the perimeter, we hop off the bikes and leave them there, as we know no one will take them.

"So... where exactly should we go? I mean, I've been here before, but I don't know the place by memory..." I say finally.

"Just follow me," he replies. I honestly have no idea what else I could do in our current situation, so I follow his lead in silent agreement. I don't know how he knows where to go, but after 20 minutes or so of twists and turns through mazes of huge planes, we come to a small cluster of helicopters. "Ta da," he says with little enthusiasm (considering the tone of circumstance I assume), gesturing to the aircrafts. We walk up to one but I pause before the big door.

"Uh," I begin, not really sure how to phrase my statemement. "Lee?" I can practically hear the nervousness in my voice.

"Yeah?" he says, obviously not catching onto my sudden anxiety, as his tone is completely nonchalant.

"I, um, have no idea what to do here..." I admit, standing on the tips of my toes to get a glimpse of all the gadgets from where I stand on the ground.

"You won't actually have to do much, you'll be fine. Why don't you just worry about getting yourself in the thing for now," he says with a slight laugh. In appreciation for the effort of kindness, I give a tight smile and get into the helicopter - which requires all my courage at the moment. Once I'm settled in my seat up front and Lee is as well, he begins to briefly explain the basic controls, and my mind can't help but drift off as he talks. If he had been telling me about some gramatical rule that I didn't already know of, he'd have my full attention, but unfortunately I'm not the best with technology. I do catch that he says that as long as I focus 100% on Skye's given task, though, he'll take care of the pilotting, which relieves me some. The butterflies in my stomach rise with the helicopter, but I swallow the feeling and ignore it, reminding myself just how important my current job is. Finally, when the helicopter has reached a great enough altitude, we can see the land surrounding the airport.

And it fully sinks in just how alone the members of the Young Writers Club Wiki really are out here.

Jerals POV -(Written by Katniss&PrimSisterhood. ita is sick)Edit

“What the hell is your problem?” Ak yells from the floor. His voice is all gurgled from the blood spilling from his nose.

“Ak!” Nikki yelps. She crouches to his side, and blocks his nose at a desperate attempt to stop the blood. Ak hastily stands.

“My problem? MY PROBLEM? I’ll give you a (explicit) problem!” she walks determined toward him, but I run and grab her arm.

“Skye! Calm yourself.” I yell in her face.

“Did you see what he said about me? Did you see?” she yells back taking a step forward into me.

“Yes! But it doesn’t matter does it! It’s not worth punching him!” I challenge by grabbing bother her shoulders. She stares me in the eye for a few moments. Her face dangerously close to mine. A few centimeters and my lips would be touching hers. Its tempting, epically with this new feisty Skye, but somehow I don’t think it would be appropriate. Someone in the group clears there throat and Skye glances at Ak. “Kez!” she says. Kez steps forward. “Take care of his nose please.” She nods and grabs the first aid kit.

“Can someone please tell me what’s going on?” Nikki begs. Varian flips open the laptop in her hand and Nikkis eyes widen while reading. Skye rips her body from mine. “Jeral can I please speak to you a moment.” She says though gritted teeth.

“gladly.” She storms away back into the house, and the entire group watches me follow. She pulls me in her room and locks the door.

“How dare you!” she screams.

“What are you talking about!” I yell back. Finally an honest conversation.

“How dare you undermine me like that in front of everyone!” she yells.

“You looked like a raving fool! I had to stop you before they a lot ALL respect for you!”

“Oh please. I may be a lot of things, but I’m not a fool!” she brushes off.

“Well, you certainly acted like it. Your supposed to be the one to fix these problems not create them.” I say a bit calmer.

“Hey I didn’t start this. He did.” She says pointing at the door.

“So he has a crush on you who cares! Do you like him back?” I ask plainly.

“Well. No.”

“Well then what do you care?” I reason. I take her arms much calmer.

“Your our leader Skye. You’ve kept us together when we would have separated otherwise. You should be proud of that. But you can’t just go dealing with your problems with violence. Especially not towards your members.” I say. A small tear seeps from her eye.

“Your right.” She sniffles eventually. More tears flood.

“Hey, what are you crying about?” I say getting to her eye level.

“Nothing. I just, want this to be over already.” She explains. I cant say I haven’t thought about that once or twice. I wipe a tear from her eyes, and pull her close to my chest.

“I know. Me to.” I whisper. I know this isn’t like her, but some how it makes me happy to see her talking at least to me. After about ten minutes she separates from me, and takes her guitar from the corner of the room, and puts her shoulder bag. And walks out the room. I figure I should go to.

“Thank you Jeral.” She says to me before opening the door. She stands on the tip of her toes and kisses my cheek softly. “I was wrong about you.” She whispers in my ear. And then she leaves me. Its takes a moment before I can compose myself and walk out with her. She walks out from the hallway and everyone is gathered in the lounge room. They look at us both standing side by side at the archway. Skye walks over to Ak, who is being taken care of by Kez. She leans over and whispers something in his ear and he nods. And looks appreciably at her and she smiles sweetly. Then she leaves though the back door with her guitar. Everyone turns there attention to me. Ak’s eye snags mine and he quickly looks away.

Everyone beady eyes begs for an explanation.

“Girls.” I say. And the entire room laughs. Nikki walks up to me as I’m walking to the kitchen. She notices the wet make-up stains on my shirt.

“Is she okay?” Nikki whispers to me.

“I think she needs time. You know to think it over.” I say back to her.

Nikki nods and walks back to the group who are making fun of Ak for his poem. I notice Skye outside the back yard a far way away. She’s sitting on the floor, with her guitar in her lap. She’s playing a slow song and singing something. I can’t hear her. But I see the concentration on her face. She looks utterly sorrowful and consecrated. Like nothing could intruded her world.

At that moment I make up my mind.

I like Skye.

Nikki's POV Edit

AK locked himself in one of the spare rooms, so Jeral is stuck with guard duty. It stinks, because he wants to know what in doing, how I am, and why. When he asks me for the twentieth time, "What are you doing?" I crack.

"I'm checking the wikia, okay?" I say, exasperation lingering in my voice. His eyes take on a cold quality, and I know I said the wrong thing.

"If you don't appr-" He starts to chide me, but I stop him.

"I know you like Skye." I interrupt. That silences him. Random, I know. But I needed to tell him. "The only thing that could make it more obvious would be for you to scream at her that you like her."

He looks at the floor, trying to maintain his indifferent façade, but a perceptible blush over coming his face. He had a rare bashful smile playing across his lips, and his eyes were glassed over in thought. It was obvious love. I wanted to reassure him. Because I knew Skye. And, with no doubt, she liked him back. I could tell, the way she complained about him, and casted "annoyed" glances at him every now and then.

"Is it that obvious?" He muttered, looking quite embarrassed.

"We'll just say that a flashing marquee is just as obvious." I snort, crossing my arms. He couldn't be any more obvious.

"Look, I know you've got a thing for AK-" he started, and I silenced him with a glare.

"You look. I do not like AK. He obviously likes Skye anyway. I never DID have a crush on AK. I gave up on boys a long time ago." I say sharply, making sure he knows I won't say anything more on the subject.

"But I... I don't know. She's so beautiful and strong, but with a side of feistiness..." He grimaced when he saw my smirk. "What?"

"I totally predicted this. Face it Jeral, you're as readable as a book to me." I laugh,and shake my head. Ding! The little chime on my computer goes off. I refresh it.

Skye deleted the poem. But we all saw it. Behind me, Jeral clenches his hands into a fist as he sees it.

"Good. Ak is an awful poet." He grumbles, and I roar with laughter.

"Just take it easy around Skye. Pretend you don't like her." I suggest, knowing he probably can't. He shrugs. I hear another ding from the computer. But this time it's from my email.

AK didn't write that poem. I did.

-A Friend

P.S. Don't show these messages to anyone except Jeral. I know you're both reading this. But I assure you that Ri and Le will fall right out of the sky if you do.

The message was sent by a familiar email address. Skye's.

Kez' POVEdit

"Ak?" I said as I knocked on the door.

I felt bad that I let the others read the poem. Trust me, I wasn't even planning to. I was just typing some stuff and etc when I found it. I was just .. well ... shocked. Then the others caught me off my guard and saw it just before I was about to navigate away from it.

"If you don't wanna open the door, just please talk to me?" I said as I knocked one last time.

Still no answer. I put down the plate I was holding and sat down by the door with my back resting on the wall. I was staring at the ceiling thinking about what I'd be doing if the people disappearing thing didn't happen.

Suddenly, the sound of the door slowly opening interrupted my thoughts. It was Ak.

"Did you bring food?" he asked.

"I brought left over pancakes" I said as I offered him the plate.

"Thanks" he said as he sat down beside me and put the plate on his lap. "You're a good friend, Kez" he smiled.

"Well, that's why I'm here for. To be your friend" I said as I playfully punched him in the arm. "Are you okay now?"

"A little" he said as he took a bite of a pancake. "I wanna tell you something".

"Okay. Shoot. I'm all ears" I answered.

"What the others were talking about after what happened... you know.. the thing about me crushing on Skye..." he sighed. "That one is true. But as for the poem that they were talking about, here's the thing.... I didn't write it"

"What?!" I said. I lowered my voice a little bit to keep my voice from bouncing in the hallways. "If you didn't, then who did?"

"I have no idea" he said.

Chapter ummm, i dont remember but this is AK POV! :DEdit

When kez walks away i walk up to skye and tell hereabout the poem. She nods, then i walk up to Jeral.

"Skye likes you, you know." I say, his eyes grow big.

"How do u know?" He asks.

"I can see it, the way she looks at you, she likes you man." I say, thinking that i just but a bullet through my own head.

"Well good luck with her." I say, and walk away. I dont know what to do know, but i offer to Nikki to teach her to shoot a gun again, and she declines, so i sit down, and i think i fall asleep, cause when my eyes open, its pitch black, and Lee and Nikki, are watching, I offer to watch but they decline, I go to the bathroom, and when i turn the corner, Lee starts making a move.

Oh no, I don't even know the chapters anymore... *glares at AK and Alex* Oh we'll. it's my POV. Nikki. Edit

When Lee puts his arm around me, I immediately tense up. My mind flashes back to fourth grade, when another guy did the same thing. And broke my young heart. That's why I've never been into a guy. Because that one guy? I loved him with every ounce in my whole heart.

And I still do. But now he's gone.

I sigh, and take Lee's arm off my shoulders. Even though its dark, I could see the red on his face, and it almost heats up.

"Um, sorry. I just thought it was... Cold." He mutters, and I give him a sympathetic half smile. In my mind, I remember someone else saying the same excuse. Word for word.

"It's okay." I murmur, and start to pour myself something to drink.

"Um, need anything?" He asks. We haven't talked for the past hour, so the new broken silence is quite awkward. I shake my head. From my hidden earpiece, I hear a faint ding! The computer. I've been hearing these dings a lot lately, and Jeral is the only one that knows.

The way the last message threatened me... They knew what I was doing. But when I looked back to re-read it, it was gone. So they had the power to delete messages/posts. I shouldn't be surprised. They figured out how to destroy DNA. This person was no average hacker.

But the real question was, why? Nobody had an incentive, unless... I couldn't imagine why HE would do it. He did blow up at Skye and myself a while ago, but i couldn't see that user taking it out on the whole world.

And if we did figure out who it was, I thought to myself while stirring my coffee mug, what then? There's no certainty that that person could or would bring back everyone. So what would we do?

I sit back down with Lee, still tense and stiff. My head starts to droop,and then I remember the ding from earlier.

"I'm going to go check something," I whisper, and he nods.

The backyard was silent, dark, and down right frightening. The harvest moon cast an eerie glow across the damp grass, misty clouds worsening it. But i needed to go to the doghouse.

I doubt anyone, even Skye, knew about it. It was in an overgrown thicket, but it was large and roomy. I kept Cocoa, my dog, there after everyone chided me for bringing her. I think only Jeral noticed the 50 lb bag of dog food I had kept in my cart.

"Cocoa?" I breathed, waiting for her soft bark. Definite panting came from the thicket, and a cafe brown head followed. Cocoa led me to the doghouse, nimbly dodging thorns and bushes.

To call it a doghouse might be an understatement. It was more like a tree house on the ground. I went inside, and a dim light illuminated my hideout. Lately, whenever I was worried or stressed, I would come in to stroke Cocoa.

Her fluffy bed was in the corner of the house(?), and a wooden desk was on the opposing wall. On the desk was all of the supplies I covertly snuck into the house. My laptop, writing equipment, and all of my hacking gear. I'd been monitoring the site lately, and needed all of it to do it.

I tossed Cocoa a treat, and she lapped it up eagerly. She went to our only one-way window, and looked out, watching for other signs of life. I grabbed a handgun from my supply, and loaded it. Just in case.

The wikia was dead in the sense of activity, but I knew someone was on. I hacked into the user network, and looked at who was on. Kez.

I should have known. Kez was always on her laptop, but I know she couldn't have done any of the damage from our "friend." She's smart, but not that smart. None of us are. Suddenly, Cocoa started panting. Our secret signal. I meant someone was outside.

I shut my laptop, turned off the light, and hid in the corner, my gun pointed at the doorway. Cocoa was in a stance that looked ready to pounce. I made sure Cocoa recognized everyone on the team, but I didn't know who was bad or not.

The door creaked open, and somebody stood in the doorway. With a knife.

Skye POV-Katniss&PrimSisterhoodEdit

I woke up to a sudden jump to my heart, I looked over to find Nikki missing from next to me. I wasn’t really worried I mean who was on watch tonight…uhh lee. He got back from the airport safe and sound with riley, they both reported the same thing, were completely alone.

Ahh she will be safe with him. But something, I don’t know what forced me to get out of bed and look. I went into the hall way wearing short pajama pants and a thin pajama top, lee looked shocked when he first saw me, but quickly settled back down.

“Wheres Nikki?” I ask looking around the room.

“Oh she just went to get some fresh air.” He says all to causally. My eyes widen and my limbs freeze.

“And you let her go alone?” I say furious.

“Its just outside…” lee says as if over reacting. That when we hear her scream. Before lee and I are out the door, Jeral has joined us. We all run outside. I can’t see her anywhere but I hear the soft noises of whining. I follow that with my rifle held close. I see a small box at the end of my house. I don’t think I’ve ever really been this far out of my house, but figure if Nikki wants to hide, what a perfect place.

“COME ON!” I scream to the others. I run in the and see the red dye layering the entrance. I see Nikki in the corner of the room, I cant run to her yet, I motion for the boys to check if he’s in the small surrounding area while I cover the entrance. Seems its all clear. When they both give me a head nod, I throw the gun to the floor and run over to Nikki. She had blood everywhere. My eyes search for a place to touch her, but I’m afraid anywhere and everywhere will hurt her. The tears seep from her eyes. She not one to cry, in-fact I think she has only ever cried once since we became friends.

“Nikki I know it hurts, but I need you to tell me where your hurt.” I say as calm as possible. She shakes her head, I don’t know what that means.

“Nikki! Where are you hurt!” I yell.

“Skye” Jeral hand rests on my shoulder, I run around and finally see.

Her dog’s body is sliced in half on the floor. Its disgusting, sickening and Nikki sobs hard. Although I clam to hate all animals, Coco was the one that grew on me. It was kind of nice having him pant around the back yard. And I feel like crying myself, but I need to be strong. Strong for her. I turn back to Nikki, who is turned from the sight.

“Lee, please cover him.” I whisper, lee nods and at the corner of my eye I see him take off his jacket and lay it on the bloody mess.

“Come on Nikki. Lets go inside now.” I say soft and soothing. She obviously frozen, and the only thing her brain can manage is to cry, so lee picks her up and takes her inside. She was sprayed with the animals blood, and now she practically is blood. So I ask him to take her to the shower. He panics for a moment, but I reassure him.

“Don’t worry, I will wash her. Just put her in there.” I say. He nods and walks to the bathroom. I turn to Jeral, its funny, when I see him now, it’s like…like I can be myself. I can drop the leader title and become the scared girl I am.

He almost reads my mind, and opens his arms to me. I warmly accept them, being carful not to cry, I’m going to have to face Nikki in a few moments.

“It’s okay. She’s safe. She’s not hurt.” he reassures me.

“Yeah…yeah. Alright I got to go clear her up. Thanks for coming out with me.” I say. I give him another kiss on the cheek and head to the bathroom. Lee has her lying in the shower, still fully clothed, but she does have warm water running on her.

“Thanks lee I’ll take it from here.” I say. He looks worried.

“No I think I should stay here.” If this were any other time I would think he’s just looking for an excuse to see some girl naked, but he has a serious look of concern on his face, and we both know what happened the last time he left her.

“Don’t worry I’m here, and I have my gun. You can wait just outside the door if you feel you must.” He nods and walks out the room. I turn to Nikki who’s still weeping on the floor of the shower. I undress her and ring out the dog’s blood from her cloths. Then I get to scrubbing her body, luckily the blood is still fresh so it doesn’t take long for me to wash it off. Her hair was the difficult part. She has long layers black hair, and to wash the red sticky stuff is disgusting but I have to do it. By the end of the shower she has come to somewhat, and is able to dress herself. I can’t imagine seeing your dog cut in half by a psychopath is good for your mental health. Once she’s dressed I lead her to my bedroom, passing lee on the way who has fresh tears on his face. I don’t mention anything though, he obviously doesn’t want me to. I sit her on the bed, passing Sammy and Willa, then brush her hair until its dry. I put like an entire bottle of condition in her hear, so its silky smooth. I think she find the brushing soothing, as any girl would. Eventually her hair is dry and I lay her in my bed. Jeral knocks on my door, and says it time for my shift. I nod and sit in the lounge room. Surprise, surprise I’m paired with Jeral. I wake Ak up to keep watch on Nikki. And explain the situation, once I do explain it he becomes very worried, and promises to stay alert. I take a seat next to Jeral, an he puts his arm around my shoulders when he sees me shivering. I’m not sure what It means but it’s a nice gesture anyways. So I lay my head down on his shoulder, and neither of us move for the rest of the night. The few people that came out during the night noticed us, but said nothing. Although turns out they said something to someone, because rumors of Jeral and I hooking up have become rampant in the small group.


Chaoter ummmm ya i still dont remember AK POV! :DEdit

I cock my gun and sit on the floor. I turn my head and see skye and jeral. It kills me, to see skye and jeral together. I push the thought outta my head and start thinking about what skye told me. I get bored and jeral and skye fall asleep so im left to gurad... AGAIN. I crack open my computer and start looking. I know how to hack, always have i just dont admit it. I start hacking, i know its wrong but i hack into everybodys account. Skyes has nothing, then i look at nikkis, and i see this.

"Good job. You've figured out my game. But this isn't where it stops. More deaths will happen, until I figure out who's on my side. But don't worry. I'm one of you. Nikki Layla, you're dying first. Be honored. -Your Friend," and this.

AK didn't write that poem. I did.

-A Friend

P.S. Don't show these messages to anyone except Jeral. I know you're both reading this. But I assure you that Ri and Le will fall right out of the sky if you do.

The message was sent by a familiar email address. Skye's."

I close my computer than i look over at skye. She is now on the other side of the couch. I know how to snatch and grab so thats what i do. I put my hand over her moutn, and oush down on her neck until she passes out. I pick her up and bring her to a closet, let her down then get a flashlight. After 30 minutes she finnaly starts to regain consiousness. I take her gag off. "AK you asshole what the FU-" I cut her off with a kick to the hip.

"WHY!!!" I yell

Ok peoples, AK here and i NEED skye to write the next chapter, THANKS! :D

Chapter Who Knows: Skye's POV(Re done by skye cuze i was away cauze i have a life) p.s dont write anything as me again please.Edit

I didn’t know what way going on. What did I do?

“What, I don’t understand!” I breathed. He held the knife close to my throat making a small cut, I didn’t even notice that pain because me adrenaline was pumping to fast.

“You, you’re the on that killed Nikkis dog! The one that made all those threats! You!” what was he saying. I hand no idea. My mind was still fuzzy. And Still Disabled.

“I didn’t do anything AK you know me!” I yelled at him. Big mistake, he kicked my Stomach and I winced in pain. Okay that one I felt.

“I Trusted you!” he screams. He throws away the knife, and his cold hands wrap around my throat. And squeeze. I felt the blood in my mind clot. There was no where for it to go. I was loosing my light when two big hands ripped Aks collar and launched him back. The force was so brutal that he smashed though the wall. The dust fell everywhere. And I could do nothing but let out dry coughs, my lunges were happy to be let free, and my red face let the blood travel to the rest of my body. I still felt his fingers wrapped around my throat but I knew they weren’t there. Jeral helped me up, and people began to run in. They were rushing over to me to see if I was okay. And then Sammy came in with the laptop and looked at me with disgust. I knew it, whatever evidence AK had found against me, so had Sammy. No one trusted me. So I did the only thing I knew how to do. I grab the knife, and hold it to Jerals throat. The entire room went goes silent, with Ak was still groaning in the wall. Jeral looks at me in shock. I could see the bedrail seeping from his facial expression. I was so close to his face I could smell the anger twigging on his breath.

“You?” He whispered.

“No. not me, but no one here believes me, you all think what Ak thinks. That I’m The traitor.”

“I cant believe I ever fell for you.” Jeral mumbled. I lost Jeral, the way Nikki was looking at me made it obvious she hated me to. And Ak just tried to kill me. I made another one of my snap decisions. I pulled Jeral lips to mine. I held him there for as long as I could, even now and then repositioning my lips to fit more conformed on his. I could taste his lips, and feel the hot anger burring with-in him. But, I did notice after a while he did kiss back. I pulled away from him and stared him in the eye.

“I didn’t do this.” I whisper. “Go over there now.” I summoned him over to the others standing in a small crowded shape, I took the gun from his back pocket and stuffed the knife in the pocket. I had everyone in an oval shape in front of me, the gun in there general direction. One last snap decision, I raised the gun to my temple.

“I wouldn’t do this is I was guilty. Id rather die you knowing I’m loyal, then live the rest of my life you thinking I’m guilty.” I confess. My finger squeezes the trigger, but something stops me. There’s someone missing in the group, I scan the group when a small arm loops around mine on the one holding the gun, and then a feel a slight jab in my arm. And I’m asleep.

Chapter... I give up. But it's NIKKI TIMEEdit

I gasp as Ciel holds a glass syringe up above Skye's lifeless body. He laughs.

"As if she was smart enough to do it." He kicked her, and I lunged at him. Alex had just enough time to grab me away, because Ciel took out a high powered shotgun. "I knew you suspected me, Nikki, and you had to be taken out first."

I gritted my teeth. I had suspected him. For a while now. Who had been virtually un-noticed? Who had the brains and enigma? Who was the quiet one? Ad who had the incentive? Ciel.

A week before the disappearance, Ciel had been talking about how we have to do a lot to make the wikia better. Skye wasn't too happy about that. I supported Skye, and Ciel took off for a while. He eventually came back, but I should've known he would have held a grudge.

I hadn't known who It was that attacked me that one night, but I understand that now, it was Ciel. Same height, same width, same haircut.

"But why?" Will asked, shaking her head.

"The world is full of idiots. I did the right thing. I cleansed the world of all of the stupid people. Well, almost all of them." He snarled, pointing his shotgun at Skye. "By the way, take one step out of line, and your little founder dies."

His eyes flashed dangerously, and I knew he could kill at any given moment.

"How? And why did we survive?" I whispered, wanting to know, and needing to buy time. I asked the right question.

With great pride, Ciel explained.

"It was over the summer when I started toying with computer viruses, and ones that destroyed data. But It wasn't enough. I wanted something big. So I made a new program. It connected to living matter, and destabilized it like data."

Ciel pulled back his steel grey hair, which covered his ears usually. And now I knew why. Kez fainted as he revealed his ears...or what once was them.

Where his ear should of been, there a gaping red hole. It was still bloody-ish, but had obviously been there a while.

"I lost my ear doing it. But it worked. I figured out that I could make anybody is the distance of technology disappear. It isn't hard, with cell phones and all. For others, I made metal conduct the waves. Everybody on at my mercy. But I noticed something. A bug. The bug had latched on to my computer, and was passed on to your computers and technology. And it disabled me from destroying you. But an idea came to me. These rude, uncivil people don't deserve a painless death.

"But I would be alone if I just made you all disappear. And I wanted to start a new nation. In my image. So I enlisted a partner. Among you."

We all gasped as Ciel's partner walked right next to him.

We had two traitors.

Her eyes flashed dangerously, as she cocked her gun.

"Who wants to die first? I say, Skye."

Jerals POV- SkyeEdit

My mouth gapes open as Skye stand next to him. However this doesn’t seem like the same Skye that we all know. Her gestures are different, her body language is different, even her eyes are not those crystal blue swirls.

“You’re the hacker?” Felicia says amazed.

“Well I suppose I am.” Skye’s voice was deeper, and….mainly?

“So, you have been the hacker all this time?” Will asks.

“Ahh, Ciel, may I explain?” she says with a all too common smirk.

“Make it quick.” He utters. Skye slowly and smugly paces the floor.

“Have any of you heard of MeTwo?” she asks. The room is silent until Alex clicks his fingers.

“Oh that was one of your stories. Yes it was abou….Oh. Wait, so your Loki?” Alex trails off. I remember that story, it was written by Skye. About a girl who had another mind in her own head. He was evil, and tried to get her to do evil things.

“I am Loki.” She says smiling.

“Wait, so your telling us that that whole story about, you being a different race that lives in our minds….Is true?” I say obviously baffled.

“No, Skye created her to make sense of her situation.” Loki explains.

“So where do you come from?” Movie asks.

“Me.” Ciel says with the gun firmly planted in his hands.

“I created Loki, see, Loki is just a conscious, And I put him in Skye’s body when I took the world away. Since then, every violent out burst…has been….Enlightened some what. Enhanced.” Ciel says with great pride on his face.

“So..what happens to Skye now?” I ask, while I feel the emotions stiring.

“Oh she’s still here. She sees everything that’s happing. She will also see your deaths too. So, that’s a bonus for me at least.” Loki says laughing.

“You’re despicable.” I mutter. Loki catches my eyes, and walks up to me slowly. Then approaches my face and I feel her breath on mine. I remember the few moments we kissed, but this wasn’t the same. This isn’t Skye.

“She really loves you, you know.” He says with a smirk painted on his face.

“And, I think we should save your death till the very last huh?” he laughs a deep and evil laugh. But then something happens. Loki grabs his head and Grunts in pain. His entire face is scrunched up, and it looks as if he’s trying to pull out his hair in pain. The entrie group looks confused but I have no doubt in my mind of what’s going on.

“She’s fighting you isn’t she? Trying to win back her mind.” I say in the same smug way he had spoken.

“Shut it loverboy.” Ciel snaps. Skye suddenly stands again a hint of hope fades into my body, but once I see those glazed eyes. I know its Over we might as well be all dead.

( if you want to understand. ALSO someone keep goin with what happens.)

Chapter.... WHO CARES AK POV! :DEdit

I moan, and start to regain consciousness. I slowly open my eyes, and i see skye stadning next to cial.

"I knew it!" I yell. Everybodys heads turn to me.

"You bastard." I say. I get up and scramble around to find my gun. Im still dizzy from the blow. I find my gun and aim it at ciel and fire! BAM BAM BAM! I miss all of them.

"Oh look at this, the other lover boy wants to fight. Loki, looks like we found our first victim." Ciel says with a vicous smile. Ciel cocks his gun, and fires. BAM!

We gave up on chapters a while ago... NIKKI TIMEEdit

"No!" I can hear Skye's voice, coming from her body. Her eyes, previously a dark black, turn blue again.

"Skye!" Jeral throws away his solemn act, and rushes to her. She had blocked the shot with her hands. She fainted, and he caught her swiftly.

"Jeral, it's not Skye, it's Loki!" AK yells, not comprehending what had just happened.

"She's gaining control. Us being in danger helps her remember who she is." I tell them, but no one understands. I grab her, and look her in the eye. Her clear blue eyes are murky, switching every two seconds.

"Skye. It's Nikki. I know you're in there. I know you can overcome Loki. You're stronger than he is! You have something to stand for!" I scream at her.

Confusion and conflict are evident in her eyes, and I can almost see the invisible battle. I feel a gun pressed against my head.

"Not so fast." Ciel sneers. "One more word, and you die." AK locks eyes with me, and I try to motion for him to do something. His eyes widen in realization. He makes it clear with his eyes that he doesn't want to. A tear runs down my cheek, because I have to sacrifice myself if i want to save the rest.

The sharp sound of Ciel cocking his gun wakes me. I know that he's prepared to shoot.

Suddenly, Lee lashes out. And I hear the gunshot.

It hits point blank.

The wall.

Kez jumps onto Ciel's back, and covers his hands with her eyes. He struggles, but I'm paying attention to Skye. She's fighting an invisible battle.

"She needs to remember her identity..." I tell Jeral. "Hold her hand!" He obeys without hesitation. I remember something she told me one time on chat. Her mother used to brush her hair. With a special brush. I dash upstairs, hearing several gunshots below. Varin and Felicia are evidently screaming.

Practically rolling down the stairs, I get to Skye. She shaking, her expressions changing often. I start to brush her hair, but nothing happens.

"Slow down!" Jeral warns, who was still cupping her hands in his. "She's freezing cold, and her pulse is about 10x what it should be."

I slow my strokes, and I can feel her calming down. But it still isn't enough. She lashes out at us often, and soon I am covered with red marks. The battle against Ciel isn't going well. Varin and Felicia lay in the corner, tended by Alex. Kez and Movie are valiantly fighting Ciel, but it's obvious who is stronger. AK is having trouble with his gun, and I have a bad feeling about why. Skye is shaking, and cries out in anguish. Jeral forces her to face him.

"Skye. I love you. I love the way you smile, and when you get annoyed at me, and when you kiss me, and the way you act like you don't care. I love your sarcastic remarks, and your beautiful blue eyes. I want nothing more than to be with you. Please come back to your perfect, beautiful, self." Jeral whispers, caressing her face all the while.

"J-Jeral?" She stutters. And her voice is unmistakably hers.

Chapter ya we gave up another short one again... :PEdit

I finnaly cock my gun and fire 3 shots hitting ciel point blank. He falls and so do Kex and movie. I look over, and see Jeral, kissing skye. A tear slides down my cheel. What the heck, im crying, over a girl!! this is not cool! i come back to my senses and walk over to ciel, who is moaning. I put my gun to his head. I remember how ciel really likes the Hunger Games, so i make my last words to him... funny.

"Happy Hunger Games (explit)" i pull the trigger. "And may the odds be eva in yor fava." I look over and skye and jeral are still kissing. It kills me, i feel dead.

"So, what the hell do we do now?" I ask

A super short minute chapter by NikkiEdit

Ciel was dead.

"You sure?" Said movie, scrambling away from his corpse. Kez was clutching him desperately. Out of fear, I think. ;)

"Skye..." Jeral was kissing Skye over and over again. And then Skye saw Ciel's body. Her eyes widened. And turned black.

"You think i was vicious then?" Skye screamed. But it wasn't Skye. It was Loki, with his deep, threatening voice.

"Skye!" Jeral rushed at Loki/Skye, but with an effortless swing, he was thrown to the wall, and collapsed.

"She's no longer here," sneered Loki. "That weak girl had will, but no power. I crushed her."

But Loki began to glow. He smiled.

"I hadn't controlled her all the time. I wanted her to get strength. So I could finally make a body of my own. I shall live, as my own!"

And we saw Loki, as he truly was.

Skyes POVEdit

His disrespect to my friends made my mind boil. I was simply to weak to keep forcing. So instead I tried a different approach. Loki could feel my body hesitating at every violent act. He knew how well my body knew my brain. It was draining him mentally but not enough. My body was doing all it could under loki’s mercy, so I decided my mind would try its best too.

I repeated simple facts to myself, voicing them in the room that was sharing both mine and loki’s minds.

My favorite color is blue.

I’m 17.

I live in Sydney Australia.

I’m a singer, and I write.

My favorite song is drops of Jupiter.

My best friend is Nikki.

The constant reminders that my mind did in-fact own my body was wearing to thin for Loki. I could tell he was worried that I would take over again.

So I kept going.

I created YoungWritersClub.

My favorite season is summer.

I hate high school, but I love being with Nikki.

My parents names are Rachel and Tony.

I play guitar.

I paint.

I love to watch things grow and progress.

I could feel his mind loosing control. So I stated the most powerful fact I had at my disposal.

I love Jeral.

As I finished the sentence, Loki lost all control. I was back to myself.

I moved my fingers to make sure, and then rushed to Jeral who I had just dropped.

“It’s me, its Skye.” I repeated to him. He smiles and kissess me tenderly. I looked across to see the sight that shall haunt me forever. Ciel’s dead, bloody body. It was disgusting A tear ran down my cheek. Meanwhile Loki was fighting hard to re-gain control. My head was in a immeasurable amount of pain. I knew I only had a few minutes.


We stare as a battle continues for control of Skye's mind. Her eyes change from blue to black repeatedly. In those seconds she has Skye chokes out. "Thank-"

"Shut u-"



"I love-"


"You all. Good by-"

And Loki regains control. He runs away calling out with glee, "Come and get me suckers!"

I feel a rush of adreneline, unlike any I've ever had before. I grab my hand gun and race after Loki/Skye. I want to kill that son of a (explict) but I can't without killing skye. For now we need to tie them up.

I charge after the struggling figure, others right behind me. I take aim and fire, it grazes his/her leg. Just enough so she/he stumbles. I'm the first to reach Loki, followed closely by Jeral. "Kiss him," I say, "It'll get skye out."

Jeral barely hesitates to reach skye for a passionate kiss. I watch her eyes change to blue. As soon as they break away Skye says "Kill me."

"No," I say. "We're going to tie you up. Maybe there is a way to get you guys seperated, or kill Loki..."

"YES! Please I don't want to live this way, I want my body back!" Skye demands, "Please, I don't have a lot of time left."

"No, there are easier ways."


"That's it." I grab her with strength that surprizes even me and, with the help of AK and Jeral, tie her up. Seconds later her eyes change to black and Loki begins raging. It takes all of us to keep him restrained. We hold him down for almost half an hour before Skye comes back.

"Come on," I mutter. And we walk briskly back to the house, with a Skye begging for death.

Riley's POVEdit

Even though there are twelve of us and only one of Skye, we still all surround her as we make our way from the front of her house (where Loki ran out to) and back in. I'm no coward, -I can handle a number of frightening things- but nothing can stop the chill that runs up my spine at the reentering of the house and seeing Ciel's dead body on the ground again. I didn't ever know him that well online, so my main thoughts of him now are that he's pure evil, but he was still a person... a person who no longer exists. And thanks to him, practically no one else does, I remind myself. I try to tune out Skye's pleads, as she gets tied up once more to a chair inside.

"Please! I've had enough of this already! We all have! It'll be better for everyone, I swear! Just kill me!" she says, repeating the last part. If I were a perfect human being with no flaws, I'd be the hero of the group and go tell her what she needed to hear. I'd tell her that her death wasn't necessary. I'd tell her there was nothing to fear. I'd tell her I knew how to fix this and destroy Loki, then bring back the rest of our world's population. But then again, nearly all of this would be lies. I don't like lying. Still, I could do it. I could lie. But instead, I stand there, shocked to the point of being paralyzed, while everyone else takes over the main job of reassuring her - like she'd listen to them in her current state anyway. She probably is only in control of her mind enough to process the thought that she must make us murder her.

I consider going over to her... but honestly, what good'll that do? It's only going to cause more commotion than there already is, so I decide to stay where I am. Maybe I'm more useful staying here and thinking anyway. So I ponder what we'd do if we could kill Loki. We'd have a reunion with Skye I'm sure, get her back in a mental state that didn't involve her begging for death, and then... what? How on earth were we going to get the rest of the world back? The person who knows how has been killed already, and knowing him, he wouldn't have told anybody... except...well, the thing is, he must have had a back-up plan. Anyone who takes the time to go over destroying the world would be smart enough to know that there's always a chance something could happen to him. Then it comes to me... Loki. His back-up plan was Loki! Ciel probably told him! We have to speak with him... there's no other way. And we know Skye's strong enough to push her way back into her brain when we're done with him.

But the only problem is, well... our whole wiki group. They're never going to let me go anywhere with this idea. They'll probably think I'm insane first, and then they'll say I'm trying to kill Skye and I'm a traitor. However, if it's going to save the world, I can't just stand here anymore. So, to try out the effect it will have, I go across the room and tell Fel. She's still pretty scared based on the look on her face, but she nods after I tell her to let me know she understands.

"You sure it will work?" she asks intelligently. I hadn't necessarily thought of that.

"No," I admit. "But it's better than letting Skye drown in her misery like this, isn't it? Loki has to know. And he's only human, so there's gotta be some way to get it out of him."

"I guess..." she says, unsure. "I don't know though, what if it harms Skye?" I'm about to respond when she adds on to her statement. "Look, I think you're right. But they won't. They may be our best friends, but that doesn't mean they're gonna like this. I've got an idea, though. Let me talk to them, okay? I think I may know how to get this plan into action." I nod.

"I trust you, Fel," I reply. She returns my gesture and goes up to the inner-most circle of people surrounding Skye to talk to a few people. In about five minutes, she gestures for me to come over. When I get there, the first person who acknowledges me other than Felicia is Nikki, who crosses her arms and looks skeptically at me. But under the look I see worry. Worry that I know is directed towards her best friend.

"Okay, so show us this brilliant 'plan'." So she got them to approve... I think to myself. I take a deep breath and go up to Skye, then look her in the eyes.

"Skye," I say quietly. "I need you to do something for me. For all of us. It'll only be a minute, and if you feel Loki gathering too much power, all you have to do is fight him again, okay? I need you to... let go. It won't be for long, I promise. I know this will be hard, but it's essential. Thank you." I finish, my hands now trembling. Her eyes show just the faintest hint of fear, but then her blue eyes are overcome with a strong gleam of bravery - before they are consumed by blackness.

Jerals POV- Written by SkyeEdit

I don’t cry. Its not my thing. But I was on the verge of it now. Skye’s bravery astounded me and yet, her eyes caught mine just before letting Loki gain control. All I saw was fear. Pure fear.

“Well, Well, Well, Didn’t have enough of me the first time huh?” Loki snide remarks interrupting my thoughts. It was kind of good actually, instead of sorrow filling me, I could hate him.

“Oh we have had quite enough of you.” Movie remarks. Loki switches his head to me.

“You know, as annoying as you are. I have to give you credit. That girl you have, she’s a fighter. Too bad your not gunner see her again.” he Taunts. I take the knife out of my boot and begin to approach him. Aks strong arm stops me.

“Its Skye’s body Jeral.” He whispers. I look at her\him again, he’s right, but its not the same person. I tuck my knife in my boot once again.

“And that my friends. Is why I will never die.” Loki says pointing his head at me.

“Your just to weak to kill your precious founder.” He says mimicking a mother’s weak tone.

By this time, I notice Nikki getting more worked up, then even me. She approaches him slowly.

“You listen to me you pathetic excuse for a brain. Skye will. NEVER stop fighting you. And we won’t let her. You will be trapped in her mind prison For the rest of your sorry existence. You will never be able to regain control, and we wont let you. Now I PROMISE you. Skye will make your prison, the worst of them all. Because you will see everything that happens to her life. Her dreams and hopes fulfilled. The one she loves by her side forever. And you will have nothing but misery. So, you tell us NOW how to get you out of her brain, and we will let you have the gift of death.” She says now as close to loki’s gloomy eyes as possible. A look of panic creeps in. I walk up to him, and rest my hand on his\her shoulder.

“You chose the wrong girl to control.” I say almost as close as Nikki. Loki says nothing, Instead he lets a weak smile invade his face.

“Is there a way to get rid of you?” riley asks much calmer then the rest of us.

“Yes.” He replies.

“How?” Asks Felicia.

A real grin enters his face, just before his eyes slowly turn back to blue. At a rate in which to taunt us. This is on purpose.

Skye returns. She shakes her head.

“He’s refusing to come back. Isn’t he?” Sammy asks.

Skye nods while hanging her head.

Alex's POV (Dannoh, I'll try not to screw anything up.)Edit

I stand from attempting to tend to Varin. He's in seriously bad shape. I'm not entirely sure he'll pull through.

I walk over to Skye, tied to the chair. I've always been the guy who wanted to help, but this....this was nothing I've ever seen. "Skye?" I say tentively.

She seems suprised to hear me. I realise I've barely spoken the past few days. "Yes?"

"Is there anyway we can force Loki to come back and cooperate? Or perhaps you can read his thoughts?" I ask. Not a great idea, but it's worth a try.

She shakes her head. I exhale. I can't think of anything. It's like she has multiple personality disorder, pretty common in writers. They begin to act like their characters, but. This isn't curable. Loki really is real. I put my face in my hand. I turn to Jeral.

"Sorry," I say, "I don't think I can do anything."

"It's okay," he says sadly, "Atleast you tried."

I walk past AK into the yard.

I sit in the grass and ponder what to do. We obviousy can't kill Skye. We can't get Loki to answer our question. and knowing there's some way to get rid of him. It drives me nuts.

To my suprise, AK comes outside and sits next to me.

"Anything working?" I ask him.

"No, Skye's begging for us to kill her again," he says. He looks like he's been crying, and is about to start again.

"Why are you out here talking to me?" I ask. I'm not exactly a conversationalist.

"Well, I need someone to talk with," he says awkwardly. "You know Jeral and Skye?"

"Um. Yeah," I say, "What about them?"

"Well, I'm kinda..jealous. I know I know, now isn't the time for something like this," he says. A part of me thinks, "This is entirely new information!" But Ak doesn't need sarcasm. And it's my job to be the human crutch.

"Sorry man," I say, "But there's no point in hoping after something. They're obviously really happy together, and there are lots of girls out-" I stop myself. There aren't lots of girls out there. There's just our wikia.

"I know," he says.

"I think this is a problem you need to solve alone, AK, I'm sorry, but I'm also in no position to help anyone," I say.

Jeral appears at the door, "Guys, come check this out!"

Skyes Pov. Written By Skye. If you have no ideas on how to write the next chap. Just let me know. I have some ideasEdit

Loki was trying his best to distract me from coming up with a solution. I was involuntarily digging my fingernails into the tender part of my wrist. It was extremely painful, well at least it would have been, if it wasn’t for my head. That was a new kind of pain. A new level of torment. I felt a spear pierce about 80 different spots in my mind. But I had to find a way. When Alex approached me with the idea of finding the information by searching though Loki mind. I knew it wouldn’t work. It couldn’t have. His mind was simply to powerful.

But it got me thinking. To take control of my body, I had to pull up the emotion dearest to my heart. My love for Jeral. It proved to be the most powerful weapon, because it was so dear to me. So, using the same kind of theory, I figured out a way to at least give a hint as to a way to get Loki out of my head.

The few moments I was able to grit past the unbearable pain in my head, I demanded Felicia get me a blank canvas and my art case.

While she was gone I could barely hold on to my life. I never considered the term “Dyeing of pain” to be real. I’m worried were about to get a live show.

Felicia finally returns with the canvas, and the supplies.

“Jeral. Untie me.” I say gritting my teeth.

“I don’t think that’s a good idea.” He says his voice wavering. He was standing tall in front of me with a gun griped on his chest.

I bead of sweat dripped down my neck.

“Jeral, this is the only way to get answers.” He looked at me suspiciously, he eventually walk up to me and put his face inches from mine.

He was about to untie me before he saw my bloody writs.

“Skye, your arm.” He says barely audible, his eyes growing big.

“I know, its not me, it was Loki. Don’t worry, untie me. I will keep him under control.” Loki sends a wave of pain though my mind, and my head hangs and I let out a blood curding scream.

The entire room looks at me and I have my head whipping around trying to stop the pain.

“Please Jeral I don’t have much time.” I wasn’t sure how far Loki was going to push me. Would he go all the way? Would he actually kill my mind?

Jeral stared into my eyes for a few moments, and then nodded as a tear entered his eyes. He begins to loosen the restraints.

“What are you crazy?” Lee asks him.

“She’s strong. She can handle it.” He says confidant. My hands are freed and I immediately bring them to cradle my head. I take a deep breath in and pick up the led pencil. And I draw.

I dimly notice Jeral leave the room, And come back with Ak and Alex. But I’m lost in my world.

Why am I drawing? Well think about this. What will be on Loki’s mind more then anything else in the world right now? That’s right, the information to get him out of my head. Now, if I’m able to reach into his mind just shallow enough to paint a picture of what we need to do. I might be able to help. But soon enough Loki’s is catching on the plan. However, my world of concentration is too deep for Loki to pierce. I don’t know what I’m drawing. At one point I think I actually close my eyes. Everyone is watching me tensely, but I’m barely aware of them. All I see is the canvas, and my tool. That’s all I need to hold on. After what seemed like several minutes, but must have been hours, im done. I drop my head as the pain begins again. Jeral rushes over to me.

“Skye? Skye?” he says desperately. I fight my body, as it try to rip my hair out.

“Skye!” Jeral breaks down. He’s screaming my name, and I’m screaming his. Ak rushes over and rips Jeral from my arm. He then ties me up like I was tied before. I sob silently.

“I’m sorry Skye. But your not safe anymore. I don’t want to see you hurt” Ak says tenderly.

“Guys. Look.” Nikki is holding up the drawing I have made. I finally see what it is I’ve been doing.

Layering them canvas see a boy in black room, with some sort of computer code scrolling in the background. The numbers and letters were a florescent Red as if it were warning us. The boy had raven black hair, and Bright red eyes, the same color the computer code. Though-out the entire photo the Boy is slowly fading away into the code. By the end of the canvas, he is completely gone, and the code is now green. I cant keep looking at the image much more. My mind is loosing control. Now that I have released this image Loki is completely wrathful. His anger is so present I feel it infecting my own brain.

“Its amazing.” Kez whispers.

“Yeah. But what does it mean?” Nikki asks. There are blank stares from the entire room. The pain is now, 100% unbearable. I let out an ear piercing scream, and then fall unconscious.

Le Nikki POV: Idk what to write so bear with meEdit

As Kez is bandaging and healing, I study the drawing. The detail is amazing, and I know that even as amazing as Skye is of an artist, this is not her work. This painting is not her style. I can tell in the way the curves are, the heaviness of the lines. This is something else.

Her lifeless form rests in Jeral's arms, the tears in his eyes conspicuous. He lays on the couch, holding her to his own body. I can make out whispers here and there. He mentions a lot of things that I don't think he'd want me to repeat.

But I refocus on Skye's drawing. The strokes are thick, and it is full of value- her least favorite element of art. I freeze when I look at the corner. There's a name, scribbled faintly. Or is it a code?

"Guys!" I beckon them to my space. "Look at this, right here." I point to the dark red smudge. At first glance, it looks like blood. But it's writing.

"What is it?" Alex asks.

"I don't know. Pass the picture around. See if someone can read it." I instruct. The drawing is shared, but nobody seems to be able to read it.

"Well that was helpful." AK retorted. I shot her a murderous look, and he recoiled.

"We can't be fighting, not now," Felicia insisted. "Skye is hurting deeply, and she needs us to be united." We all nod in agreement.

"Next matter of business. Who's the boy? And why is he disappearing? It has something to do with the code." I pass around the paper a second time, but nobody recognizes him.

"I would say Ciel," Riley commented, "But his eyes aren't the right shape."

"And Ciel can't be behind ALL of this," I add. "He's smart, but he wasn't alone."

I turn to the people behind me, and see Jeral in the back. Before I can ask him what he thinks, I notice something. He's rigid, with his eyes blank, focused on a point in space only he could see.

And I know the answer. Loki has a friend.

IDK LE CHAPTER, i dont know what to do, so bear with MEHEdit

I see Nikki glance at Jeral, then it hits me. I nod at her and put my finger up to my mouth. I get up, and start walking toward Jeral He doesnt notice me until i sit down next to him.

"H-Hey Ak." He stutters.

"Sup," I say moving my hand slowly to my holster. We sit in silence for the next few seconds, i get up cock, my gun turn around and aim it at him, theres a HUGE gasp that comes from the group.

"Why! OK WHY IN THE BLOODY HELL DID YOU DO IT! HUH!" I yell. I feel like i just exploded. He stands there shocked, then he pushes skye off of himself, and starts to clap.

"She trusted you! You are DAMN lucky she is not awake! I yell again. Skye moans then her eyes open, I see the confusion in her eyes. Those beutiful blue eyes, and those. Wait what the hell am i thinking, i have to be focused on Jeral. The whole group has guns drawn, most of them aiming there guns at Jeral, Jeral has his gun drawn at my chest, and i know, someone else is gonna die today.

"Jeral honey what is going o-" Her eyes change from blue to black and that sinister monster comes again.

"You know, he NEVER loved skye?" Loki says.

"Now i think the first person that should die is the REAL loverboy in this house." Loki says. Jeral nods and aims his gun on me.

"Dont do it!" I yell. His finger tenses but before he can even think of pulling the trigger, I fire.

Nikki's POV: UGH I HATE IT WHEN PEOPLE MISTAKE WHAT I MEAN....Now for some damage controlEdit

"WAIT AK!" I scream. I look at Jeral, but I know it's not Jeral. Jeral has chocolatey brown eyes. But right now, his eyes are dark and glossy. Almost unfocused, and an inhumane smile appears. This is not Jeral. But when I looked at AK, he didn't realize that.

When he fires, my first thought was, "OH FREAKIN GOSH HE'S GONNA HIT SKYE BY ACCIDENT!" But he didn't. He hits Jeral in the chest. But he would have hit his heart, point blank, if I hadn't knocked him over.

I lunged forward, knocking the gun out of his hands. As the bullet punctured Jeral's shoulder, his eyes started flashing violently. He let out an unearthly yell. Blue, purple, red, green, brown, pink, black, yellow...His eyes changed second to second, a technicolor swirl.

And then, they closed. Jeral lay still.

Skye had fallen with him, and her eyes shot open as he fell to the ground. They were bright, beautiful, blue.

"Skye!" I yelled, and ran to her. AK stumbled up,his gun several feet away.

"What the heck was that for!" He seethed, pinching his bleeding nose.

"You were going to hurt Jeral! Did you see his eyes? THEY WERE BLACK. Jeral has brown eyes." I screamed, slapping him.

"Well sorry, Miss I-Know-Everything!" He returned. I glared at him sharply, and went back to tending Skye.

"He was being possessed, by whatever Loki is." I grumbled, putting a wet towelette on her forehead.

Her eyes turned black again.

Jeral's POV -- I thought I'll be dead.. :OEdit

I felt a weird power entering my soul.

It felt so strong,so strong that I could not fight it.

The next thing I knew,I was sitting there,staring into complete darkness,listening to a voice.

A deep,mysterious voice.A voice that only belongs to one person.A voice that belongs to a monster.

"Hey Jeral" he said

"Where am I? Why can't I see anything? Where have you taken me?" Three questions suddenly left my dry mouth.

"Calm down.I won't hurt you,my friend.I just wan to hang out with a friend." He said and laughed sardonically.

"We are not friends.We are never friends.NEVER!!!" I shouted at him and wondered what does he want.

"Oohh..Don't worry,we will be friends someday.But I think you should worry about your Ms.Dream Girl.What's her name?Skye? Well, you know what? Eventually I'll kill her but don't worry,I'll kill her slowly but surely.And if you want you can reserve a VIP seat and watch her suffer from my hands.Hahahaha!!!"

"Do not make fun of me and LEAVE HER ALONE.LEAVE US ALL ALONE." I shouted into the darkness

I took a step forward.Another one and another one.

Suddenly I felt nervous.No not nervous, I am already scared.

"Oh and your secret.Do you want me to tell all of them your precious little secret? He said mockingly

"Arghhh!" I shouted and tried to fight this feeling.I heard him say something but the words aren't clear anymore.I felt him leave my soul and I felt weaker.

And I figured out the last thing he said to me, "Death", and I woke up.

It's ME AGAIN! Dannoh403! With another Smexy Alex's POV!Edit

I draw the small pistol and hold it defensively with one hand. I decide Jeral's wound is important, so I rush to attend it. I'm applying an aniseptic, when his eyes open. Pure black.

"Oh Cra-" I say, before he throws me into a wall. He took my pistol. The pathetic weapon. He holds it up to Skye's head.

"Don't you (explicit)ing dare," Ak says, holding up his shotgun. Jeral, or whatever he is, sneers. He pulls the gun forward and past him. He raises the gun and pumps a single shot into Ak's chest.

"NO!" We all shout. Ak grasps his chest and falls to the floor. I rush to try and help. After a quick analysis, I think his lung is ruptured. Then I see Jeral pointing at Skye, who is now standing. Both their eyes are black.

"What are you DOING?" screams Loki.

"Taking over, Loki," Jeral/Loki like thing says, "You aren't in command anymore."

We watch in horror as he pulls the trigger. Loki stumbles back. Jeral keeps firing until the gun is empty. Skye falls to the ground. I leave AK and run to her. Her injuries are much more important at the moment. I reach her, but I know deep down it's too late.

The Loki in Jeral realeses him, and he finally realizes what he did.

"Oh my gosh, did I?" Jeral stammers, beginning to tear up.

"Yep, you did you traitorus little-" Ak mutters before passing out.

"I'm sorry Jeral," I say, beginning to cry myself, "There's nothing I can do for her. She's too far gone."

He crouches by her side. I stand and brush off my hands. This is my fault. This blood was brought on by my weapon. That evil weapon. Jeral clutches Skye's hand.

I zone out, don't catch the last words of our founder. Everyone in the room sobs uncontrollably. After a moment, He stands. With a gentle touch, he closes her eyes.

We all stare in what, Disbelief? Horror? Dispair? It doesn't matter. We all see the same thing: Skye, dead.

I decided to do just one more cuz i bored... so ya AK POV MUTHASEdit

I lay there moaning, not being able to help skye... who is now dead, everybody seems to forget me.

"UHHHHHHHH" I moan... Alex remembers me i dont know what will happen to me theres a freakin hole in my chest! But what i learned from military school, is that well you have to take one for the team. But i know i wont last long, so i try to let out my last couple words.

"pl-please, Br-bring oour pa-rents ba-ck." I say stuttering and coughing up blood. Alex shakes his head. There all crying i dont know who for but i do know its atleast for skye... maybe its for both. Alex and nikki are shaking there heads.

"NO! NO! COME ON AK STAY WITH US!!" Nikki is yelling now. Im tearing up a bit myself.

"Ju-ust ree-emb-eer to br-in-g ou-" I stop and the only thing i hear is.




There are 9 of us left. Nine kids... we have no way of ever getting our parents together. As Nikki closes AK's eyes I silently think about all the horror we have been through. Now it is time for it to end.

Loki is dead, yet Jeral seems fine. I grab Riley's hand and she latches onto Kez. Nikki grabs my other hand and soon all nine of us are latched together. We walk out the door our heads held high.

"What are we going to do?" Kez asks as we stare at Skye's house.

"I don't know," Is all I can manage.

I stare at the house with great intensity. I try to block out all the horrors that we faced as I say, "Good-bye. We will always love you."

And with that we turn around, each of us in our own thoughts. We will never forget Skye, or AK, and Loki will never leave our nightmares. It is our job to take care of this empty planet. We need to find away to bring everyone back, we need to protect the living and remember the dead.

But right now, in this instant, we are strong, we are united and we will never back down.

'''''I hope everyone is happy with the epilouge. I just wanted to say thanks to everyone for making this story a wonderful experience and a great story! THANK YOU!