Comic books

Have always been a part of my life

Since I was just another toddling tyke

I was introduced to


Through the T.V.


Watching him beat the bad guys


Fly off


Breakneck speeds

I would

Tie the blanket

Around myself

So I can imitate

And be as strong as him

Even if it was just all pretend

As I grew older

My tastes changed

I traded in my super cape

For the mask of a certain wall-crawler

Climbing to great heights like my name was

Peter Parker

I learned life-lessons

I never thought that I would


"With great power comes great responsibility"

Said Uncle Ben

I remember

My very first paperback

The touch

The feel

Of the crinkling paper

On my hand

As I


page after page

I was hooked from the


I was fascinated

By the superheroes

But I found


To be amazing


And Rorschach

Two of the best

Both anti-social and a little



One wanted to rise up from being a zero

And the other

Showed he would stay a hero

To the end

Comic books

Shaped my life in many ways

And whenever I get the chance

I hit up the local comic shop

But all I see are the grown ups and their kids

Like me

Trying to grab and share a little piece of their past

And as I crack open a new Superman story

I feel like I still got that old

Cape and mask

On me


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