• Smileycheshirecat


    October 4, 2016 by Smileycheshirecat

    Howdy guys!

    This is Smiley here, ready to tell you about the newest author in town! I can't wait to work with you other authors, or authors in the making. Either way, can't wait to do some writing! I've already gotten comfy on this wiki, wrote some articles and stuff. Loved what I was seeing from the other members. It is currently 4:17 a.m. because, why not? Just goes to show how much determination I have when it comes to literature. I usually work on fantasy and the occasional mythology. I hope to post some of my own art and other things.



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  • AK47908

    To whom it may concern

    March 16, 2016 by AK47908

    If you're reading this and you're getting scared because usually when someone starts a blog; or some kind of message with "To whom it may concern" it usually ends badly. I can whole-heartedly say that is not true and if anything this shall be a happy ending. Let's get to the juicy stuff eh?

    I'm sitting in my room, scrolling through the wikia. Hitting the random page button to see what story comes up, and I look up at my computer and I don't see my room. I see my living room. I look back down at my computer.

    "Ugh...was my grammar really that bad?" I think to myself, clicking Random Page again.

    "Heh..thanks Riley..I'm sure at the time that was adequate writing for an 11 year old." I say, chuckling to myself softly. I look up and no longer am I in…

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  • Spartian300

    Hi. I am writing a novel, which is based off a dream I had once. I have gotten about 4544 words down so far. I really want to get it published as a hardback novel. Any advice?

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  • AK47908

    October 26th 2014

    October 26, 2014 by AK47908

    Scrolling through this wiki on my freetime and I see this. "I'm sitting in chat and idly reading this, sort of skimming each chapter and laughing at how I had two characters talking in one paragraph or used the wrong form of "your". 

    And then I felt like all these memories broke through my mind and it all came rushing back to me.

    Spending every single night on chat with Skye And Nikki until 11 o' clock. I remember how tired I'd get, even nodding off between messages, but I'd never be the first one to leave because I was enjoying myself too much. I remember, getting home from school and immediately rushing to YWC to check for any new chapters. I remember typing out each chapter, always planning stuff out, and the second I would hit "edit" the…

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  • AK47908

    June 6th 1944

    June 6, 2014 by AK47908

    70 Years ago, on an Operation known as  "Operation Warlord" comonly known as "D-Day", around 156,000 Allied Forces landed on a stretch of the fortified coast of Normandy, France. D-day is also known as the world's largest amphibious invasion ever. To this day, people all over the world honor those who fought, and died on the beaches to ensure peace throughout the world. Please, have a moment of silence for these fallen heroes.

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  • KristinGyaru

    I've seen some people on many Wikia sites, including this one, that don't understand the CC-BY-SA "law" that spans everything hosted on Wikia.

    The main assumption  on this Wikia is that if you post your writing here, you can't publish it and you revoke your rights as original editor.

    That Is not true

    The CC-BY-SA policy (we're going to call it 'copyright' for now) means share-alike and the attribution must be given where it's due. This means that Wikia doesn't take the rights to your stuff, because it's public-domain, and free for everyone. Wikia, on the whole, operates under the same rights as Wikipedia because it isn't attempting to take your rights. If you want your rights taken away, publish using traditional channels!

    If you're scared of posti…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Warning: This blog post will contain a lot of random stuff. Bear with me, I didn't want to put up 5 blog posts when I can just make one with all I need to say in it. ;)

    First. I haven't been active much. I know. I'm sorry. Not only have I been swamped with class projects, trigonometry basics and End Of Course exams, but due to a somewhat recent event that happen on YWC, I have not felt the urgency to come on anymore. I will not go into anymore details about that. But anywho, just tons of stuff happening at one time and it's really, really hard to manage.

    Second. I have writer's block. I have the urge to write, yet every time I write a chapter and read over it again it seems so wrong. Even the most minute plot hole will cause me to erase the …

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  • KristinGyaru

    Hi there

    I know this wiki is slightly dead, but I feel that it is my second hope of finding betareaders and editors.

    My story has been changed from a full 100k novel to a shorter series of 20k novelettes in order to ease the burden of writing during many exams this term. I'm urgently looking for editors and betareaders, especially from this wikia because i assume you're all avid readers!

    Of course, whilst you'll not recieve formal payment, you'll get a mention in the acknowledgements page and if you're published, a mention of your novel OR  small section of chapter one at the back.

    And, never ever work with a subsidised publisher house: you won't get an editor!!

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  • KristinGyaru

    This is taken off my blog, the full post is here


    NaNoWriMo is an event every year in November that novelists participate in to get 50,000 words down in a bid to win prizes and bragging rights. Many people swear by it, and whilst many people have succeeded in the "NaNo Dream" and got published, many people are left in the dirt with their proof copy of a novella they wrote. Most cases are that the novel is dreadful, and the harsh reality is that no publisher would accept it, and most people are fine with that! Hell, I am! But, for people looking for a career into writing, NaNo could be the kickstart they need, or the thing pulling them back. Here's why!

    1. Most novels are over 100,000 words. 50,000 words would just be considered a novella. Se…
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  • Bittersweettragedy


    April 24, 2014 by Bittersweettragedy

    This idea came into my head while I was waiting for a test to be finished today and I just had to write it down while I thought of it. And no, before you say I was cheating, I was not, I was finished with my test at the time and waiting for everybody else to finish. My mind was buzzing with this idea and I already know what I'll be writing for the next couple chapters, so keep your eyes out for one or two chapters per day for at least 5 days. After that, it will switch to every other day. I really want to know what you guys think though, so please write a comment below, it would mean the world to me!

    Warning: Violence/Gore and Language

    Papers shuffle as the test gets passed student to student, everyone's eyes following the teacher's body glid…

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  • Dannoh403

    Guess Who's Back

    April 7, 2014 by Dannoh403

    Hey there Young Writers Club Wikia! It's Danny, making, yet another one of these "sorry I was gone but now I'm back" blogs. 

    So...uh.... Sorry I was gone but now I'm back. 

    Luckily there is a good excuse behind my absence this time. My sister spilled soup on the laptop about a week ago, and one thing led to another and our keyboard stopped working. So we took it to a repair shop, where it was worked on.

    It was hopeless. The keyboard was too far gone. *sobs* there was just....too much da-too much damage. They couldn't save it. 

    So we had to buy an "external" keyboard, which I just got today. In short, I now have a keyboard, sitting on top of the broken keyboard. It's an interesting feeling, but it just sort of seems wrong. 

    Anyways, that's all, …

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  • Bittersweettragedy


    April 6, 2014 by Bittersweettragedy

    Spoilers for Insurgent/Allegiant: Reader Discretion Advised

    Based on probably, besides Tris and Tobias, my favorite couple. Even though it's not directly said, I still believe it's implied that Shauna and Zeke viewed each other as a couple.

    "Shauna?" Zeke looks at me with dark eyes, pooled with tears. I grip the edges of my wheelchair to turn around, facing away from the dark sky I was looking at. It was beautiful, like I was. Zeke's dark skin was gleamed back with sweat, hair tousled, gun slung across his back. I look around him, expecting Lynn to walk beside him, her attitude making me laugh, her sure smile and a hug to keep me from feeling empty.

    "Lynn?" I ask, higher than I meant to. He shakes his head, hair whipping in his face and I loo…

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  • Melibear1997

    Love yourself

    April 5, 2014 by Melibear1997

    You got to learn to love your yourself, the person who you are before you can learn to love another the right way.

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  • Refreshing Demise

    Hello, my name is Marcus, or, Refreshing Demise. I can see that there are some good writers on this wiki, but activity seems to be dwindling here, and the popularity of this once seemingly flourishing wiki has most certainly decreased. With that said, I would like to make a proposal. I have started a new wiki, and I have a small crew from a different wiki help me build from the ground up. Most of the people that are helping me are coming from a different wiki that is becoming much less populated than when it first started. The new wiki is all about writing in any genre, including things like fanfiction. 

    If you would like to join, and help me try to start a new generation of writers, please click the link below.

    Please, join the Writing Soil…

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  • Yuppers!

    Schoolwork has lightened its load lately. I'll be doing stories, blogging on blogger (, and so on. I haven't been on here in awhile so I'd also like to know what's new. I'm sorry, but I will rarely ever be on chat until the summer. Even though school has lightened its usual load, I'm doing whatever I can to get on here. As you can see my last user blog was in June, about getting active, I never was, but this is official. I have some ideas for writing stories here. I am no longer inactive and I will be doing writing activites. Leave a comment if you wish, if I have time I'll try to reply to them.



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  • Readwritelivenikki

    Here are some references when writing!  I'll be updating this list as often as I can, so be sure to check every so often to see if I've updated. If you have a suggestion, just add it in the comments, and I'll look into it. 

    A character development chart Credit: aetherial@tumblr

    (Picture reference) When developing main characters, use this checklist! It deals with obscure details that people often overlook. When using this list, remember that not all of the information has to be directly stated in the story! Use subtler hints and allow the characters' actions to speak for themselves.

    Compilation by: referenceforwriters@tumblr

    Here is a bunch of different character types, and how to write for them. It deals with how to make the characters realisti…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Who Really...

    March 11, 2014 by Bittersweettragedy

    MORE VENTING! Oh my gooseness! You are probably going to haunt me and stab me to death with a pencil or something and tarot cards (Supernatural anyone?) but I want to put something together that expresses this feeling inside. Yes, just me writing about feelings, FUN. XP But if you have any time please, pretty please write a comment. Thank you.

    You like me as a friend

    You like me when I'm near,

    but do you ever feel I can not hear

    the sounds like you that calm me to sleep

    I'm sick of trying to keep

    This feeling inside

    That's eating me alive.

    Find somebody else

    Find somebody new

    Find somebody that is not you

    Because all I feel right now is an empty hole

    I am falling with nobody to hold.

    Falling for you

    Feels like death's row

    Feels like you need

    Someone who …

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    So, I sat on my bed at five o clock in the morning. I could barely open my eyes and the wind was blowing like no tomorrow. Yet somehow even though I was about to wake up so early in the morning, I knew I was still tired. I yawned a little and told myself to go back to sleep. And that's when I decided to go into my fantasy world again. That's where I went when I couldn't sleep. I imagined a world that couldn't be described as anything less than home. I was always there, repeating the same moment over and over again, but I loved it just the same. It was my safe spot, where I could be in my own imaginary street by this imaginary cafe in this imaginary world. I knew all this, yet I still became fond of the little world. It was so calm and it a…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    What do you see when you look into my eyes

    What do you see when you look inside

    Do you see a lonely girl

    Do you see a crooked smile

    Do you see a scar

    Do you see a hole

    Do you see a broken lover

    Do you see a tear soaked road

    Do you see a fire

    Do you see an ice storm

    Do you see a feeling never formed


    Do you see a beautiful form

    Do you see someone new

    Do you see somebody that might be right

    Do you see a healed bruise

    Do you see courage

    Do you see hope

    Do you see a wondrous dream

    Do you see flowers

    Do you see a love

    Do you see the dried salty stream

    Do you see the nerd

    Do you see who I really want to be

    who I strive to be

    How do you see me?

    I am so wanting to vent this out. I need somebody to respond. I have been rejected (WOW D3F AGAIN?!) so I kinda (really) would …

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  • AK47908


    February 22, 2014 by AK47908

    So its been a long time since we have did this, and if we were more active we would have had this a while ago if we were more active but think about this: If you went through all 500 pages maybe 430 of them are actual stories. Four Hundred and Thirty stories thats a lot!

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    For all these years you stood by my side and comforted me, I am so grateful. But I realized this is not at all what I want to be like behind a screen, I have found great friends who love me and care for me. They know who I am, inside and out. I have been drifting away from this wiki far too long.

    I have to say that I am going to go. I'm not going to edit as much, I won't be on chat everyday. I realized that I need to go and live my life. If I could tell all of you how much I care for you, it would be so long. Sure, I'll hop on chat every now and then, maybe once or twice a week, but I'm going to need to live my life. I am not going to be gone forever, but this is the end of being on everyday. I found my best friends. I have to go to live my…

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  • Readwritelivenikki

    A Quiet Place

    February 5, 2014 by Readwritelivenikki

    This is really important. So, everyone seems a bit on edge. That includes myself.

    I really have been just losing control of everything around me, and I just wanna share this resource.

    This is the thoughts room. Just, if you're stressed, please go here. It explains everything. Earphones in, mind off, and just let it all go. Okay?

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Not Working

    February 4, 2014 by Bittersweettragedy

    This is me, all ready since a ton of emotions all bubbling up inside my body, the fiery passion of love, the battle outcry of loss, the feel of being alone, the feeling of as if everyone is listening for you to make a mistake, yet nobody is listening when you succeed. It's those feelings that take up most of my writing because if I feel an emotion, it's as if my brain triggers a way to vent out every ounce of emotion that I can't speak about boldly. It's that time now where I have so many emotions all churning up at once........and I can't write anything.

    Planning to sit down and write a collection of poems of all I feel and it's almost as if I am limited to writing what I actually feel then showing it through poetry. It's like I'm missing …

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  • Bittersweettragedy


    February 2, 2014 by Bittersweettragedy

    Venting through poetry. I didn't mean to write a poem, but I clicked new page and started writing. It's all the emotions I feel rolled into one. I don't know how these poems come to me, but they do. Sometimes, it's as if they weren't even thought about and they somehow fall onto the paper.

    Walking with her heart on her sleeve,

    even after all these days she promises herself

    she will find somebody who will not break it or make it bleed,

    maybe it was an incredibly naive thought

    to think that somebody will finally make her feel

    the opposite of her common distraught.

    Maybe today will be different,

    maybe today will be the same,

    but after all these days all she feels is shame,

    all she feels is her heart is breaking in two,

    why doesn't she get the love

    and ev…

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  • Dannoh403

    Hey, you guys, this, as the title sort of says, is a quick apology. I've been away for a few days, and the last edit I made was my apparently vaguely suicidal venting thing. So, hope I didn't alarm anyone there, and stuff.

    Just wanted to let yall know that I have returned, and stuff, so that's "exciting".

    If anyone was wondering, I was away because of the passing away of a close relative. And there's been visitation and the funeral was today. It's been sort of rough on me, and I didn't feel like bringing that into my writing. 

    That's all for now, 

    Sincerely all y'alls, 

    Alex (ander) McDannoh403

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  • Lee Dixon

    Hey everyone it's Lee here..Well on a blog Sapphire made on another wiki he said that VSTF had "caught him" for some reason..And he's been globally blocked..If you ask how he made a blog..He used a new account (He can't use it again i imagine or he'll just be banned again,( it wasn't like he actually hid it was Sapphire btw. He was just saying farewell to everyone) .But anyway..I doubt Sapphire will manage to ever be back on Wikia..At least for a very long while. Oh and if you're wondering why I told you all it's because since Sapphire can't inform you who will..and i imagine a few of you will wonder where he was..That is all! 

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    So, today we got information on our project of the year: Our Community Outreach Project. I will not be on quite as much since balancing volunteer work and school (specifically algebra) and other stuff, such as relaxation (I need some time to take a bath or read Divergent, John Green or something) or some time off. Sure, I'll hop on chat whenever I have the time like I always do. ;D This project will last until probably mid to late May (you heard me right, I'm not joking). I know it's such an agony not to have a complete and utter fangirl on chat most of the time.

    Oh, no I will not be leaving for good. Nope, not at all. Just warning you I won't be on as much (probably early afternoon if I have the time and Friday and Saturday nights). Still …

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  • EyevanArc

    Anyone Have Suggestions

    January 10, 2014 by EyevanArc

    If you have read the story I am currently writing do you have any sugestions.Not many people comment and its hard to tell what you are wrong or right when writing a story. So does anyone have any suggestions.

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  • Sapphire Lad

    Sapphire Honors Award

    January 9, 2014 by Sapphire Lad

    Sapphire Lad, author of The 2CDO and many Vietnam War books, has produced an honor medal system for the best stories.

    The system has Gold, Silver, Bronze, Platinum, and Best Story of the Year awards.

    It is necessary for young authors to be featured and thus, it is happening.

    It will be on January 18th, 2014, for the first award ceremony.

    Link your books below for a chance for a award.

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  • EyevanArc

    I mean this one is okay and i dont plan to leave but other websites would be fine to try, anyone know any others

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  • EyevanArc

    My sleep schedule is so messed up from break.

    Before I stood awake all night and slept all day.

    Now im bombarded with headaches, and akways tired

    Not to mention the homework..

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  • EyevanArc

    School Cancelled

    January 6, 2014 by EyevanArc

    Apparently school is closed, it's good news and bad news;No school but we most likely have to go on Martin Luther king Junior day, I can't even describe if I'm fine with that or if I'm slowly going to kill me.

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  • EyevanArc

    School Bleh!!!

    January 6, 2014 by EyevanArc

    I hate going back to school.

    Someone kill me now.

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  • EyevanArc


    January 3, 2014 by EyevanArc

    So yeah, im new , sorry for my really bad gramar and spelling. English is not my first language so thats why. I use to live New York. Im of Spanish Descent, My real Name is Arron, My username is of my main charcter so yeah. Im only doing tis bcause my new years resolution is to write a story is see how it goes, so yeah lets get started.

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    OK, this is a day late. I know, but I wanted to put it up anyway!

    I can put whatever cute pictures I want ---------------------------------------------------------->

    Anyways, what is your New Year's resolution? (don't say anything cheap like not making a resolution, that not even a resolution, that's called avoiding. XD I'm kidding, just please, don't write that, thanks). How do you want to make this year the best year ever for yourself and for this wiki? :D

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  • Dannoh403

    So, if you're reading this, You mooost likely saw the title. As most of you know, my first story on this wikia focused on my favorite characters from a machinima webseries on youtube known as rise of the spartans. Well, the 2-year running series came to a close today with the release of Part 9. 

    As usual, Arbiter617 artfully turned a First person shooter game into a deep, very interally based machinima. He managed to make so many in depth characters, conflicts, and scenes that touch my heart to think about. This final hour (Two hours actually) did not disappoint. *Spoilers Ahead*

    Following a very disheartening beginning, in which pretty much every single named character died. (Including our beloved Sev), Arbiter managed to invent a technolog…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Leaning against the back of the bathroom stall, she crosses her spiked flat across the other and leans forward, making a kissing face to the camera. Her golden hair that cascades down to her waist was pulled to one side, while part of her "trendy" Forever 21 sheer blouse and spaghetti strap top slides off to one shoulder. Some people call it pretty, I call it trying to be everyone else. I glance down at my favorite Hunger Games tee with a cardigan and sneakers, smirk and open up and quickly hurry my way into a bathroom stall. I hear small mumbles "did you see...." "how about that time....." it was her voice giggling and echoing throughout the room. After I thought she left, I open up the door to see her by the sink applying lipstick. She l…

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  • Hglover32243

    hey my name is alice im 15 years old and live in new york . im foster cared ,my parents dislike me .when i was young my real parents put me in this horrible house.

    1997 september 28 

    "hey mom!" no answer umm thats wierd?  I checked the living room and kitchen.But still no sign of her "AAAAAHHHHHHHHH"WHAT THIS CANT BE!.shes dead who could have done this to her and hang her .what is going on im calling jenny.(phone rings)please pick up please went to voice mail . what should i  do . something in my head told me to run so i did.i did not know what was going to happen what if im next ? i was in the dark cold black night .i was fine till i heard a creeking kind of noise.i realized i was alone my dad was gone my mom was dead.suddenly a man…
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  • Dannoh403

    So, if you're a devout whovian you just watched the 50th anniversary special like me. If you're also like're having heart palpatations and have no idea how to wrap your mind around what might  have been the best 80 minutes of your life.

    If you're also like me, you rushed to your computer, hoping to facebook or instagram your favorite moment and drew a blank as to what it actually was.

    Sev: Nerds.

    Yes we are Sev. So, for anyone who ISNT afraid of MAJOR SPOILERS! !!!!!! Can read below the moments that I found memorable enough that they didn't escape when my mind exploded.

    Let's begin shall we? Allons-y!

    Number One of the entire show: Definetely the doctors. Every single one of them. All thirteen, even the one that hasn't happened yet. (A…

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  • Readwritelivenikki

    I miss you guys. 

    I'm not gonna butter you up- in fact, I had completely forgetten about this wiki at times. But we've been through too much to just seperate at times. I really do miss waht we were. It's crazy, looking back at what I've posted and said. I seemed so young, but it was only months ago. I really do miss the innocence though. 

    For the most part, I've been blogging on Tumblr. My sarcasm and sense of humor has darkened a bit, and I suppose I'm a bit more...volatile. Please forgive me if I make any tactless comments. I talk a bit too quickly without thinking, and if that hurts anyone, I'm sorry.

    As far as what else has changed about me...well I've fallen in love with anime. Sailor Moon, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Danganronpa... I'm c…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    I'm Me

    November 13, 2013 by Bittersweettragedy's probably thought (I did too) that this was based on Dannoh's idea...but I didn't feel like writing about that. I wanted to write about this:

    People always move on. The discarded toys you loved when you were six, the friends you shared secrets with, the ones you really regret leaving....the one's too hard to let go from, the one's you don't believe you left, the one's you deny everyday. Yet somehow people believe you should move on too. The friend you have loved for half of your life just disappears until someone so new, so different people believe you just moved apart. It's not that simple. No person just changes automatically. No person just vanishes themselves and leaves somebody else. They believe that's a way to move …

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  • Dannoh403

    What is up you little writerlings! This is Dannoh403 (obviously) and I'm starting a writing contest! 

    Yes that's "write" a writing contest! I figure since halloween is...Really soon. (A bit late, I know) I'd do a halloween contest. 

    Also, apologies in advance to my fellow admins, Skye and Nikki and guys. But since we don't really do much talking with each other (sad face) I figured that we couldn't wait much longer to start this.

    So this is what I want from you sexaaaay doods. 

    Write a halloween story. Anything relating to halloween. A romantic halloween story, a random halloween story, but the only catch is it MUST be SCARY! Not spooky but SCARY! 


    Good luck all! 



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  • Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    AHH im sorry

    September 14, 2013 by Katniss&PrimSisterhood

    Hey guys.. So im a bum.

    Ive accepted it, and you must to.

    I know im not onine much, ahh, but, hopefully i can be more...

    Everyone please take down my snapchat.


    Add me on it. And we can snapchat lots, and snapchat me when u want me to get online. Hopefully this like, allows me to keep in touch with youall more hey? Let me know my pretttties.

    Love u all so much.


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  • Dannoh403

    Danny's got a channel?!

    September 11, 2013 by Dannoh403

    Sev: What's goin' all you sexy little devils! 

    Annd for those of you not calling protective services, it's me! Dannoh The 403! that's not right. Anyways, Yeah guys this is just an announcement blog so I shan't be rambling with this.

    So this blog is just nothing but a news flash for yall who like minecraft or other PC gaming (Minecraft only for now.) Basically, I started a channel for uploading videos! The channel name is 

    "TheDannoh403" Not "Dannoh403" THE. THE DANNOH403. THE THE THE THE THE. 

    I've only got a few uploads and like 5 subscribers but this blog will also mention why I might be a bit slow to update. Well, slowER. I try my best to be active but I've got high school now. Blegh. So, my choices in my free time are being an awkwa…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Poll Time! :D

    August 25, 2013 by Bittersweettragedy

    What's your favorite fanfictions based on a show/movie/book? My Little Pony Doctor Who The Hobbit/LOTR Game Of Thrones The Hunger Games Adventure Time

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    Hello whovians! Today I will be going to start as the title says; Another Fanfiction! Clever titles can be written down in the comments, which is greatly, greatly appreciated! I enjoy you guys commenting your two cents also, so please take the time to write a response to what you liked about this story and what you disliked. Thanks again for your wonderful support! :)

    Jenny Flint is the center of this story, but this is before the TV story "A Good Man Goes To War". This is Jenny's first encounter with the Doctor. Once again thank you for reading my stories!

    Acid rain, once again hits the pavement leaving a sharp sizzling sound echoing through the ally. It was pouring earlier this morning, leaving me to hide in a house almost falling apart at the…

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  • Dannoh403

    Yo wassup guys Danny and Sev here and WOW, it's been a while since one of these blogs eh?

    This is just a little blog to say that I feel like I've been neglecting the wikia for the longest while. Time for that to change. 

    For those of you who don't know, I just wrapped up Squad 403: Down, possibly one of my favorite 403 plots I've ever written. If you haven't read it, give it a read at....(insert link here).

    Well, school started yesterday for me. (booo). And I am now an official High School Freshman! Woot Woot. 

    That's great and all my new schedule keeps me out of the house until almost 4 o' clock each day. But since I've gotten back into the working groove, and I'm all on schedules and stuff, I figured I might use my spare time to think up som…

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  • HungryTeen

    Do I Know You?

    August 4, 2013 by HungryTeen

    Okay this story is about a teen group of friends, who are in a plane crash, and wake up on a island. Their story starts there.....

    No, this can't be happening! Oh no, oh no oh no! Im dying, i just know it! My best friend Lisa already fainted. We're heading for the ground in a airplane!

    This book is so scary. A girl named Leah is in a plane crash, and has to make a life saving choice : Save her friend, and die, Save herself, let her friend die? They're like sisters. I dont know what I would do.  Thank goodness i dont have to! 

    Maggie is snoring SO loud, i can barely actualy concentrate. I jerk her elbow. "Whag?!" she yells. "'Whag' is up with you?" I say. Hah. We're going to Hawaii, from Atlanta, Georgia. I think it's really cool. I STILL cant…

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  • Bittersweettragedy

    The next Doctor is..........

    Peter Capaldi!!!!

    It took me about an hour for me to warm up to him but...

    he looks timey wimey! :D

    I wish him all the good luck!

    Anyone want to take a shot at his personality? (Clara and him will definitely fight once he regenerates ;) )

    Do you like him??

    Do you think they should have picked someone else??

    Leave some comments please!! VVVVVVVVV

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  • HungryTeen

    I dont know if any of you were planning to see this, but, this is War Of The Strong 2, or we will call it, WOTS 2. This is one another character but in the same kind of game, you know? This is the one after Jess's. 

    Im raised into the air and a powerful blast of wind blows into my face. My blonde hair blows behind me. I open my eyes but am suprised to see a very damp swamp. I thought we were supposed to get into a forest! Dangit. Team 1 always gets bad biomes.  Whatever. I open my chest  to find a axe and start Choppin' at the jungle tree. I plan to make a skybase, like a girl before me. Although she died.......but it's mainly because she left her base. Im not planning to leave my base. And I probally wont get provoked, as she did, to aveng…

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