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This page is dedicated to the characters of The Mages of Fiore , a Fairy Tail Fan Fiction written by Alex Garamond Iambus Zaci Zeuxis Iago Odo Grint.

If you have any concerns on the terminologies used in this story, please visit this page: Other Important Terms in The Mages of Fiore .

Main CharactersEdit



Age: 16

Magic: Dark Écriture

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: Team Fukei

The main male protagonist of the story. He is a former apprentice of a monk in the Chojo Temple, who was later forced to join the guild Lumen Griffins.



Age: 15

Magic: Requip: The Knight

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: Team Fukei

The main female protagonist of the story. She is a former member of an unknown guild, who joined Lumen Griffins in order to pay back Lancelot for saving her.



Age: 16

Magic: Memory-Make

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: Crux (former), Team Fukei

A mage of Lumen Griffin, and a member of Team Fukei. He is the older brother of Amelia. He is also a member of the former strongest team, Crux, who disbanded after their leader left the guild.



Age: 15

Magic: Satan Soul

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: Team Fukei

A mage of Lumen Griffin, and a member of Team Fukei, who disliked going to jobs. She doesn't want to use her real magic because she's afraid that she might hurt other people.



Age: 12

'Magic': Sand Magic and Water Magic

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: Team Fukei

The youngest mage of Lumen Griffin, and a member of Team Fukei. She is the younger sister of Guren. She is also referred to as the noisiest girl in the guild.

Minor CharactersEdit

Master DaizoEdit

Master Daizo

Age: 60

Magic: Nullification Magic and Solid Script

Guild: Lumen Griffin

Team: N/A

Master Daizo is the guild master of Lumen Griffin, and a close friend of Master Satori. They were both members of an unnamed extinct organization.

Guest CharactersEdit

Master SatoriEdit

Master Satori

Age: 62

Magic: Crash

Guild: N/A

Team: N/A

Master Satori is the head monk of the Chojo Temple, and the master of Lancelot. He was a good friend of Master Daizo. Both of them were members of an extinct organization.

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